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  1. Adrian Chastain (Bodybuilding)
  2. Ashley Castagna (Gymnastics)
  3. Benny Chastain (Motorsports)
  4. Brandi Chastain (Soccer)
  5. Catalina Castano (Tennis)
  6. Chelsey Chastain (Basketball)
  7. Edward (Iceberg) Chastain (Wrestling
  8. Ericca Castagna (Gymnastics)
  9. Francesco Castano (Bodybuilding)
  10. Perry Chestang (Football)

By Sport:

  1. (Basketball) Chelsey Chastain
  2. (Bodybuilding) Adrian Chastain
  3. (Bodybuilding) Francesco Castano
  4. (Football) Perry Chestang
  5. (Gymnastics) Ashley Castagna
  6. (Gymnastics) Ericca Castagna
  7. (Motorsports) Benny Chastain
  8. (Soccer) Brandi Chastain
  9. (Tennis) Catalina Castano
  10. (Wrestling) Edward (Iceberg) Chastain

Adrian Chastain, Pro Bodybuilder

Adrian Chastain

Adrian Chastain Residence: Georgia
Birth Date: 1976
Status: Single

In the 2002 NPC Southern Natural, The Figure Division had four entrants and twenty-six-year-old Adrian Chastain of Norcross was the pick of the judges for the overall win.

In the IFBB Figure International, Adrian placed 12th in the search for the 2003 Figure Olympia.

As a Chastain I will not comment on the exceptional physical beauty of Adrian, but one cannot dismiss the incredible effort and fortitude that must have gone into creating such an exemplary physique while maintaining the obvious style and poise that elevates her into that ever elusive arena of feminine sensuality balanced with the perfect muscular mass and definition of the all-star bodybuilder. Prize Chastain

Though I cannot locate the source, I can personally recall a statement from a famed body building guru and pro-muscle event coordinator turned Governor stating that he viewed Adrian Chastain as the perfect form and physique that one might wish to acheive in their quest for the perfect mix of mass and definition.

If anyone, especially Adrian Chastain, can provide us with a more in-depth profile of the work that goes into such an accomplishment, as well as what one does after obtaining such an exemplary status, we would love to hear from you.

If you have ANY information on Adrian Chastain, please contact the Chastain Sports Editor at

Castagna Twins, Gymnastics Sensations

Ashley and Errica Castagna

Castagna Twins Residence: Middleton, Massachusetts
Birth Date: 1989
Status: High School Seniors

Ashley and Errica didn't remain gymnastics partners throughout High School. After earning All-Scholastic honors as a freshman at Masconomet, Ashley threw herself into training with the Middleton-based Yellow Jackets and became a certified Level 10 gymnast by USA Gymnastics. Not wanting to risk injury in the less competitive arena of high school gymnastics, she refrained from joining her former team for two years, despite the pleas of her twin sister, Ericca. But this year, as a senior, Ashley requested to be allowed to compete for her home school district and they welcomed her back with open arms.

They are both very similar gymnasts, with Ericca being ranked as a Level 9 which is still a very high level for USA gymnastics. "In our first meet, I had beaten her in the all-around," Ericca says, "then she came back to beat me the next time around. It pushes us and pushes the team to get better." Ashley can handle a higher degree of difficulty on the beam and on the bars, "but basically the whole team has the same routine," Ericca says. "That way, if one goes down, another team member can do the same thing."

Video of Ashley's floor routine "My favorite is the balance beam. It's hard, not a lot of people like it, but I kind of like it," Ashley says. "My best is probably the vault. That came really easily to me. It's not really a challenge for me." So nobody was very surprised when Ashley turned in a record score of 9.7 on the vault in her final regular season meet against Andover earlier this month. And it is no surprise that she is also being courted by Division 1 colleges that want her to contribute to their programs as well. The University of New Hampshire, the University of Kentucky, West Virginia University and Southern Connecticut State University are just a few of the schools that Ashley, who apparently doesn't want to stray too far from home, has mentioned as being among those she is seriously considering for their Division 1 gymnastics programs.

In their down time, Ashley prefers to sneak some snowboarding time, which has been a concern for some of her teammates and coaches who worry about her legs and ankles, while Ericca has been working her athletic and acrobatic skills on the Masconomet High School Football cheerleading team for the last four years. "I loved doing cheering," Ericca says. "I just like being part of a team. USA Gymnastics is more of an individual thing. I do meets once every month, and then there's more after the high school season."

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Benny Chastain, Pro Racing Driver

Benny Chastain

Residence: Tallahassee, Florida
Birth Date: 9/22/42
Status: Married – Wife Mary/2 children

Benny Chastain isn't just a rookie that's been around the circuit; he's been around the block. He was the oldest qualifier in Gardendale, Alabama last year, racing against another rookie, Justin South, who was born when Benny was only 45 years old.

Benny is a member of the White Motorsports Racing Team of Florida but has managed to sponsor most of his stockcar dreams to date. He has spent almost $200,000 of his own retirement funds on equipment, crews and expenses while winning a mere $11,000 in prize money, mostly from middle-of-the-pack finishes.

