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Chastain Central Comment Archives November 2004 -- November 2007

Name: Carolyn Higgins - November 17, 2007
E-mail: chig18@sbcglobal.net
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73109     USA
Comments:   I got a check in the mail for membership in Pierre Chastain Family Association. I so look forward to receiving the family data. I am glad to be a member of the family. Thanks so much. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours. Carolyn
Chastain Central Reply:   We are glad to have you as a fellow member of PCFA! I think you will really enjoy it.

Name: Bob Morton - November 17, 2007
E-mail: topaz66@cfl.rr.com
Location: Satellite Beach, FL      USA
Comments:   I saw your site page which delineated your lineage from Pierre on down. Would you like to include similar pages for other lineages from Pierre? 10 Aneeta Lynn McMahan (7/9/1946); 9 Onita NMI Chastain (6/29/1919); 8 John Thomas Chastain (11-28-1882); 7 Absolum H. Chastain (abt 1853); 6 Edward Posey Chastain (1818); 5 Benjamin Chastain (1794); 4 Abner Chastain (abt 1764); 3 John Chastain (abt 1740); 2 Pierre (Peter) Chastain (abt 1708); 1 Pierre Chastain (4-9-1659).
Chastain Central Reply:   We are happy to add Aneeta's lineage to our website. The appropriate place is in the guestbook, and it should be posted by tomorrow. If you wish to submit a biography of one of Aneeta's ancestors from the lineage, we can include it and the lineage in Chastain Biographies as well.

Name: Donna Chastain Barnard - November 16, 2007
E-mail: james032703@hotmail.com
Location: Burbank, OK 74633     USA
Chastain Central Reply:   We are glad you like our site, and I think we may have a match! In our most comprehensive Chastain genealogy, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, I find the following lineage: 1. Pierre Chastain and Anne Soblet 2. Pierre, Jr, and probably Middy Archer 3. Rev. John and Mary O'Bryan 4. Joseph and Nancy Young 5. Andrew Tillman and Sarah Ann Buster 6. Francis Marion and unknown wife 7. Nova. There is a photo of Sarah Ann Buster on volume one, page 190. Two known children are listed for Francis Marion Chastain: John Rufus (born September 1883) and Nova (born May 1885). Otherwise, there is very little information on Francis Marion Chastain, himself, but he does have a brother named William, whose wife is Mary Elfina Bridges. This set of genealogy books is available from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. I hope this helps. You seem to have more information on your most recent generations than our genealogists. If you wish to submit your information, I am happy to supply contact information.

Name: David Chastain - November 13, 2007
E-mail: virgilisbetter@Yahoo.com
Location: Muncie, IN      USA
Comments:   I want to get the family crest tattooed...but I can't find a decent picture of it. Any help?
Chastain Central Reply:   I have four different coats of arms that I am emailing to you. They are not all of the best quality, but I think you will like one or two of them in particlular. I hope one of them works for you!

Name: Vicki Hoekstra - November 12, 2007
E-mail: vicki.hoekstra@siemens.com
Location: Longwood, FL      USA
Comments:   Hi Chastain cousin! I am Dotty's daughter Vicki, and I live in Longwood. I believe I have been to your home when one of your sister's was in town...not sure however. What information do you have linking my grandmother (Ruby) all the way back? I'm sure it is the same as your father's. Any information or links you may have would be most appreciated. I have often thought about making a genealogy chart for my children and it was weak on the Chastain side. Best Regards, Vicki
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Vicki, I don't know a Dotty, but I do know Dorothy, William, Ralton, Billy, and Paulette! And my guess is that Dotty and Dorothy are one and the same. You are correct that the lineage for your grandmother (my Aunt Ruby) is exactly the same as for my Dad, Robert Chastain: She is an eighth generation Chastain, being descended from French immigrant, Dr. Pierre Chastain, who arrived in the colonies in 1700. Her descent from Pierre is 1. Pierre; 2. Peter, Jr.; 3. John "Ten Shilling Bell"; 4. Elijah; 5. Edward; 6. William Howell (Cobb); 7. Silas Cannon. I do not have additional information on your grandmom or your granddad, Sherman. Have a great day! Your First Cousin, Once Removed

Name: Chandler Chastain - November 6, 2007
E-mail: rmchastain@georgiacontrol.com
Location: Rock Hill, SC      USA
Comments:   I am looking for the rest of my family tree, and have never been able to tie everything together. My Grandfather was Oscar Fred Chastain, died in Spartanburg 1979. His father was Marion Larkin Chastain, and my grandmother believes his father's name was Poly, or Napoleon. I do think either Marion or Poly was married to a Hunsucker, but can't trace it back any further. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am the last male Chastain in this line. Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Chad
Chastain Central Reply:   I checked all your names in my resources and could find no match. Do you have more dates or spouses associated with these folks? Perhaps places where they were born, died, or lived? If so, I am happy to try again!

Name: Robert Meadows Chastain - November 4, 2007
E-mail: rmchastain@georgiacontrol.com
Location: Hampton, GA 30228     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Chastain Central Reply:   Thanks for checking out our site and signing our guestbook. Come visit again at any time! What are your biggest Chastain interests?

Name: David T. Chastain - November 3, 2007
MySpace: David T. Chastain
Location: Atlanta, GA      USA
Comments:   As far as the lineage goes, the last I heard was: My father, Floyd Taylor Chastain; his father, Balus S. Chastain; his father, Amos Chastain (He was born in 1834). Thanks for listing me in the "Most Prominent" list. In checking your site I found a lot of info I didn't know. I always wondered who Chastain Park was named after. In any case, thanks for the site. David T. Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Thanks David, We are glad you liked our site! I checked your names in my resources, but did not find a connection. I am sending your information to two genealogists with deeper resources to see if they can do better. I will let you know what I learn. Do you have further information on Amos, such as his wife's name or where he lived? Might some of your older relatives have additional data, specifically Amos Chastain's parents? By the way, I really like your music! Have a great day!
Chastain Central Note:   David T. Chastain is a well-known heavy metal musician and is included in Chastain Centrals list of fifteen most prominent Chastains in history.
Reader Response:   The info we have on Amos C Chastain is: Born May 2, 1834 in Anderson SC, Died August 23, 1914 in Royston Ga. He was married to H Abercrombie from Royston, GA. Amos did fight in the Civil War. That is all anyone alive knows of him. No one can seem to trace his parents. Thanks for the help. David T.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi David, The excellent additional information was very helpful. I think we may have a match. Our most comprehensive genealogical work is Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, 3 Volumes. They extend only to the seventh generation from immigrant Pierre Chastain. On page 363 of volume 2, I find: Amos Calvin Chastain (seventh generation), born February 5th, 1841 in Anderson County, South Carolina; married Martha Hannah Abercrombie, born ca. 1846 in Anderson County, South Carolina, died in Franklin County, Georgia. Though the birthdates are slightly different for Amos Calvin Chastain, everything else seems to look good, based on your information. You show that Amos died in Royston Georgia. Royston is on the county line of Franklin County, Georgia where Martha Hannah Abercrombie died. If this connection is correct, then your descent from Pierre is 1. Pierre 2. Pierre, Jr. 3. Rev. James, 4. Stephen, 5. John, 6. Stephen F. 7. Amos Calvin 8. Balus S. 9. Floyd T. 10. David T. PCD indicates that the Pierre Chastain Family Association database has children for Amos and Martha Hannah. I will check with the database genealogist to see if it includes Balus S. Chastain. Will let you know. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your interest and for the extra data!

Name: Drew Chastain - November 2, 2007
E-mail: drew_chastain@hotmail.com
Location: New Orleans, LA 70113     USA
Comments:   Hey Chastains! Great website! Greetings from New Orleans, Louisiana! Drew Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Drew, Thanks for signing our guestbook. I am glad to hear from Marilyn that everything is going well for you at Xavier. Stop by and visit again any time!

Name: Margaret Duke - November 2, 2007
E-mail: mamaduke@bigpond.net.au
Location: Balwyn, Victoria      Australia
Comments:   I have spent hours on the internet trying to find information for my Mother, who used to read Susan And The Rain to me when I was a child - I was delighted when I found this website, especially when I found the picture of Madye Lee - There are many of us trying to get our hands on a copy of this story and I know that I for one would be more than willing to pay for it, if somehow it could be available for download from your web-site. My family have been scouring second hand bookshops for years trying to find this story - I would be grateful for any help you can give me.
Chastain Central Reply:   We are so glad you enjoyed our article on Madye Lee Chastain! Also, you are the first from Australia to sign our guestbook, so we now have responses from three foreign countries: Canada, South Korea, and Australia. I have found that Susan and the Rain is available periodically at fairly reasonable prices. I have sent you results from a search today, which turned up several copies, though a few of them are too pricy in my opinion. I hope this is helpful. We would be happy to know how your book search turns out!
Reader Response:   My Mum is living with us, she’s nearly eighty and she suffers with Parkinson’s disease. Susan and the Rain is actually for her and since she never complains no matter how bleak things get for her, I had seriously stepped up my search after she moved in with my husband and me in September. She was thrilled to bits when I told her that I’d found a copy and that my friend Naomi had actually managed to buy it for us. I’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives, and if Mum is having a better day, I might even try to send a photo of her opening it. Feel free to use any of my emails in your web-site, I’d be honoured – it’s as close to being “published” as I am ever likely to get! Once again my heartfelt thanks, Best wishes, Margaret
Chastain Central Reply:   I am so glad you were able to grab one of those available books! I hope you mum really enjoys it, and I would love to have a picture of her opening it, if that works out for you. Thanks for allowing us to share your story on Madye Lee Chastain's web page. I hope to have it posted by tomorrow. Parkinson's is a sad disease. We have acquaintances with Parkinson's, but we have close relatives that have Alzheimer's. I wish you, your Mum, and your family well in this trying situation.

Name: Marion Herrington - October 30, 2007
E-mail: rherrington1@gt.rr.com
Location: Silsbee, TX 77656     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Marion, Thanks for signing our guestbook. Come back to visit anytime! What is your Chastain connection?
Reader Response:   I attended the reunion that was held some years back at Jackson, MS. I descend from Rev. John Chastain through his son Abner, I believe. Then a Rev. Benjamin Chastain, son or grandson of Abner, was my great grandfather. My grandmother was Selia Dialphia Chastain, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Chastain and Nancy Hooper. Selia married James Edward Leatherwood from Tennessee. My father, Marion Leatherwood, was the youngest child of that union. I am the second child in my family of four girls, and I as I was supposed to be a boy, I inherited my father's name, Marion. We wanted so much to attend the reunion this year, but due to our health problems, we were unable to go. I understand that you had a great meeting. I would like to know if Jimmy got the Volume III put on CD or if it has been published. I would like to get a copy of it if it contains the next generation after what was in Vol. I & II. I have been looking at information on Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain and considering joining the DAR. The information I found last night from references on the Pierre Chastain Society page certainly proclaims that he was considered a Patriot of the Revolution as well as being a founder of the "New" Baptist Church in Virginia and S. Carolina. He preached in and around several states including Tennessee. From references, he must have been a very outspoken and strong believer in the leading of the Holy Spirit. I would loved to have heard him. Thanks for your email. Marion (Leatherwood) Herrington
Chastain Central Reply:   We also descend through Rev. John Chastain! I traced in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants the lineage you gave. You seem to know the books, so you probably are aware that they show eleven children for Benjamin and Nancy Hooper, but no Selia Dialphia Chastain or James Edward Leatherwood. Also there is no mention of Benjamin being a minister. If you have not already, you may consider sharing this information with the Pierre Chastain Family Association genealogists, Jimmy Chesteen jimchstn@hughes.net and Bob Leishman LeishmanR@aol.com. So far as I know, there are no plans to publish information beyond the seven generations found in the first two volumes of Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, but they are beginning the process of correcting and adding to volume two, though not additional generations. Did you see our article on Rev. John Chastain? He is definitely listed as a patriot by the DAR. I checked with DAR myself!

Name: Kay Knight Clark - October 28, 2007
E-mail: clark@moment.net
Location: Llano, TX      USA
Comments:   Hi Ya'll, Had an eventful trip home [from the reunion], missed my plane in Richmond. got behind a big wreck couldn't be helped had to book another flight then that flight was delayed 1 hr and 20 min. it worked out ok I knew everyone on the plane by first name by the time we boarded. By the time I got to Austin I was tardddd, until I got ready to pay for parking in the close in section, it was $72! I wish we could have had a longer visit I felt like we had known each other for many years, thank you all for taking me into your familiy. I hope next time we can get together Don will be able to make the trip. Take care All, stay in touch and God Bless you. With Affection. Cuz Kay
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Kay, It is so good to hear from you! Sounds like your adventure just kept on going after the reunion! Glad you arrived safely, and I am also glad you were able to hang out with us so much. You fit in just like family! If you ever visit Central Florida, be sure to let us know in advance so we can plan something!

Name: Elizabeth Shaver - October 28, 2007
E-mail: buttongirl@embarqmail.com
Location: TN      USA
Comments:   Thank you so much for the donation for Chastain Central in honor of your dad. Donating to the Alzheimer's Association is such an awesome way to honor someone stricken with the disease. They do so much good in terms of research dollars and care of current victims. Your donation will be put to good use.
Chastain Central Reply:   She was responding to: I registered $50 this morning on your Website in the name of Chastain Central in honor of our father who has Alzheimer's. Thank you so much for your participation in fighting this disease. I am glad we learned about your Alzheimer's walk from Mary Kitchings. Have a great day!

Name: Lawrence (chaz) B. Chastain - October 27, 2007
E-mail: LBChastain@aol.com
Location: Pace, FL 32571     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Chaz, Thanks for signing our guestbook. Do I know you from MySpace? Visit again at any time!

Name: Erin Renee' Davidson Chastain - October 25, 2007
E-mail: Codyerin0526@hotmail.com
Link: www.myspace.com/Codys_girl052606
Location: Kansas City, KS      USA
Comments:   I'm looking for Jeremiah Chastain and Tabitha Young. Can you help?
Chastain Central Reply:   In Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, volume one, I find a Jeremiah C. Chastain, born in 1826-27 in Rhea County, Tennessee. He married Tabitha Young on October 4, 1849 in Laurence County, Missouri. Jeremiah died in Henry County, Missouri on April 6, 1891. His descent from Pierre is 1. Pierre 2. Pierre, Jr. 3. Rev. John 4. Joseph 5. Jeremiah C. Is this your Jeremiah and Tabitha? If so, we are also descended from Rev. John, so we are cousins. Hi cousin! Jeremiah and Tabitha had 13 children, and there is further information on some of them in volume two. The book has a photo from about 1910 of Tabitha and three of her sons, George, Daniel, and James. I highly recommend the three volume set Pierre Chastain and His Descendants; it is a valuable resource and has considerable information on this family line. I hope this is helpful. By the way, you are our first guestbook entry from Kansas!
Reader Response:   Thank you for your help. Jeremiah is my GGGGGrandpa. I will look in to getting the book. Do you know anything about Tabitha Young? Thank you again!!
Chastain Central Reply:   PCD, volume one, page 191 states that Jeremiah C. Chastain married Tabitha Young 4 August 1849, Lawrence County, Missouri. She was born 13 November 1835, Windsor, Henry County, Missouri, so she was not quite fourteen when she married. She died 1918, Henry County, Missouri and is buried at Tebo Baptist Church Cemetery in Leesville Township, Henry County, Missouri, as is Jeremiah. Hope this is helpful!

Name: Paul Chastain - October 15, 2007
E-mail: paul@comtrans.com
Location: Lake Forest, CA 92630     USA
Comments:   Would you please send me more information on the Chastain family.
Chastain Central Reply:   We are happy to send information on the Chastain Family. On our own website, Chastain Central, we have more than 100 features on Chastains. This includes biographies and articles on all kinds of Chastain issues. In addition, you may wish to visit the website of the Pierre Chastain Family Association, as most Chastains in America are descended from Pierre. They also have a set of genealogical books available called Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, which we recommend. Let us know what you are interested in specifically, and we may be able to be even more helpful.

Name: Paul Doyle Chastain - October 15, 2007
E-mail: paulchastain@ca.rr.com
Location: Corona, CA 92882     USA
Comments:   Hello from Southern California. I am a Chastain from the Descendants of George Washington Chastain of Swain County North Carolina.
Chastain Central Reply:   It is good to have you visit Chastain Central! If your George Washington Chastain is the one born in North Carolina in 1847, married Sarah Morgan, and died in 1876, then we are cousins descended from Rev. John Chastain, you through Abner and we through Elijah. Hi cousin!

Name: Cameron Chastain - October 7, 2007
E-mail: mikechastain@mac.com
Location: Millersville, MD 21108     USA
Comments:   Cameron Chastain plays soccer for division 1 school Liberty University. He was High School All American and MVP 9-12 grades. Was awarded "athlete of the year" and MVP at same time.
Chastain Central Reply:   Thank you for the biographical information. We will add it to our biographies on our next update.

Name: Paula Minton - October 3, 2007
E-mail: hazel19552000@yahoo.com
Location: Salem, IN 47167     USA
Comments:   I was married to a Willian Chastain. He is a decendent of Ivis Chastain. Do you have any information on Ivis Chastain? I have just seen where you have Tilfer Chastain on your list of musicians -rockabilly. That is my husbands dad.
Chastain Central Reply:   We do indeed have a brief biography of Tilfer Chastain on our website, but we are working with Joseph and Myra to improve his biography considerably. As it seems your husband's family is from the Indiana Chastains, you may wish to read that article as well. I am sending you a copy of Tilfer's proposed extended bio. I hope this is useful and that you can help us further with it!

Name: Kelly Rose Davidson - October 2, 2007
E-mail: nascar12nc@yahoo.com
Location: Red Springs, NC 28377     USA
Comments:   My connection was given to me by the Historian for the Pierre Chastain Asso. I was having trouble with it. it goes as follows Pierre Chastain and Susanne Regnauld; Jean Chastain and Marianne; Jean Chastain and Elizabeth Logwood; William Chastain and Lydia Wheat; Joseph A Chastain and Veletta; Joseph A and Rebecca Jane; Thomas A Chastain and Bessie Goff; my grandfather Joseph Edward Chastain; then my mother Alma Lee Chastain I would love to find out more of my family cause it's been a hard time tracing this side any help would be appreciated. Sincerely Kelly
Chastain Central Reply:   In checking my resources, I find part of your lineage in Pierre and His Decendants, volume 1. There is considerable information on your first four ancestors: Pierre, Jean, Jean, Jr., and William. Joseph A. Chastain is listed as a son of William, but little further information is given. The additional generations Bob supplied came either from you or some other source that was unknown when the book was published in 1995. The book, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants is very useful. If you want a copy, they are available at the Pierre Chastain Family Association. There is an addendum to volume 1, but it has no updates on your family line. Let me know if you need anything else!

Name: Rhonda Norton - October 2, 2007
E-mail: raaks71@hotmail.com
Location: Myerstown, PA 17067     USA
Comments:   I am looking to connect my ggfather to his parents, but I seem to have hit a brick wall! My gfather Erman Chastain b-1913 AR d-1987 AR belonged to James Jasper Chastain b-1885 Blackton, AR d-1942 AR/Ila Belle Harris b-1895 NC; his parents are James Julian Chastain b-1851 GA,/ Anna Houser Semmes b-1865 Blackton, AR. CAN ANYONE CONNECT ME TO A FAMILY? Wanted to also let you know your website has connected me with a cousin and we are sharing information! Thanks so much! Rhonda
Chastain Central Reply:   You provided excellent search information, but unfortunately I was unable to locate any of your names in my resources. Hopefully, one of our readers can help you from the guestbook posting. At least I am glad you were able to connect with a cousin!

Name: Frieda Anne (Chastain) Liston - October 1, 2007
E-mail: jliston5295@charter.net
Location: Taylors, SC     USA
Comments:   Thank you so much for the e-mail and pictures. It ws wonderful to meet you, your family and other cousins. Hope we can all get together again next year. The Chastain Central web site is unreal. I will send you some inf. on Abraham C., my ggggrandfather and his family when I get a little time to get it together. My sister, Charlotte is elated with the picture of the (3) Charlotte's. Give our regards to all of your family and keep in touch. Your cousin, Frieda Anne (Chastain) Liston
Chastain Central Reply:   It was so good to talk to you at the reunion! When you have time, I am eager to receive additional information on Abraham. You mentioned that Francis Asbury visited Abraham at his home, spent the night there, and then preached at the meeting house - if I got it right. You also mentioned a relevant note in Asbury's diary that probably referred to the event. If you have the date and content of this entry, I would appreciate that too. I have only an abridged edition of his diary, though I am sure I can find a complete copy somewhere. I am glad you liked the website! Tell John and Charlotte that I said hello.

