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Sandra ChastainSandra Chastain is a well established romance writer with 48 published works. This site is dedicated to Sandra and her fans. It includes a profile, book list, and book reviews. We hope you enjoy it.

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Sandra Anglin Chastain

Romance Writer

Sandra Chastain

Sandra Chastain was born in 1936 in Wadley, Georgia, 100 miles northwest of Savannah. As a little girl, she created fantasy lives for her paper dolls, and then she discovered Nancy Drew. Sandra wrote her first novel with a friend when she was 10 years old, The Mystery of the Green Necklace. Some four decades later, when her three daughters had gone off on their own, she returned to writing and was soon busy with writing, in addition to working with her husband in their veterinary practice in Smyrna, Georgia. Before long she was writing full time.

Sandra says, "As Southern as moonlight and magnolias, I am a native Georgian, who has lived in metropolitan Atlanta since 1954 when I attended Georgia State University. Like most women of my generation I put aside my career to marry and raise a family. Twenty years later I went back to my writing, and Bantam published my first romance in 1988."

She writes historical novels for Bantam, short contemporary romances for Harlequin, and southern women's fiction for Bellebooks. To date, she has produced 53 works, including her first fairy tale, The Tiniest Fairy In the Kingdom, published by Bellebooks. She writes under pennames Jenna Darcy and Allie Jordan as well as in her own name.

Sandra has won many honors and recognitions from her industry:

Sandra's husband, Pepper, is a descendant of Pierre Chastain, the French Huguenot who arrived in Virginia Colony in 1700, but Sandra considers herself a true Chastain, since she has been a Chastain longer than she was an Anglin!

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Sandra and Belle Books

In 1999, Sandra joined with five other established authors to create BelleBooks in Atlanta, Georgia, a publishing concern dedicated to the rich storytelling traditions of Southern women. The six authors are Donna Ball, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon, Virginia Ellis, Nancy Knight, and Deborah Smith. They were joined later by author Martha Shields. Sandra Chastain serves as the Public Relations Officer.

BelleBooks' first title was a collection of Southern short stories, Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes, released in May 2000. A sequel, More Sweet Tea, followed in 2005.

The second BelleBooks title released in June 2001. Mossy Creek is a collective novel about a fictional town in the North Georgia mountains. Mossy Creek proved to be the first of a popular series. The second novel Reunion at Mossy Creek appeared in 2002 followed by Summer in Mossy Creek (2003), Blessings of Mossy Creek (2004), A Day in Mossy Creek (2005), At Home in Mossy Creek (2007), Critters of Mossy Creek (2009), and Homecoming in Mossy Creek (2011).

In addition to collaborative works by the partners, BelleBooks publishes works by single authors from among the partners as well as from outside.

BelleBooks Website
BelleBooks feature in Southern Scribe

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The Latest from Sandra

Homecoming in Mossy CreekHomecoming in Mossy Creek, November, 2011 (with others). The eighth novel in the acclaimed Mossy Creek Hometown series continues the warm, witty and wise doings in a small Southern village you'll want to call home. It's been over twenty years since Mossy Creek experienced Homecoming, and they're determined to do it right! And you know Creekites...if there's something interesting going on, they won't rest until they know about it. So when a letter shows up at the Police Station with a warning about ugly secrets hidden in the time capsule buried twenty years ago, the whole town is abuzz with the possibilities. Meanwhile, Amos & Ida tangle in a deserted Haunted House. Ardaleen & Inez scrimmage at the Bake Sale. Pearl & Spiva spar as they volunteer at the Booster Club Canteen. All of your favorite characters are back as Mossy Creek celebrates Homecoming with festivities that make Southerners cheer. Football. Homecoming Queens. Parades. Plays. It's all happening during Homecoming in Mossy Creek! ~BelleBooks Website
Critters of Mossy Creek

Critters of Mossy Creek, September, 2009 (with others). Springtime brings thoughts of love to people all over the world, and Creekites are no exception. Although love to Creekites isn't necessarily romantic. Take, for example, how they feel about their pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish take center stage as we once again see how the Southern half lives. Your favorites are back and in just as much trouble as ever. Amos and Ida are still circling each other's wagons. Sandy Crane has a little Faith. Jayne Reynolds emerges from widowhood to take a long lingering look at Mossy Creek's Bubba Rice. Ed Bailey and his beloved dog Possum, Lil Ida Hamilton, Peggy Caldwell and others will make you laugh and cry at human and animal antics. Cat heists. Fish ponds. Bird nappings. Don't miss the fun with Critters of Mossy Creek! ~BelleBooks Website

