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From Arizona police officer Mark Chastain who was shot by a motorist
to James Pierre Chastain who murdered his wife, Chastains have been on both sides of the law.
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1. Police Officer Mark Chastain Shot by Motorist
2. Heather Chasteen Injured in Railroad Crossing Crash Twice in One Day!

11-16-07 Peggy Shasteen Sues For Negligence in Her Mother's Death (West Virginia Record - Charleston, WV) Dr. Jack M. Levine is named as one of four defendants in wrongful death lawsuit in Shelby Circuit Court. Along with Levine, the suit names Shelby Memorial Hospital, Shelby Area Ambulance Service and Dr. Arnold V. Agapito. According to the article, Peggy Shasteen filed the suit in her capacity as special administrix of the estate of her late mother, Dona Ogilvie. Shasteen alleges that SMH, SAAS, Agapito and Levine were all some way negligent in her mother's death. With the exception of Levine, Shasteen is seeking $300,000 in damages from the defendants...According to the article, Shasteen alleges her mother died in her home on Nov. 10, 2005 following a colonoscopy. Full Story Back to Top
11-06-07 Trooper Shannon Chasteen Helps Nab Robber (Greenwood Index Journal - Greenwood, SC) An armed robbery suspect was tracked and hemmed in by a bloodhound early Monday after he reportedly robbed a convenience store and ran into the woods...Investigators also charged his girlfriend, Latasha Hope, 21, 912 Taggert St., Greenwood, with obstruction of justice...By piecing together witness accounts, deputies determined the suspect's girlfriend (who had been seen in the area earlier) might have been driving a green Pontiac Grand Am. Once that information was forwarded via radio, SCHP Trooper Shannon Chasteen found the Pontiac and stopped it. Hope reportedly was driving the vehicle, and Chasteen detained her for GCSO deputies...When the Bloodhound Tracking Team arrived, the dog picked up the suspect's scent and tracked him for about a half-mile through a wooded area and toward the Augusta Fields subdivision. Bloodhound Team deputies found Henderson hiding behind an air-conditioning unit near a residence Full Story Back to Top
10-24-07 SBA's Carol Chastang Responds to California Wildfires ( - Washington, DC) Carol Chastang, a spokeswoman for the Small Business Administration, said she was not sure how many applications the agency would receive because many evacuees have yet to file claims. But SBA "will work to get money into the hands of these folks swiftly," she said. Chastang said that homeowners affected by the wildfires can apply for loans of up to $200,000 for damage to real estate properties, and homeowners and renters can apply for loans of up to $40,000 for damage to personal property. All businesses can apply to SBA for as much as $1.5 million in loans to compensate for the damage of property and equipment, and small businesses can also apply for up to $1.5 million in economic injury disaster loans, which are designed to make up losses sustained because of the dislocation of clients and customers. Full Story Back to Top
09-26-07 Officer Wayne Chastain Gets Four-Legged Partner (Baker City Herald - Baker City, OR) Turbo, the city's new 2-year-old black Labrador retriever, began the day with a demonstration for city employees, council members and media representatives at City Hall...The dog is partnered with Officer Wayne Chastain, who brought Turbo to Baker City after a two-week training at Marysville, Wash., where they were certified by the Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association. Before Chastain joined him, Turbo had been in training for three months learning to find marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. It's Turbo's sense of smell, which is 100 times more sensitive than that of humans, that makes him especially helpful in drug investigations, Chastain says...The dog has joined Chastain and his wife, Farrah, and their two children at their home. While on patrol, Chastain will drive a car modified to include a backseat cage for Turbo and a specially tinted window to provide a cooler environment for the dog. The cruiser is clearly marked with decals that state: "K-9 Stay Back" and "Drug K-9." Full Story Back to Top
09-19-07 Police and Firefighters' Unions Oppose Recall of Mayor Kelly Chastain (San Bernardino Sun - San Bernardino, CA) The city's police and firefighters' unions are opposing an attempt to recall Mayor Kelly Chastain. Representatives from both unions made statements in support of Chastain at Tuesday night's City Council meeting..."In the opinion of Colton's firefighters, recalls are an action of final resort that should be saved for those who have done something criminal or who are abusing the public trust," said Doug Blinkinsop, Colton representative for the San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters Local 935. "This is clearly not the case with Mayor Chastain." A group of business leaders served the mayor with a recall notice at the Sept. 4 council meeting...Recall proponents said Chastain has misused her position by launching irresponsible attacks on her opponents. They said she has made fiscally irresponsible decisions and supported unpopular projects such as annexation and a bike path along Colton Avenue. Chastain said she is being attacked because she crossed "the `good ol' boys' who were used to getting their way in our city." Full Story Back to Top
08-16-07 Eric Chastain Brother-In-Law and Killer Up for Parole (OCRegister - Orange County, CA) Convicted murderer Delbert Crittenden could not believe what he just heard during his parole hearing at Soledad prison last year. “We find you suitable … and find that you would not pose an unreasonable risk,” Commissioner Susan Fisher told him...Eric Chastain was 35 when he was shot to death May 25, 1987, outside the Los Alamitos home of Delbert Crittenden, his brother-in-law...The trouble started when Deborah Chastain showed up and found her husband intoxicated. After words were exchanged, Eric followed Deborah to their home on the back part of the property. And there, according to Deborah, Chastain slapped her, threw her against a wall divider and choked her. She ran back to her brother’s house. Crittenden and Chastain had clashed before, over allegations that Chastain had been beating Deborah. And once – 18 months earlier – Chastain had pummeled Crittenden when a disagreement came to blows...So Crittenden armed himself with a 12-gauge pump-action Mossberg shotgun. With Deborah screaming and Chastain approaching menacingly, Crittenden fired a warning shot through a sliding glass door, slightly wounding Chastain. And then, as Deborah shouted, “Dale, don’t!” and with Chastain continuing to approach, Crittenden did. Full Story Back to Top
08-15-07 Master Sgt. Taylor Chastain Receives Purple Heart (WLBT-TV - Jackson, MS) Master Sergeants Taylor Chastain and Stan Fisher and Deputy Kip Luby received police purple hearts in the sheriff department's conference room. The SWAT members were wounded on April 27th after 79-year-old Roosevelt "Bo" Wilson opened fire on officers during a six-hour standoff. Chastain was more severely wounded than Luby and Fisher. He said, "I was out for six weeks; back to work in about a month and a half and been fine ever since; just a little pain every now and then but other than that back to normal.." Full Story Back to Top
07-23-07 Ryan Chastain Drowns in Lake (Indianapolis Star) Divers recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy who disappeared while swimming with relatives at a private lake in Washington County, Indiana Conservation Officers said. The body of Ryan Chastain, of Salem, was found about 7:30 p.m. Sunday in about 20 feet of water, said Indiana Conservation Officer Mark Farmer. Full Story Back to Top
