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Chastain Central has more Chastain-related information (all spellings) than anyplace else in the world. This tour previews some of the more significant pages of the Chastain Central website. If you wander off the tour path, that's okay. We have no tour police. You may come back to the tour at any time or just make your own way around the website.


Chastain and Related Surnames

Chastains are named for a tree—Castanea, the Chestnut. In French, it is the Chataignier. The similarity among European names for the tree is obvious, and they all derive ultimately from the Greek kastaneia which was perhaps borrowed from a language of Asia Minor. There was a Kastanaia in Pontus in Asia Minor (now Kestane, Turkey) and a Castana in Thessaly; both may have been named for the tree, though the Greeks thought the tree was named for one of the towns—most likely the one in Pontus.

The French, Spanish, and Italian terms are also surnames: Chatagnier, Castano, Castagno, Castagna. The French Chatagnier produced numerous surname variations. In the United States, most Chastains, Chasteens, Chastines, Chesteens, DeChastains, and possibly Shasteens are descended from Dr. Pierre Chastain, French colonialist to Virginia. For more on Surnames from Castanea.


Pierre Chastain--Early American Immigrant

In 1696, a Huguenot physician and his family escaped to Switzerland from France, where the Huguenots were experiencing severe persecution because of their religious beliefs. Some four years later, this family was sailing up the James River to help found a new town in the British colony of Virginia. The name of the Huguenot physician was Pierre Chastain, the father of most Chastains, Chasteens, Chastines, Chesteens, DeChastains, and perhaps Shasteens in America. American descendants of other Huguenots are Paul Revere, Henry D. Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greenleaf Whittier, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. For more on Huguenots and Pierre Chastain.


Prominent Chastains

Chastains have been part of the American story for three hundred years. These 15 are among those most prominent Chastains from today and the past arranged alphabetically. For more biographies, go to Chastain Biographies.


Chastain Connections

You may now explore some interesting Chastain Connections to history, society, and the world. Click on the ones you find most intriguing. Click here for
More Chastain Connections.

Governor Jeb Bush
Jose Canseco
Joe DiMaggio
Martin Luther King
Stephen King
King Louis XIV
President Ferdinand Marcos
Perry Mason
Justin Timberlake

Governor Jesse Ventura
Air Force One
ATM Machine
Chestnut Tree
Daughters of American Revolution
Daytona Speedway
Hurricane Katrina

Internal Revenue Service
Iraqi Freedom
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Playgirl Magazine
Super Bowl XXXIX
US House of Representatives
Ya Ya Sisterhood


Chastain News

Chastain News is a different kind of feature. To experience news about Chastains from around the world, go directly to Chastain News.


Brandi Chastain Fan Site

Not only is Brandi Chastain the most famous soccer personality in America, she is also the most recognized Chastain in America. Chastain Central is pleased to sponsor the award-winning Brandi Chastain Fan Site at Chastain Central! Well, we haven't received any awards, but our mom says it is nice.

Brandi is a veteran of the U.S. Women's National Team. She joined the U.S. National team in 1988. In 1991, she played in the games that won the FIFA Women's World Cup for the U.S. National Team for the first time, and she helped win the Gold at the 1996 Olympic Games, the Silver in 2000, and the Gold again in 2004. And, of course, she helped the team win their second FIFA Women's World Cup in 1999.

Features from the Brandi Chastain Fan Site include: Brandi Chastain Biography; Where is The Bra Today?; Brandi Chastain News; More Brandi Chastain; Brandi Chastain Links; Articles on Sexuality in Women's Sports; It's Not About the Bra Book Review; and Top 10 U.S. Soccer Events of the Decade. For more sports go to Chastain Sportscast.


Who Is Behind Chastain Central?

Chastain Central is the product of the three Brothers of Chastain Central (3Ts). Terry Chastain is the technical one. He conceived the idea of the website, secured the space, and designed the site. He continues as webmaster--the force behind the look and feel of the site. Tim broadened the idea from a family website to a more universal theme and contributed much of the research and content. Tracy is Sports Editor in addition to being involved every step of the way supplying technical, conceptual, and content contributions. See more at Brothers of Chastain Central. See more Frequently Asked Questions.


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