At Home in Mossy Creek

At Home in Mossy Creek, July, 2007 (with others). It's Valentine's Day weekend in Mossy Creek, and Creekites don't need any new romantic dilemmas. The town's still buzzing over Ida and Amos's kiss. Hannah's heart flutters every time a certain handsome Scottish photographer walks into her library. Peggy's debating her first real date since her husband died. Harry's keeping a romantic secret from Josie. Sandy's got a romantic surprise for Jess. Sagan has to decide whether he and Emily really are a couple, and Win Allen's preparing his restaurant for the biggest night of the year. So waht could make the weekend more Chaotic? The Circus! Cirque d'Europa is stranded in Mossy Creek, and Creekites find themselves hosting some very strange characters with romantic problems of their own. ~BelleBooks Website

On Grandma's Porch

On Grandma's Porch, June, 2007 (with others).You could drink a glass of milk straight from the cow, ride a dirt road in the back of an old pick-up truck, and sleep on the back porch with a hound dog for company. A visit to Grandma and Grandpa's almost always promised a great adventure on their farm. Step back in time to the heartfelt innocence of a Southern childhood, a time when the rest of the world seemed far away and life was as clear as the morning dew on a ripe tomato. ~BelleBooks Website

A Day in Mossy Creek

A Day in Mossy Creek, February, 2006 (with others). Maybe it's the post-New Year's boredom. maybe it's the cold, frisky air. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Mossy Creek seem determined to get into trouble on a clear winter day in mid-January. Police Chief Amos Royden and his loyal officers, Mutt and Sandy, can barely keep up with the calls. Hank and Casey Blackshear's great aunt Irene, 93, leads a protest march of angry old folks--on their electric scooters. Louise and Charlie Sawyer battle renovation pitfalls (literally) in their cranky house. Pearl Quinlan fights her sister, Spiva, over a plate of brownies. Patty Campbell performs a makeover on Orville Gene Simpson's front yard, against Orville's will. All that and more! Last, but not least, Amos and Ida finally stop fighting their secret attraction, but then the trouble really begins! ~BelleBooks Website

From 2004 and 2005

Baring It AllBaring It All, August 8, 2005 (re-release). The world's most successful male stripper Lord Sin plans to retire after this charity dance that will raise money for the Atlanta Arts Festival. Not only is Sin the headliner, he donates his infamous Palace of Sin to the Atlanta Arts Festival. To Sin's surprise, he is attracted to WTRU reporter Sara "Sunny" Clary, who is covering the event. Sunny hopes to expose Sin's identity in an exclusive. Sin places Sunny in the special hot seat where the guest receives royal treatment. The show may be Sin's last performance, but he exceeds even his high standard due to Sunny's presence. Immediately following the show, Sin vanishes. Sunny turns for help in attaining an interview to the person who sponsored the event, Atlanta real estate tycoon Ryan Malone. He cuts a deal that he has two weeks to try to get her in his bed while he attempts to obtain the interview with Sin for her. Unbeknownst to Sunny, who wonders what is wrong with her hormones because she is attracted to two men, Ryan is Sin.

BARING IT ALL is the usual Sandra Chastain excellent tale. The story line centers on what is truly the truth. Though Sin is a mysterious hunk, Sunny brings the plot to its fruition as she learns that veracity is in the mind of the beholder. Only Ms. Chastain could take an Atlanta striptease and make it seem wholesome and mainstream in a beautiful romantic novel; thus another triumph from one of the romance genre's top ten writers of all time. ~Harriet Klausner

More Sweet Tea

More Sweet Tea, April 30, 2005 (with others). Source: Heartland Reviews--This is a second short story anthology from a perky group of Georgia authors. This highly experienced group provides additional warm and fun stories based on deep southern culture. As a bonus, a recipe section is included. All these authors are good, with interesting stories to tell. Everything they write is either touching and/or a hoot. We highly recommend their entire catalog and rated this particular books four hearts.

Source: Newnan Times Herald, The Henry County Times, Jonesboro News Daily, and The Henry Herald, Reviewer: Mary Jane Holt--The Sweet Tea books clearly define what it means to be Southern with a Southern family. ~BelleBooks Website

Blessing of Mossy CreekBlessings of Mossy Creek, June, 2004 (with others). It is a blessing to live in Mossy Creek located hours North of Atlanta, where everyone who lives there wants to stay there. Neighbors help friends and arguments are usually settled amicably. Outsiders who move there are warmly welcomed as long as they treat others, as they want to be treated. When the bride has no flowers for her wedding day, the groom tries to find them but it is the people of Mossy Creek who work together to fill up the church with roses and one woman donates her prize winning rose instead of entering them in the local competition. The owner of a ballet school and the owner of the funeral home are feuding and disturbing the newly bereaved. Tango lessons temporarily solve the problem and friendship finds a solution.