07-12-07 State Auditor Testimony Supports Former Chastain Middle School Principal (Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS) An investigator with the state auditor's office dropped a bombshell this afternoon at the termination hearing for Michael Ellis, who was ousted as principal of Chastain Middle School. Geeta Sethi testified that a state investigation showed Ellis did not falsify pay records when he was principal of Chastain. That finding followed a Jackson Public Schools audit. The JPS audit was cited as the reason Ellis was fired in December. Ellis was accused of changing a time sheet for LoShondra King, a former Chastain office worker, to show she worked when she did not. Ellis has attributed the real reason for the JPS audit to the sexual harassment complaint he filed against Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Earl Watkins, an allegation Watkins has denied. Full Story Back to Top
07-12-07 King Testimony Supports Former Chastain Middle School Principal (Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS) LoShondra King, armed with her desk calendar from Chastain Middle School, testified at Michael Ellis’ termination today that the former principal did not falsify payroll records for her. Ellis was fired amid accusations he changed a time sheet for King, a former Chastain office worker, to show she worked when she did not. Ellis attributes the real reason to a sexual harassment complaint he filed against Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Earl Watkins, an allegation Watkins has denied. Full Story Back to Top
07-09-07 Dewey and Danny Chastain Spent Thirty Years Together in Law Enforcement (Cleveland Daily Banner - Cleveland, TN) They are brothers by blood and badge. Dewey and Danny Chastain have more than 60 years of law enforcement experience collectively. They have worked together nearly all their lives and attribute that to a close-knit family while growing up in Cleveland. Dewey is the oldest, but neither will give up their age. “He is three years uglier than me,” said Danny. Dewey will be retiring from the Cleveland Police Department at the end of this year...Shortly after Lamar Lawson’s death, Dewey became the Bradley County sheriff, appointed to fill the slot until the next election. Robert Lawson defeated Dewey in the election...Dewey is currently a patrol supervisor holding the rank of sergeant. Danny is lieutenant over the Criminal Investigations Division. Full Story Back to Top
07-08-07 Arron Chasteen Trades Violin for Police Badge (Pueblo Chieftain - Pueblo, CO) After a 12-year career as a violinist with the Pueblo Symphony, Arron Chasteen stepped off stage and into the unfamiliar world of police work. She was hired by the Pueblo Police Department in October 2005. “The symphony was a part of me,” said Chasteen. “It was very hard to leave. But it was part of a new start for me. It was like being resurrected.”...“Playing in the symphony, when you walked on stage, there was a certain persona of professionalism that you had to show,” said Chasteen. “There was a job to do under scrutiny in the public eye. Similarly, I've noticed when I put on the uniform of the Pueblo Police Department, I carry myself in a different way as well because of the expectations.” Chasteen said the teamwork aspect of the police department also mirrors the collective musical effort of the symphony. Full Story Back to Top
07-07-07 Theodore Chastain and Frances Chastain Injured in Shooting (Times Daily (subscription) - Florence, AL) Three suspects have been arrested and charged with capital murder in a June 29 shooting at a Montgomery intersection that killed 20-year-old Emilee A. Buch and wounded two others...Buch, Theodore Chastain, 21, and Frances Chastain, 20, were in a vehicle at the intersection when someone approached with a gun. Theodore Chastain struggled with the gunman and shots were fired. Buch was shot in the head and died at the scene. The Chastains' injuries are not life-threatening. Full Story Back to Top
07-06-07 J.B. Chastain Injured in Auto Accident (Times-Mail (subscription) - Bedford, IN) J.B. Chastain was injured in a traffic accident on Lincoln Avenue Tuesday. Chastain, 45, 2216 Norton Lane, suffered minor bleeding to his elbow or lower arm. A car driven by Aimee E. Scott, 22, Oolitic, was stopped on Menaugh Avenue waiting to pull northbound onto Lincoln Avenue at 5:18 p.m., according to a Bedford Police Department accident report. Chastain was southbound on Lincoln Avenue when Scott pulled out in front of him. The vehicles collided. Full Story Back to Top
06-30-07 Theodore and Frances Chastain Injured in Shooting (WSFA - Montgomery, AL) Police say an unknown assailant approached a car driven by Emilee Buch, 20, of Montgomery, at the corner of Cherry and Boyce streets around 10:30 last night. After what police say is a botched robbery attempt, the shooter opened fire on the car, killing Buch and injuring Frances Chastain, 20, and Theodore Chastain, 21, both of Montgomery...Both Theodore and Frances Chastain were admitted to nearby Jackson Hospital last night and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Theodore was released from the hospital later on. Police have not found the culprit yet but they do have a description. Full Story Back to Top
06-17-07 Philip Chestang Loses Arm in Accident (Mobile Register - Mobile, AL) "Philip Chestang, the white carpenter who fell from the new building on the corner of St. Louis and Water streets Thursday and who was taken to the Providence Infirmary Friday, had his right arm amputated Friday evening by Dr. W.T. Henderson. He was reported last night doing as well as could be expected." Full Story Back to Top
06-05-07 Vicky Chastain Completes 30 Years at Police Department (Staunton News Leader - Staunton, VA) After she graduated high school, her sister talked her into coming to work for the Staunton Police Department. It was her sister, who also worked for the department, who trained Vicky on the job. She hasn't left since, staying with the police department for 30 years and counting. Chastain also has a part-time job as the nursery supervisor at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, a position that fulfills her childhood ambition of becoming a teacher. Full Story Back to Top
05-26-07 Hearing for Chastain Middle School Principal Resumes Tuesday (WLBT-TV - Jackson, MS) The hearing for fired Chastain Middle School Principal Michael Ellis will resume Tuesday. Attorneys for Ellis are calling for the hearing officer to recuse himself. Full Story Back to Top
05-16-07 Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain May Take on Duties at Neighboring Town (Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson, SC) The West Union Town Council voted 3-0 Wednesday in a special meeting for an ordinance to abolish the town’s police department...The proposed ordinance says West Union intends to contract with another governmental entity to provide routine police services, including periodic and random police patrols around the clock, seven days a week. A letter outlining points in a possible agreement between West Union and Walhalla was sent to Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain on May 2...Chief Chastain said Wednesday he was approached, but he has turned the letter over to Walhalla City Administrator Nancy Goehle. “Any contract would have to be hammered out between the two councils,” Chief Chastain said. “I’m not going to get in the middle of any political discussions.” Full Story Back to Top
05-08-07? Deputy Taylor Chastain Recovering from Gunshot Injury (WMC-TV - Memphis, TN) Two Madison County sheriff's deputies are waiting for the O-K from their doctors to go back to work after being injured in an April 27th standoff that ended with two deaths. Deputies Kip Luby and Stan Fisher were injured in a northern Madison County six-hour standoff when 79-year-old Roosevelt "Bo" Wilson opened fire on officers...Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge says a third deputy, Taylor Chastain, was shot in the leg and suffered a severed artery. Chastain is recovering. Full Story Back to Top