Name: Myra - September 30, 2007
E-mail: Unlisted by request
Location: Unlisted by request
Comments:   Hi My name is Myra. I was wanting to know how we are 6th Cousins. Could you send me your family history where the relationship is? I am careful of what information I will send out online and would like to know for sure who I am sending any info to......I hope you understand. Thanks Myra
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Myra, We certainly understand being wary on the Internet. We are too! But I assure you that Chastain Central is legit. We are interested in all things Chastain. Some time ago we compiled a brief biography of your ancestor with all the information we had at the time. Your first cousin read the article and provided additional information, for which we were very thankful. However, he felt you were better equipped to supply answers to follow-up questions I sent him to make the biography even more complete. We are sixth cousins in this way. Your line and ours descend from a common ancestor, Pierre (or Peter) Chastain, Jr. Our line from Pierre Chastain, Jr. is 1. Pierre, Jr. 2. Rev. John 3. Elijah 4. Edward 5. William H. 6. Silas 7. Robert Earl 8. Us, the Brothers of Chastain Central. See more at Eleven Generations. Thanks for your response!
Reader Response:   Thank you for the explination about 6th cousins. I am working on a family tree, and doing research on the Chastain family and do have several resources on the Chastain family and many many generations that I have added in to it. I will be happy to share information with you, so if there is anything I can do to help please let me know what information you need...if I dont have the info in my tree yet I will look it up for you if possible. Myra
Chastain Central Reply:   We are honored to have Tilfer's Biography on our website. If my connections are correct, your family is from the Indiana Chastains, and you may wish to read that article. There are several things you may be able to share with us in order to fill out his bio. I am sending a list. Myra, thank you for all your help!

Name: Carolyn Higgins - September 30, 2007
E-mail: chig18@sbcglobal.net
Link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73109     USA
Comments:   I was delighted to locate all the Chastain family data. I am the g.g.gdau/o Martha P. Chastain and James Allen of Gilmer Co, Ga.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Carolyn, We are glad you like the site. I assume you reference Martha "Patsy" Chastain, who was born in 1795 in South Carolina and died by 1872 in Gilmer County, Georgia. If so, we are fifth cousins in that we both descend equally from Rev. John Chastain. Hi Cousin! There is considerable information on Martha P. Chastain and her descendents in Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, three volumes. Come visit again!
Reader Response:   Yes, we are speaking of the same Martha Patsy. I'm glad to have found you. I will gladly exchange family data. I'm hoping to find someone who has old family pictures. I don't have many; but will be more than glad to share what I do have. Martha and James are on my paternal line. On my maternal, I'm working on Midkiff, Massie and Moorman connections. Since I was given this computer last christmas, I'm going 'wild' with my genealogy. It is nothing for me to miss a meal or two as I research. Cousin Carolyn
Chastain Central Reply:   You seem to have the genealogy bug! I know how exciting that is. I will post your request to exchange family data and pictures. Good luck on your searches!

Name: Rebecca Beynon - September 30, 2007
E-mail: rebeccabeynon@hotmail.com
Location: MD      USA
Comments:   I am a descendant of Marianne Chastain (daugher of Judith Martin Gevedon and Rene Chastain Sr). Thanks for compiling all this information. It is amazing (although I am little sad to see that there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the "daughtered-out" line of Marianne Chastain). This is great!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Rebecca, I am glad you like our website. For a little more information on the descendents of Marianne Chastain, see Chastain Daughters. You will find a couple McKinneys among the list. There is much more information on her descendents in Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, three volumes, available from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. If you would like to write an article on Marianne's descendents, we are happy to post in on our website! If you did not notice before, you may be interested in an article on Marianne's brother, Rev. Rene Chastain. Have a great day!

Name: Ron Chastain - September 29, 2007
E-mail: chestnut2171@yahoo.com
Location: Tunnel Hill, GA 30755     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ron, Thanks for signing our guest book. Visit us again any time! By the way, I have often used the Tunnel Hill exit to avoid Chattanooga and shorten the trip to Cleveland. Have a great day!

Name: Amy Wilson - September 28, 2007
E-mail: Awilson0511@yahoo.com
Location: Tallahassee, FL      USA
Comments:   I am looking for some Chastains. The ones I know are, Terry M, Gail, Ricky, Betty Jo.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Amy, We do not know the Chastains you have listed. We are happy to search for those we do not know, but we need additional information. Perhaps some of our readers will recognize your names. Have a great day!

Name: Robert Leishman - September 27, 2007
E-mail: leishmanr@aol.com
Location: Tampa, FL 33609     USA
Comments:   Hello to the Chastains Central!!! Thank you for such a wonderful and informative website. What a great job you did giving a report on the Reunion. It was just wonderful, and I personally appreciate it very much. I enjoyed meeting all of you and your wives and mother. I feel like I have found, not only new relatives, but new friends. I hope to see you many more times in the future. To have all the pictures and the names and where they are from and what they do was just fantastic! I left Richmond at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and walked into my townhouse at 7:30 p.m. It is over 850 miles, and I could not believe I made it back in one day! And I stopped a number of times also for my leg, so I could walk around and get the blood flowing again. Again, it was such a pleasure to meet and get to know all of you! And I will look forward to seeing you again next year. Bob
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Bob, We also left at 5:30 on Sunday morning. If we had known, we could have caravanned at least part of the way. We arrived at my mother's home at 5:15 p.m., but it is not nearly as far as Tampa. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning from you. We plan to be at the next reunion, so we hope to see you there as well.
Chastain Central Note:   Bob Leishman is Historian for the Pierre Chastain Family Association.

Name: Rita Burleson Bryan - September 20, 2007
E-mail: seiter01@charter.net
Location: Richland Hills, TX 76118     USA
Comments:   I enjoyed your site but am wondering if you have additional information on the ancestors of the three Burleson girls who married Chastain brothers in early TN, all daughters of Moses Burleson.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Rita, I may have found your Burleson sisters! In volume one of Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, page 108, the children of John Chastain and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Bottoms are listed. Among them are: Miles Chastain married Mariah Burlison. Thomas Chastain married Melroza Burlison. James Chastain m married Volla Burlison. Page 271 specifically states that Volla Burlison's parents were Moses and Delilah Hogan Chastain The Chastain lineage to the sons are 1. Pierre, the immigrant; 2. Pierre, Jr.; 3. Rene; and 4. John. This family was from Virginia, but they moved to McMinnville, Tennessee by 1818. There are descedents who still live on the original Chastain farm there, and I visited the farm once in the mid-1980s. See their comments in our guestbook for January 26, 2005 and May 4, 2006. We also have a biography of Myra Elizabeth Chastain, who was a descendent of that group. I hope this is helpful!

Name: Mary Chastain Kitchings - September 16, 2007
E-mail: harrymary@bellsouth.net
Location: Lilburn, GA 30047     USA
Comments:   Just a reminder about this if you have not given already...Mary: Let's find the cure! This is Elizabeth Shaver, Mary Chastain Hasty's granddaughter. As you well know, so many of our Chastain relatives were or are currently affected by Alzheimer's disease. That's the reason I'm participating in this year's Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk®. My goal this year is $3000. Please consider supporting me in this effort. To donate, visit the link below. Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Alzheimer's Association Northeast/Southeast Tennessee Chapter.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Mary, Thanks for letting us know about this event. We will support Elizabeth and we have also posted her notice on our home page.

Name: Michelle Dawn Chastain - September 13, 2007
E-mail: michelle@theswaincenter.com
Location: Santa Rosa, CA 95401     USA
Comments:   Just Proud of my heritage!!!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Michelle, We too are proud of our common heritage!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us!

Name: Joseph W. Chastain - September 11, 2007
E-mail: shellbackacb2@yahoo.com
Location: Milwaukee, WI 53207     USA
Comments:   I am Tilfer's Grandson. you said there is not a lot of information on him so I am contacting you to let you know some things and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. he wrote the following songs...he had three children William B. Chastain, Rodger and Rosemarie. Til had one brother Bruce Chastain and a sister Irene. he was a composer, author, arranger, singer, and he did several radio shows in the far east. My name is Joseph W. Chastain I am the son of William B. Chastain. I am working my way through the site you created.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Joseph, Thank you so much for the information on your grandfather, Tilfer Chastain! We are revising his bio with your information for our next bio update [more than is presented in this guestbook entry]. Have a great day!

Name: Pastor John Chastain - September 10, 2007
E-mail: john.3.36@windstream.net
Location: Wellington, TX 79095     USA
Comments:   I had to find an ancestor, another Baptist preacher. I Pastor a Fundamental Baptist Church in Wellington, TX.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Pastor John! Are you looking for a specific Baptist minister ancestor? If you can you provide your family lineage or whatever family information you have, I am happy to check my resources. There were a number of pioneer Baptist ministers in the third Chastain generation. The most prominent were Rev. Rene Chastain and Rev. John Chastain. There were a Chastain Baptist ministers in the following generations as well. In fact, after about 1800, the vast majority of Chastains were Baptists. Let me know how I can help further!
Reader Response:   I used to belong to the Pierre Chastain Family Assoc. Been more than 20 years ago. My uncle J E Chastain was the President back in the seventies. My Father is Lt. R E Chastain (Died in Korea 1951), his Father is Joseph Pinkney Chastain. My head won't go much further, without looking something up. It is nice to know I have some ancestors that have provided an history of what I now do. Thank you for responding. Bro John
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Pastor John, My resources show a Joseph Pinckney Chastain born 1884 in Arkansas and died 1952 in Kansas. He married Mary Ida Ibison. If this is your grandfather, then you are indeed descended from the pioneer Baptist minister, Rev. John Chastain. The Brothers of Chastain Central also descend from Rev. John, and we are very proud of him. If this is your line, then we are fifth cousins. Hi Cousin! You will notice that we have your father listed on our website in Chastains in the Military. Have a great day!

Name: Joseph W. Chastain - September 10, 2007
E-mail: shellbackacb2@yahoo.com
Location: Milwaukee, WI 53207     USA
Comments:   If this is right let me know: there was a family fight which led to the last names being changed, some of the family married there own cousins, and some of the family was horse thieves. I know there was family in every war in the U.S and had brothers fight on both side of Cival War. Do you have any more stories about the family?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Joseph, You have some good questions! Today's Chastains spell their names at least five different ways: Chastain, Chasteen, Chesteen, Chastine, and Shasteen. Most of these differences were not caused by family fights. Chastain is a French name, and our first American ancestors wrote it as Chastain and probably pronounced it something like Shatteen. In time, the pronunciation affected the spelling in some families. Sometimes, close cousins have used both spellings of Chastain and Chasteen, and I have heard stories that cousins would get together to decide which spelling they would all use. I believe I recall one story where a brother changed his spelling to Chasteen due to a family fight, but I do not recall who it was. You are correct that Chastains fought on both sides of the Civil War. You can see a list of Chastain names for both sides at Chastains in the Military. In my family, brothers fought on either side. For their story see Alabama Chastains in the Civil War. Many Chastains married their own cousins, and quite a number of them married first cousins. However, this was common among all families during the 1700s and 1800s, so the Chastains were not unusual in this regard. I do not know of any horse thieves in our family, but with their being so many of us, I am sure there was a horse thief somewhere! The most notorious criminal I know of is Rev. James Pierre Chastain who murdered his first wife and tried to murder his second. There was also militiaman Paul T. Chastain who threatened to kill Attorney General Janet Reno. Both their stories are found in Chastain Crime. There are many, many Chastain stories among the pages of Chastain Central. Another source of stories is the comprehensive genealogical work, Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, 3 volumes, available from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. I hope this is helpful!

Name: William George Chastain - September 7, 2007
E-mail: wgchastain@hotmail.com
Location: Marshall, TX 75670     USA
Comments:   Joy you have done a marvelous job!!!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi William, I assume you are referring to the Jesse Shasteen and William Shasteen articles by Joy Gallagher. I agree. She did a fantastic job and we are pleased to show her work on Chastain Central!

Name: Jean Chastain Milam - September 6, 2007
E-mail: jeanmilam@cox.net
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73129     USA
Comments:   My Grand Father Ezekiel E Chastain B 1853 in Jackson Co N C Died Jan 1st 1924 in Caddo Co Ok. My Great Grand Father Edward Stewart Chastain B 1819 in Georgia Died abt 1864 in Camp Douglas Chicago Ill. My Great Great Grand Father Abner Chastain B abt 1764 in Buckingham Co Virginia Died abt 1846 in Pickens Co Georgia. I think Ezekiel lost touch with his family when he moved to Texas & then Oklahoma. My father John Henry Chastain B 1901 in Georgia Died Feb. 28 1996 in Caddo Co OK. His mother Margret Adaline (Gribble) Chastain was Ezekiel's second wife; they married in N C or Georgia; they had 5 kids one still born: John Henry Chastain, May, Georgia, Idabell. All of them are deceased. I have been busy trying to find my old relatives. I have 3 daughters, 11 grand kids, 20 great grand kids, & 3 great great grand kids By the way I am 80 yrs old (sounds so old). I want a picture of My Great grand Father Edward & would send a picture of Ezekiel & his Okla Family. I have found Bole Chastain my Dad's half brother in the Census. My dad talked about him a lot when I was a little girl. Dad also had 2 half sisters & I found their death cert. Would love to hear from you.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jean, It sounds like you have done a lot of work! I know what that is like. Our best genealogical resource, Pierre Chastain and His Descendents (PCD) lists Abner Chastain, born about 1864 in Buckingham County, Virginia; died about 1846 in Pickens County, South Carolina. His descent from Pierre is 1. Pierre, 2. Pierre, Jr., 3. Rev John, 4. Abner. The brothers of Chastain Central also descend from Rev. John Chastain, so Hi Cousin! PCD has an interesting note on Abner's son Edward. He is listed as Edward "Ned" Chastain" and discussion follows which mentions possible identification of Edward Stewart Chastain. No children are listed for Edward under either name, so they were probably unknown to PCD. There is no listing anywhere in the three volumes for Ezekiel Chastain or a Gribble. If you have good documentation on your research, you should consider sending copies of your family sheets to the Pierre Chastain Family Association for inclusion in their database. Good luck with your continued research!
Reader Response:   Glad you answered my E Mail & let me know we are Cousins. I am not able to figure out how many times removed like 3rd 4th or what.
Chastain Central Reply:   I also have difficulty with cousins removed. I have to check with Susan's Slape-Hoysagk's article in a recent issue of The Chestnut Tree. As far as I can determine, our relationship is fourth cousins once removed. Have a great day!

Name: Jim Mendola - September 4, 2007
E-mail: jim_mendola@kenton.k12.ny.us
Location: Lockport, NY 14094     USA
Comments:   Hi. My father's mother was Jenne Chastain (1923-1976). Jenne's father was Griffin (1870-1939). This is where I'd like some help. I believe Griffin's father was Azrah or Azwell or Alexander (born 1840 in Tennessee). Can this be confirmed? I've found Azrah's father to be Joseph Inman (c 1827), but I'd like this confirmed as well. Fathers from there are Elisha (1778-1851), Abraham (1755-1821), Peter Jr (1705-1789?), Pierre Sr. I have also read that Pierre Sr's father was John Francis Chastain (1625-1700?), and that, from there, the tree can be traced back to (Seignor) Chastain de la Chateigner (1060-1084)...Is this true, untrue, possible, or completely absurd?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jim, I think I have found your family! Pierre and His Descendents shows an Azrah G. Chastain born 1838 in Saulsbury, Tennessee. Died 1893 in Kentucky. Married Lucy Jackson. Their only known child is Griffin Chastain born 1870 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Died 1939 in Dearborn County, Indiana. There are no children listed for Griffin, most likely because they are not known, as it is not indicated that he had no children. If this is your family, then your descent from Pierre is 1. Pierre, 2. Pierre, Jr., 3. Abraham, 4. Elisha, 5. Azrah, 6. Griffin, 7. Jenne, which is a bit different from your list. There is a Joseph Inman (born 1826) listed as a brother to Azrah, but not as Azrah's father. Note that Joseph Inman is only twelve years older than Azrah, similar to your own notes. All this information and more is in Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, vol 1 available at the Pierre Chastain Family Association. I suggest you consider owning all three volumes. Pierre Chastain's parents were Estienne and Jeanne (Laurant) Chastain, as established by recent genealogy in France. The document you refer to, though not absurd, is not true. It was accepted by one of our first Chastain genealogists and included with reservations by others, but it is now known to be incorrect. Chastain Central has an article on this document. I believe the incorrect name of John Frances Chastain for Pierre's father comes from elsewhere. I hope this is helpful! Have a great day! By the way, you are our first guestbook signer from New York.

Name: Kelly - September 2, 2007
E-mail: nascar12nc@hughes.net
Location: Red Springs, NC 28377     USA
Comments:   Hi I am having trouble locating my Chastain roots and where they came from. All I know is, I havent proven it, but I believe my gg grandfather was Thomas A Chastain 1873-1955 died in Indiana married to Bessie L. Goff b.1895-1987 Louisville Ky came from Green Co. Ky. Father to Thomas was Joseph A Chastain 1832 and Rebecca 1836, then Joseph Chastain and Margaret Purcell Thomas' son Joseph Edward Chastain born Nov.15, 1917, I believe Adair Co. Ky. He lived in Louisville Ky died in Indiana 1969 when I was 3 he married Esther Ann Ruckert in Richmond Ky. My grandmother doesn't remember too much but she did know that Thomas was tall and got into trouble alot. I really hope you can help me the area's I'm looking in is Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Kelly, I could not locate your names in my resources, but I am happy to check again if you find additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need for the most effective search. Good luck!

Name: Shirley Green - August 28, 2007
E-mail: anthony@aironets.com
Location: Dallas, TX 92648     USA
Comments:   I am trying to locate EMILY CHASTAIN from Cleveland, TN. Emily lived on Champion Dr. in Cleveland, TN and the subdivision was called Camelot. She was my best friend over 25 years ago and I can't find any info about her anywhere. If someone knows of her or can pass on my info, please email me or could you forward my email address to her? Anthony@aironets.com. Thank you very much. Shirley Green
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Shirley, We do not know Emily Chastain, and it is difficult to find someone in our genealogical resources as recent as she is. However I suggest you contact two long-time Cleveland Tennessee residents who are Chastains and who know a lot of people. Policeman Dewey Chastain was interim sheriff for Bradley County for some time and Dr. Chalmer Chastain, Sr. practiced in Cleveland for 50 years. Hopefully, one of them will know your Emily. We are also posting your request to our guestbook, so perhaps some of our readers may know her. Good luck and let us know if we can help further!

Name: Brittney Chastain - August 27, 2007
E-mail: Bluoctoberfan@yahoo.com
Location: Huntington Beach, CA 92648     USA
Comments:   Hi I kinda stumbled on your site and I figured maybe you could help me, I would like to know If I fit into your family tree at all, If your interested in helping me I can email you some more information, Thanks for your time--Brittney Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Brittney, We are happy to help. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need for the most effective search. We look forward to your information!

Name: Anita D. Chastain - August 23, 2007
E-mail: anitachastain@gmail.com
Address: 200 International Drive #716
Location: Cape Canaveral, FL 32920     USA
Comments:   I was born to Charles Robert Chastain, who was born in Campbellsburg, Indiana on June 1, 1919. He passed away on July 8, 1979 at the age of 60. He had five brothers and two sisters. His father was Omer Chastain (mother was Ada Cornwell) and he was a preacher/farmer in Indiana. If you have any information on this family, please let me know. My father died when I was only 18, so I really do not know that much about that side of my family. Thank you. Anita Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Anita, I think I have found a match for your family among Indiana Chastains. This information comes from Little Otter to Lost River, by Claude E. Cook, 1976, pages 96-100 and Pierre Chastain and His Descendents. Little Otter is out of print, but PCD is available from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. I find an Omer Chastain, born June 11, 1883. Died October 21, 1970. Married Lula Attie Cornwell in 1904; she died in 1947, after which he married Eleanor Stark. Omer's children were Edith Florence, Grant Cornwell, Stephen Elbert, Lowell Morris, Esther Ellen, Paul Osborne, Charles Robert, and Naomi Ruth. Charles Robert Chastain and Joann Bennett Lindley are listed with two children: Troy and Anita. Bet you didn't know you were printed in a genealogy! Omer's parents were John Steven Chastain (1857-1941) and Margaret Emma Duncan. John Steven's parents were John A. Chastain (1835-1907) and Mary Ann Maudlin. John A's parents were Barnett Chastain (1814-1896) and Cynthia Stark. Barnett's parents were George Chastain (c 1766-1854) and Rebecca Staton. George's parents were William Chastain (c 1744-c 1790s) and Sary. George was a possible son of Pierre Chastain, Jr. (c 1707- aft 1775) and Mildred Archer. Pierre, Jr. was the son of Pierre the immigrant, who came to America in 1700 and married Anne Soblet. I hope this is helpful! Have a great day!
Reader Response:   Thank you so very much for the information. You hit it right on the head. That is my family for sure. My grandfather, Omer Chastain was a preacher at Lost River Primitive Baptist Church. I remember going there once a month for church when I was just a small girl. Again, thank you so much. I will share this with my brother, Troy. Anita Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Anita, I am glad we were helpful! Call on us again at any time. Have a great day!

