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Tracy Chastain (T3 of 3T's)
I am dedicated to bringing you the best and the brightest of our namesake that are involved in the world of sports and sports reporting.

There have been many Chastains who have influenced the sports stage and many more still are in the collegiate and high school levels waiting to make their impact on the world of sports.

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Where Was Chastain Sports in December?

The editor of your Chastain Sportscast apologizes for the lack of content in December. I could attribute it to any number of factors.

First being the first reunion of the family of the 3T's since 1999. It was a fine reunion and holiday for all despite a few illnesses, travel inconveniences, and some lost luggage.

Second would be the release of the Xbox 360, which I received for my 40th birthday and had up and running less than an hour after it's release. I will not apologize for playing Madden 2006 online.

Catalina Continues to Climb the Ranks of the Tennis Greats

Eye on the Prize

Catalina Castano reached her career high WTA singles rating on January 9, 2006 ranked #53 as she entered the Richard Luton Properties Canberra International as the sixth seed.

Catalina quickly dispatched Sybille Bammer 6-0 7-5 in the opener and again advanced as her German opponent Julia Schruff withdrew from their match due to heat illness, with Castano leading 5-2

Our Heroine looked poised to finish big but was edged-out 6-3, 2-6, 6-3 by Cho Yoon-jeong ranked #73.

Sportscast Editor STILL Looking for Future Fantasy Football Managers

I am looking for other Chastains who might be interested in an All Chastain Fantasy Football League. Though every Chastain that I know currently playing Fantasy Football (just ME) has been eliminated from the playoffs this year, I extend an invitation to ALL Chastains of all spellings to express any interest that they might have in joining an all Chastain league for 2006.

If you are interested or merely curious, contact me at

Help us Find This Great Chastain Athlete !

Adrian Chastain In the 2002 NPC Southern Natural, The Figure Division had four entrants and twenty-six-year-old Adrian Chastain of Norcross was the pick of the judges for the overall win.

In the IFBB Figure International, Adrian placed 12th in the search for the 2003 Figure Olympia.

As a Chastain I will not comment on the exceptional physical beauty of Adrian, but one cannot dismiss the incredible effort and fortitude that must have gone into creating such an exemplary physique while maintaining the obvious style and poise that elevates her into that ever elusive arena of feminine sensuality balanced with the perfect muscular mass and definition of the all-star bodybuilder.

Prize Chastain

Though I cannot locate the source, I can personally recall a statement from a famed body building guru and pro-muscle event coordinator turned Governor stating that he viewed Adrian Chastain as the perfect form and physique that one might wish to acheive in their quest for the perfect mix of mass and definition.

If anyone, especially Adrian Chastain, can provide us with a more in-depth profile of the work that goes into such an accomplishment, as well as what one does after obtaining such an exemplary status, we would love to hear from you.

If you have ANY information on Adrian Chastain, please contact the Chastain Sports Editor at


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