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Tim Chastain is Police Chief of Walhalla, South Carolina, and a tenor in a gospel quartet in Campbellsburg, Indiana. Tim is also a genealogist in Thomasville, Georgia, a lawyer in Dallas, Texas, and was Executive Officer of the 205th Engineer Battalion in Afghanistan

This does not completely describe him, because these are Tim Chastain as well:

  • HVAC contractor in Baldwin, Georgia
  • Pastor in Plano, Texas
  • Elementary student in northeast Georgia
  • Résumé Writer in Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Race car driver in Rock Springs, Georgia
  • Facility administrator at Indiana Wesleyan
  • Deputy in Rock Island County, Illinois
  • Aquarium volunteer in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Theology student in Rome, Georgia
  • Cub scout in Troutdale, Oregon
  • Radio station production manager in Raleigh, North Carolina

    Tim is a coach, a photographer, a prison corrections officer, a political protester, a track athlete, a Toastmaster, a Korean War veteran, and a deacon. As we can see, Tim Chastain is quite varied. This site is dedicated to Tim Chastains everywhere. Click available links to discover more about them. Enjoy your visit. I hope your favorite Tim Chastain is here.

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    Baldwin, Georgia

    My name is Timothy Ray Chastain. I was born June 19, 1968 in Athens, Georgia, and I am a HVAC contractor.

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    Altamonte Springs, Florida

    Though Tim Chastain of Altamonte Springs, Florida was born in Alabama, he moved to Florida with his parents in 1955. His wife of 30 years is Marilyn, who works in a law office and spends much of her free time gardening and landscaping. They have one son, Drew, of whom they are very proud. Drew earned his doctorate in philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans and continues to live in New Orleans, teaching philosophy and participating in many community activities.

    One thing that characterizes the Altamonte Chastains is reading. Tim, Marilyn, and Drew are all avid readers. Tim and Marilyn's library exceeds 4000 volumes and graces most rooms of their home. He is a ninth generation descendent of immigrant Pierre Chastain.

    Tim spent 20 successful years in retail bookselling with two bookstore chains. He led three large stores to healthy growth before becoming a District Manager. As District Manager, he was known for store performance, recruitment, and training. He is certified as a trainer by both AchieveGlobal (Zenger Miller) and Mandev. After leaving the corporate world, he devoted himself to helping professionals in job transition, and built a business coaching and writing Power Résumés for professionals. He is a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the National Résumé Writers Association (NRWA), the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), and Toastmasters.

    As a child, Tim was very active in the Free Will Baptist Church. However, after high school, he associated with the Church of God and received a BA in Religion and Church History from Lee University, a Church of God institution in Cleveland, Tennessee, and did course work at the seminary. After college, Tim served for seven years in the Church of God bookstore chain. When Tim joined Family Christian Stores and moved to Memphis, he affiliated with the Assemblies of God, and was active with the Assemblies until he chose to become a member of the Presbyterian Church, USA. The variety of church associations does not mean Tim is fickle. Each affiliation was very meaningful and represents a stage in his spiritual journey. Tim has urged his son, Drew, to stay in the family church, and to call from time to time to find out which one it is.

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