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Here are some important things you should know about Chastain Central.

Links to Other Sites. Chastain Central contains many links to other sites that provide additional information of interest to our readers in regard to our articles, but Chastain Central does not necessarily endorse those sites. Furthermore, Chastain Central is family-oriented, and does not establish links to sites that are prurient or otherwise objectionable. However, websites change. If we become aware that a site we have linked has become prurient or objectionable, we will eliminate links to that site.

Use of Copyrighted Material. Unless otherwise noted, all copy on Chastain Central is written by the Brothers of Chastain Central based on reasonable research. We will correct any errors of which we become aware. We seek permission when we use material that is not in the public domain, except for short quotes which are credited. We write for permission more than once if we do not receive a response. We also give credit for items that come from other people. Sometimes we cannot locate the source of an item or determine whether it is in the public domain. If you find anything of yours on this website for which you did not grant permission, we are happy to request permission and credit you for it, or we will remove it at your request. All original material on this site is copyrighted by the Brothers of Chastain Central. If you wish to use our copyrighted material, we are happy to grant permission in most cases as long as we are credited. Submit permission requests to

Our Readers Write. Our guestbook, Our Readers Write, is a dynamic guestbook and differs from typical guestbook usage in two ways. First, we actually respond to our readers and interact with them. Our Readers Write is a discussion between us and our readers rather than a simple guestbook signature. Some readers say this makes the guestbook one of the more enjoyable pages to read on our site. Secondly, we receive comments from our readers in a variety of ways, and sometimes comments are identical to a guestbook submission though they come to us by Submit Content Form or email. Therefore, we sometimes post comments on Our Readers Write page that are not submitted on the guestbook form. However, we post only those portions of comments that are appropriate to the public guestbook. If you do not want us to post any of your comments, let us know and we will not post them.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about our website, contact us at

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