Name: Bill Chastain - August 20, 2007
E-mail: wmjchastain@comcast.net
Address: 120 Loughridge Way
Location: Folsom, CA 95630     USA
Comments:   Help Us Find Descendants of William Benjamin "Ben" Chastain. Does anyone remember my grandfather William Benjamin Chastain? He was born August 4, 1902 in Springfield or Ozark, Mo. He had a brother named Robert & 2 sisters named Gladys & Jesse. His mother was Julie Chastain. He married my grandmother, Allie May Glenn from Ozark, around 1925 or 26 in Ozark or Springfield. I still have contact with the Glenn descendants but no one remembers my grandfather. They moved to Oakland, CA in 1931 with sons Donald, 1 & my father, Bobby Joe, 4 to follow their jobs in a pencil factory called the "Springfield Cedar Company" which moved from Springfield to Oakland. My grandfather died September 19, 1937 when my dad was 10 from heart failure. P.S. Great Site!! My 80 year old dad, Robert Joseph Chastain & I are having a lot of fun reading everything, and after finding this site, we thought it would be wonderful if we could find out some more or even contact other direct descendants. Any contacts or interest in this e-mail will be welcomed. Please feel free to contact me directly.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Bill, I am so glad that you and your dad are having fun on our website! That is what makes it all worth while. I checked my available resources for your grandfather William Benjamin Chastain without much result. I found one long-shot match: William B. Chastain born 1872 in Henry County, Missouri. Married Mary E. Ross. He died in 1951. Children not listed. Because of the name, there is a small possibility that this was the father of your grandfather, but we would need more matching evidence to feel comfortable with that. If you would like for us to check further go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need for the most effective search. Good luck!

Name: Allen Chastain - August 16, 2007
E-mail: allen@dynamiclaser.com
Link: http://www.dynamiclaser.com/
Location: Canton, GA 30114     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Allen, Thanks for signing our guest book. Visit us again any time!

Name: Marilyn Knight Clark - August 15, 2007
E-mail: clark@moment.net
Location: Llano, TX 78643     USA
Comments:   Hi Everyone, This is my first time on CC , found you through PCFA. I will be attending my first reunion this fall in Va. I can hardly wait! My line is thru the W.G. Knight and Rachael Jane Chastain union. My GGGrandfather W.G. married John 10's GGGrandaughter. I am John 10's 6th GGrandaughter. Hope I can find someone from that same line to exchange info with. Bye for now. Hope to see you all at the Reunion. M.K. Clark
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Marilyn, It is good to meet you cousin! We are also descended from Rev. John Chastain, through his son Elijah, same as you. However, we come through Elijah's son Edward, while you descend from Elijah's son James Lafayette. We plan to be at the reunion at Richmond. Hope to see you there!

Name: Katie Nainiger - August 13, 2007
E-mail: eknainiger@windstream.net
Location: Madison, OH 44057     USA
Comments:   I have "Susan in the Rain" it was my moms when she was little, then mine (my grandma would read it all the time), then my 9 year old son, and now my little boy (17 months) has to read her every time he goes to bed and he kisses her goodnight. He loves to look at the horse in the barn, the waterfall, apple and Susan's boots! It has been a special book to all of us. I tried looking for another copy since Susan is beginning to look well loved and my little guy is starting to want Susan to go night night with him, his kitty and his blankies:) As I search the web I see that Susan in the Rain has held her value as it is reflected in the price and the availability. I hope to find a copy soon to keep as a back up and future special times. Thank you to Madye Lee Chastain for creating a special memory that has been passed down through the years.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Katie, Though it was not passed down through generations in my family, I also like Susan and the Rain. Yours is a very sweet story, and I would like to include it in our article on Madye Lee Chastain. Are you willing to give permission for us to do that? Yes, Susan is easily available on the net at $20-70, but from time to time I have seen Susan in good shape at reasonable prices. I hope you find your replacement book soon!

Name: Thomas E. Brown - August 10, 2007
E-mail: tbrown3123@hotmail.com
Location: Smyrna, TN 37167     USA
Comments:   Hello, My Mother's father was Henry Tribble Shasteen Jr. of Franklin Co, TN. My 2nd cousin, Joy, has published a genealogy of 10 generations of Shasteen's starting with Jesse Shasteen, Sr, born abt 1765 in Virginia. He died before 1840 in Gallatin Co, IL. He married Ellenor COFFEE nee WADE, 21 Nov 1785 in Amherst Co, VA. She was born abt 1760 in Virginia. The movement of the Shasteen's have been traced from VA, IL, IN, KY, TN and AL. I had originally been contacted about becoming an administrator for the Shasteen DNA Surname project on Familytree.com. The Chastain name is currently listed with 8 participants. There are other variations of the name as well. Is your group currently participating in the Surname project? If not, would you be interested in starting a project including the many variations on the name? I know that in Franklin Co, TN and the surrounding areas there are Chasteen's, Chastain's, and Shastains. Joy's exhaustive work has proven some of these to be related. Her work also includes numerous photo's and documented oral history as well.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Thomas, I heard from your cousin, Joy, a few days ago, so I am somewhat familiar with her work. I am very interested in Shasteens and intrigued with the idea of the DNA project. We are not currently involved in the DNA project, but may be interested in looking into it later on. Right now, our plates are rather full with Chastain projects. Do keep us posted, though; we are very interested in your progress.

Name: Joy Gallagher - August 3, 2007
E-mail: gallagherj@cafes.net
Location: Winchester, TN      USA
Comments:   I just found you and your brothers' website, which is wonderful. A cousin of mine and I are trying to start a Shasteen/Chasteen/Chastain DNA project. If we are successful, would you like to post the info. on your website? I am attaching for you some info. I researched and submitted to the Wayne Co., KY RootsWeb list site. You are welcome to use it on your site if you wish. My ancestor is the William Shasteen, Sr. who married Elizabeth Reed in Wayne Co., KY and then came to Franklin Co., TN, where I live. He died in 1841 after marrying a second time to Lavina Chastain, widow of a Mr. Bowling. Lavina is reported to be the unborn child in the will of Rev. John (Ten Shilling Bell) Chastain of SC. I am a life member of the Pierre Chastain Family Assoc. Joy
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Joy, We are definitely interested in your DNA project and will post it on the website with credit to you if you are successful. Keep us updated. I also saved your attachment on the Shasteen family. Sometime in the future I plan to do an article on Shasteens and your information is very useful. Of course, you will be credited for it. Thanks for your kind words and your information.

Name: Gregg Steven Chastain - July 31, 2007
E-mail: gsc117@yahoo.com
Location: Puyallup, WA 98371     USA
Comments:   This is my first time on this site. Found it by looking for reunion information for a Chastain reunion that was held in Brownsville, OR in the past.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Gregg, I am glad you found our site, and I hope you liked it. If you need further information on past Chastain Reunions, you may contact Susan Slape-Hoysagk at Chestnut_Tree@gmx.net. She is an officer of the Pierre Chastain Family Association and should be able to provide you old reunion information or direct you to the proper resource. She happens to live in Oregon!

Name: Jonathan D. Chastine - July 30, 2007
E-mail: jchastine001@cfl.rr.com
Location: Melbourne, FL 32940     USA
Comments:   I'm originally from Michigan. My father was born in Indiana in 1923. I am African-American, my Grand Father was born in Franklin KY in the 1870's. God Bless for putting together this site!!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jonathan, I am glad you like our site. What are the names of your father, grandfather and other oldest relatives that you know? I have encountered African-American Chastains in my genealogical research, but have never been able to tie them into Pierre due to insufficient information. Chastine is a less common variation of the name, so that is very interesting as well. Do you know whether you descend from Pierre Chastain or are connected to his family in some way?

Name: Linda L Chastain - July 28, 2007
E-mail: lindachastain@hotmail.com
Location: Bokoshe, OK 74930     USA
Comments:   Hi! What a wonderful surprise, I was just surfing the web and stumbled across your site. I have always been interested in finding out the "true story" behind my father-in-laws death, maybe some of your readers can help. Truett Lewis Chastain dob 5/21/1928 dod 6/11/1959. Father...Robert Chastain Mothers maiden name Lola Tiller. Birthplace Georgia That is all The info I have ANY links or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Linda Woods Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Linda, I cannot find anything regarding your father-in-law in my resources, but other readers may have some information as you suggest. Good luck in the search!

Name: Ginger Chastain - July 23, 2007
E-mail: GOOSE1234A@aol.com
Location: SC      USA
Comments:   I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your web site, and especially your Florida stories. I am a native Florida person myself, born and raised...sure miss the place...no place like home! I came to South Carolina and met a Chastain, Monroe, and married him 35 years ago this month, and I am still stuck here in the mountains of South Carolina. LOL We added 5 more Chastains to the family tree. When I saw your picture I could not get over how much you resemble my late father in law. I find family history and genetics interesting. It is amazing how people who are so distantly related can have the same looks. I really enjoyed your web site and have it marked in my favorites so my husband can read it as well. Sincerely, Ginger Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ginger, We are glad you like our website! It is amazing how that distant relatives can look so much alike. I have noticed it before. I hope Monroe likes the site as well as you do. South Carolina is one of the early Chastain states. Rene Chastain moved there with part of his family around 1778, and Rev. John Chastain moved his family to South Carolina around the late 0790s. Is Monroe descended from one of those families? Florida is still a great place. What part of the state are you from?
Reader Response:   Hello Tim, First of all I read your cancer blog last night...oh my...I am so glad you are in remission. My husband, Monroe, had a brain tumor removed back the summer of 2005. Thankfully it was not cancerous. A lot of cancer in these Chastain's in this neck of the woods. But I wish you well in recovery! I was born in Gainesville and grew up in Orlando in the community of Union Park. My dad's family is all still in Tampa. I was there when Walt Disney broke ground for Disney Land...(we are old - LOL). My father worked with the space program at Cape Carnival, AKA Kennedy. I showed my husband your web site last night...and your picture. He was amazed. He is descended from Rev. John Chastain. This is his line: Pierre Chastain; Pierre Chastain, Jr.; Rev. John Chastain; John Chastain, Jr.; John Abner "Ab" Chastain; William Chastain; Abner Denton Chastain; Claude Edward Chastain; Monroe Claude Chastain. We live right down the road from the grave of Rev. John Chastain. Not far from two of the churches he established either. I did not know until I read your web site that he established Cross Roads as well, it is on the other side of us. That is where my brother in law got married. A good many of the Chastains that live here still go to Holly Springs. (We do not - we are odd balls in the family- and I mean odd balls - we are Catholic and support gay rights and pro life). We have a reunion the third Sunday of every Sept at Holly Springs. I remember the first time I went to one...all those people. I have never seen so many people in one family. When a Chastain passes away the funeral home is packed and out the door. I wish you continued good health and I will be reading some more of your site tonight. Sincerely, Ginger Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ginger, I am sorry to hear of Monroe's tumor, but I am glad it was not cancer. I also remember when Disney snuck into Central Florida and secretly bought up the land for Disney World. Yeah, I guess I am old too. We are also descended from Rev. John, but through Elijah rather than John, Jr. What kind of reunion do you have at Holly Springs? Is it a Chastain reunion? If I am able to get to Pumpkintown, I may contact you in advance and arrange a Rev. John tour!

Name: Ava Fink - July 22, 2007
E-mail: avafink@hotmail.com
Location: Harrison, NE 69346     USA
Comments:   My Husband's gg grandmother was Nancy Chastain. Her son James Edwin Fink lived in Harlin County Iowa. I was just looking up the unusual French name on the internet, she was from France, and I was wondering what area of France the Chastain's came from, so I could tell our children.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Ava, Our ancestor, Pierre Chastain, was born in 1659 near the village of Charost in central France. His parents were Estienne and Jeanne (Laurant) Chastain. The Chastain family had fled to this area from the city of Bourges at the time of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in 1572. You can read about it in the article Pierre Chastain. In checking my resources, I find a Nancy Jane Chastain born March 21, 1866 in Nodoway County, Missouri and who died in Neligh, Nebraska on August 2, 1933. She married John Grant Fink in 1866. Is this your family? If so, I can give you your line of descent all the way from Pierre Chastain the immigrant. I hope this is helpful. By the way, you are the first Chastain to contact us from Nebraska!
Reader Response:   Thank you so much for the information. Yes the info on Nancy Chastain is correct. Please send us more information. We'd love to know more about the Chastian side of the Family. It would mean so much to my husband's mother Frances. We are just going on what little information, by word of mouth, we had from the family. We really appreciate your help. My husband's mother just thought we'd never ever know anything about the Chastain family. Thank you, Ava and Ron Fink.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ava, Here are the highlights, but there is more information available in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants available at the Pierre Chastain Family Association. I recommend that you consider acquiring the entire set, or at least volumes one and two. This family is from the Indiana Chastains. Nancy Jane's parents were James Madison Chastain (born in Kentucky October 10, 1815; died May 5, 1875) and Mary Ann Shaller (born October 21, 1824 in Indiana; died November 4, 1899). They moved to Nodoway County, Missouri by 1860. James Madison' parents were William Oscar Chastain (born in Virginia about 1794; died in 1847 at Northwest Township, Orange County Indiana) and Deidimer E. Robbins (born about 1787; died by 1854). They moved to Orange County, Indiana before 1820. William Oscar's parents were Robert Ransom Chastain (born about 1770 probably in Virginia; died 1840-1843, probably in Washington County, Indiana) and Magdalene Moore (born in early 1770s and died in the 1830s in Jefferson County, Indiana). They were members of the East Fork Baptist Church in Henry County, Kentucky from 1805 to 1814. Robert was a member of the Scaffold Lick Baptist Church, Graham, Jefferson County, Kentucky in 1824 and 1832 and perhaps continually in between. Robert Ransom's parents were William Chastain (born about 1744 in Virginia; died about 1790s in Virginia) and Sary. William served as a County Lieutenant during the Revolution. William's father was possibly Pierre Chastain, Jr., who was the son of Pierre Chastain, the immigrant. I hope this is helpful!

Name: Daniel J Chastain - July 21, 2007
E-mail: danielchastian@sbcglobal.net
Location: Visalia, CA 93292     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Daniel, Thanks for signing our guest book. Visit us again any time!

Name: Debra Hill - July 19, 2007
E-mail: dhill1970@comcast.net
Location: Visalia , CA 93292     USA
Comments:   My father is Joseph H Chastain born in Atlanta Georgia in 1927 to J.D. Chastain and Louis Ethridge. He is 80 years old and living in Visalia. He has seven children and 3 step children all living. My sister and I are very interested in the family history. Debra Hill
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Debra, I received a guestbook posting from Laura yesterday. You can see her message and our response in the guestbook. I could not locate your names in my resources, but I am happy to check again if you find additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. If you would like a search, go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need for the most effective search..

Name: Laura (Chastain) Anaya - July 18, 2007
E-mail: philip-laura@sbcglobal.net
Location: Visalia, CA 93292     USA
Comments:   I have recently become very interested in my family history. I found a family tree dating back to the 1500's. Dr. Pierre Chastain and Rev. John Chastain were on this family tree. Do you post information about World War II veterans? My father Joseph Harold Chastain and his father J. D. Chastain Jr. were in the Navy during WWII. My children are having fun learning about their ancestors too. Thank you.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Laura, The family tree you found going back to 1500 is not valid: see article. However, the information on Pierre and John is probably accurate. I will list your father and grandfather next time I update Chastains in the Military. You may also submit biographical information on them, so they can be included in Chastain Biographies. Let me know if you need anything else!

Name: Guy P. Chastain - July 18, 2007
E-mail: guyc66@yahoo.com
Location: Korea     
Comments:   I discovered your website (Chastain Central) this evening while surfing the web and found it extremely interesting. I am curious if we are related somehow. Obviously we have the same last name, but after reading the Eleven Generations section I was amazed at some of the similarities. For instance, the children of Robert and Movaline Chastain lived and went to schools in some of the same places I did. Terry also lives in Osteen (I briefly lived on Stone Island) and his wife is Judy....my wife has the same name. I was born in Eustis, FL in 1966 and grew up mostly in Mt. Dora and Ocoee. I went to Christian Home and Bible School in Mt. Dora for 11 years and graduated in 1984. I have also lived in Sanford and my mother was born and raised in Leesburg. My dad, grandparents, and some aunts, uncles, and cousins still live in Ocoee. Maybe you know them (or have met them): My grandparents are L.B. and Daris Chastain, my dad is Byron Chastain, and I have an older brother Lawrence Chastain who lives in Pace, Fl. I will be submitting more information about our family after I do some additional research, but just wanted to email you with this information for now to see if you think we might be from the same lineage. BTW- I am in the Air Force stationed in Korea (till Sept) then I return to the states and will be at Moody AFB, GA. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful website with Chastain information. I can't wait to share it with my brother. Regards, Guy P. Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Guy, We are glad you like the website! It is remarkable that we have lived in many of the same places. My family came from Alabama to Ocoee, Florida in 1955. We moved to the Leesburg area around 1966. Growing up, I remember seeing L.B. Chastain listed in the phone book. But being a kid, I never thought to call him to discover where he was from. Besides, at that time, I had no idea about my own family other than that they were from Alabama. I spent my senior year at Mt. Dora High, and that is where I met my wife. She was born in Eustis, as you were. I am familiar with Christian Home and Bible School. Some of my friends have been Church of Christ. I now know that many Florida Chastains came from Indiana or from Thomas County, Georgia. I look forward to receiving your additional information to see how our families tie together.

Name: Debra Wallace - July 15, 2007
E-mail: dlwal101@aol.com
Location: Easley, SC 29640     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Debra, Thanks for signing our guestbook. Visit us again soon!

Name: Christina Chastain - July 11, 2007
E-mail: clammerto@hotmail.com
Location: O'Fallon, MO      USA
Comments:   I'm looking for Chastain relation in Ark, Augustus Chastain, Charles Columbus Chastain dating some where in the 1800's. That's all I know. Charles latter married Daisy and they moved to Ill and started their family.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Christina, The closest match I can find in my resources is Charles C. Chastain, born November 22, 1880 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He married Ruth Jackson and he died in Arkansas. There is no mention of a Daisy. His father was Joseph C. Chastain. This does not seem to be your ancestor. I am happy to check again if you find additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need. Good luck!

Name: Susan Lucas - July 8, 2007
E-mail: suluc@hotmail.com
Location: San Martin, CA 95046     USA
Comments:   Thank you so much for this website. I have been able to learn so much about this branch of my family because of it. If only I could clear up a few things about Royal Chastain (Jr and Sr). You have done a wonderful job. Susan
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Susan, We are glad you like our website! It is good to hear that others find it useful. I know of only one set of Royal Chastains Sr. and Jr. We know a good bit about their descendants, but for a long time there has been a lack of clarity about who might have been royal, Sr.'s father. Recently, genealogist Jimmy Chesteen has done painstaking research and has determined that his father is likely Rev. James Chastain. If that is so, then we know their descent from Pierre Chastain, the immigrant. Information on Jimmy's research is available in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Errata and Addenda available at PCFA. However, I suggest you consider acquiring all three volumes. Let me know if I can help further.
Reader Response:   Thank you again. I will be acquiring those three volumes as you suggest. If there is any information you need about the descendents of Arminda Chastain Ellmaker do let me know. My mother remembers her and her tales of traveling by covered wagon to Oregon. Susan
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Susan, Your mention of Arminda Ellmaker pretty much seals the deal on whether this is your family line. Pierre Chastain and His Descendants lists Arminda Chastain as a daughter of Royal, Jr. She married Bryon Ellmaker in 1888 and died in 1941. Their children were Florence Elizabeth, Etta Irene, Eva Adeline, and Anna Geneva. However, the listing indicates that at the time of publication the Pierre Chastain Family Association data base did not have information on any children of these ladies.