Even the children in Mossy Creek are kind hearted. John Wesley has been saving up all summer to buy his mother a birthday present but when a homeless hungry family of migrant workers passes through town, he gives them his money for gasoline and food. On an amusing note, the town bands together to save a tree from being torn down while Amos the chief of police tries to get Ida the mayor to admit she has feelings for him.

There are many more blessings in Katie Bell's column in the Mossy Creek Gazette; they are all tender, worn-hearted and uplifting as the ones in this review. Mossy Creek combines the atmosphere of an Anne River Seddons' novel with the magic of a Barbara Samuels' character study. The latest trip is worth the journey. ~Harriet Klausner


KaseyBelle: The Tiniest Fairy in the Kingdom, April, 2004. As the tiniest fairy in the land, KaseyBelle is very sad, as she is unable to do some the glorious things that the taller fairies do. Even with what she can accomplish, she must work twice as hard as others must because her wings required more rotation and ripples to achieve the goal.

The Fairy Queen saw her littlest subject crying so she went to learn why. KaseyBelle said she wept because she was so much smaller than the others are. The wise Queen told her that she was special and persuaded the frightened wee fairy to ride Rhett the dragonfly, something no one else could do. The other fairies are jealous, but would not be if they knew that Ivan the mean giant captured KaseyBelle and Rhett. KaseyBelle knows it is up to her to rescue them and teach Ivan to be nice so the courageous "Tiniest Fairy in the Kingdom" confronts the meanest biggest dude of them all.

This is an adorable early elementary-preschool fairy tale starring a delightful individual that makes believers out of us ancient cynics. Besides the fabulous illustrations that enhance the entire tale, the story line is fun to follow and contains a strong message that everyone is special. Sandra Chastain displays her talent with this fine tale that the young ones will cherish. ~Harriet Klausner

Celibataire a La Carte

Celibataire a La Carte, April 15, 2004. Pour plaire a son patron, tres soucieux des conventions, Anne s'est inventee un fiance en passant par l'agence Celibataires-a-la-carte qui lui a fourini des photos. Mais voila que le patron en question veut voir en chair et en os le fiance de papier glace... Fermer cette fenetre

Look, But Don't Touch

Look, But Don't Touch, January 2, 2004. Photographer Cat McCade's fifteen minutes of fame came from her shots of men posing in underwear for an ad campaign. Though she enjoys the male physique, at least those of her models, she is more skittish than a fraidy cat when it comes to personal relationships. She never allows anyone to get close to her heart. That changes when she meets the Texas Ranger.

Jesse Dane is the classic Ranger, a lawman preferring to live alone. However, since he shared that one evening with Cat, his bed seems empty. Desperate to forget that incredible evening of sex in heaven, he dives deep into his work. He is assigned to guard a photographer working for influential businessman Sterling Szachon. However, this is one body he wants to do more than just guard, as his assignment is to protect Cat.

Only the great Sandra Chastain can use the coincidence of a second encounter due to the convergence of their respective jobs and turn it into a first rate contemporary romance. Ms. Chastain succeeds because the audience quickly likes and cares about the lead couple, hoping they can make it as much out of bed as they do in. Perhaps not quite classic Chastain, LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH remains a fabulously written terrific tale that thoroughly entertains the reader. ~Harriet Klausner

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Comprehensive Book List by Year (English)
Some dates are copyright dates, and others are release dates.
  • The Very Best, 1987 Ivy Books
  • Too Hot to Handle, Loveswept #235, 1988 Bantam Books
  • For Love of Lacy, Loveswept #262, 1988 Bantam Books
  • Showdown at Lizard Rock, Loveswept #277, 1988 Bantam Books
  • The Silver Bullet Affair, Loveswept #320, 1989 Bantam Books
  • Joker’s Wild, Loveswept #344, 1989 Bantam Books
  • Penthouse Suite, Loveswept #374, 1990 Bantam Books
  • Adam’s Outlaw, Loveswept #391, 1990 Bantam Books
  • Run Wild With Me, Loveswept #410, 1990 Bantam Books
  • Sweetwater, 1990 Warner Books
  • Danny’s Girl, Loveswept #454, 1991 Bantam Books
  • Firebrand, Loveswept #459, 1991 Bantam Books
  • Silver Bracelets, Loveswept #479, 1991 Bantam Books
  • The Judge and the Gypsy, Loveswept #512, 1991 Bantam Books
  • Spider's Web, Kismet #41, 1991 Meteor Publishing
  • Sweet Seduction, Kismet #58, 1991 Meteor Publishing
  • Love and a Blue-Eyed Cowboy, Loveswept #531, 1992 Bantam Books
  • Lean Mean Loving Machine, Loveswept #546, 1992 Bantam Books
  • Scarlet Butterfly, Loveswept #571, 1992 Bantam Books
  • Southern Nights, 1992 Bantam Books
  • Jasmine and Silk, Harlequin Historical #156, 1993 Harlequin
  • Night Dreams Loveswept #591, 1993 Bantam Books
  • Hannah’s Hunk, Loveswept #610, 1993 Bantam Books
  • The Morning After, Loveswept #636, 1993 Bantam Books
  • Summer of the Soldiers, 1993 Pinnacle Books
  • Sunshine and Satin, Harlequin Historical #198, 1993 Harlequin
  • Gabriel’s Outlaw, Loveswept #672, 1994 Bantam Books
  • Imaginary Lover, Loveswept #717, 1994 Bantam Books