05-05-07 Sgt. Carrol Chataignier Describes Auto Accident (Longmont Daily Times-Call - Longmont, CO) Sgt. Carrol Chataignier said the boy was still in critical condition as of Friday night. The front-seat passenger of the Buick, a 17-year-old girl from Longmont, and the Jeep’s driver, 53-year-old Francis Coury of Longmont, who was the only occupant in the Jeep, were taken by ambulance to Longmont United Hospital, Chrisman said. The two teens were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash, Chataignier said, and the driver’s side airbag in the Buick did not deploy. Coury was wearing his seat belt, and both airbags in the Jeep deployed. Chataignier said the teenage girl and Coury had differing opinions on whether the Buick’s driver stopped at the intersection. Both were released from LUH by Friday evening, Chataignier said. The driver of the Buick, who had a valid license, pulled in front of traffic and appeared to be at fault in the collision, Chrisman said. Chataignier said charges are pending. Full Story Back to Top
05-02-07 Deputy Taylor Chastain Released from Hospital (Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS) A Madison County sheriff’s deputy injured during a standoff last week has been released from the hospital. Taylor Chastain suffered a leg wound and underwent surgery Friday at the University of Mississippi Medical Center after being shot earlier that day in northern Madison County. Full Story Back to Top
04-28-07 Deputy Taylor Chastain in Serious Condition After Shootout (Picayune Item - Picayune, MS) One of three Madison County deputies wounded during a shootout remained hospitalized Saturday. Tena McKenzie, a spokeswoman for the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, said Deputy Taylor Chastain remained in serious condition. Chastain had undergone surgery Friday. McKenzie said Deputies Thomas Luby and Stanley Fisher — who suffered less serious wounds in the shootout — were released from the hospital late Friday. Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge said Roosevelt “Bo” Wilson, 79, was shot to death by lawmen after keeping officers at bay for six hours outside his home along U.S. 51 in the Pickens area. The three deputies were wounded after they were sent in to get out other lawmen who had been pinned down by gunshots from Wilson. Full Story Back to Top
03-30-07 Chastain’s Restaurant Has Fire Scare (Sapulpa Daily Herald - Sapulpa, OK) A small corner restaurant in downtown Sapulpa experienced a fire scare on Thursday morning. When the manager of Chastain’s went to work that day, the whole restaurant was filled with an acrid smoke...The Sapulpa Fire Department arrived to assess the level of threat. The firefighters then spent almost two hours searching for the source of the smoke. After checking out the restaurant and the rest of the building, SFD gave the all clear. Lori Rose, owner of Chastain’s, was impressed with the efficiency of the Sapulpa Fire Department...“We’re just happy it was a false alarm.” The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Full Story Back to Top
03-10-07 Larry Chasteen Discusses Disaster Response Bus (Southeast Missourian - Cape Girardeau, MO) The recent purchase of a 1989 Bluebird school bus from the Scott City School District by the North Scott County Ambulance District proved to be a win-win situation...The ambulance district obtained an affordable vehicle to convert into a mass casualty and disaster response vehicle, said Jeff Curnell, emergency medical technician with the district..."Basically, what this will be is a great big ambulance with the capability of a command center," he said...Larry Chasteen, district administrator, said a fully outfitted disaster unit such as the one Sikeston, Mo., has can run as high as $350,000. "We're trying to develop some disaster preparedness," Chasteen said. "This gives us another tool to use to support ourselves a little bit better. It's a step in the right direction." Chasteen is looking for community volunteers to help get the bus ready, particularly with paint preparedness and painting the outside of the bus, electrical work, generators, radios, air conditioners and cabinetry. Full Story Back to Top
03-07-07 Winnie Vick Chastain Devastated by Cemetery Vandalism (CBS 11 - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) The grave of Isaac Parker itself was untouched, but nearly two dozen other monuments were desecrated in the tiny Turner Cemetery, just east of Lake Weatherford. "Well I've already got my crying over with, I think. I hope I have anyway," said Winnie Vick Chastain, who has tended the cemetery for more than 40 years. Three generations of Vick's have looked after Turner Cemetery for more than a century. Now her parents and grandparents graves have been desecrated with satanic slurs and pentagrams. "I was devastated. We've never had this to happen before and it's such a nasty language and destruction," she said. Besides Vick's family graves there was other vandalism. An 1865 marble tablet marker was snapped off and a tiny angel figurine was beheaded. Full Story Back to Top
03-03-07 Detective Sgt. C.J. Chastain Participates in Prostitution Sting (Grays Harbor Daily World - Grays Harbor and Northern Pacific Counties, WA) She didn’t know Kelley was an Aberdeen Police detective working undercover with two other detectives on their first online prostitution sting...Last year, police received 19 prostitution complaints and made one arrest. This, however, was the first Internet related case Aberdeen investigated...In the Aberdeen woman’s want ad, what she wanted is up for debate. She solicited “donations,” offering suggested amounts for a half-hour or hour of her time. Donation rates were also listed for date nights and overnight visits...Detective Kelley and Detective Bret Ellis set up surveillance equipment in the hotel room. Ellis and Detective Sgt. C.J. Chastain were in the room next door watching, listening and waiting for Kelley to say the pre-arranged signal word to make the arrest. For several hours, they just waited. They started thinking maybe she wouldn’t show or knew it was a sting. But just before 5 p.m., there was a knock on Kelley’s door. Ellis and Chastain jumped up to watch the video screen as the woman walked in and sat on the couch. “So, how’s this work?” Kelley asked. “I’ve never done this before.” “Everyone says that,” she responded...After he felt he had enough probable cause to arrest her — but before anything crossed the line — he gave the signal. “Aberdeen Police! You’re under arrest!” Chastain and Ellis said as they rushed into the room. Full Story Back to Top
02-10-07 Attorney Michael Chastaine Will Appeal Pimp's Sentence (Stockton Record - Stockton, CA) A pimp arrested in Stockton and later convicted of trafficking girls and women in an elaborate sex trade that wove together several Western cities was sentenced Friday to spend 40 years in federal prison. Will Moss Jr., 31, won't be eligible for release from prison until he is 65 years old...Attorneys for Moss already filed a notice that they plan to appeal the sentence, said Folsom attorney Michael Chastaine, who represented Moss during the trial. Chastaine said he thought Moss should have received a 19-year sentence. Many of the girls who testified against Moss had worked as prostitutes before encountering Moss and during the trial exaggerated Moss' conduct, Chastaine said. "They made it sound forced," he said. "I think that's just not an accurate portrayal of what was going on." Full Story Back to Top