Name: Sharon Flannagin Heath - July 7, 2007
E-mail: aspen210@earthlink.net
Location: Lake Helen, FL 32744     USA
Comments:   I've visited your site many times and again tonight. Tonight I read about your brain tumor ordeal. We've been through it w/our daughter. I've read your family is in Sanford, FL? My husband's family lived in Sanford and my family has lived in Sanford for many years.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Sharon, Thanks for visiting our website. I never lived in Sanford, but my parents and all my siblings moved there after I went away to college. I am sorry to hear about your daughter; I hope she is doing well. Since you have visited several times, should I assume you have a Chastain connection?

Name: Bishop Chastain - July 6, 2007
E-mail: bishlc@aol.com
Location: Diberville, MS 39540     USA
Comments:   This is Bishop Chastain from Biloxi. I am the third. My father Bishop Jr also lives in Biloxi. We are originally from east Tennessee and north Georgia. We have Dawna (Bishop Jr's wife) and Courtney, then my wife Christy and son and daughter Trey and Kaelie.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Bishop, If you are from east Tennessee and north Georgia, we are probably related through Rev. John Chastain, as that area was mostly settled by his sons and grandsons. I could not locate your grandfather in my resources, but I am happy to check again if you find additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need.

Name: Anthony Lee Chastain - July 5, 2007
E-mail: tonyc0642@yahoo.com
Location: Salem, OR 97306     USA
Comments:   Wow is all I can think to say. I had NO IDEA there were this many Chastains! My Dad's name is Richard Steven Chastain, and My Grandpa's name was Leslie Lee Chastain, and he was born in Scio, Oregon. I don't know what his father's name was, nor do I know anything about him. Are we really all related somehow? I heard of Pierre Chastain a long time ago. My Grandma said he was somehow related to banished French royalty. What info do you have? THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Anthony, We are delighted that you like our website! Most American Chastains are indeed related (but not all), descended from immigrant Pierre Chastain. Pierre left France due to religious persecution, so you might say he was banished I suppose. He was well-to-do, but he was not royalty. Checking my resources, I find a Leslie Lee Chastain born in 1915 in Linn County, Oregon. Scio is in Linn County. If this is your grandfather, then your descent from Pierre is probably Pierre, Pierre, Jr., James, Royal, Royal, Jr., George Royal, Leslie Lee. I say probably because some of the evidence is circumstantial, but researched by an able genealogist, Jimmy Chesteen. If you would like the book, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, containing this and more information on this family, it is available at PCFA. Have a great day!

Name: Marcee Chastain Thomas - July 2, 2007
E-mail: marcthom76655@yahoo.com
Location: Bruceville, TX 76630     USA
Comments:   Great site. My Chastain line is in Texas my GGrandfather was Joe Brown Chastain he was from Ga. we think. He ended up in Texas Bosque County. Prior to that he was in south Texas. If any of this rings a bell let me know.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Marcee, I find a Joseph Brown Chastain born March 28, 1889, apparently in Georgia. He married Lora Ila Southern. He died August 11, 1923. Is this your Joe? If so, I can give you more information, including his lineage all the way back to the immigrant, Pierre Chastain (1700).
Reader Response:   I had to look; my mother's family is killing me :). As far back that I can go is J Ben born abt 1863 in Ga. He married N Adaline born GA abt 1862. These were the parents of Joe Brown born abt 1875 in Ga. Joe Brown married Laria (Lara sp?) Lee she was born in So. Carolina abt 1878.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Marcee, Both the birth date and parents are different than the Joseph Brown Chastain I located. I searched again with the new information you provided. Still no match. If you can uncover more information, let me know and I will try again. Have a great day!

Name: Carrie Chastain - June 26, 2007
E-mail: jdchastain@juno.com
Location: Siloam Springs, AR 72761     USA
Comments:   Thanks, guys for putting the Reunion on your site. Am sending a hard copy to your city library this week. Could somebody wander by next week or two and see if it is posted? Love to your house, Carrie.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Carrie, We are MORE than happy to promote the Chastain reunion on our website! I will go by the library soon to see if the information is posted. I assume it is the Altamonte Springs library. Let me know if it is another.

Name: Randall Shawn Chastain - June 25, 2007
E-mail: rchastain@centurytel.net
Location: Cabot, AR     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Randall, Thanks for signing our guestbook. Come back and visit any time!

Name: Jeffrey Scott Chastain - June 25, 2007
E-mail: jctull70@yahoo.com
Location: Bowdon, GA 30108     USA
Comments:   Hello, My name is Jeffrey Scott Chastain. I was born in Sept. 12, 1970. My father, Ernest Robert Chastain, was the youngest male of 16 children of Robert and Ida Mae Chastain. My father was born April 30, 1946. My father pasted away May 22, 2001 from an aneurysm. Most of these Chastains live in or around Murphy, North Carolina. Several years ago I had the chance to briefly look over a copy of The Chestnut Tree. This is when I discovered our Chastain lineage was from the Pierre branch. I would very much like to purchase the latest copy of the hardback book showing the lineage of the Pierre Chastain family. If you could please tell me where I could order a copy it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Jeff Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jeff, It is good to hear from you, and I am happy to share ordering information on Pierre Chastain and His Descendants! I recommend it to anyone interested in Chastain genealogy. It is available in three volumes (two hardbacks and a paperback addendum). You can order the books from the Pierre Chastain Family Association at: http://www.pierrechastain.com/publications.htm. Have a great day!

Name: Tracy Ranae Chastain Rogers - June 23, 2007
E-mail: untamedrogers@yahoo.com
Location: Muskogee, OK 74401     USA
Comments:   Hi my name is Tracy Ranae Rogers (maiden name, Chastain). My dad is Charles Warren Chastain and my grandpa is Paul Chastain from Arkansas. We live in Oklahoma now but grandpa still lives in Ark. I am not real sure of all the Chastain history so I have been doing a little research and found this site, it is cool. I have two uncles, names are Michael Chastain and Daniel Chastain they also live in OK. My dads uncle Bobby Chastain just recently passed on he had cancer. Thank you for this site. Tracy
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Tracy Ranae, I am glad you like our site! If you wish, we can check our resources to see if we can find a match for your family, but we need additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need, should you want us to check. Have a great day!

Name: Debra Matthews - June 23, 2007
E-mail: debramatthews@hotmail.com
Location: Phoenix, AZ     USA
Comments:   Hi, My grandmother's name is Corrie May Chastain. Her father's name is Henry. He owned a dairy in Cario, which is in Grady County Georgia. Do you have any info on where I fit in the family?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Debra, I could not locate your names in my resources, but I am happy to check again if you find additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need. Good luck! Reader Response:   Thanks for trying. All I know is that my grandmother on my mother's side is Corrie May Chastain who married James Rushin Griffin. Two of her sisters are Blanch(e), and Jennings. Their father's name is Henry "Doc" Chastain and was married to Ruth Bowen. Hopefully, this additional information will be helpful. They all lived in southern Georgia (Cario) and later in his life, grandpa Henry moved back to Florida where he had relatives; also, he once had a dairy farm in Georgia around 1940. Debra Matthews
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Debra, With your additional information we may have a match! Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, volume 2, page 463 shows a Henry Moses Chastain born in 1876 who married Ruth Eldora Bowen. The listing indicates that the Pierre Chastain Family Association has information on their children, but that information is not published. Further evidence that this might be your family is that this family is part of the Thomas County Chastains of south Georgia. Cario is in the county just west of Thomas County, and there are quite a number of Thomas County Chastains in Florida, where you said Henry had relatives. If this is your family, then your descent from Pierre is Pierre, Rene, Peter, James, Thomas Harvey Morgan, Henry, Corrie Mae. If you wish to purchase Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, it is available at PCFA. Have a great day!
Reader Response:   Yes, just yesterday my mother called her sister back in Georgia who said Grandpa Henry's middle name is Moses. So, I am part of the family. I grew up in Cario Georgia and was born in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Grandma Corrie had a nice big farm in Cario and raised pecans, tobacco, and fish in the large pond she stocked with trout and cat fish. I have always loved the name Chastain - because of Grandma, but had no idea of its history and meaning. Thank you for your research cousin. Is "Thomas Harvey Morgan" one person? Debra
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Debra, I am glad we have a solid match! And it is good to find another Chastain cousin. And yes, Thomas Harvey Morgan Chastain is one individual with lots of names!

Name: Wally McCollum - June 18, 2007
E-mail: mccollumw@comcast.net
Location: Maryland      USA
Comments:   I checked out the web site and it's really impressive. I'll do my best to re-order the microfilm of Old Pendleton District records that includes the Mary Chastain renunciation of dower so that you can have a copy of the original document, rather than just my transcription. For your information, my line from the Reverend John Chastain is: Abner-William-William-Friend Chuck-Gaddis Berry-Mary Selena "Molly" (married William E. McCollum, a Baptist Minister)-William Hayden McCollum (a Baptist Minister)-William Hayden McCollum, Jr - William W. McCollum (me). The family from Friend Chuck Chastain on lived in the Cherokee and Cobb County areas of Georgia. I was born in Fulton County. Wally
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Wally, Thanks for your continued help, and I am glad you enjoyed our website! Looks like we are cousins. I am sure you are as proud to be descended from Rev. John Chastain as I am.

Name: Rhonda Chastain - June 11, 2007
E-mail: rlaschiava@yahoo.com
Location: Racine, WI 53402     USA
Comments:   Very interesting website guys!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Rhonda, Thanks for visiting Chastain Central. I am glad you found it interesting! Visit again soon and tell you relatives about us. By the way, you are the first person from Wisconsin to sign our guestbook. Have a great day!

Name: Ryan Dupree - June 11, 2007
E-mail: dupreer@hiwaay.net
Location: Jasper, AL      USA
Comments:   I read your site about the Chastain family who served in the 1st Alabama. Do you know what happened to David after the war? Where he is buried? -Ryan
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ryan, David D. Chastain enlisted in the 1st Alabama (Union) in January 1864. He became a prisoner of war in March of 1865 in the battle of Monroe's Crossroads, Solomon Grove, North Carolina. He was mustered out June 12, 1865, but he died February 22, 1866 of complications from military service. He is buried at Thornhill Cemetery at the Thornhill Church of Christ in Thornhill, Marion County, Alabama. Records do not indicate the specific cause of David's death. It may have been a wound or it may have been disease such as killed his older brother, Martin, from Georgia who served in the Confederate army. Martin contracted measles, and traveled home while he was still recovering. Shortly after he arrived, he died at his uncle's home in Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia on August 4, 1864. Disease was often rampant in military camps on both side and resulted in a high number of deaths. The Georgia 52nd engaged in a number of battles in North Georgia in May-September, 1864, so perhaps Martin's journey home was short. I hope this is useful to you. In addition to our article Alabama Chastains in the Civil War, you may wish to read the biography of Edward Chastain, father of David, James K., and Martin. Are you connected with this Chastain family?
Reader Response:   Actually, I run a website dedicated to the 1st Alabama Cavalry. I maintain an online database for the members of the unit. The page dedicated to David can be found here: http://www.1stalabamacavalryusv.com/roster/troopers.asp?trooperid=395 Each page starts off with their CSR from the National Archives. Transcribing those for each of the men in the unit took about 2 years. Then, we add photos of these men, gravestone photos and locations, and much more. Many descendants of these soldiers also submit stories and histories that we include as well.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ryan, I am pleased to meet you! I am very familiar with your website. You will note that we included your site as a major source for our article, Alabama Chastains in the Civil War. On your site, you mention different groups that made of the 1st Alabama; the Chastain family were Jacksonian Democrats. Edward (the father) named his sons James K. Polk, Martin (assume Van Buren), and William Howell, whom they called Cobb. James named his sons Sheridan, Colfax, and Ulysses G. A discussion of these names is found at Edward Chastain.

Name: Brenda Kay Rang - June 7, 2007
E-mail: litlespitfire62@hotmail.com
Location: Choteau, MT 59422     USA
Comments:   Hello, I am here to find any information on Native American history in our family tree. My grandparents are Alvin Acey Coombes & Ruth Frances Coombes. Yes, Alvin and Ruth were first cousins. Alvin's Parents are John Albert Coombes b June 24. 1872, Married 1898 to Tina Lavinia Prichard. Ruth's parents are the following Charles Frances Coombes b. Jan 14 1876 married Ida Mae Dyer. When Alvin and Ruth married she used her mother's maiden name of Dyer. Any information would be great. My e-mail is punkin1@3rivers.net. Thank you, Brenda
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Brenda, One of our resources, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, has a possible match to Ida Dyer. Ida is seventh generation from Pierre Chastain. She was born January 24, 1880 in Georgia and married Charlie Coombes. Though we have Ida's ancestry, we have no record of Ida and Charlie's descendants, so I cannot say if they had a daughter named Ruth. After Ida's birth, her family lived in Stillwell, Oklahoma. This information is close enough that it may be your Ida and Charlie, but it may be coincidence as well. You may wish to check the census records for Stillwell, Oklahoma, beginning in 1880, to see if you can find them. I see no indication of any Native American ancestry on the Chastain side. Have a great day!

Name: Anne Chestang-Rajasingam - June 5, 2007
E-mail: Achest@aol.com
Location: Pasadena, CA 91107     USA
Comments:   This is a great site. It gives so much historical insight into Chastain genealogy and history. Thanks so much for including the information about the Chastang/Chestang family history. My Gr/gr/gr/grandfather was Auguste Chastang son of Dr. John and I have a copy of his Catholic Birth registration, I have very little other information to go on. I do know he served in the war of 1812, and he is mentioned in the will of his Brother Pierre Zeno and in a land grant deed, but not much else is known about him. His son was John Baptiste Chastang, who served in the Civil War (Union). I guess I will have to make a trip to Alabama, to get more information on Auguste and my grgrgrandfather John B. Chestang(who moved to Pascagoula, Ms and raised 10 children there after the Civil War. This is fascinating reading.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Anne, Thanks for the nice comments! We really like the Chastang-Chestang family because they are much like us: a single family that came to the colonies from France and made history in the new world! Doing research on the Chastangs was a lot of fun. Good luck on your further research! Have a great day!

Name: Christopher Troy Chastain - May 31, 2007
E-mail: majichas@aol.com
Location: Kalamazoo, MI 49048     USA
Comments:   Nice to see there are lots of us out there!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Christopher, Welcome home to Chastain Central! It is good to be connected! Have a great day!

Name: Charles E. Chastain - May 26, 2007
E-mail: SoonerFanChuck@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa, OK 74110     USA
Comments:   I got curious about the History of the Chastain last name when my 11 year old son came home from school and asked about Our family history. I didn't know what to tell him, so now we are trying to research it together. It will be a wonderful learning experience for the both of us!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Charles, I am glad you are enjoying your study of family history. This website is a good source of general information and perhaps you can plug into a family with a genealogy already established. The other important website is PCFA, which has the largest Chastain database available. I especially recommend the three-volume genealogy. It is well worth its price. Good luck and let us know if we can be more helpful!

Name: Teri Chastain - May 26, 2007
E-mail: nantessa@yahoo.com
Location: 1915 S Fairway Ave, Springfield, MO 65804     USA
Comments:   I'm wondering if anyone knows of the Cherokee woman who married a Chastain. Her name was Rhoda. Her last name may have been Hill. When her Chastain husband died, she married a Pennington. She was my great-grandmother. My grandfather was Arthur Chastain. My dad was Bill (Billy) Chastain. I know that my grandfather lived in Missouri. My dad's siblings are Jack, Harvey, Ruthie and twins that died in a house fire. One of them was named Lily. When Arthur remarried, he had 7 children. They all live in Missouri. The youngest, Elijah, plays the fiddle. If anyone knows these people, please contact me!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Teri, I searched our resources and could not find a match for your information. If you wish, I can search again with additional information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need. Or, hopefully someone else will recognize the family you describe. Good luck!

Name: Teri Chastain - May 22, 2007
E-mail: nantessa@yahoo.com
Location: Springfield, MO 65804     USA
Comments:   So fun to find more Chastains! Do you know the story of Pierre? If so, we could be related!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Teri, We are indeed familiar with Pierre Chastain, and we are probably related. The Brothers of Chastain Central descend from Pierre in this way 1. Pierre; 2. Peter, Jr.; 3. Rev. John; 4. Elijah; 5. Edward; 6. William Howell; 7. Silas; Robert; 8. The Brothers. Have a great day!

Name: Peggy Padilla - May 1, 2007
E-mail: peggy_padilla@yahoo.com
Location: Anderson, SC 29621     USA
Comments:   thanks for the info
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Peggy! Always glad to be helpful!

Name: Randolph Chestang IV - April 25, 2007
E-mail: dolph4@yahoo.com
Location: Jacksonville, FL 32246     USA
Comments:   I am Randolph Chestang IV and am an active U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer Lieutenant. I have viewed your inclusions of the different variations of Chestang/Chastang/Chastain/Chasteen and etc. I believe you have mistakenly left out our side, the Chestang's of Mobile Alabama. We are definitely a split of the Chastang's of Mobile. I am the eldest of five siblings whom are Dr. Renwick L. Chestang of Dallas, TX, Elizabeth L. Chestang/Reimonenq of Hattiesburg, MS, Van Isaac Chestang R.N. of Jackson, MS, and Bennie C. Chestang of Hattiesburg, MS. My parents are Rev. Randolph and LaVonne Chestang III of Bassfield, MS and my grandparents are Randolph (deceased) and Verna Chestang JR. of Mt. Vernon, AL. My father is the eldest of seven siblings whom all reside in the Mobile AL area. My grandfather was the eldest of eight siblings whom have spread across the U.S. with different a different spelling of Chestang as Chastang. I have met a multitude of Chastangs and Chestangs during my travels in the Navy. Whatever info you can find, I'd appreciate your help on helping us tie this thing together. We do understand that the original Chastangs came to AL from France but we are not clear on the lineage. Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Randolph Chestang IV
Chastain Central Reply:   HI Randolph! You are correct that you can find Chestang's scattered among the other names in news articles and such, but perhaps you did not find the main article on Chastangs and Chestangs. This article traces the earliest ancestor who came from France to New Orleans and then follows the brothers from New Orleans to the Mobile, Alabama area. Check out the extensive article and let us know what you think! I will also be happy to add you family members to the Chastang-Chestang biography. Do you come from the white or Creole side of the Chestang family?

Name: Lorena Jean Chastain - April 20, 2007
E-mail: lorenaaintbobbit@hotmail.com
Location: Belle Fourche, AL 57717     USA
Comments:   i married into the chastain family in 1978. we did have a book at one time. my father in law was big into the chastain association. his name was j.e. chastain. he was president of chastain family association in 1976. they had a renunion in alma, ark. thank you lorena chastain we would like to update our family tree in the book. thank you lorena chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Lorena Jean! It is good to hear from you! Sorry that we missed the 1976 reunion in Arkansas. Will try to make the next one. I know Arkansas is an important center for Chastains. To add genealogical data to your records at Pierre Chastain Family Association, contact Jimmy Chesteen, jimchstn@hughes.net. Have a great day!

Name: Carrie Chastain-Little - April 10, 2007
E-mail: carriechuck@sbcglobal.net
Location: San Antonio, TX 78254     USA
Comments:   Hi! I'm from the Chastains in Southeast Tennessee/Northeast Georgia. I used to belong to PCFA but haven't been active in a while. If you'd like info on our branch, I can get it for you. Nice site! Happened on it by accident. Carrie
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Carrie, I am glad you like our site. Come visit any time! The Brothers of Chastain Central also descend from the Chastains of North Georgia and Southeast Tennessee. I bet Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain is among your ancestors! I would like to see your family information. Our next PCFA Reunion is going to be at Manakintown. Hope you can be there! Have a great day!