He's not just a dreamer. He's an achiever. He didn't just wake up one day, jump into some souped up Chevy and start driving fast and turning left. He decided upon a dream and invested in it. He bought an old Monte Carlo and entered a few local races on dirt tracks. He wrecked a lot and learned even more.

He tweaked the shocks, tires, springs and performance and started to place thirds, then seconds, then a first. So he bought a newer, faster Chevy, and with the experience from the track and the knowledge of the equipment he had gained, he managed to take 11 wins.

Once he decided to hit the asphalt tracks there was no stopping him. He forked out over $21,000 for driving school in Atlanta and Charlotte, and ran into Drew White, former Busch series driver. Soon after their meeting, Chastain had gained the experience and skill that allowed him to join the ARCA circuit. Passing at Pocono

He quickly transitioned from the old dirt tracks to the fast tracks of Daytona, Talladega and Pocono.

"God has a plan for me," Chastain said, he just isn't sure what it is.

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Catalina Castano, Pro Tennis Player

2006 Results
Round Opponent W/L Score
1Kristina Brandi L5-7,1-6
1Sybille Bammer L6-0,7-5
2Tahtianna Garbin W7-6(4),7-5
QFJulia Schruff W5-2,ret
SFYoon Jeong Cho L3-6,6-2,3-6
Australian Open
1Vera Dushevina W5-7,6-3,6-1
2Francesca Schiavone L1-6,6-4,3-6
Pattaya City
1Anastassia Rodionova W3-6,6-2,6-2
2Tiantian Sun W6-3,6-2
QFNuria Llagostera Vives L6-1,4-6,3-6
1Daniella Christian Munoz Gallegos W6-2,6-3
2Natalia Gisela Gussoni W6-3,6-1
QFMaria Sanchez Lorenzo L2-6,6-3,1-6
1Conchita Martinez Granados W4-6,6-2,6-3
2Meghann Shaughnessy W0-6,1-6

Catalina Castano

Catalina Castano

Residence: Sarasota, Florida
Birth Date: 7 July 1979
Birthplace: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Catalina Castano, born Catalina Castano Alvarez, is the daughter of Augusto, a lawyer, and Maria, and insurance agent. She also has two sisters; Gina, a dentist, and Valentina, a student.

Catalina began playing tennis in 1989 at the age of 10. By the time she graduated high school at the top of her class in 1995 she had been playing in professional competitions for almost a year, having reached the semi-finals in Medellin after beating 2nd seed Cecilia Hincapie.

She went on to win her first pro event just four years later, on her debut WTA Tour appearance in Bogotá. She seemed to continue her knack for upsetting the second seed at pro events over the next few years and for making a name for herself in competitions held in Bogotá. She went on to represent Colombia in the 2004 summer Olympics in both the singles and doubles competitions.

Catalina continues to be a challenging competitor and has played in 15 pro events already in 2005, her best tournament coming at Budapest where she ultimately lost in the finals to the first seed Anna Smashnova. She recently played U.S. Open where she lost in the 2nd round to a less than graceful Serena Williams.

Further Statistics

Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (1.7 metres)
Weight: 132 lbs. (60 kilos)
Country: Colombia
Plays: Right Handed
Year Turned Pro: 1998
Current Singles Rank: 37
Current Doubles Rank: 165
High rank for singles: 37
High rank date for singles: 13 February 2006
High rank for doubles: 165
High rank date for doubles: 13 February 2006
Career matches won: 243
Career matches lost: 181
Year to date matches won: 6
Year to date matches lost: 4
Year to date prize money: $37,970 USD
Career prize money: $468,903 USD


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Chelsey Chastain, High School Basketball

Chelsey Chastain


Chelsey Chastain plays for the Lakeview Academy Lady Lions in Gainesville, Georgia. In 2004, her Junior year, the Lady Lions finished 19-7, and advanced for the first time ever to the state tournament, but lost in the first round of the playoffs. Chelsey led the team in scoring, averaging 17.5 points per game. She returned to the team for her Senior year, but was injured and could not play the first few games. She started December by leading the team in points, but lost the game to Jefferson. She then led the team to victory over Athens which brought them to tepid 5-3 for the season. But things got better.

On January 25, Chelsey led in scoring as the Lady Lions (13-5, 6-0 in region) secured a spot in the Region 8-A contestA week later, the Lady Lions captured their first-ever regular season title by defeating Jefferson. Chelsey was not the leading scorer, but made a strong contribution to the win. The next week, Chelsey delivered 20 points to lead Lakeview in the win that placed them in the state tournament for the second year in a row.

Chelsey On February 11, Chelsey led with 22 points as Lakeview Academy won its first-ever region title, taking the Region 8-A crown with a 56-52 win. She also scored her 1,000th career point during the game. On Feb 18, Chelsey led with 16 points as the third-ranked Lions claimed their first Class A state tournament victory and their first 20-win season in the first round of the Class A state tournament. On February 25, she repeated her 22-point performance to lead the Lady Lions into the final four. On March 2, the Lady Lions stood at 22-6 as they entered the semi-finals against the Calhoun County Cougars, but the Cougars bested the Lions 61-43.