02-08-07 Chief of Police Gary Chasteen Speaks to College Theft (The Sting - USA) Two Howell-dwelling students had left for the weekend on January 12th, and upon returning on January 15th, found most of their electronics stolen. Approximately $900 worth of merchandise – including a portable DVD player, video games, and movies – were stolen out of rooms 140 and 136. These rooms were connected by a bathroom to accommodate a handicapped student. The burglar/s cut the screen out of the window in room 140 and then proceeded to open the unlocked window and enter the room. From room 140, they crossed through the bathroom and into room 136. Chief of Police Gary Chasteen stated that although we’ve had a few thefts since December, normally “we don’t have much theft at all.” Full Story Back to Top
02-08-07 Lt. Col. Don Chastain Comments on Mike Young Scholarship (Florida Times-Union - Jacksonville, FL) Georgia State Patrol troopers throughout the state vowed to always remember Cpl. Mike Young, after he died in an accident while on duty in August...The Camden County Sheriff's Office donated $50,000 in seized drug money on Wednesday to create an endowed scholarship at Savannah State University in the fallen trooper's name..."There's not a day that goes by we don't think of Mike Young," Lt. Col. Don Chastain said at the ceremony. Chastain said the state patrol has a "sincere appreciation" for the endowment in Young's name. "This scholarship will assist a leader of tomorrow." he said. Full Story Back to Top
01-26-07 Sheriff John Shasteen Comments on Ebner Case (Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH) A former doctor who handed out painkillers from storefronts across southeastern Ohio is headed to prison...Ebner saw up to 90 patients a week in "pain clinics" that operated in Ohio’s Appalachian region, where doctors are in short supply. At these clinics, Ebner had little or no medical equipment and gave not even a cursory examination before prescribing Xanax and Lorcet, both controlled substances by government and the medical profession’s standards. The patients paid cash for their prescriptions that Ebner instructed could be filled at only certain pharmacies...Jackson County Sheriff John Shasteen said in a news release that Ebner had worked at two clinics in that county, one just south of the Jackson city limits and one across the street from the local hospital. Full Story Back to Top
01-25-07 Carol Chastain Speaks on Identity Theft (Union Sentinel - Blairsville, GA) The speaker is Carol Chastain from United Community Banks. Ms. Chastain will present information to help you avoid becoming the victim of identity theft as well as what to do if you are a victim. She will also discuss frauds and scams that are targeted primarily against seniors. Carol is the Chief Compliance Officer for United Community Banks, Inc. and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. Her areas of responsibility include bank security and customer information privacy and security. Full Story Back to Top
12-27-06 Officer Curt Chastain Describes Arrest (Sierra Sun (subscription) - Truckee, CA) Fresno police on Thursday apprehended the Washington man suspected of killing his girlfriend and stealing a vehicle from a Truckee gas station. Michael Ray Faler, 39, was arrested on warrants alleging second-degree murder and first-degree robbery by the Fresno Police Department...“We were alerted by the authorities in Washington that [Faler] had a background in Fresno — that he had lived in Fresno,” said Fresno police Sgt. Curt Chastain. Fresno police received information on the Subaru Faler stole from the Union 76 gas station on Deerfield Drive in Truckee, and about 14 officers from the Street Violence Tactical Team searched likely locations for Faler, Chastain said. “He was seen by an officer, but he also saw the officer and he ran,” Chastain said. “We searched the area and blocked him from getting back into the stolen vehicle, after which there was a short foot pursuit and a fight with the arresting officers.” Full Story Back to Top
11-14-06 Three Charged in Death of Thomas Franklin Chastain (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) A joint investigation by the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Cleveland Fire Department Arson Investigator Donnie Sullivan, and the State Fire Marshall’s Office on Tuesday led to charges against three individuals for a December 2005 fire on Lowery Street in Cleveland. The body of Thomas Franklin Chastain, 40, was found in a mobile home after firefighters extinguished the blaze...Mr. Chastain died on Dec. 20, 2005 in the early morning fire at the mobile home he occupied at 280 Lowery St. The trailer was engulfed in flames when the Cleveland Fire Department arrived to extinguish the blaze. It took about 20 minutes to bring the fire under control. Full Story Back to Top
11-13-06 Rhonda Chastaine Establishes Victim Assistance Program (Kingman Daily Miner - Kingman, AZ) "I get a real sense of being able to help someone and really make a difference when they're (the victims) at their worse in a crisis and have no one else around to help them," volunteer coordinator Betty Munyon said...Rhonda Chastaine founded the program in 1990, using the model set up by Vicki Sharp, who was with the Pima County Sheriff's office at the time. Sharp worked as a mentor to Chastaine and helped shape the development of the program in Mohave County. "There was nothing in the county, let alone Kingman, that addressed or assisted victims at the time," Chastaine said about why she started the program. "Law enforcement, as much as they try, do not have the time to answer all the victims' questions," she added. Full Story Back to Top
10-18-06 Prosecutor Mark Chasteen Wins Life Sentence in Murder (Pioneer Press - St. Paul, MN) A Hennepin County judge today found a Minneapolis man guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting of Alan Reitter, a mortgage broker slain as he and his fiancée strolled along Block E in downtown Minneapolis. Derick Holliday, 21, now faces a mandatory life sentence...The prosecutor, assistant Hennepin County Attorney Mark Chasteen, contended a first-degree conviction was justified because Reitter's death was premeditated and intentional, even though Holliday had a bead on another man. Full Story Back to Top
10-07-06 Prosecutor Mark Chasteen Pushes for Life Imprisonment (Pioneer Press - St. Paul, MN) As prosecutor Mark Chasteen described the death Friday, defendant Derick Holliday, 21, cleaved to the prosecutor's words. At stake for him is life in prison. "Derick Holliday had decided to take a life, not build one,'' the prosecutor charged, hoping to stick Holliday with first-degree murder, although the government concurred Holliday was after someone else. Chasteen contended a first-degree conviction is justified because Reitter's death was premeditated and intentional, even though Holliday had a bead on another man. "He was out to kill somebody,'' Chasteen said. Judge Toddrick Barnette, who presided over the nonjury trial, will issue his verdict Oct. 18. While first-degree murder means life behind bars, a conviction of third-degree murder — which the defense said should be the harshest penalty Holliday receives — means a prison sentence of 12½ years. Full Story Back to Top
9-27-06 Michael Chastaine Replaces Attorney in Sex Crimes Case (Lincoln News Messenger - Lincoln, CA) Dennis Olsen, the former Lincoln planning commissioner charged with sex crimes, has hired a new attorney. Michael Chastaine of the Sacramento-based firm Rothschild, Wishek and Sands will represent Olsen, who was formerly represented by Thomas Leupp. Chastaine substituted in as attorney of record for Leupp in the last status conference held in an Auburn courtroom on Sept. 21. Full Story Back to Top
9-21-06 Judge Robert Chasteen Imposes Maximum Penalty in Shooting (WTVM - Columbus, GA) Superior Court Judge Robert Chasteen imposed the maximum possible penalty yesterday on 33-year-old Ben Davis Westbrook the Third of Cordele. Westbrook pleaded guilty in August to nine charges stemming from the shooting on February fourth...Chasteen said in handing down the sentence that it was -- quote -- "clear to the court that your full intention was to kill Deputy Rankin." Full Story Back to Top