Name: Tressia Stephens - April 4, 2007
E-mail: cooperterri@sbcglobal.net
Location: Pauls Valley, OK 73075     USA
Comments:   Hi, I'm looking for my grandmothers family. Her name was Carrie Velma Chastain, she had two brothers Lester and Sterling, and two sisters Jessie and Florence. All we know is her brother Sterling married Bertie they lived in San Jose, California and 3 sons, Norval, Roger, and George. Lester and 1 drt. Joyce, he was married to Gladys 2nd m. Barbara. We think Starling was a member of the Chowchilla Masonic Lodge, F & AM 485 he was born August 24, 1892, died November 22, 1974. What we are looking for is the name of their parents. Any info would be appreciated.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Tressia, Are you already aware that you may be closely related to a famous Chastain? Brandi Chastain's Aunt Elizabeth reports that, according to Brandi's grandfather, the family descends from Pierre Chastain, but the family has not worked out the family tree. Brandi's parents are Roger and Lark Chastain; her grandparents are Roger and Hazel McGhee Chastain; and her great grandfather is Sterling Chastain, who was first a school teacher in Oklahoma and then in California real estate. Therefore, the apparent lineage for Brandi is: 4-Brandi; 3-Roger; 2-Roger; 1-Sterling……Pierre. This seems like a match to your excellent data. We tried unsuccessfully to discover Sterling's parents before. Using your data, we are still unable to discover them. If you can provide a bit more, I am happy to search again. See Roots. Good luck and have a great day!

Name: Don Wilcoxen - March 31, 2007
E-mail: dwilcoxen1864@sbcglobal.net
Location: Stockton, CA 95210     USA
Comments:   I am doing research on the Chastain family. Paternal grandmother is a Chastain (Virginia to Indiana). Also doing research on Chastains who saw military service for the Confederacy. E.W. Chastain fits in very nicely. Your site has given me good information. E.W. is a 2nd cousin 5 times removed.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Don, Welcome to Chastain Central! If you are researching Indiana Chastains, an excellent resource is Claude E. Cook, Little Otter to Lost River: A History of the Chastain Family of Washington County, Indiana, 1976. Are you familiar with that work? It is out of print, but may be available by inter-library loan. And it covers much more than Washington County. Also, did you see on our website both the biography of Elijah Webb Chastain and the article Chastains in the Military? Listed in that article is every Chastain we could find who served in the Civil War, and they are separated into Union or Confederate. Keep us apprised of your progress, and let us know if we can be helpful.

Name: Pamela Chastain Nesbit - March 31, 2007
E-mail: merriemuse@yahoo.com
Location: Catawba, SC 29704     USA
Comments:   Just stopping by to check on my favorite Chastains. Hope this finds everyone well. Many Blessings, and good wishes, Pam
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Pam, It is good to hear from you again! Hope everything continues to go well with you. Have a great day!

Name: Teri Chastain Modelevsky - March 16, 2007
E-mail: teri@drmodel.com
Location: Jonesboro, AR 72403     USA
Comments:   I was wondering if you might be able to help me with my genealogy. My maiden name is Teri Dawn Chastain. I was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas. My parents are Robert Milton Chastain and Merry Sue Baker. My father was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 4, 1943. His parents were George Tilmon Chastain, in Childress, Texas February 14, 1912 and Mabel Edith Winters, December 14, 1915 Eric, Oklahoma. George Tilmon Chastain’s parent’s were Frank Chasteen and Lou Chasteen. Lou’s maiden name was Chasteen. I saw some burial information recently that belonged to my grandmother. It said that my grandfather’s parents were originally from Georgia. To the best of my father’s knowledge, the spelling of their name was Chasteen. This is all that I know. Most of my father’s family is in California now. Thank you, in advance, for your time.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Teri, You provided a lot of good data, but I checked all my resources and cannot match any of the information you provided. If you are able to supply more detail, I am happy to try again. If so, go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for other information that might be useful. It is not at all unlikely that your family came from Georgia, as it was settled early and heavily by Chastains. Chasteen is only an alternate spelling; they are the same people. Sometimes a family is recorded with one spelling and sometimes another. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Name: Jeff Chastain - February 27, 2007
E-mail: jchastain@hotmail.com
Location: Paragould, AR 72450     USA
Comments:   Great site! I grew up thinking that this was such a unique names, but keep finding others!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jeff, I am glad you like the site! One of the things I like about being a Chastain is that our name is uncommon enough to be interesting, yet there are enough of us to make up a varied and widespread community and to impact the country. Welcome to Chastain Central!

Name: Sarah Lord-Chastain - February 23, 2007
E-mail: grabacrontroller@gmail.com
Location: Greensburg, IN 47240     USA
Comments:   hello, ralph and I are probably of no relation to you, but I found this very interesting. "My favorite chastain" ralph and I are bringing yet another chastain into the world sometime near july first. so, we make 3 newly discovered chastains.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Sarah, Welcome to Chastain Central and congratulations on the new addition to your family! We are very likely distantly related as descendants of Pierre Chastain. Some of Pierre's descendants migrated to Indiana early, so that Indiana continues to be the second largest state for numbers of Chastains. Visit us often. We are glad to have you with us!

Name: Joyce Chasteen Smith - February 4, 2007
E-mail: marvin.smith4093@global.net
Location: Crestwood, MO 63126     USA
Comments:   This is the BEST site that I have found! Can't wait to read all of it. Hope to connect with someone. Thank You! for all your work. Looking for John Burton Chastine Sr. father. John B. Chastine Sr. was born in Tn. 1822 came to Mo. in 1840s with his wife Sarah White & two kids Mary & Nelus Cornlious Chastine. They settled in Stoddard Co. Mo. His son my ggrandfather John Burton Chasteen Jr. was born 1850, his son is Albert Doulphus Chasteen, his son is Wilson Pershing Chasteen, My father.
Chastain Central Reply:   I am glad you like our site. Visit as often as you like and feel free to share the site with other Chastains and Chasteens. Searching my resources, I could not find John Burton Chastine or John B. Chastine. I also checked for John Burton Chastain. There were some John B. Chastains, but none that matched your information. Also checked Chasteens. I still may be able to find your family connection with additional information. If you wish, go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? to find what kinds of information is helpful. Good luck and let me know what you come up with!

Name: Lindsey Chastain Berry - February 4, 2007
E-mail: baroness198001@hotmail.com
Location: Winder, GA 30680     USA
Comments:   Hello fellow Chastains. My sister is Lauren (Winter Park, FL). We were just wondering if ya'll could tell us some of the history of our grandfather, Bennie Benson Chastain (RIP-pawpaw) from Aniston, AL. We have looked through the site and couldn't really find any family members that we knew of. We think that our great-grandfather's name is either Samuel Benjamin or Benjamin Samuel. My dad is Terry Benson Chastain, my uncle is Dennis Lee Chastain and my aunt is Pamela Jean Chastain. My grandmother's name is Wanda Chastain. We would really like to know more on our family history.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Lindsey, Tell Lauren hello for me. We are big internet buddies even though we have never met in person. In searching through my resources, I did not find a Samuel Benjamin, Benjamin Samuel, Samuel B, or Benjamin S. However, we may be able to make a connection if we have more information -- particularly if you can find names another one or two generations back. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? to see what kinds of information to look for. Good luck and let us know what you discover!

Name: Pamela Chastain Nesbit - January 23, 2007
E-mail: merriemuse@yahoo.com
Location: Catawba, SC 29704     USA
Comments:   Hi, this is my second time here. Nice to be back. I have been doing research on my lineage. I think I have it about right but not quite sure because of conflicting info in a few different places. This is how I think it goes. john chastain jr and jemima denton, john abner and temperance, tillman r and sarah, abner and minnie turner, columbus werdlaw and i dont know his wifes name, fulton abner and lyda chastain. columbus was my great grandfather and I cant find hardly anything on him. I know his wife died shortly after my grandfather was born and there were quite a few kids in that family. does anyone have information about this line. do I have it right?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Pam, I think you have some very good information. I was able to match it to our most complete genealogical work, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants. It is available in three volumes, and I suggest you consider purchasing it from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. There is more information on your family than what follows here. Based on PCHD, your lineage would be: 1-Pierre Chastain and Anne Soblet; 2-Peter, Jr. and possibly Middy Archer; 3-Rev. John and Mary O'Bryan; 4-John, Jr. and Jemima Denton; 5-Abner and Temperance Allen; 6-Tillman Roland and Sarah Ladd; 7-Abner and Minnie Turner. PCHD extends only to the seventh generation, but a number indicates that the Pierre Chastain database includes children of Abner and Minnie. Happy continued hunting!
Reader Response:   thank you very much. I know the children of abner and minnie turner. that was my great grandfather columbus werdlaw chastain. I think he had a sister lillie. he died when i was 2 yrs old. he lived with my grand father and grandmother fulton abner and lyda chastain. if the info i have is right then i did it! i traced my family line back to pierre chastain all by myself! cause other people in my family have this info but they would never send it to me and finally i just said the heck with it. i will find out myself. and i did. ha! but thank you once again for verifying this for me. i really do appreciate it.

Name: Michael B. Chastain - January 17, 2007
E-mail: mchastai@wfubmc.edu
Location: Winston Salem, NC      USA
Comments:   My great-grandfather was Samuel Asbury Chastain (married to Cecil Thrailkill Chastain, my great-grandmother). Ralph had 8 siblings, William E Chastain (5/13/1900), Clyde H (4/5/1902, my grandfather, passed in 1980), Roy Chastain (3/25/1905), Ovline (8/30/1907), Annie Mae (7/25/1909), Addie Hill(8/19/1911), Mattie Lee (8/7/1913) and Samuel E Chastain (11/19/1919). Ralph is the only remaining sibling. He has a son, Ralph Chastain Jr who lives in San Antonio, TX. He told us that he grew up in Rock Spring, GA. He also said that our name was not originally Chastain, it was something likes Chesla, but was changed before our forefathers came to America, something to do with being of French descent?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Michael and Johnna, Thanks for the additional family information. I did not receive Johnna's earlier email as the website was down for awhile and the website email with it. I did searches on the new names submitted, but still no match. The story about the name change from Chesla was intriguing, and I don't know what to make of it. I have not heard anything like that before. The Tennessee and Georgia area where your family lived is right in the middle of the descendants of Rev. John and Rev. James Chastain, but it is conceivable that they come from a different line. Now that you have good locations and solid names and dates, you may wish to visit a major public library and check the census records for the counties involved. Begin with 1920 and go backward. You may be only a generation from making that match after all! Reader Response:   Thanks Tim, I shall do further research and let you know if I come up with something. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael

Name: Laura Layne Pitts - January 4, 2007
E-mail: mosiah1950@yahoo.com
Location: Kent, WA 98042      USA
Comments:   Related to Isham Chastain son of Rene Chastain.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Laura, Welcome to Chastain Central. Your lineage goes way back! The Brothers of Chastain Central descend from Rev. John Chastain, brother to your Rene Chastain, S.P., and uncle to Isham.

Name: Dawn Chastain Oltmanns - December 29, 2006
E-mail: Dawn.Oltmanns@lrs.com
Location: Sherman, IL      USA
Comments:   Hello! Just out on your website again and love all the Chastain information. I emailed you about a year ago, telling you that my great great grandfather is James Polk Chastain, who fought "Union" in the Civil War. He is buried in Christian County Missouri. I was just reading the information on Cobb Chastain your great grandfather and saw the picture of his tombstone in Thorn Hill on your site. Could you tell me if his father Edward and his wife are buried at the same location as Cobb?? Thanks!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Dawn, It is good to hear from you! It has been many years since I was last at the Thorn Hill cemetery. I had just started doing research and did not make good notes, but I am quite certain that Edward and Sarah are buried there. I remember seeing their tombstones. I did not take pictures; I got Cobb's photo from a relative. I hope this is helpful.

Name: Dorman L. Chasteen Jr - December 21, 2006
E-mail: dlchasteenjr@hotmail.com
Location: 6913 Chadwell Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35802      USA
Comments:   I am a Marine Corps Combat Vet from Vietnam and a retired LTC from the Army Reserves. My father, Dorman Sr. Was a torpedo bomber and divebomber pilot in WWII and my brother Larry also served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Dorman, I will add your family to the Chastains in the Military page the next time it is updated. Thanks for the information! Have a great day!
Reader Response:   Just for your information, supposedly, the Robert Ransom Chastain of Indiana is related to William Clark of Lewis and Clark. I have heard it twice at family reunions but do not know the exact relationship. Maybe you do. My great-grand father was William Clark Chastain (of Indiana died OK 1866-1934). His parents died before he new how to spell his name. His father had been kicked in the head by a mule so another family raised him His mother had died when he was little. His son was Columbus Clark Chasteen, my father Dorman Lowell Chasteen, and I am a junior. I believe Robert's father was John Chastine in a KY census and Chastain in Indiana and his father was the William Chasteen you have listed as a LT in the Revolution.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Dorman, Thanks for the additional information. I could not locate your family in my resources; we need to go further back. If you would like for me to check further, go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for suggestions. Regarding William Clark, Little Otter to Lost River devotes two pages to Robert Ransom Chastain and does not mention a connection to Clark. Are you descended from Robert Ransom?

Name: Ginger Chasteene - December 13, 2006
E-mail: gingerstbird@roadrunner.com
Location: Carlsbad, CA      USA
Comments:   Hi there. I "googled" my name and your entry from my niece (Haley Chasteene) back in Jan 06 came up. You asked her a few questions, but she didn't respond - so I thought I would. Meagan is her sister, Michael is her father - who is my brother. Peggy Chasteene is our mother (there's also 3 additional siblings - Brenda, Kenny & Vicky). Our dad's name was Dickey Chasteene - who unfortunately passed away 13 years ago. Both were from Pelzer, SC. Dickey (born in 1926) was the son of Fate and Ette Chasteene. I think we're the only Chasteene's with the extra "e" on the end - not sure why. Any info as to how we're related would be great. Thanks!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ginger! Thanks for all the additional information on your family. I checked our books for Fate and Ette Chasteene and could not find any connection. However, it is good to know they were from South Carolina. Chastains have lived there since before 1800s. You may wish to search the census records there to see if you can find Fate and Ette and their ancestors. Census records can be found in most large public libraries. Let us know what you discover!

Name: Geraldine (Tulane) Lafargue - December 2, 2006
E-mail: jheri@bigfoot.com
Location: Benedict, MD      USA
Comments:   I am a great granddaughter of Gertrude (Chastang) Lafargue and Adolph Lafargue. I'm looking for history on the Chastangs.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Geraldine, I am not aware of any work devoted to the history of Chastangs other than our own Chastangs and Chestangs page. The best genealogy we have seen is here. You may wish to contact the poster at rtshawhan@aol.com. For additional resources on Chastangs, check out Major Sources. If you find a history, be sure to let me know!

Name: Mary Chastain Kitchings - November 16, 2006
E-mail: harrymary@bellsouth.net
Location: Lilburn, GA 30047     USA
Comments:   Hi, We met at the Pierre Chastain Family Association reunion in Rome, GA. I finally visited your web site, and I read what you have written about my parents on the site. Both my parents spent so many years doing research, especially on Maxwell Chastain, his three wives, and all of their descendents. My parents were third cousins, three times removed, the common ancestor being John, the ten shilling bell.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Mary, It was great meeting you and Harry at the reunion. Your father, Troy Maxwell Chastain, was my inspiration for getting involved in Chastain genealogy. He encouraged me on a number of occasions. He also is the one who did the research connecting my family to Pierre Chastain, for which I am ever grateful. As you can see, I have very little biographical information on your parents, and I look forward to the additional information you send. The Brothers of Chastain Central are also descended from Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain.

Name: Janet Chastain Douglas - November 16, 2006
E-mail: jayhiker2@alo.com
Location: Dunnellon, FL 34431     USA
Comments:   This is wonderful I didn't know there was a Central Florida Chastain Organization.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Janet, I am glad you like our website. Chastain Central is a product of the three Brothers of Chastain Central, so there is no organized Central Florida Chastain organization beyond that. However, there are a good number of Chastain descendants in Central Florida, and the brothers have considered proposing a Central Florida Chastain Association. The problem is, we don't know what such an association would do. Do you have any ideas? Anyone else have ideas?

Name: Pamela Chastain Nesbit - November 14, 2006
E-mail: merriemuse@yahoo.com
Location: Catawba, SC 29704     USA
Comments:   Pretty interesting stuff here!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Pamela, I am glad you found some interesting stuff. Come visit again!

Name: Terry Chastain - November 6, 2006
E-mail: 52chastain@mindspring.com
Location: Lilburn, GA 30047     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Terry, Welcome to Chastain Central and thanks for signing our guestbook! Visit again soon!

Name: Jessica Chastain Rutledge - November 1, 2006
E-mail: dimndeyes25@yahoo.com
Location: Ozark, MO 65721     USA
Comments:   I was very excited to see this website. I am a descendent of Pierre Chastain. I have traced my roots pretty far, but I am still looking for more. My great grandpa was James Lorenza Chastain and my grandfather was Donald Chastain. I think that I have everything correct in my research, but I want to make sure. There was a lot of my family from Clever and Boaz Missouri. 1.Jessica Chastain (me) 2.Rick Chastain (my dad) 3.Donald Chastain (my grandfather) 4.Joseph Loranzo Chastain 5.John Chastain 6.Joseph Dekalb Chastain 7.John Chastain 8.Edward Brigand Chastain 9.James Chastain 10.Pierre(Peter)Chastain 11.Pierre senior 12. Jean Francois Chastain.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jessica, I can confirm much of your lineage by Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, but there seem to be errors. Pierre's father was Estienne Chastain, rather than Jean Francois, and Edward Brigand Chastain was son of Rev. John Chastain, brother to Rev. James Chastain. So, PCD shows 1-Estienne (1625-1694 or later); 2-Pierre (1659-1728); 3-Peter, Jr. (1707-aft 1775); 4-Rev. John (1743-1805); 5-Edward Brigand (1769-ca 1834); 6-John C. (1792-1880); 7-Joseph DeKalb (1830-1917); 8-John Calvin (1855-1894). This is where the listings end, but a number indicates that the Pierre Chastain Family Association has additional information on the descendants of John Calvin. You may wish to purchase the set of Pierre Chastain and His Descendants as there is additional information on all of the names listed. You may then wish to inquire about additional, more recent generations they may have on record. Hope this helps!

Name: Brenda Kay Rang - October 26, 2006
E-mail: litlespitfire62@hotmail.com
Location: Choteau, MT 59422     USA
Comments:   Hello, I am looking for information on Sallie Chastain. Her husband's name was Jacob Dyer. They had a daughter name Ida Mae Dyer who married Charlie Frances Coombes. That would be my gg grandmother. My parents are Alvin Coombes & Theda Jewell Snowden. My grandparents are Alvin Acey Coombes and Ruth Frances Coombes. Yes they were first cousins. When they were married Ruth used her mother's maiden name of Dyer. Any information that you might have please send. I also have alot on Coombes family tree. Thank you, Brenda
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Brenda, I believe we have a match! According to Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, volume 2, page 171, Sallie Clark Chastain (January 3, 1856 - February 2, 1949) married Jacob Ellison Dyer (January 15, 1858 - November 11, 1947) in Oklahoma on February 9, 1879. Among their seven children was Ida Dyer (b. January 24, 1880), who married Charlie Coombs. So your lineage should be 10-Brenda Coombes; 9-Alvin Coombes; 8-Alvin Acey Coombes; 7-Ida Mae Dyer; 6-Sallie Clark Chastain; 5-John Bunyan Chastain; 4-Benjamin Chastain; 3-John Chastain; 2-Peter Chastain, 1-Pierre Chastain. No descendants are listed for Ida, but Pierre Chastain and His Descendants contains considerable additional information on Sallie's ancestors. You may wish to consider ordering the three volume set from the Pierre Chastain Family Association.
Reader Response:   I am looking into that Sallie Chastain was Native American. Do you have any information on that? I do have lots of photos of Sallie and her family and I will send them to you.
Chastain Central Reply:   I re-read the information on Sallie and there is no indication she was Native American. In fact, I think it is unlikely. Her father, John Bunyan Chastain, is well known, and he was not Native American. Sallie's mother, Susanna Jane Kincaid, was born in North Carolina. No mention of Native American ancestry. In fact, Sallie's uncle, Elijah Webb Chastain, formed and led a company of Georgians in fighting against the Seminoles in Florida, and her grandfather, Benjamin Chastain, an Indian agent, provided his property for an army encampment for gathering Cherokees for the forced eviction from their ancestral lands, which we now call the Trail of Tears. Not very Native American friendly I would say.

Name: Terry Gardezy - October 25, 2006
E-mail: tgardezy@hotmail.com
Location: Santa Rosa, CA 95405     USA
Comments:   Friend of Donna Chastain...Haven't had time to peruse too much, but will be back. Donna, love your page. Have heard so much about the famous Chastains, that I cant wait to delve into Tracy's innermost thoughts. ooohhooooohhhhoooo (that is supposed to be twilight zoney sounding) Nahhh, just kidding. But good luck and good job on the website!!!! See ya at Sweetriver!!! Terry
Chastain Central Note:   The Donna Chastain referred to is the wife of Tracy Chastain, one of the brothers of Chastain Central.