Lakeview accomplished huge firsts for the program for the season: the first Region 8-A championship, the first 20-win season, the first first-round playoff victory, and the first spot in the semi-finals in the school's 35-year history. And Chelsey Chastain was selected as the North Georgia "Class A" player of the year!

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Edward (Iceberg) Chastain, Pro Wrestling Champion

2006 Matches
Date Opponent Result
Pro Wrestling Evolution
Jan. 13, 2006 Iceberg -vs- Retain Title
Scott Steele
Jan. 13, 2006 w/ Tank & Shaun Tempers -vs- Won Match
Rockwell & Young & Steele
NWA Anarchy
Feb. 04, 2006 w/ Tank, Azrael, Wilson, Dominous & Tempers -vs-Won by DQ
Brandon P, Kory Chavis & Ace Rockwell
Pro Wrestling Evolution
Feb. 18, 2006 in a Four-Way Dance for the Title -vs-Lost Title to
"The Urban Legend" Murder One -vs- Biohazard
"The Last Product of Finland" Biohazard -vs-
Pro Wrestling Warfare's Bruce Steel

Edward (Iceberg) Chastain


Residence: NWA Wildside
Birth Date: ?
Birthplace: ?

Edward Chastain, or Iceberg, as his friends, enemies and victims refer to him has been an imposing figure and force in the pro wrestling circuit for over 5 years now. He has fought such wrestling legends as Carlos Colon and Abdullah the Butcher, beating the latter for the brass knuckles championship. This would be far from the last championship honors that he would claim for himself. There was even a reign of terror atop the NWA Wildside that lasted from Sept. 2002 through July 2003 and seemed as if it would never be stopped.

But he does not cite this unprecedented championship run among his most memorable acheivements, he is much classier than that, despite his "Being of Inconceivable Horror" image. He lists his bouts with Colon, Abdullah the Butcher and Mr Pogo of Japan, as his greatest acheivements, along with his mention in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 500, where he debuted at #289, and has progressed each consecutive year, placing him within the ranks of the 300 greatest professional wrestlers in the world today.

Iceberg Title

Wrestling Titles

  • W*ING Hardcore title (Japan)
  • Continental Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title
  • Continental Championship Wrestling Brass Knuckles title
  • Extreme Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title
  • Extreme Wrestling Alliance United States title
  • Ultimate Extreme Wrestling Tag Team titles
  • Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title
  • Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Tag Team title
  • Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Georgia Heavyweight title
  • National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight title
  • New Age Wrestling Alliance Hardcore title
  • NWA Wildside Heavyweight title defeating David Young
  • NWA Wildside Tag Team titles w/Tank (January 1, 2005)

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    Francesco Castano, Bodybuilding Guru

    Francesco Castano

    Francesco Skinny

    Residence: Lancaster, PA
    Birth Date:

    At the age of 15, Francesco was 6'2" and weighed in at 130 lbs soaking wet when he decided that being tall and skinny just wasn't his true calling in life. So he decided to bulk up, add some muscle to work with and reach some magical weight of between 250 and 275, which was apparently the target weight for a true muscle man. But what he didn't initially realize was that in his quest for the ultimate bodybuilder physique he would emerge a Natural Bodybuilding Guru.

    Through bulk training and exercise he reached his target weight, and was considered to be muscular, but deep down he knew that what he was looking for was the muscle definition that had eluded him. He was fat. Over several years of trial and much error, he experimented Francesco Ripped with all of the most popular and self-proclaimed miracle fat burning supplements, to no avail. After a multitude of different diet and training programs, Francesco had discovered the key to adding muscle mass while minimizing fat and producing that defined muscular physique that had eluded him for years.

    Francesco is now an Internet bodybuilding icon, promising "A Quick Road To Muscular Perfection", and hundreds, yes hundreds of transformed individuals will attest to this claim. But the real clincher is that the methods he is sharing are based on sound training and diet techniques without the use of any drugs or supplements.

    But don't take our word for it, just look at his results and check out the link to his website.

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    Perry Chestang, Varsity Football Quarterback

    Perry Chestang

    Perry Chestang

    Residence: Calvert, Alabama
    Birth Date: 1 March 1988
    Birthplace: Calvert, Alabama

    High School Senior Perry Chestang, starting quarterback for the Citronelle Wildcats, of Citronelle, Alabama is no stranger to the grit and hard-nosed competitive spirit of varsity football in one of the most fanatical football regions in America. In fact, last year he helped his team go undefeated in 5A Region 1 competition, and 10-2 for the season as their starting linebacker; that's right, linebacker.

    But before you question how one goes from the defensive secondary to running the show at the helm of the offensive machine, consider that he has not only established a knack for connecting with his favorite receiver, Derrick Skanes, having tossed two 30+ yard passes his way in their first game of the year, but also powered his way into the end zone for two touchdown runs during that same meeting.

    Though the Citronelle team has made some moves, Chestang included, and is rebuilding both their offensive line and their defense from last year, we look forward to watching the young, athletic Perry Chestang fire it up in the air and burn it up on the ground for the rest of the season and beyond.

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