9-18-06? Police Chief Barry Chastain Describes Service Station Fire (Times-Mail (subscription) - Bedford, IN) A fire heavily damaged a gasoline station Saturday and displaced several residents in the area. The Circle A station at 701 W. Main St. closed Saturday at 8 p.m. The fire was spotted shortly before 10:30 p.m. Paoli Police Chief Barry Chastain said officials believe the fire may have been electrical in nature, but the investigation was ongoing. The Indiana State Fire Marshal was scheduled to investigate at 9 a.m. today. Every fire department in Orange County responded to the blaze. “It was so hot,” Chastain said. “All the firemen coming out (of the blaze) were talking about how hot it was. Full Story Back to Top
9-14-06 Mayor Clark Chastain Tired of Losing Landmarks to Fire ( (subscription) - Oklahoma City, OK) Mayor Clark Chastain is tired of losing local landmarks. An inferno that reduced the historic downtown First Baptist Church to little more than a few walls and a pile of rubble Wednesday is the most recent in a series of fires that have claimed more than half the town’s historic buildings...Chastain was baptized in the church Christmas Day 1966 and would be followed by four of his children and two grandchildren...Chastain said many records were lost in the fire, but he was glad no one was injured and no other structures were lost, including the parsonage about 20 feet away. Full Story Back to Top
8-31-06 Sheriff Ricky Chastain Describes Escape and Recapture of Prisoner (Greenwood Index Journal - Greenwood, SC) An escaped inmate from Laurens County was caught Wednesday afternoon in Greenwood County, following a pursuit with police that went through two counties and ended when the stolen vehicle the man was driving wrecked...The deputy had taken Satterfield to the clinic for an appointment about a leg injury, said Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain. When a courier entered the clinic to drop off a package, Satterfield ran from the clinic’s lobby and got into the courier’s van, which was waiting outside with its doors unlocked and its engine running, Chastain said. “The deputy tried to pull him (Satterfield) out, but he was able to get the van in drive,” Chastain said, adding that the deputy was dragged for a short distance during the incident. The deputy was later treated for leg and arm injuries and released, Chastain said. Satterfield had been fitted with wrist restraints that were hooked to a belly chain, Chastain said, but he was not wearing leg shackles because of his leg condition. The handcuffs were still around the man’s wrists when Greenwood County deputies caught Satterfield, Chastain said, but the links to the belly chain had been “sawed” or cut. Full Story Back to Top
8-31-06 Chataignier Water Dangerous to Dialysis Patients (KLFY - Lafayette, LA) The village of Chataignier in Evangeline Parish is dealing with water problems of its own. Last May, the village began adding chloramines to its water system. The goal is to reduce higher than normal bacteria levels. A water system official for the town says while the chemical is safe for people with normal immune systems, it is dangerous for those dependent on a dialysis machine. Those customers are urged to purchase a water filtration system before drinking the water. Full Story Back to Top
8-29-06 Carol Chastang Says Many Approved Katrina Loans Not Yet Appropriated by Owners ( - New York, NY) While the number of businesses that have reopened in Orleans Parish is up 12% since December 2005, the number that have disconnected their phones is also up 12% -- a likely sign that those businesses have closed...To date, the Small Business Administration has approved 22,780 low-interest disaster loans worth more than $2.5 billion for local small businesses, with just 743 loan application left to process, according to Carol Chastang of the SBA's Office of Disaster Assistance. Yet, only about 13,234 of those loans, worth some $518 million, have been converted into cash by owners, Chastang said. Full Story Back to Top
8-23-06 Lt. Glenn Chastain Describes Shortage of Troopers on the Highway (Hood River News - Hood River, OR) there are nine troopers working out of The Dalles central office to cover 650 miles of freeway and state highways in Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler counties. According to OSP Lt. Glenn Chastain, there were 52 troopers covering the Gorge area in 1980 — when OSP dollars were kept in a dedicated fund. He said after the money to run the agency was placed in the general fund, the budgetary problems began. The challenge, said Chastain, is that Oregon’s population is growing and the number of state police on the road is shrinking...Chastain said Gov. Ted Kulongoski plans to put another 125 troopers out on the road. But OSP estimates it needs 139 more officers to provide round-the-clock coverage. According to Chastain, that would increase DUII arrests by a statewide average of 5,004 per biennium, bring to jail 6,672 more wanted subjects and 5,000 drug dealers, and provide assistance to 26,132 stranded motorists. Full Story Back to Top
8-23-06 SBA Spokeswoman Carol Chastang Says Approved Loan Money Remains Unclaimed by Katrina Victims (Newhouse News Service (NNS)) A year after Hurricane Katrina, the biggest money concern in the disaster zone isn't misspending or overspending, but whether recovery money is being spent quickly enough. According to figures compiled by the Bush administration, only about 40 percent of the money available -- or about $45 billion -- has been doled out by the federal government...Debris is still piled on sidewalks, tens of thousands of displaced residents are living out of temporary FEMA trailers, businesses are shuttered, hospitals are closed and violent crime is on the is stuck in the pipeline at the Small Business Administration. The agency boasts that it has approved $10.4 billion in low-interest loans to businesses and individuals along the Gulf Coast since Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. But only $2.5 billion has gotten into people's hands, according to records provided by the Senate Small Business Committee, whose ranking member, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., has been a frequent critic of the agency. Carol Chastang, an SBA spokeswoman, said the money is available for borrowers to claim. But, she said, with shifting circumstances and so many unanswered questions about the future of the region, many aren't sure they want to. "The massive increase in the cost of construction, new flood insurance requirements, new building codes, have overwhelmed many borrowers who are still trying to decide if rebuilding is worth it," Chastang said. Full Story Back to Top
8-20-06 Donna Chastain Describes Inspection Standards for Restaurants and Other Food Environments (Reporter-Times - Martinsville, IN) Donna Chastain said she and Elizabeth Young are the principal inspectors for local restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, schools, taverns, bed and breakfast establishments, the jail and movie theater concession areas...Chastain said concession trailers for the county fair and shopping center events are also inspected...Chastain said it is now mandatory that all food service establishments have at least one certified food handler who is responsible for overseeing the food safety operation within the establishment...Chastain said before a restaurant or store is ever built, the Morgan County Health Department inspectors review the plans...Food temperatures at the time of the inspection are also critical, Chastain said...She added that improper temperatures are the number one cause of food-borne illness. Chastain said inspectors take note if employees’ hands are washed between tasks and whether bare hands touch food that won’t be cooked. Full Story Back to Top