Name: Scott Jerome Chastain - October 24, 2006
E-mail: poposcott31643@yahoo.com
Location: Quitman, GA 31643     USA
Comments:   Thanks for inviting me to this site. I'm a Sargent with the Quitman Police Department, Quitman Georgia. I'm very much interested in the ancestory of the Chastain name any help would be greatly thankful. I'm 41 years of age. I have two brothers and 1 sister. I'm married with two boys. If you need any further info, e-mail me. Thanks.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Scott, We enjoy helping Chastains find their roots. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes not. If you are brother to John "Chassis" Chastain, then you are connected to the Thomas County, Georgia Chastains. A lot is known about that group, but I do not know how you and John are connected. You may wish to read our article on Thomas County Chastains, then go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? to see what sort of information we need to help you connect. It is good to hear from you!

Name: Arthur Max Chastain, II - October 18, 2006
E-mail: swampfelon@yahoo.com
Location: Beaverton, MI 48612     USA
Comments:   Looking for someone to help me trace family tree. My father was from Arkansas and married Mary Catherine Gibbs in Nov 1940. I think his father was Jim Chastain; mothers name is Jessie. He had four brothers: George, Charles, Lewis, Gene, and a half brother Ermen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much, Art.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Art, It is sometimes difficult to make a connection when the dates are so recent, but perhaps one of our readers will identify your family from personal knowledge of the names you provided. If you are able to add anything to your information, we are happy to search our lineage books as well. You may go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need. Thanks for the visit and good luck on your search!

Name: Linda Robinson - October 17, 2006
E-mail: sccookiebell47@yahoo.com
Location: Harrison, TN 37341     USA
Comments:   I am so glad to find your sight. I have been doing research for about 10 yrs now on my g-grandparents and Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain. who was my 5th g-grandparent. His son John "Blind" Chastain Jr. was then my 4th, and then France "Friendly" Chastain being 3rd, and then his daughter Rebecca Chastain married my g-g-grandfather Benjamin Agar Cassell, then their son John F. Cassell married Martha Eliza Mitchell my g-grandparent, then my grandfather was William Thomas Cassell who married Mary Mylinda Powell in Liberty, South Carolina. I have other kin folks in South Carolina and go often to visit and research court houses and visit cemeteries and take pictures. I do like your web site and it helps me to find others that I am related to. If you have any information that will help me more with my search please contact me thank you.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Linda, It looks as though you know a lot about your ancestors. I assume you know that Rev. John was third generation from Pierre Chastain who came to the colonies from France in 1700. Chastain Central does not have additional information on the descendents of Blind John Chastain beyond what is in the standard lineage books. If you do not have the books, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, you may wish to get them, as they have information on Blind John and some of his descendants. However, I see that there is quite some mystery as to how Friendly Chastain fits into the Chastain family. Apparently, it is his wife who is the child of Blind John, not Friendly himself (PCHD, Volume 1, pages 153-154). Interesting! I am glad you like our site.

Name: Karen Haley - October 11, 2006
E-mail: buddyhaley@bellsouth.net
Location: Greenville, SC 29611     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Karen, Welcome to Chastain Central and thanks for signing our guestbook! Visit again soon!

Name: Jamie Chastain - October 10, 2006
E-mail: ghoster111@gmail.com
Location: Winter Haven, FL, 33880     USA
Comments:   Hi- Great site! Always enjoy learning about our roots. I know we are related to the Humphries family involved in the Old Spindletop affairs. My father was Ezra Lee Chastain of Ducktown, TN. The oldest relative's name I know is America Queen Chastain, a Cherokee, in the 1800's I think. Genealogy is a fascinating thing, it's great that someone cares enough to maintain this super webpage. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. Jamie (James)Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jamie, I am glad you like our site! I cannot locate America Queen Chastain in my records, but would like to know more about her. Do you have more information? Back in the 1970s, I did a good bit of genealogical research in Polk County, Tennessee (including Ducktown). Most Chastains there descend from Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain, as does my family. I remember calling a Chastain in Polk County about his relative, Napoleon Chastain. I thought it was such a lovely name, but the person did not recognize it. Finally he exclaimed, "Oh, you mean Uncle Poley!" Not quite as dignified as Napoleon. Perhaps "Uncle Poley" was part of your family. Regarding Pelham Humphries: I think a lot of families have been snookered into believing they are connected, when there is no connection at all, but I have never heard of a Chastain connection to Spindletop. If you have more information, I would love to research it and perhaps write a Spindletop article for Chastain Central!
Reader Response:   My late father told me there were 3 Chastain brothers who came from France to America in the early 1800's. One went north and was never heard from again, one went to Tennessee, and one to Texas. The one in Texas was given a Spanish land grant in the Beaumont area. When Texas gained independence, it voided the Spanish grants and took over all such properties. Hey, it's a neat story anyway. I do know we had several Humphrey, phris, phries, etc. listed in our old family photo album, I'll try to locate it.
Chastain Central Reply:   Interesting! The story of the three Chastain brothers from France does not fit into anything I know about the Chastain families. Most Chastains are descended from Pierre, who came to the colonies in 1700. Please let me know if you ever discover more information about the three brothers or a Chastain connection to Spindletop!

Name: Brenda Kay Rang - October 10, 2006
E-mail: litlespitfire62@hotmail.com
Location: Choteau, MT, 59422     USA
Comments:   I am related to the Chastain’s. My parents are Alvin Coombes & Theda Snowden( maiden name).
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Brenda, Welcome home to Chastain Central!

Name: Kristine Chastain - September 29, 2006
E-mail: kchas0810@yahoo.com
Location: Oxnard, CA, 93033     USA
Comments:   This is a great web site and I am glad to have found it. I am hoping to put together my genealogy and maybe find relatives I didn't know existed.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Kristine, Perhaps we can help you in your search. Go to Can You Help Me Find My Chastain Roots? to see what we need to get started. Sometimes we can connect you all the way back to Pierre!

Name: Jason Chastain - September 27, 2006
E-mail: harry_2k5@yahoo.com
Location: Denton, TX, 76205     USA
Comments:   Wow I had no idea there were so many Chastains out there, this site is awesome, keep it up.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jason, Yes, you are part of a vast family of proud Chastains! Welcome to Chastain Central! You belong here.

Name: Shirley Munson - September 23, 2006
E-mail: mundav@comcast.net
Location: Williamstown, NJ, 34759     USA
Comments:   Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a member of the Chastang family, descendant of Dr. John. This is a wonderful website and I am sure it will be enjoyed by many as it was and is enjoyed by me. As a matter of fact, I have taken the liberty to share it with other family members. Thank you for such a wonderful job.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Shirley, Oh yeah! We like Chastangs! And we thank you for sharing our site your family. Come visit frequently!

Name: Cindy (Chastain) Scofield - September 23, 2006
E-mail: c2scofield@earthlink.net
Location: Kissimmee, FL, 34759     USA
Comments:   This is a nice site. My father (Harry T. Chastain) started keeping tracing our family tree a while back, and it has been really cool seeing how much history we have here in Florida.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Cindy, I am glad you like the site. Has your father traced your line all the way back to Pierre? By the way, you live really close to us. My home is in Altamonte Springs!
Reader Response:   These are the Chastain relatives I can think of for now. Can you check to see if your records have any links? Me (Cindy Chastain Scofield); Father (Harry Thomas Chastain) - Sister (Ann Chastain Wells); Grandfather (Homer Edward Chastain) - Brother (Woodrow Wilson Chastain) - Brother (Beavis "Doc" Chastain) - Sister (Lavinia Chastain Dismukes). I am trying to find out more names past my grandfather.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Cindy, I was unable to locate your names in the books I have. Let me know when you have more information that goes further back. Also check out Can you help me find my Chastain roots for more types of information that may help us connect your family. With more information, we will give it another shot. Good Luck!
Reader Response:   I have more information about my Chastain background and would like to see if you can help me go further in my family tree. Father: Harry Thomas Chastain (Born in Tampa, FL in 1948). Grandfather: Homer Edward Chastain (Born in Arcadia, FL in 1910 and married to Mary Irma Carter and died in Tampa, FL in 1993). Great-Grandfather: Homer Maximus Chastain (Born in Thomasville GA in 1868 and married to Rebecca Jane Kelly in 1895 and died in Tampa, FL in 1954). Great-Great-Grandfather: James T. Chastain (Only know that he married Nancy Caraline Elizabeth Miller in 1867 who died in Tampa, FL in 1932).
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Cindy, This is very good information. By combining information from Pierre Chastain and His Descendants with a separate GenWeb descendants chart for James M. Chastain, it seems that your lineage from Pierre is 10-Cindy; 9-Harry Thomas; 8-Homer Edward; 7-Homer Maximus; 6-James Thudens; 5-James M.; 4-James; 3-Peter; 2-Rene; 1-Pierre. Information in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants can be accepted as generally reliable. You may wish to contact Diane Wallis who contributed the James M. Chastain information to ask about her documentation. Also see the Chastain Central article on Thomas County Chastains. Hope this helps! ~Tim

Name: John Chasteen - September 19, 2006
E-mail: jcthebear2000@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.yessy.com/johnchasteen
Location: 524 N. Potomac St., Waynesboro, PA, 17268     USA
Comments:   In addition to being the author of "Lunchtime Tales with a Twist", which seems to be included in your gay friendly section, I also, more currently, do acrylic landscape and wildlife painting, some of which can be seen on the link submitted above.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi John, It is great to hear from you! I would like to add your biography to our biography page if that is okay with you. You may provide whatever information you like, or I can pull it from the Yessy site with your permission. Of course, I will include the link to your Yessy site art as well. I do not have your book on hand; did I make a mistake in placing it in Gay Issues? If so, I can remove it from there and represent it only in Chastain Authors. Thanks for contacting us!
Reader Response:   Yes, "Lunchtime Tales with a Twist" belongs in the gay issues section. If you want to add to that, I wrote the largest Federal Grant up to its date, that was specifically designed to aid gays. It was a grant I wrote and obtained for 1.3 million dollars while working for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, when I became their National Cuban Relief Director. The grant was obtained to assist in the relocation of Cuban Refugees who were gay and lesbian into the United States.
Chastain Central Reply:   Thanks for the additional information. I will re-write your biography to include it!

From May 4, 2006 until August 24, 2006, Chastain Central was off-line due to a serious communication problem with our domain name registrar. The problem was their not responding to our many communications over that time. Actually, it began even earlier when they did not respond to our renewal. It has been frustrating, but we are back on line! We now have a new registrar.

Name: Vivian Billie Chastain Jones - May 4, 2006
E-mail: billiec@redoakfarm.com
Website: www.redoakfarm.com
Location: Trezevant, TN 38258     USA
Comments:   I am the daughter of Miles Thomas Chastain Jr. and Myra Matilda Smoot Chastain. I was born December 5, 1922. I married Henry Webb Jones March 8, 1947 and moved from McMinnville, TN to Trezevant, TN where I have raised 5 children, enjoyed 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! I've seen a lot of changes in my life, too many to mention here. You have a wonderful website and I hope that you will keep up the good work.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Billie, Thanks for the kind words. It is so good to hear from you! I visited the Chastain farm in McMinnville in the early 1980s. It is a wonderful memory. Perhaps you can help me. I understand Myles, Jr. and Myra had a son, Edwin, who never married, and at least two daughters, you and Myra Elizabeth. I gather that Myra Jones Charleston is your daughter. What I would like to know is who is the mother of Marsha Reaves? Also, do you know if John Chastain and Polly Bottom are buried on the farm? Have a great day!

Name: Kyle Ross Chastain - May 3, 2006
E-mail: gamblinglucky2002@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa, OK 74105     USA
Comments:   I need help researching my family lines.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Kyle, We are happy to help you if we can. We have several resources that may connect you immediately to Pierre Chastain. Sometimes we can do it, but sometimes we cannot. If you would like us to try, go to My Chastain Roots to see what information would be helpful for our search. In addition, you may wish to purchase the three volumes of Pierre Chastain and His Descendants from the Pierre Chastain Family Association. It is the most comprehensive resource available at this time. I look forward to hearing from you again! Have a great day!

Name: Damon Heninburg - April 30, 2006
E-mail: heningburg@peoplepc.com
Location: McDonough, GA      USA
Comments:   Nice website. My ancestors on my father's side came from Joseph Pierre Chastang. On my mother's side it was Dr. John Baptiste Chastang. Both my parents mothers were Chastangs. One of my great grand parents was Simon Collins from Mon Louis Island. He was great grand son of Maxmilion Collins who settled the island. I can trace both sides back to 1675 to Francois Chastang who originally came from France. Can you tell me what the Chastain family has to do with us (Chastang)?
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Damon, It is good to hear from you! Regarding your question as to the connection between Chastangs and Chastains, there is no blood connection to my knowledge, but they do have important things in common (as far as my interest is concerned): both families are named for the European Chestnut Tree; both families are from France; both families came to the new world about 1700; the very significant John Chastang and his brother were active at the same time as the very significant John Chastain and his brother.
Chastain Central Note:   Damon is an important source for early ancestry in our article Chastangs and Chestangs. We are currently in correspondence about the article.

Name: Steven J. Chastain - April 27, 2006
E-mail: hotshotguy05@yahoo.com
Location: Talking Rock, GA 30175     USA
Comments:   Descendent of Chastain.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Steven, Thanks for visiting Chastain Central. Visit again any time!

Name: Sandra Chastang Baker - April 24, 2006
E-mail: sbtangie@talkamerica.net
Location: Philadelphia, AL      USA
Comments:   Thank you very much for putting the information together so that Chastangs everywhere will be able to learn more about ourselves. The meaning of our name is very interesting. Sbtangie
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Sandra, I am glad you like our site! We are pleased to provide information on Chastangs. Chastangs are the second largest name group to correspond with us, with Chastains being first, of course. Thanks for signing our guestbook!

Name: Matt Floyd Chastain - April 23, 2006
E-mail: rothchildemusic@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.rothchilde.com
Address: 1436 West 23rd, Merced, CA 95340     USA
Phone: (209) 722-4835
Comments:   I never thought I'd see a whole web site about Chastains. I think its great. It's neat to know where you're from and where the name came from and such. Cool beans.....
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Matt, Thanks for visiting and signing our guestbook! I think a Chastain website is great too. By the way, I really like your sound. If I lived near Merced, I would love to attend your concerts. Thanks for putting some of your songs on your myspace site! ~Tim
Reader Response:   Born Matthew Floyd Chastain, Matt is a known drummer in the local music scene in Merced California. He dreams of making it big in music, but understands fully that it takes a lot to get to the top if you want to rock n' roll. "But I'm not gonna give up!"
Chastain Central Follow-up:   It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n' Roll. So says AC/DC, and believe it. I have listened to the tunes on your site and was VERY impressed by "Bittersweet Ending". I am actually the true rocker and goth lover of the 3Ts that make up Chastain Central. I totally loved the song and thought it seemed like it might have been of an influence between Concrete Blonde and My Dying Bride, but you mentioned neither in your influences. How far off base am I? A very nice piece of work, though. I truly loved it. I am currently located in the north bay area of California. Do you have any plans of making it up this way? If not, perhaps I could make it down south for a backstage pass and an interview for Chastain Central???? ~Tracy

Name: Stephen M Chasteen - April 23, 2006
E-mail: schasteen@alltel.net
Location: Kathleen, GA      USA
Comments:   I can trace my history back to 1882. My grandfather is Sherman Chasteen (deceased). He was born in Rock Castle County, Kentucky.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Stephen, Welcome to Chastain Central. I could not find your grandfather in our genealogical resources, but we are happy to check further with a little more information. Often we are able to connect people to their Pierre Chastain lineage, but not always. Go to Can you help me find my Chastain roots? for more on what we need. Have a great day!

Name: Lauren Michelle Chastain - April 12, 2006
E-mail: lmchastain@hotmail.com
Location: Winter Park, FL 32792     USA
Comments:   Isn't it GREAT to be a Chastain??!! I absolutely love it. I won't change my name when I get married either. I was taught to be proud of my name, and I am. I was just wondering if the Chastain "curse" went throughout the whole Chastain family??
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Lauren, Geographically, you are one of the closest Chastains yet. As you know, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs are only minutes apart. Of course, we share your Chastain pride! Good for you! However, we are uncertain about the Chastain "curse". Brother Terry thinks you might mean the curse of being so proud of our Chastain heritage, which we do find pervasive among Chastains; brother Tracy suspects it might be the curse of superior intellect and incredible good looks. I will just wait for your clarification, can't wait to hear more!

Name: Ashley Chastain - April 11, 2006
E-mail: ashlie0313@yahoo.com
Location: Godley, IL 60407     USA
Comments:   (signature only)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Ashley, Welcome to Chastain Central and thanks for signing our guestbook! Visit again soon!

Name: Joseph Chastain - April 10, 2006
Location: San Bernardino, CA      USA
Comments:   Wow! This site rules! Another Chastain in film. I'm going to film school as well, and should have more credits within the year.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Joseph, Welcome to Chastain Central! You have been added to Chastains in Arts and Film in the English Titles, Film Staff section. Good luck on your films!

Name: Warren E. Wilson - April 5, 2006
E-mail: warren_eugene@hotmail.com
Location: Lanham, MD 20706     USA
Comments:   Of all the surnames I'm researching the Chastains have the best, if not the only, websites. Thanks! My mother is a Chastain. Her father, Lewis, liked to spell his name "Chastine" in WWI and felt free to change it to "Chastain" later on. My immediate Chastain line hails from Calhoun County, Alabama (Anniston), migrating from Oconee County, South Carolina in the early 1900's. So far, I've run across 3 Chastain cousins and am always interested in finding more! Warren
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Warren, Welcome to Chastain Central! Do you know your Chastain lineage back to Pierre? If not, we may be able to help. See Chastain Roots. We may be fairly close cousins to you. Our ancestor, Rev. John Chastain, had many descendants in South Carolina, but our branch left South Carolina for Georgia by 1830. Did your grandfather, Lewis Chastine/Chastain actually serve in WWI? If so, we will add him to Chastains in the Military. It is good to hear from you. Keep in touch!
Reader Response:   I've been able to acknowledge the fact that Lewis' father, Jesse, was born in S.C., But, I've been unable to confirm the dates of Jesse's birth. I believe he was born abt 1865 (Federal Census, 1900) but everything else I see says about 1872.
Chastain Central Follow-up:   We may have a good candidate for your Jessie in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, vol 2, page 375. Jesse Lawrence Chastain was born March 2, 1872 in South Carolina and died August 1915 in Calhoun County, Alabama. He married Sarah Elizabeth Green ca. 1893 in Calhoun County. She died October, 1951 in Calhoun County, and both are buried in Wellington, Alabama. Jesse had a brother named John Lewis, and as it was common to name a son after a brother, perhaps your Lewis was named for his uncle, John Lewis.
Reader Response:   Cousin Tim, Oh, my goodness! You certainly have given me the information I need. All I have in regard to Sarah Green are some censuses and on Lewis' birth certificate lists her birthplace as Alabama. I'm a few days shy from making a trip to Alabama. I plan to spend about a week in Annison-Oxford area. If Wellington is not too far, I'll be sure to get there.
Chastain Central Follow-up:   Hey Cousin Warren, Glad to be helpful! I suggest you consider purchasing the three volume set of Pierre Chastain and His Descendants from the Pierre Chastain Family Association (Volume 1, Volume 2, and Addenda to Volume 1). These volumes have a lot of information about your additional Chastain ancestors. By the way, I added Lewis to the WWI section of Chastains in the Military and credited you!

Name: W. Donovan Chastain - April 3, 2006
E-mail: donchastain@reynoldscable.net
Location: Macon, GA 31210     USA
Comments:   I was surfing the web and came across your website. It's good to see so many family members (close and distant) listed. It is interesting to view the areas of business they have gone into and it looks that they have been very successful. I am an electronics specialist working for the US Air Force. So, here is a special hello to all of you!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Donovan, Thanks for signing our guestbook. I am glad you found Chastain Central interesting. Are you a member of the Air Force? If so, we can add you to Chastains in the Military! Have a great day!

Name: Martha A. Chastain - March 28, 2006
E-mail: marthac1@clainc.net
Location: Alabaster, AL 35007     USA
Comments:   Just stumbled on this site! What a great source to find out about Chastain history!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Martha, I am glad you liked our website! If you poked around the site enough, you may have discovered that our family is also from Alabama, though we were considerably northwest of you. You may be interested in our article: Alabama Chastains in the Civil War. Welcome to Chastain Central, and thanks for signing our guestbook!