  • Rebel in Silk, Once Upon a Time Romance, 1994 Bantam Books
  • Scandal in Silver, Once Upon a Time Romance, 1994 Bantam Books
  • The Redhead and the Preacher, 1995 Bantam Books
  • My Guardian Angel, 1995 (with others) Bantam Books
  • Midnight Fantasy, Loveswept #758, 1995 Bantam Books
  • Sinner and Saint, Loveswept #791, 1996 Bantam Books
  • Surrender the Shadow, Loveswept #810, 1996 Bantam Books
  • Raven and the Cowboy, 1996 Bantam Books
  • Scarlet Lady, Loveswept #855, 1997 Bantam Books
  • The Last Dance, Loveswept #914, 1998 Bantam Books
  • Shotgun Groom, 1998 Bantam Books
  • The Runaway Bride, 1999 Bantam Books
  • Baring It All, Harlequin Temptation #768, 2000 Harlequin
  • The Outlaw Bride, 2000 Bantam Books
  • Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes, 2000 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Mossy Creek, 2001 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Bedroom Eyes, Harlequin Temptation #843, 2001 Harlequin
  • The Mail Order Groom, 2002 Bantam Books
  • Reunion at Mossy Creek, 2002 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Summer in Mossy Creek, 2003 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Look, But Don’t Touch, Harlequin Temptation #923, 2004 Harlequin
  • Kaseybelle: The Tiniest Fairy in the Kingdom, 2004 BelleBooks
  • Blessings of Mossy Creek, 2004 (with others) BelleBooks
  • More Sweet Tea, 2005 (with others) BelleBooks
  • A Day in Mossy Creek, 2006 (with others) BelleBooks
  • On Grandma's Porch, 2007 (with others) BelleBooks
  • At Home in Mossy Creek, 2007 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Critters of Mossy Creek, 2009 (with others) BelleBooks
  • Homecoming in Mossy Creek, 2011 (with others) BelleBooks
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Some dates are copyright dates, and others are release dates.
The plus sign (+) indicates multiple reviews.
As Jenna Darcy As Allie Jordan Once Upon a Time Romances, Bantam Books: Fanfare Books, Bantam Books Lacey Series (Loveswept), Bantam Books: Lizard Rock Series (Loveswept), Bantam Books: Mac's Angels Series (Loveswept), Bantam Books: Other Loveswept Novels, Bantam Books: Harlequin Books: Miscellaneous Novels: Fairy Tale: Collections: Mossy Creek:
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Harriet Klausner--Number #1 Fan?

Could Harriet Klausner be Sandra Chastain's number one fan? Judging by her quantity of reviews, she could be! Chastain Central found Klausner reviews for 12 of Sandra's books (her Baring It All review is found under Book Report). This compares to 8 reviews by Kate Blake, 5 by Melinda Helfer, and 5 by Ms. Giggles. All but one of Klausner's reviews cover works from different categories since 1999, as do those of Ms. Giggles, whereas Blake's reviews are of romance novels from 1990-2001, and Helfer's reviews comprise the 1995-1999 Mac's Angels Series.

However, let's look more closely at Harriet Klausner. Further digging reveals that she reads an enormous number of books and churns out a constant stream of reviews. She is Amazon's Number 1 Reviewer with more than 9900 reviews. She has written more than 8300 reviews for Best Reviews, and she is designated the Number One Reader in America by Book Magazine, averaging 20 books per week. Her Personal Website contains an extensive list that represents only a portion of her reviews.

Klausner is certainly a fan of reading and of writing reviews, but can she be said to be a fan specifically of Sandra Chastain? Fortunately she answers this question herself. She states, I enjoy a heated romance, especially written by the Sandras - Chastain and Brown. So there we have it. Harriet Klausner is a big Sandra Chastain fan--perhaps the biggest. However, you may think otherwise. Perhaps you are Sandra's number one fan. Let us know what you think about it!

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