8-19-06 Fired Bordentown Police Chief Philip J. Castagna Expects to Get His Job Back (The Trentonian - Trenton, NJ) Fired Bordentown City Police Chief Philip J. Castagna expects to get his job back due to an appeals court reversal of his conviction on a harassment charge. His lawyer, Robin Lord, yesterday said the reversal means Castagna should get back his job and back pay that could total $500,000. In 2003, city leaders removed Castagna from the police force after he was charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife, Joyce Leopold. Those charges are still pending...Yesterday Bordentown City attorney Rick Hunt said he can’t understand why Castagana thinks he should get his job back with the pending murder-for-hire case pending. Full Story Back to Top
7-31-06 Rick Chastain Keeps Going Despite Oppressive Heat (Noblesville Ledger - IN) The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for central Indiana that started noon Monday and continues through 8 p.m. today. Heat advisories are issued when hot temperatures and high humidity can combine to create a situation where heat-related illnesses are possible...Rick Chastain of Noblesville was busy Monday painting lines on the football practice fields at Noblesville High School. "I started at 7:30 this morning and it's gotten hotter and hotter," he said. Chastain drinks plenty of water in the heat and soaks a towel with water and places it around his neck for more comfort. After breaking for lunch, Chastain went back into the heat and painted more lines on the boys and girls soccer practice fields at the high school. Full Story Back to Top
7-26-06 Homeowners Association President Michael Chasteen Concerned About Community Fire Hazard (Los Angeles Times - CA) Flames came within yards of hilltop estates as firefighters battled the blaze. High humidity and light winds kept the fire from spreading to the north and west rims of the steep canyon, where more homes are located, officials said...Several homeowners said they were upset because the fire easily could have raged out of control if conditions were dryer and the winds stronger. They said homeowners who failed to clear the dry brush around their homes were putting the community at risk, citing the 1961 Bel-Air fire that destroyed 250 homes. "If the maintenance is not there for every homeowner, we have a powder keg here," said Michael Chasteen, president of the Benedict Canyon Homeowners Assn. "And if this fire gets going, it doesn't stop — it jumps from canyon to canyon."...Chasteen and others said that the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, a large landowner in the canyon, has had what amounts to a free pass from any enforcement of Fire Department regulations. They alleged that the conservancy, a state agency that acquires and preserves open space, has had a "spotty record" in clearing brush on its land. Conservancy officials could not be reached for comment. Full Story Back to Top
7-26-06 18 Year Old Kenny Chastain Killed in Auto Accident (Asheville Citizen-Times - NC) The pickup crashed into a utility pole at 4 a.m. Wednesday after running off a curve in Upward Road, killing its driver. Kenneth James Chastain was 18. The Hendersonville resident was driving too fast to navigate the curve just south of Deep Gap Road, State Highway Patrol Trooper Tony Osteen said. Alcohol was not involved, Osteen said. The teen was wearing a seat belt. Chastain had graduated just this year from North Henderson High School. Friends and family said he was still figuring out what to do next. In the meantime he took his 10-year-old brother hunting, played video games with his 12-year-old sister, and spent nights with friends. Harris said he wore a constant smile. Full Story Back to Top
7-19-06 Lori Budo's Actions After Katrina Were Heroic Says Attorney Eddie Castaing ( - New York, NY) Anna Pou, a 50-year-old head and neck surgeon, and nurses Cheri Landry, 49, and Lori Budo, 43, each face four second-degree-murder charges. The arrests come amid a broad state inquiry into more than 200 deaths at hospitals and nursing homes after Katrina destroyed much of the city and knocked out power Aug. 29...Budo's lawyer, Eddie Castaing, said his client will plead not guilty. "Lori Budo and many other health care providers were abandoned in a flooded hospital, and they did everything they could to help the sick and needy people, and their efforts were completely heroic," he said. Full Story Back to Top
7-19-06 Attorney Eddie Castaing Declares His Client Committed No Crime in Katrina Deaths (CBS News - USA) A doctor and two nurses who labored at a sweltering, flooded-out hospital in Hurricane Katrina's chaotic aftermath were arrested and accused Tuesday of murdering four trapped and desperately ill patients with injections of morphine and sedatives...Memorial Medical had been cut off by flooding after the Aug. 29 hurricane swamped New Orleans. Power was knocked out in the 317-bed hospital and the temperature inside rose over 100 degrees as the staff tried to tend to patients who waited four days to be evacuated. In court papers, state investigators said Pou told a nurse executive three days after the hurricane that the patients still awaiting evacuation would probably not survive and that a "decision had been made to administer lethal doses" to them...Budo's attorney, Eddie Castaing, said no crime had been committed and described his client's efforts during Katrina as heroic. Full Story Back to Top
7-19-06 Officer Cliff Shasteen Remembers Death of Fellow Officer After 30 Years (Chicago Tribune - United States) Vargo, 24, was the last Arlington Heights police officer killed in the line of duty. In 1976 Vargo was directing traffic at an accident scene at Arlington Heights Road and Olive Street when he was struck by a drunken driver...Among those in uniform paying their respects were at least three retired officers who worked with Vargo, including Cliff Shasteen, who also was assigned to the accident scene. "We heard a screech and a thump," Shasteen said. "I called him on the radio, and we didn't hear him answer. When we drove up, the car was on top of him."...Vargo's death serves as a warning to police, Shasteen said. "Everybody worried about you getting killed in a shootout," Shasteen said. "You've got more of a chance of getting killed in a car accident." Full Story Back to Top
7-17-06 Police Chief Tim Chastain Reports on Fatal Shooting (Anderson Independent-Mail, SC) Jason Michael Bennett, 25, of 260 Snead Road in Walhalla was being held Monday in the Oconee County Detention Center, charged with lynching in the first degree...Officers were called to North Johnson Street in regards to the shooting and found several people outside the house. Chief Chastain said Roman Herrera was lying in the back seat of a red Ford Explorer with a visible wound to his upper left arm. Emergency Medical Services arrived and transported him to Oconee Memorial Hospital..."He was shot during an act of violence," Chief Chastain said. "That’s why we went with the lynching charge — a violent act that resulted in death." Chief Chastain said he has talked with the 10th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office and the charges could be amended at a later date...Chief Chastain said SLED sent an investigator, two crime scene technicians and a bloodhound unit to assist with gathering the evidence. Full Story Back to Top
7-7-06 Judge William Castagna Says Sentencing Could be as Late as September (Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota, FL) Former Sarasota dermatologist Michael Rosin sent friends and ex-patients to the witness stand on Thursday as he tried to convince a federal judge to spare him a long prison sentence. Prosecutors say Rosin should get at least 24 to 30 years in prison for defrauding Medicare by performing unnecessary surgery on 70 patients...If the hearing does not conclude today, it could be September before Rosin is sentenced, Judge William Castagna said at the close of the hearing Thursday. Full Story Back to Top