Name: Valorie Dawn Phillips (Clifford) - March 1, 2006
E-mail: buckskinbabe5@hotmail.com
Location: Indianapolis, IN 46383     USA
Comments:   Hi, Susie Jane Chastain was my grandfather's mother. I am just starting my family lookups. Anything you have on her I would be greatly thankful for. Thanks, Val
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Valorie, Welcome to Chastain Central. The spelling of your name Valorie is unusual, and I know this because it is identical to our sister's spelling! I checked our genealogy books and the closest match to your information is Susan J. Chastain, born September 1, 1877, and she married a Phillips. She was likely born in Indiana, since all her siblings were born there and both of her parents, Levi Chastain and Sarah Malinda Chastain, were born in Indiana and died in Indiana. Levi and Sarah were first cousins. Does this additional information match what you have? Do you have other information such as parents, siblings, spouses, birth-marriage-death dates, towns, counties, or states? Anything you have may be helpful in making a positive match. If this is your Susie Jane, then your descent from Pierre the immigrant is 7-Susan Jane; 6-Levi; 5-George; 4-Barnett; 3-William; 2-Peter, Jr.; 1-Pierre, as well as 7-Susan Jane; 6-Sarah Malinda; 5-Fleming; 4-Barnett; 3-William; 2-Peter, Jr.; 10-Pierre. I hope this is helpful! If this is the right connection, I can provide you with additional information on this family.

Name: Dawn Chastain Oltmanns - February 28, 2006
E-mail: shoppindawn@yahoo.com
Location: Sherman, IL 62684     USA
Comments:   What a fascinating website! I am also a descendent of Dr. Pierre Chastain. I love all the Chastain information! WOW! You brothers are great! My Chastain heritage starts in Virginia of course with Dr. Pierre Chastain. Down to many many generations in Georgia to Alabama to James Polk Chastain, Civil War Veteran and then on to Missouri 1880's, to Logan Chastain, Efton Chastain and then my father Bennie Chastain from Springfield, Illinois area. My father Bennie was born in Christian County Missouri in October 1932 and died in May 2004, in Illinois.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Dawn, It is always good to hear from distant cousins, but you are not so distant! Your James K. Polk Chastain was brother to our great-grandfather William Howell "Cobb" Chastain! If you did not notice James on the website, you will find him in the articles Alabama Chastains in the Civil War and James Edward Chastain. You seem to know a lot about your family history, so perhaps you already know that James Edward was James Polk's father and that even though James Polk was from Alabama, he fought for the Union. We are planning an extensive descendents chart for James Edward Chastain. Is there someone in your family who could help with part of James Polk Chastain's descendents? We are really glad you like the website. Visit often and refer it to others as you can!
Reader Response:   Right after I sent you my message, I read your lineage and found that out. My great great grandfather James Polk Chastain was James Edward Chastain's son. So James Polk Chastain and your great-grandfather were brothers. I loved reading the Civil War information that directed me to the 1st Alabama infantry site. About 4 years ago I read the Dr. Pierre Chastain site and found a lot of information, but not near as much as on the brothers website. Wow! It was great! I'm looking forward to giving you my families genealogy and maybe it could be on your website?
Chastain Central Follow-up:   I am very excited about your genealogical information! Pierre Chastain and His Descendants has Logan as son of James K. Polk Chastain and Mary Bets "Molly" Skeets, born September 21, 1885, but there is no further information on him. All the rest of your information is NEW to Chastain Central! I am uncertain when we will compile the known descendants of James Edward Chastain, but when we do, we will certainly credit you for the information.

Name: Ethelene Dyer Jones - February 10, 2006
E-mail: edj0513@alltel.net
Location: Milledgeville, GA     USA
Comments:   I accessed your Chastain Central webpage and enjoyed browsing through and reading several of the entries. Time prevented my doing a thorough tour and reading more carefully what you have there. I will revisit, often! One thing particularly caught my eye. I don't know where you got the information that Ft. Chastain, Cherokee Removal Fort, was located "somewhere in Towns County, GA." Actually, it was in what is now Fannin County, Georgia. The fort was near the convergence of Star Creek with the Toccoa River in what became Fannin County. The site of Ft. Chastain was covered by the waters of Blue Ridge Lake. Benjamin Chastain, who was sent as an Indian agent, opened the first post office in 1837 in what later became Fannin County. The fort was named for him. I did a good bit of research on this person, father of Elijah Webb Chastain.
Chastain Central Reply:   I am very pleased that you enjoyed our site, but I am much more excited about your information on Fort Chastain! I will revise our article on Fort Chastain based on your information and will give you credit. When I was doing research for Fort Chastain, I could find almost nothing. Every source that showed a county named Towns County. Perhaps this is due to the influence of Kenneth Krakow's much quoted Georgia Place Names. Another source, North Georgia Forts, indicated that the fort was in Towns County, that the location is unknown, and that there are no remains. Thank you so much for your corrections! By the way, we are descended from Benjamin Chastain's brother, Elijah, so Elijah Webb Chastain and our great-great grandfather James Edward Chastain were first cousins. Edward was older than Elijah Webb by eight and a half years.
Chastain Central Note:   Chastain Central requested permission from Ethelene Jones to use her article on Zenobia Addington Chastain, which we had read in The Sentinel of Blairsville, Georgia, and she consented. Ethelene Dyer Jones is a Georgia historian living in North Georgia, an early and continuing population center for Chastains.
Reader Response:   You did my articles proud! Thank you. I am pleased to be on Chastain Central. Congratulations on an excellent website.

Name: Nelda Chastain Perkison - February 5, 2006
E-mail: gafarm@hotmail.com
Location: Buckner, AR 71827     USA
Comments:   Just found this website by accident. I never knew much about my family history, but have recently found out that my great grandparents were Charles L. and Mattie Shadinger Chastain. I believe he was the son of W. F. and grandson of Joseph C. Chastain. I will be watching this website from time to time.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Nelda, Thanks for signing our guestbook. I searched some Chastain genealogical books for your family and found a likely match. Can you tell if this information matches your family? Charly L. Chastain, born November 12, 1858 in Cobb County, Georgia; died September 2, 1898; married Mattie L. (last name unknown). Siblings: Mortimer, Rudolph Jasper, Eugenia. Parents: W. J. Chastain (instead of W. F., but could be an error here) and Amanda M. Oliver; Grandparents: Joseph Chastain and Margaret Purcell. If this is your family, I can give you much more information all the way back to France. In fact, we would be distant relatives, as Joseph's father is Elijah Chastain, from whom I and my brothers descend. Check with your relatives and see if this information is a match!

Name: Haley Chasteene - January 31, 2006
E-mail: speedswimmer5198@aol.com
Location: San Diego, CA 92117     USA
Comments:   Hi everybody. I am Chasteene not a Chasteen. This web site is pretty cool. I am related to you in some way. My great great..... grandfather was your great great...... grandfather's brother. I am not sure that my facts are right but if I am wrong please send me a e-mail telling me what really happened.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Haley! We are aware of the Chasteenes, but have no real information about your family. I am glad to see that you are related to the other Chastains-Chasteens as we suspected. We would like to add a biography of Ginger Chasteene of Studio Invitrogen to our website, but we do not have enough data. Are you related to Peggy Chasteene who volunteers for the Burn Institute in San Diego? Or the Meagan Chasteene who played volleyball for University City High School? I may be able to connect you to your Chastain roots by searching our genealogical books if you can give me some information on your family. If you wish, just check with your oldest relatives, or those who keep track of this kind of information, and send me all the facts on your ancestors as far back as you can: names, spouses, brothers, sisters, children, parents, dates of birth, death, marriage, or anything else, where they lived and so forth. I know you may not have much, but I am happy to search with whatever you send me. I am glad you like the website!

Name: William Franklin Chastain - January 30, 2006
E-mail: fandc@bellsouth.net
Location: Rome, GA 30165     USA
Comments:   I am spouse of Wm. F. My son, David, turned me to your site, I am more interested in the subject than my husband so will be viewing you often. His uncle, Troy Maxwell, did most of our research and I love history. thanks
Chastain Central Reply:   Welcome to Chastain Central Mrs. William Chastain! Thanks for signing our guestbook. We are glad you like the website and hope you enjoy all your visits as much as you did your first one. It is always good to hear from Troy's family. He had a tremendous impact on our work. Have a great day!

Name: William F. Chasteen - January 25, 2006
E-mail: bc0730@hotmail.com
Location: Shelbyville, TN 37160     USA
Comments:   What a great website!!!! I have really enjoyed browsing thru it. I am descended from Rev. James Chastain. My Great Grandfather was Elijah B. his father was Royal Sr. who was a son of Rev James. Have just got around to doing our family search. I was born in Missouri where Elijah B. moved to.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello William, Welcome to Chastain Central! I am not sure I have met a descendent of Rev. James Chastain before, other than Jimmy Chesteen, the genealogist. Jimmy has really done a lot of good work on Rev. James' family line. My brothers and I descend from Rev. John Chastain, who was Rev. James' brother as I am sure you know. Thanks for the kind words; I am glad you like the site!

Name: Joan Chastang-Outlaw - January 24, 2006
E-mail: jmchastang@hotmail.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA 90047     USA
Comments:   I live in Los Angeles, CA, and am the sister of Harrison and Carol Chastang. My sister told me about this site and this is the first chance I have had to look at it. You have done a great job putting this together, this is quite interesting. Thank you for your hard work.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Joan, It is good to meet another of the L.A. Chastangs! Thanks for the kind words. I am really sorry to hear about your father's passing. Carol shared with me about it and told me a good bit about him. I really wish I could have met him and talked with him. He was an impressive individual. I am glad you like the site, and thanks for signing our guestbook!

Name: Carol Chastang - January 24, 2006
E-mail: carol.chastang@sba.gov
Location: Bowie, MD     USA
Comments:   I work for the Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C. (on the site it is listed as Association). Funny, I think the last time we communicated, I mentioned that my siblings were planning a trip to New Orleans to celebrate my brother Harrison's birthday. C'est la vie! We decided to go to Las Vegas instead. Meanwhile, I nearly drowned in the deluge of media inquires that came after Katrina struck. On October 24, my father Harrison died. The funeral was wonderful, and many heartfelt tributes were shared. Thanks again for your wonderful site. My dad did get a chance to see some of it before he died, and he was deeply impressed. Thank you Tim. Carol (of the L.A. Chastang's)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Carol, It is good to hear from you! Thanks for the correction; it has been fixed, evidently just a slip of the brain. I checked the other pages where you are listed (biographies, news, Katrina, guestbook), and they are all correct. I have thought of you a good bit in the Katrina aftermath. I know you had to be overwhelmed at times. As you can imagine, we posted several news articles of your interaction with the press in Police and Safety News and in Business News. My son taught philosophy at Tulane in New Orleans, and got out of town only 24 hours before the storm hit. Did you see our article on Katrina? You are mentioned twice along with several other Chastang references. I am very sorry to hear about your dad. I know he was a wonderful person, based on what I have heard of him. I wish I could have known him. Keep in touch.

Name: Ed Chasteen - January 20, 2006
E-mail: HateBuster@aol.com
Website: Hate Busters
Location: Liberty, MO     USA
Comments:   Wow! I'm impressed with your site. Great job. My latest book is described in a January 18, 2006 story from the Kansas City Star.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Ed. Thanks for the kind words and for information on your new book. I want you to know that you are a hero to us. Your Biography has been on our site almost from the beginning, and you are listed as one of the Top 24 Prominent Chastains (all spellings), and we have a list of your writings in Chastain Authors (as complete as we know). We have added your new book to the booklist and expanded your biography accordingly. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Name: David A. Chastain - January 16, 2006
E-mail: davidachastain@yahoo.com
Website geocities.com/davidachastain
Location: Woodstock, GA 30189     USA
Comments:   Was just mailed your URL by a cousin in Acworth. Love it. Every once in a while I'll get a comment in regard to the number of things named Chastain in NW Marietta, GA. I just reply "Yeah. We're like trout around here." 1. Pierre, 2. Pierre Jr., 3. John, 4. Elijah, 5. Maxwell, 6. William Maxwell, 7. Joseph (Hartsel), 8. William Franklin, 9. Me
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi David. Welcome to Chastain Central and thanks for signing our guestbook. Glad you like the site! You are certainly right about all the Chastain Place Names in Marietta! One of your close relatives had a tremendous influence on Chastain Central. His name was Troy Maxwell Chastain. If you wish to read how he impacted us, go to the July 8, 2005 entry in our Chastain Central Guestbook. Did you know Troy? Have a great day!
Reader Response:   Yep. He was my grandfather's brother. I remember going to get-togethers as a kid and seeing all of the "William Maxwell" Chastains that were around. I'd have to ask my dad whose house it was, but I remember it being a rural location with lots of cousins, food, and... goats in a big pen. Uncle Max was there, of course. I miss that time. I saw your Who's Who entry on me last night after I submitted the guestbook entry. Needless to say, I was surprised to be listed. You caught me indulging a childhood interest. Always loved the ghost stories, cemeteries, etc... However with the interview services, I approach it much more scientifically now than I did then. Looking forward to exploring the site more...
Chastain Central Follow-up:   Ah! You are THAT David Chastain! I did not yet make the Woodstock connection. We will now be able to add your lineage to your biography. I think your ghost-hunting is very interesting. Feel free to offer additional information or corrections for your bio. It is always good to hear from Troy's relatives. This important part of our lives would not be the same without him.

Name: Misti Chastain - January 15, 2006
E-mail: www.ChastainMist.com
Website www.chastainmist.com
Location: Olympia, WA 98503     USA
Comments:   I would like to be added to the Chastain business page if possible. Thank you. I am curious where you received my bio from? I own 30 horses, and I do not show Arabians. I will not condone the Class A Arab circuit. Love the site, though! Misti
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Misti. It's good to hear from you! First of all, I changed your bio last night as soon as I received your message. It now states that you own 30 horses and makes no reference to Arabians. I do not recall where I got the information, but I see that your emphasis used to be on breeding, showing, and training Arabian show horses, so perhaps I found outdated data. I would like to have a considerably longer bio for you if you wish. You are welcome to write your own biography, or you may provide us with information to include and we will write it for you. You will note that your website is listed with your beautiful blue horse logo. Have a great day!

Name: Norman Chastain - January 9, 2006
E-mail: ncchastain@yahoo.com
Location: Marietta, GA     USA
Comments:   Correction to Norman Chastain listing: Norman Chastain's new book After the Game should be classified as a mystery-thriller, not sports fiction.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Norman, Thanks for the correction. I have made the change as indicated. Would you like to have your biography included in Chastain Biographies? Also, are you related to Bill Chastain or Nellotie Chastain, both of whom are also published by PublishAmerica?
Reader Response:   Thanks for updating the information on my book. I was pleased to discover your site yesterday. Yes, I would be thrilled to have my biography included in the Chastain Biographies. I'll put something together and send it this week. Bill Chastain is my brother, but I am not related to Nellotie Chastain. It's also a pleasure seeing a site about Chastains. I'll make sure my dad sees it. I'll gather my bio info for you. Many thanks, Norman C. Chastain
Chastain Central Follow-up:   Thanks for your biographical data. Your Biography is now posted in Chastain Biographies. It is a nice addition. You may be interested in our new article on Thomas County Chastains. It was just posted Sunday. I did not know Bill was from the Thomas County Chastains, but I will add both of you to the list of Notable Chastains, which is for descendants of Thomas County Chastains. Have a great day and good luck with Bottleneck!

Name: Eleanor Chastain Griffies - January 5, 2006
E-mail: Egriffies@aol.com
Location: Wilmington, NC 28403     USA
Comments:   What a great site! Looking at these submissions makes it easy to understand how the family migrated from VA. My own branch of Chastains came from VA to SC, then to south Georgia (Thomas Co.), then to Seffner, Fl area, then to Palm Beach Co. Fl area, then back to Thomas Co, Ga. My line is my father James Stanton Chastain (8), Thomas Mack Chastain (7), Thomas Wright Chastain (6), John Martin Chastain (5), Renny Chastain (4), Peter Chastain (3), Rene Chastain (2), Pierre Chastain (1). Keep up the good work.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Eleanor, Welcome to Chastain Central, and thanks for the encouragement! I happen to be writing an article on Thomas County Chastains. It should be posted within a week. You may be able to help me. I am looking for information on your father's brother Robert Lee "Sam" Chastain (if my connections are correct). I had difficulty finding specifics on this interesting Chastain. I would appreciate any details you can provide, and especially whether the Chastain Campus of Indian River Community College is named for him. Thanks for signing our guestbook!
Reader Response:   During the depression years, my grandfather, Thomas Mack, and all of his sons and daughters went to Palm Beach County in search of farmland. Uncle Sam farmed with his brothers and brothers-in-law for years and they also, in addition to farming, formed a produce-brokerage business. He also bought a large ranch where he raised Brahma cattle. However, he invested in the stock market which enabled him to do a lot of good for a lot of people. I would rather his son, Tom, tell you more about his father. I will email him and give him your email address and also give him the Chastain Central website. Thanks for all you're doing to further the cause of Chastain genealogy. Eleanor Griffies. PS Are you the Tim Chastain in Thomasville?
Chastain Central Follow-up:   Thanks for the family information; it is very helpful, and I look forward to hearing from Tom. I used your information to expand Sam Chastain's biography. I am not the same as the Tim Chastain of Thomasville, though I have had several very good phone conversations with him. He is a fine fellow! Thanks again for your helpful information and your kind words about our website. Have a great day!

Name: Alicia Kellie Chastain - January 3, 2006
E-mail: churmusing412@hotmail.com
Location: Deltona, FL 32725     USA
Comments:   I am the daughter of John and Robyn Chastain, we moved to FL from Thomasville GA, Its so cool to see all these "Chastains" in one place!
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Kellie. Thanks for signing our guestbook. I see that you are neighbor to the Brothers of Chastain Central! Terry lives in Osteen, a rural outlying area of Deltona.

Name: Joyce Dudley - December 31, 2005
E-mail: bjgrev@mchsi.com
Location: Springfield , MO 65807     USA
Comments:   I just started researching my great great Grandmother and Grandfather, Amanda Jane Chastain and William Ford Thomas. John Sigel (Sig) and Malissa Ann Dudley are my grandparents. My Father is Willis Eugene (Gene) and Ettia Rosetta Gourley Dudely. I am Dad's 14th child. I loved reading all the messages and finding so many distant relatives. Donnie Kendrick is a 2nd cousin. I came to this site after a request on the internet. Tim replied. Thank You, Tim. Joyce
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Joyce, you are certainly welcome! Donnie Kendrick is a source of some of the genealogical information in Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, so you have a "contributing" second cousin! I hope the information we provided on your family through RootsWeb was useful. Good luck on your continuing research, and let me know if we can help further.

Name: Margaret P Frye - December 30, 2005
E-mail: mpf54321@hartcom.net
Location: Hartwell, GA 30643-4553     USA
Comments:   The site is fantastic! I have enjoyed browsing through. Keep up the good work. I have many Chastains in my database but have done little research to date. This site is interesting. Thanks, MPF
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Margaret. Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you visit again. By the way, I am glad we could participate in helping you find your Chastain family roots earlier this week. I assume you are ordering the available volumes of Pierre Chastain and His Descendents. Let me know if you want me to check anything for you in the unavailable volume one.

Name: Patricia "Ginger" Chastain - December 30, 2005
E-mail: GOOSE1234A@aol.com
Location: Marietta, SC     USA
Comments:   Wow! I just found your web site. I am married to a South Carolina Chastain. What a large family. I am a native Floridian... But mainly what I am writing for is that I saw your picture. Oh my gosh you look just like my father in law except with a beard. It is amazing, no matter how far removed the Chastains are you can still see similar traits. Now I am going to go back and start doing some reading. Sincerely, Patricia "Ginger" Chastain
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Ginger! I am glad you like our site! Chastains have lived around Marietta, South Carolina since about 1795, including my ancestor, Rev. John Chastain, who pastored Oolenoy Baptist Church in Pumpkintown. So there may be a reason I resemble your father-in-law. By the way, though I was born before we came to Florida in 1955, both of my brothers are also native Floridians. Enjoy exploring the site!

