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Tracy Chastain (T3 of 3T's)
I am dedicated to bringing you the best and the brightest of our namesake that are involved in the world of sports and sports reporting.

There have been many Chastains that have influenced the sports stage and many more still are in the collegiate and high school levels waiting to make their impact on the world of sports.

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Brandi's Long Held Record in Jeopardy

Brandi Chastain has been the owner of the NCAA women's soccer record for the most consecutive games with a goal. The University of Portland Pilots' Christine Sinclair is just one goal shy of matching the 15 year old record. The fact that she has held that record for so long is a testament in itself, to such an acheivement.

But, what is more a testament to the character of our beloved cousin is the grace and dignity in which she has held the record, and the inspiration she has been in promoting the sport and encouraging others to reach for the standards she has set. Regardless of the outcome, there is no chance of her losing the respect and admiration of her fans and peers.

Troy and the Boys are Teed Off and Loving Every Minute of It

South Lake Eagles

Troy Chasteen, golfer for South Lake High of Groveland, FL, was on a winless team last year. It seemed that playing golf was all about having a good time and the laughs they had on the fairway. But after the last match of the season, they wondered what would happen if they were to try to win. With some changes in attitude and the addition of some talented freshman, Troy and his teammates, set out to experience a whole new type of season; A winning season.

Troy stated "I had a great time last season and we had a lot of laughs, but now we are winning and that's also fun." And it's no wonder that with this new attitude and determination, Troy stands at number 1 on a team where everyone seems to have improved and he is now looking forward to state competition. Chasteen, who has only been playing competitive golf for three years, is down to a five handicap. He's hitting them farther and straighter than last year and says he is having more fun now that the smiles and fun are coming with victories.

Sportscast Editor Looking for Future Fantasy Football Managers

I am looking for other Chastains (all spellings) that might be interested in an All Chastain Fantasy Football League. It is unlikely that we could find enough managers to start until next year, but if I had enough interest, we might be able to run a playoff league to test the waters.

If you are interested or merely curious, contact me at

Bailee Chastain Assists, Kills and Digs Her Way to a Perfect Season in District

with Coach Susan Thurman Bailee Chastain ended her regular season this year with a team that went undefeated in divisional play. Her team, the Red Bank Lady Lions, are ranked forth in the coaches poll after having been ranked eighth last year. She is personally ranked 5th in assists in her district with 4.9 assists per game as well as her being ranked 12th in kills with 2.53 kills per game, but her leadership on the team is measured in strength and heart beyond what her big numbers might have contibuted.

Chastain and her teammates experienced a number of setbacks this year, including the tragic loss of former teammate, Natalie Sitton, to an automobile accident. They managed to stay focussed, and dedicated not only their remaining games, but their entire season to the memory of their lost friend.

Coach Susan Thurman says Bailee could be the best setter in Chattanooga this year as well as being an oustanding hitter. She goes on to say that if this team continues to improve, they could be the best team she has ever coached. That's not a shallow comment considering coach Thurman has been at Red Bank for 35 years and is the only Volleyball coach they have ever had. Bailee and her teammates pushed their coach over the 700 win mark earlier this year and continue to grow stronger.

Emily Lawson after a Kill

In the Division 6AAA semi-finals earlier today, Red Bank quickly dispatched the forth-seeded central team behind solid performances by Bailee and Emily Lawson. Coach Thurman said of their play "They were both outstanding in every category. They have been our leaders all year and continued to do so today." Red Bank will meet the third-seeded Soddy-Daisy Lady Trojans in the finals on Wednesday.

Good luck Bailee. We are all pulling for you to Dig, Assist and Kill your way to that championship title.

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