6-21-06 Judge Nelly N. Khouzam Wins William Castagna Award for Judicial Excellence (St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg, ) Pinellas Circuit Judge Nelly N. Khouzam has been presented with the William Castagna Award for Judicial Excellence, which recognizes Pinellas judges for their legal knowledge, ethics, civility and demeanor. Khouzam, the administrative judge for Pinellas' civil courts, received the award Saturday from Barney Masterson Inn of Court, a legal mentoring organization. Full Story Back to Top
5-31-06 Carol Chastang Says Less than 50% of Approved Katrina-Affected Business Have Claimed Loans ( - New York, NY) A full nine months after Hurricane Katrina struck -- and with another storm season looming -- less than half of the Gulf Coast small businesses that were granted federal disaster loans have converted them into cash...So far, only 9,936 of those loans have been either fully or partially disbursed, said Carol Chastang of the SBA's Office of Disaster Assistance. "Ordinarily, we would have received most of the closing documentation by now," Chastang said, calling the slow rate of loan disbursements unusual compared to past disasters. "Given the devastation that occurred down there, a lot of business owners simply can't start rebuilding." Many owners are worried their client base will never return to the area, while still others may have already relocated, Chastang added. Full Story Back to Top
5-11-06 Sheriff Ricky Chastain Reports $20,000 Church Vandalism (WIS - Columbia, SC) Five teenagers have been released by a Laurens County magistrate after being charged with vandalism at a church in Fountain Inn...Sheriff Ricky Chastain estimates damage to New Durbin Baptist Church at $20,000. Chastain says the vandalism occurred Friday night or early Saturday morning. Full Story Back to Top
4-28-06 Arkansas Governor Appoints Carrie Chastain to Criminal Detention Facility Review Committee (Benton County Daily Record - Bentonville, AR) Gov. Huckabee has appointed...Carrie Chastain of Siloam the Criminal Detention Facility Review Committee, Judicial District 19 West. Chastain, who’s retired, will serve until Jan. 14, 2009. She replaces Donna Blake. Full Story Back to Top
4-25-06 Fire Chief Dave Chastain May Be Ousted by Commissioners (Port Angeles Peninsula Daily News - Port Angeles, WA) Clallam County Fire District No. 4 Chief Dave Chastain may lose his job at Wednesday's meeting of the fire district commissioners...Commissioners were tight-lipped about the situation Monday, with Commissioner Mary Bower saying the issues would be discussed at the meeting...Chastain has offered to leave as chief and has surrendered his keys to the fire stations District 4 maintains in Joyce and at Freshwater Bay. Still, he wants to stay with the all-volunteer department...Chastain's full-time job is firefighter/paramedic with the Port Angeles Fire Department. Full Story Back to Top
4-12-06 Carol Chastang Urges Businesses to Prepare for Disasters (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Carol Chastang, a spokeswoman with the Small Business Administration, said disaster preparedness should be part of a company's business plan from the start, but many owners never get to it because, "they're concerned with the day-to-day operations of the business, keeping the clients happy." Without disaster planning, "you really stand the risk of losing everything that you've worked for," she said...Business interruption insurance has saved some companies from foundering after a disaster, but Chastang noted that many owners don't bother to buy it. This type of insurance covers lost profits and operating expenses that must still be paid even when a business is shut down. Full Story Back to Top
4-06-06 Securities Bureau Chief Marilyn Chastain Applauds Tacke Case (Billings Gazette - MT) While Tacke has been ordered to repay $965,000 to more than two dozen investors, no payment has occurred. He's serving a nine-year sentence at a minimum-security prison south of Portland, Ore...Marilyn Chastain, chief of Idaho's Finance Department Securities Bureau, said the fact that Tacke is today in federal prison is a "feather in the cap" of the Montana state auditor's office. Chastain, who was not involved in the case, said prosecuting securities fraud is messy business...Chastain said she didn't think the state's settlement was soft-pedaled. By cooperating with federal prosecutors, Montana's auditor's office made sure Tacke got serious prison time and a stiff fine. Such a case in Idaho, Chastain said, would be greeted as a "huge success." "I want to be able to put out that press release," she said. "You bet." Full Story Back to Top
3-26-06 Jeff Chasteen and His Oahu Neighbor Prepare for More Flooding (KHNL-TV/KHBC/KOGG - Honolulu, HI) Jeff Chasteen and his neighbor aren't taking any chances. Chasteen lives right next to the beach, and knows what the heavy rains can do. He says the city "cleaned out this one drain a couple weeks ago, but it's already backed up again. It's flooded all of our yards." So they're clearing the drains to the beach, so the rain has somewhere to go, other than their front yards. Island residents continue to deal with torrential rains; trying to dry out, and at the same time, getting ready for more wet weather. Full Story Back to Top
3-17-06 Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Threet Clears Officer Craig Chastain in Shooting (Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR) Chastain cornered Leadford in a loading area inside the store, Threet said. Leadford disobeyed Chastain’s commands to put his hands up and lay on the floor. Instead, Leadford, holding a bottle of mace, walked toward Chastain. With his pistol drawn, Chastain stepped back, shouting at Leadford to drop what was in his hand. Leadford sprayed Chastain in the face with mace from about four feet away, Threet said. Chastain fired once, striking Leadford in the side of the face. He remains in fair condition in Northwest Medical Center of Washington County. “I don’t see he had a choice but to shoot,” Threet said Thursday of Chastain, an eightyear veteran of the force. “Leadford was still coming at him and could have easily grabbed his gun.” Full Story Back to Top
3-17-06 Officer Craig Chastain Cleared in Shooting of Suspect ( - MI) The Washington County prosecutor's office has ruled that a Springdale police officer was justified in the shooting of a fugitive from Michigan who resisted arrest. Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Threet said Adam Leadford, 18, of Maple Grove Township in Saginaw County, Mich., sprayed officer Craig Chastain from five feet away and ignored repeated warnings from the officer. Chastain, who fired with the pepper spray in his eyes, wounded Leadford in the face. Chastain was handcuffing Leadford March 7 when other officers arrived. They helped cuff Leadford and took Chastain to a rest room to flush his eyes with water. "Of course, this all happened within a fraction of a second," Threet said Thursday. "The officer said he could barely see him, but still managed to get on one handcuff. Full Story Back to Top
3-15-06 Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut Responds to Two ATV Deaths (Gainesville Sun - Gainesville, FL) Two recent deaths of all-terrain vehicle riders at Gatorback Cycle Park has prompted the Alachua County Commission to investigate whether any sort of regulations can be imposed at private racing facilities. Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut at Tuesday night's meeting asked County Manager Randall Reid to look into the situation. "There are no standards," Chestnut said. "I would like to look at whether we want to establish some standards." Full Story Back to Top