Name: Jennifer Allen - December 18, 2005
E-mail: jmallen7@mail.usf.edu
Location: Tampa, FL 33613     USA
Comments:   I was looking for John and Robyn Chastain, I think I found them thanks to your site. How awesome? Thank you so much. Jennifer Allen
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Jennifer, Glad to be helpful! When you contact John and Robyn, please let them know about our site www.chastaincentral.com, as they are probably unaware of us. We will be adding them to our Chastain Biographies, and we are also planning a Chastains in Religion feature in which they will be included. If you visit them, you will drive right by us in Altamonte Springs on I-4. Honk your horn as you pass by!
Reader Response:   Thank you so much! They were leaders of a church youth group when I was younger and then they were moved, and we lost contact. This is so exciting. They were vital to my growing up and going to college etc. They are awesome, and have touched the lives of many, glad to hear they will be on you site, because if anyone needs to be seen for the good they do, it is definitely them!!!

Name: Lee Chastain - December 16, 2005
E-mail: leechastain@yahoo.com
Location: Marietta, GA 30068     USA
Comments:   Hello All, My name is Lee Chastain. I am the stepson of Ken (Kenrad) Chastain. Ken Chastain is the son of Mary Effie Chastain and Luther Cleveland (L.C.) Chastain of Thomasville, GA. I am hoping that someone can help me trace the origins of the Chastain's in Thomasville. My former name is Lee Roy Dunnivant. I was born in Jonesboro, AR in 1974.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Lee, It is always a pleasure when we can help someone find their family roots. In this case, this is your lucky day! Your lineage back to Pierre the immigrant is Luther Cleveland Chastain (7); James Jackson Chastain (6); Solomon Chastain (5), Renny Chastain (4); Peter Chastain (3); Rene Chastain (2); Pierre Chastain (1). There is considerable detail about your family in Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Vol 1 and 2, and you can get a good idea about them from the Chastain Central article on James Chastain. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Name: David Paul Chastain - December 7, 2005
E-mail: david_chastain@hotmail.com
Location: Boston, MA 02118     USA
Comments:   I'm not David T. Chastain, the heavy metal guitarist. He's younger than I am, and he has considerably more hair than I do. I stumbled on this site, and have enjoyed poking around. A minor correction: My mother, Frances Chastain, is correctly listed as the author of two books on China. Her name is spelled incorrectly [Francis] on the web site, using the masculine form with an I instead of an E. I was delighted to see also citations of work by my uncle, Joel William Chastain Jr., and my daughter, Emma. My father, Robert Murray Chastain, was also a published writer. I'll try to provide the details and submit the citation. Cheers! David
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi David, it is good to hear from you. I think David T. Chastain has more hair than almost any of us! Thanks for the correction on your mother's name. I have updated it. I also made a spot for your fathers titles and look forward to your sending them. You have a very literary and academic family! Would you be interested in submitting biographies for our General Biographies section?

Name: Bonnie S. Moore - November 24, 2005
E-mail: ebusinesswoman@aol.com
Location: Winter Springs, FL     USA
Comments:   I have known your family for 32 years and I learned more by checking out your website than I ever knew. There is an abundance of information and I can tell a lot of work and love went into its creation. Hello to your entire family.
Chastain Central Reply:   Bonnie, Thanks for the visit and kind words. I do most of the design work... Tim has supplied most of the content and Tracy keeps us up to date in Chastain related sports news (we also each have personal pages). Glad you liked it. Keep checking back as we are constantly adding and updating. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Name: Curtis Chastain - November 23, 2005
E-mail: CCsharky@msn.com
Location: Fresno, CA     USA
Comments:   What a great place! somebody sent me this web site after seeing my name in it and my family is having fun looking at it.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Curtis, I am glad you and your family are enjoying our website. Please forward it to as many people as you wish--especially Chastains. Also, we would love to have a biography from you to add to Chastain Biographies. All we know of you comes from two 2004 newspaper articles, and even they are not clear. One says you are with the bomb team and the other that you are with the street violence bureau. In fact, you and your family may submit biographies on as many Chastains as you like! We look forward to hearing from you again.

Name: Michael B. Chastain - October 24, 2005
E-mail: mchastai@wfubmc.edu
Location: Winston Salem, NC     USA
Comments:   Great site, I believe you were in contact with my sister recently, we were from the Rossville, Georgia area, her name is Johnna Neugent, our fathers name was John Chastain and his father was Clyde Houston Chastain, thanks for the site. Mike C.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Mike. Glad you like the site. You can see my response to your sister in the guestbook. With a little more information, I am happy to look for your family. Are you from Wake Forest? Are you a professor, in administration, or a student? Visit us again soon!
Reader Response:   I work for a large teaching hospital in Winston Salem associated with Wake Forest University. Mike C.

Name: Johnna Susette (Chastain) Neugent - October 21, 2005
E-mail: ajneugent@comcast.net
Location: Woodbridge, NJ     USA
Comments:   Your site is very interesting. I am part of the Chastain family out of Rossville, GA area. Most of my Chastain relatives are buried at either the Rock Springs, GA cemetery or the Tenn/GA cemetery in Rossville. My grandfather was Clyde Houston Chastain. My brother and I are always researching our family tree. Thanks for the site:)
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Johnna. I am glad you like the site! I used to live in Bradley County, Tennessee not far from Rossville, Georgia, and I did a little genealogical research on the Chastains in the area. Most of them are descended from Rev. John Chastain. If you have not traced your family to Pierre, I will check my notes and the Pierre Chastain Family Association books to see if I can locate your family. Provide information as far back as you can. Do you know the names of your grandfather's parents or his brothers and sisters? This sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Name: Robert Castagna - October 20, 2005
E-mail: rwcastagna@yahoo.com
Location: Cambridge, MA     USA
Comments:   Hey guys, I just stumbled onto your site. Thought you might find my website interesting. Best, Robert. www.robertcastagna.com
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Robert, It is great to hear from you! We added your biography earlier this week and added you to Chastains in the Arts just this morning. As you can see, you are no stranger to us! We are so glad you signed our guestbook. Thanks for your website.
Reader Response:   You guys are really busy, I love it. By the way I just ordered a case of "Castagno Honey", I'll be giving bottles out to family members for Christmas. Have you ever had it? They recommend you drizzle it over toasted bread with melted gargonzola cheese. I really like your site. You have done an amazing amount of research. I like what you have done and will refer to it often! Best, Robert.
Chastain Central Follow-up:   Thanks for the kind words! We are glad you like the site. Also thanks for the tip on Castagno Honey. We have added Castagno Honey information to our Chataignier Tree article.

Name: Patricia M. Morrison Fields - October 15, 2005
E-mail: tlfpmf@alltel.net
Location: NA     USA
Comments:   Information on Rev. John Chastain, "Ten Shilling Bell", states he signed an oath of allegiance in Powhatton County during the Rev. War and was declared a patriot. DAR has verified that he is on their patriot list. I am looking for any actual documentation that they will require for membership. I am looking for documentation for Elijah Sr. as Rev John’s son and Elijah Jr. as Elijah Sr.’s son. To your knowledge, is there a proof of the oath of allegiance for Rev John?
Chastain Central Reply:   Good questions! I have confirmed with the DAR that Rev. John Chastain is on their patriot list, so the only issue should be to prove descent from him. The Chastain genealogist, Jimmy Chesteen, may be able to help with the older connections. I will talk to him. I am starting the process today for my own family as we are also descended from Rev. John through Elijah, Sr., and through Elijah's son James Edward. You may wish to look at the steps involved at the DAR site and begin your own process if you wish. We can keep in touch until we get all the information we need. Thanks for nudging me into moving forward with this!

Name: Marlene Chasteen - September 11, 2005
E-mail: marlenechasteen@hotmail.com
Location: Alturas, CA     USA
Comments:   Enjoyed looking at your site. My husband is also a Baptist minister (Rev. Melvin Chasteen). His Father was one also (Rev. Harry Chasteen).
Chastain Central Reply:   Hello Marlene! Thanks for the feedback and the information on your family. For the future I plan a feature on Chastains in Religion. I will keep your notes on file for inclusion when that happens. Visit us again soon!

Name: Valorie G. Chastain Ford - July 19, 2005
E-mail: valorie@chastaincentral.com
Location: Cleveland, TN     USA
Comments:   I'm very impressed by all the obvious hard work you three have put into this site. Lots of information! And interesting tidbits. And let me publicly welcome Donna Chastain, as the newest family member of this "Chastain" group! Your Oldest & Dearest Big Sister, Valorie Ford

Name: Maxwell Davidson Chastain - July 08, 2005
E-mail: mdchastain@hotmail.com
Location: Atlanta, GA     USA
Comments:   Father: William Franklin Chastain Mother: Barbara Blakely Chastain Brothers: Thomas Troy Chastain & Benjamin Blakely Chastain. I didn't see any info on "The Chesnut Tree" publication.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Maxwell, When I say I am glad to hear from you, I mean it! If it were not for your grandfather, Troy Maxwell Chastain, this site would not exist. It was through Troy's research that we were able to connect to Pierre. I spoke to your grandfather a number of times before his eyes began to fail, and he encouraged me greatly in my genealogical work. Regarding The Chestnut Tree, we have not yet used it on our website because much of the information is also found in the two-volume Pierre Chastain and His Descendants which is more widely available, but I plan to research The Chestnut Tree when I can. Again, thanks so much, Maxwell, for your response to our website.

Name: Carol Chastang - July 07, 2005
E-mail: carol.chastang@sba.gov
Location: Bowie, MD     USA
Comments:   The site is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for all your amazing hard work. I forwarded it to my siblings, including Harrison III (the news director at KPOO in San Francisco) and Pat (a liaison for a Toronto city councilwoman). My dad Harrison Jr. (age 77)...I want him to see the site, and I may be going to L.A. at the end of the month to see him. I'm going to print this out and give it to him. He'll love it.
Chastain Central Reply:   It is great to hear from you! I am very pleased that you like the website. I hope your father likes it as well. Thanks again for your kind response. I hope Dennis is the last hurricane to occupy you this season!
Chastain Central Note:   Carol Chastang is spokesperson for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Disaster Assistance.

Name: Patricia Chastang - June 29, 2005
E-mail: poukpori@hotmail.com
Location: Toronto, Ontario     Canada
Comments:   I moved to Canada in 1989. I am from Los Angeles CA. I am the sister of Harrison, III and Carol - and we have four other siblings, Joan, Juliette, Richard and David. I haven't seen the name Chastang in Toronto but have met one Chastain. By the way, I work as a constituency assistant for a city councilor.
Chastain Central Reply:   Thanks for the information. I did not know that Carol and Harrison were siblings!

Name: George Chesteen - June 22, 2005
E-mail: mab2068@yahoo.com
Location: n/a     USA
Comments:   I saw your site ,just some info for you. As far as “contemporary Chesteen’s”, Gaston D. Chesteen was Assistant Chief of Joint Committee on Taxation” for Congress ( having turned down the position of Chief Of Internal Revenue Service several times and wrote some country changing sections of the Internal Revenue Code such as Section 179, allowing the write-off of research and development costs. Congress passed a special allowing him to work until he retired at age 85. His wife was “Naomi”, a descendant of Shakespeare whose ancestors came over with the Mayflower boats ( I have seen the handwritten history as written by her Father). He is buried in Poplar Creek and she in Kilmichael, Ms. Additionally, I his sister, Teleye, was the first woman professor at the University of Texas. She is also buried at Poplar Creek. Thanks for your site. Susan is my sister.
Chastain Central Reply:   George, thank you for visiting Chastain Central and for submitting information on Gaston D. Chesteen. This information is now included in our Biographies section, and you are credited. Thanks!

Name: Donnie Kendrick - June 11, 2005
E-mail: donedkend@yahoo.com
Location: Springfield, Mo     USA
Comments:   In my research, Chastain, Ark., located in present day Baxter Co., was a "community" that was known for the Chastains that lived there. They appear in the 1870 census of Izard Co., Ark. Two brothers, John and Joseph Chastain settled near Norfolk, Ark. Along with sisters, Martha Mitchell Wilkens Kirkendoll, Nancy Wolf Finley Luther, and Mary Garton, this family belonged to William D. and Mary Ann Fry Chastain. William was the son of Rev. Joseph Chastain. William settled near the Howell/Oregon Co. Mo line near Brandsville/Koshkonong. Most likely the Chasteen school in Oregon Co. is of this family. Would appreciate any info you have on it. Would appreciate any info on any of these families.
Chastain Central Reply:   Donnie, thank you so much for submitting information on Chastain, Arkansas. This information is now included in our Chastain Place Names section, and you are credited. Thanks! Unfortunately, we do not have additional information on these families beyond that available in Pierre Chastain and His Descendents, Volume 1, pages 187-188 and Volume 2, pages 187-188, but will let you know if we find any.

Name: Jeffrey C. Venable - May 13, 2005
E-mail: jjefcha@wmconnect.com
Location: Chiefland, Fl     USA
Comments:   Correction of available internet information concerning Claude McVeigh Chastain. Information located in the Family Search internet connection for Claude McVeigh Chastain is incomplete. It states that Claude M. Chastain and Jessie Webb had only one child, Carl, who was born and died in 1903. Claude and Jessie had three additional children, Marie (B-Apr 13, 1904, D-Dec, 1988, Charlotte, NC), Helen (B-Jan 15,1910, D-Nov 16, 1993, Chiefland, FL, my mother), and Mason R. Chastain (B-Apr 3, 1912, D-1955, Memphis, TN. Marie married Samuel H. Payne. They had no children. Mason married and had at least one son (Ronald) who is the father of Kelly Chastain Witt of Mullins, WV. I hope this information is helpful in updating one line of the Chastain family tree.
Chastain Central Reply:   Thank you for submitting information on your line of Chastains. If you have not already, I suggest you also share it with the Genealogist at the Pierre Chastain Family Association. They maintain the most comprehensive database of Chastain family lines.

Name: Don Umphrey - April 27, 2005
E-mail: dumphrey@smu.edu
My URL: http://www.quarrypressbooks,com
Location: Dallas, TX     USA
Comments:   I'm glad that my book was helpful to you. I've enjoyed your site, as it helped me discover even more about the Chastain family, good friends and neighbors of my g-grandfather, John R. Phillips.
Chastain Central Note:   Don Umphrey is author of Southerners in Blue, which proved to be a rich source for Chastain Central, especially for the feature Alabama Chastains in the Civil War. You will note interaction between us and Don Umphrey in that feature.

Name: Mike Westley - April 27, 2005
E-mail: mwestley23@aol.com
Location: Oviedo, Fl     USA
Comments:   You guys did a great job on this web site!

Name: Brittany D. Chastang - April 04, 2005
E-mail: queenb1012003@yahoo.com
Location: Valdosta, GA     USA
Comments:   Coming to this site has surprised me a lot, I'm 16 years old and have been told by my dad (Percy Chastang Jr.) about how deep historically my last name goes but having to research it for a school project really opened my eyes. Having been picked on about my "funny" name from Mustang to Breathstank, the list goes on. Thankx for the site! Ill be sure to let my family see it. p.s. we had a last Chastang family reunion in Mobile, Alabama
Chastain Central Reply:   I am glad you enjoyed the information on your Chastang family. If your research turns up information we don't have, please submit it. And let us know if there is another Chastang reunion. We will post the information on our site and may even attend if we are allowed!

Name: Eve Chastain Bishop - April 03, 2005
E-mail: bishop47@earthlink.net
Location: Woodruff, SC     USA
Comments:   My dad was from Young Harris, Ga. I wish I knew more about my Grandfather's {David} family.
Chastain Central Reply:   Eve, I have Chastain genealogy books that may help identify your family line. Do you know any older names, such as your grandfather David's parents or brothers and sisters. If you give me as much detail as you have on names, I will see if I can locate your family. It sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Name: Donna Chastain - March 26, 2005
E-mail: oneharrigan@yahoo.com
Location: Sebastopol, CA     USA
Comments:   I am a fairly new Chastain, and I just want to say GREAT JOB!!! I love reading the news stories and all of the info on my new family. I come to the site a couple of times a week to see what's been added. Thanks for all of your hard work guys!

Name: Bobby Chastain - March 03, 2005
E-mail: Someguy7901@msn.com
Location: Orlando, FL     USA
Comments:   Hey everyone! After all that time at looking at your website I decided to sign the guest book. I'm happy my dad and uncles were able to make a website about our family history and other things like that. Well guys hope you keep me in on what changes you've made so see you guys whenever I'm able to go over there (hopefully soon )! ~Robert Chastain (Tracy Chastain's Son)~

Name: Peggy Chesteen - February 12, 2005
E-mail: pchesteen@alaweb.com
Location: Andalusia, AL     USA
Comments:   Enjoyed this site very much ! Thanks for inviting me !
Chastain Central Note:   Peggy Chesteen is a contributor to Chastain Central. See her article on John H. Chesteen.

Name: Blaine Fairly - January 30, 2005
E-mail: fifthwheel@tampabay.rr.com
Location: Dover, FL     USA
Comments:   Hi Homer!

Name: Susan Slape-Hoysagk - January 27, 2005
E-mail: Chestnut_Tree@gmx.net
Location: Astoria, OR     USA
Comments:   I checked out your website, very nice! I descend from Elijah and Anna (Middleton) Chastain through their son Jame Lafayette, so we are 4th cousins (once removed). Nice to meet you! Susan
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Susan, Good to meet you too, cousin! I am glad you like our website. We are still working on the site, and have not yet begun to promote it. You may not have noticed, but of all the items on the submenus, the only one leading outside our site is the Pierre Chastain Family Association.
Chastain Central Note:   Susan Slape-Hoysagk is editor of The Chestnut Tree, the newsletter (magazine) of the Pierre Chastain Family Association. She contributed the photo of Elijah Webb Chastain to the Chastain Central site.

Name: Marsha Reaves - January 26, 2005
E-mail: memawreaves@yahoo.com
Location: McMinnville, TN     USA
Comments:   My mother's maiden name was Chastain. Her father was Miles Thomas Chastain of McMinnville, TN (Warren co.) I now live at the "old homeplace" in the Shellsford community of Warren county with my husband Jack & uncle Edwin Chastain. This farm has been in the Chastain family since the 1830s.
Chastain Central Reply:   Hi Marsha, Thanks for signing our guest book! I may have been to your farm. Back in the late 1970s or early 1980s, the Pierre Chastain Family Association held a reunion near McMinnville, and we visited a Chastain cemetery on a large Chastain estate. Was that yours?
Reader Response:   Yes, the farm you visited was ours. My husband & I live here with my uncle Ed, who is the last "Chastain" in our family. He never married, so he is the last one with the name. My mother was his sister.

Name: Cheryl Chastain Champagne - January 05, 2005
E-mail: deneanchastain@yahoo.com
Location: Sanford, Fl     USA
Comments:   I, the daughter of Robert Chastain, will enjoy watching the progress of my brothers on the web site.

Name: Becky (Chastain) Baker - December 09, 2004
E-mail: rbaker_1960@yahoo.com
Location: St. Charles, MO.     USA
Comments:   Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job on your site. Congratulations! I checked out quite a bit of it, but didn't have as much time to check out and read everything that you have here. I look forward to coming back and reading more when I have a little more time. I found a lot of interesting things to read about on your site. Thanks for sharing your information. Take care and I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons!..... Becky
Chastain Central Note:   Becky is a descendent of sixth generation William Howell "Cobb" Chastain, but through a different line than the Brothers of Chastain Central.

Name: Marilyn Chastain - November 26, 2004
E-mail: mchastain@cfl.rr.com
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL     USA
Comments:   I never thought I would find so many Chastains in one place!

Name: Angie Caro - November 23, 2004
E-mail: acarl2@cfl.rr.com
Location: Sanford, FL     USA
Comments:   Good job on the web page guys!!! Very impressive :)

Name: Terrence Chastain - November 21, 2004
E-mail: tnjchastain@aaahawk.com
My URL: www.chastaincentral.com
Location: Osteen, FL     USA
Comments:   Judy says happy birthday...

Name: Tracy Chastain - November 21, 2004
E-mail: tracy@chastaincentral.com
My URL: http://www.chastaincentral.com
Location: Santa Rosa, CA     USA
Comments:   I'm one of the brothers just checking out our guestbook.

Name: Tim Chastain - November 21, 2004
E-mail: tim@chastaincentral.com
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL     USA
Comments:   I like the guest book a lot! But I see that I am not the first to sign. I am going to write a lot in order to see what an entry look like with lots of text. By the way, I saw the many changes you have already made to clean up the web pages. You did a lot of work today! See you later. ~Tim

Name: Terrence Chastain - November 21, 2004
E-mail: tnjchastain@aaahawk.com
My URL: www.chastaincentral.com
Location: Osteen, FL     USA
Comments:   Final adjustments made... Let me know what you think!

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