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Tracy Chastain (T3 of 3T's)
I am dedicated to bringing you the best and the brightest of our namesake that are involved in the world of sports and sports reporting.

There have been many Chastains who have influenced the sports stage and many more still are in the collegiate and high school levels waiting to make their impact on the world of sports.

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Perryville Coach Can Only Look Up

When your team is 0-7 going into district play, all you can do is look to improve, or at least change. And what a change it has been after their run to the Class 3 District 1 title last year. But, having lost several key players this year, the slow start wasn't unexpected. Moves were made, like the starting quarterback being replaced and moved to receiver.

"We're making adjustments we were planning to make at the end of the season and prior to next year," said Rick Chastain, who added that a few players decided to leave the team last week. "Since we got into a hole, we went ahead and made the adjustments. I have nothing but good things to say about the seniors who have made the transition."

Bailee Chastain Seals First State Playoff Berth Since 1993

Eye on the Prize

After losing the first game to Cookeville 25-13, the Lady Lions came back to win the next two 25-17 and 25-18. Cookeville bounced back to win game four 25-19 forcing a five game showdown between the two hungry teams. The fifth game, and the series, was sealed when Bailee's slam was blocked out of bounds by Cookeville, giving the Lady Lions the win, 15-8.

Said Chastain, "They were powerful, and we aren't used to that. Our middles picked it up. I'm so proud of them. Winning state is our next goal. I think we'll do pretty good up there"

Bailee finished with 11 kills, 23 assists, 13 digs, and 16 service points.

Sportscast Editor Looking for Future Fantasy Football Managers

I am looking for other Chastains (all spellings) that might be interested in an All Chastain Fantasy Football League. It is unlikely that we could find enough managers to start until next year, but if I had enough interest, we might be able to run a playoff league to test the waters.

If you are interested or merely curious, contact me at

Quarterback Perry Chestang Talks Football With Our Own Chastain Sportscast Editor

Perry Chestang After leading his Citronelle Wildcats to a 27-7 victory over the Blount Leopards, clinching a playoff berth, Quarterback Perry Chestang sat down with us via instant messenger to answer a few questions for us chastains and his other fans.

We first heard of his talents through an article in the Mobile Register after his first game of the year in which he threw for over 160 yards and ran for 2 touchdowns. He seems to have an awareness of the field beyond his prep status as well as an affinity for finding his favorite receiver for some impressive yards and scoring opportunities.

CC: What drew you to play sports, and what athletes or other persons inspired you to begin playing football, and who, if anyone, do you try to model yourself after?

PC: I have just always been competitive and I have a family full of football maniacs. I just try to be myself you know, be different and something for kids at Citronelle to look up to, but Joe Montana and Paul "bear" Bryant and my grandpa because he loved Alabama football.

CC: What other sports do you enjoy playing or are currently involved with at the competitive level?

PC: I play basketball and baseball also. I've played soccer, but I love football the most because it's a contact sport and I love the action. There is no other sport like it. It's the best game in the world. Nothing touches football. Nothing even comes close.

CC: I read an article about you throwing 160 yards and rushing for 2 touchdowns in your first game this year. Every week it's about the same. It appears as if you and Derrick Skanes are a good match. You seem to hit him often and for good yardage.

PC: Yeah. I've played football with Skanes since the eighth grade. He started playing varsity football as a freshman. He's a nice target to throw to and he's really a pretty good receiver.

CC: I know you played at the linebacker position last year, and this year you're their quarterback. What is your favorite position and what other positions did you enjoy playing?

PC: My favorite position is quarterback because there is a lot of attention at that position and I have always seen myself as a leader. I only played at the middle linebacker for one year, last year. I enjoyed it because there was action coming my way every second.

CC: What are your future plans in sports? Are you currently being scouted or applying for any colleges and what colleges would you like to play?

PC: Hopefully I'll get a scholarship somewhere. If not, I guess I'll just go to school. I'm not being scouted or applying to colleges yet, but I'd like to attend Alabama, or anywhere I could play football if not in the Faulkner community.

We enjoyed talking to Perry and hope to hear from him again soon. We wish him luck for the rest of the year and for all of his future endeavors in sports and in life.

Good luck Perry, thanks for sharing your time with us and talking football, my personal favorite thing to talk about. Keep in touch.


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