3-13-06? Officer Craig Chastain Fires Weapon at Suspect First Time in Nine Years as Cop (Springdale Morning News - Springdale, AR) Craig Chastain fired his gun in the line of duty for the first time Tuesday after nine years with the Springdale Police Department. Chastain, 39, shot Adam Leadford after the escapee from Michigan led police officers on a high-speed chase...Chastain told Leadford he was under arrest. Leadford sprayed the officer in the face with pepper spray. Chastain fired his service pistol one time, just as he was hit by the spray. Chastain's shot hit Leadford in the mouth. As other officers arrived, Chastain rushed to a bathroom near the layaway section of Wal-Mart to wash off the pepper spray. The use of pepper spray on a police officer can justify the officer using a handgun because a potentially dangerous suspect might end up with the officer's weapon. Chastain is on paid administrative leave following the shooting, police officials said Thursday. That is the standard procedure. Full Story Back to Top
3-11-06 County Deputy Prosecutor Says Action Against Officer Craig Chastain Unlikely (Springdale Morning News - Springdale, AR) A Washington County deputy prosecutor said Friday he doubts his department will find fault with the shooting of prison escapee Adam Leadford by a Springdale police officer Tuesday at the end of a police chase. "I've never really viewed that as a situation where there's a problem," Washington County Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Threet said. "Of course, I don't know everything in the investigation. But you can't try to incapacitate an officer who's chasing you. You just can't allow that." Officer Craig Chastain shot Leadford, 18, of Saginaw, Mich., in the face after the fugitive fled to the back of Springdale's Wal-Mart. Leadford remained in fair condition Friday at Northwest Medical Center-Springdale..."We always have an administrative review anytime an officer is involved in a shooting," Bersi said. "From what I understand from the State Police, they should have their part done sometime next week." Full Story Back to Top
3-11-06 Jeff Chasteen Affected by Hawaii Floods (Honolulu Advertiser - Honolulu, HI) The continuing threats of heavy rain across the Islands delivered few fresh flooding-related problems yesterday, but O'ahu's hard-hit Windward Coast residents continued to take measures to protect their properties. And with the National Weather Service's forecast calling for rain into the weekend and a new system hitting the Islands next week, emergency workers also are poised to take action..."The water was within two inches of coming into my garage," said Jeff Chasteen, of Ka'a'awa. It stood 18 inches deep in his yard, and if it had come into the garage, it would have flooded an attached dwelling, he said. Full Story Back to Top
3-11-06 Officer Craig Chastain on Administrative Leave After Shooting (Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR) Officer Craig Chastain remains on administrative leave with pay during an internal affairs investigation of the shooting of Adam Leadford, 18...Leadford, who escaped from a military-style prison boot camp in Michigan on March 3, is accused of leading officers from Springdale, Rogers, Lowell and the Benton County sheriff’s office on a high-speed chase...When Chastain and other Springdale officers joined the high-speed chase Tuesday night, other officers had already told them Leadford had a gun and was considered armed and dangerous...Chastain saw Leadford inside a storage trailer, but the shooting occurred near the back doors of the store, McCarville said. “[Leadford ] didn’t answer verbal commands from the officer and then he sprayed the pepper spray,”...He will be placed in a maximum-security prison once he’s returned to Michigan...Helen Leadford said the call her grandson made to family Tuesday was the first contact she had from him other than letters since he entered the boot camp program...We’re glad Adam is alive, but we don’t understand why they had to shoot him,” Helen Leadford said. “It wasn’t like he killed anybody.” Full Story Back to Top
3-08-06 Fire Fighter Shannon Chesteen First on Scene After Building Collapse (Kosciusko Star Herald - Kosciusko, MS) Shannon Chesteen was just up the road at Zack Thomas’ home when it happened. “It was like a cracking, then the wall came tumbling down in the street,” Chesteen said. “We came running down here to make sure no one was in it.” Chesteen and Thomas, both volunteers with the Kosciusko Fire Department, and others began clearing blocks from the road after they determined that no one had been injured. Full Story Back to Top
3-1-06 Pedestrian Hit and Killed Near Chastain Road Exit (WXIA-TV - NE Atlanta, GA) A man walking along I-575 was struck and killed by a driver who then fled the scene, police officials in Cobb County told 11Alive News...Shortly before the man was struck, motorists had called 9-1-1 to report that a man with a backpack was walking south along I-575 near the Chastain Road exit. By the time police arrived at the scene, the man had been hit and was already dead. Full Story Back to Top
2-16-06 Melba Castagna's Beauty Shop Spared in Business Fire (Fresno Bee (subscription) - Fresno, CA) Melba Castagna, a Parlier beauty shop owner, said smoke and a bright glow in the sky were visible for miles as she drove to Parlier from Selma shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday. "I thought my mom's home was on fire," Castagna said. But it was not until minutes later when Castagna arrived in town that she saw the fire was not at her mother's home, but only three stores from her shop, Hair Express, at 646 Fresno St. She said the clothing store was totally engulfed and that the blaze appeared to be threatening adjacent businesses. "The flames were shooting 50 feet in the air and there were firefighters all over the place," Castagna said hours after the fire was put out and she was allowed to enter her shop to secure the business and retrieve some documents. Her shop was not damaged, "but we can't work in there today. The smell of smoke is really bad," she said. Full Story Back to Top
2-11-06 Colleen Chastain Informs Senator Barack Obama Regarding Radioactive Water Spills (Joliet Herald News - Joliet, IL) Sen. Barack Obama is concerned the large issues that affect people in Grundy County are not being dealt with in Washington, he said Friday during his first visit to the area since his November 2004 campaign tour. Another resident brought up Exelon Corp.'s radioactive water spills at the Braidwood Nuclear Station. Colleen Chastain of Godley told the senator of the water contamination issue. Obama said he was unaware of the recent spills of tritium and asked her to give her information to his staff so he could familiarize himself and start making contacts to ask questions. "It is not an issue that trickled to Washington yet, but when I get back to my office I'm going to start asking questions," he said after the meeting. Full Story Back to Top
2-05-06 Sarah Chastine Coordinates Patrol Volunteers (Charlotte Observer - Charlotte, NC) They work out of two of the department's 12 patrol offices, in Steele Creek and off W.T. Harris Boulevard. A new class to train 15 to 20 more volunteers begins in March and may help a third patrol office that will be chosen later, says C.O.P. coordinator Sarah Chastine...There's no mistaking them for sworn officers, Chastine says. They have no gun, no handcuffs, no badge. Their uniform -- dark trousers and a light blue shirt with "Volunteer" on their chest and each sleeve -- looks nothing like an officer. Their patrol car also says Volunteer and has an amber light bar on its roof instead of the standard police blue. Full Story Back to Top
2-02-06 Officer Mark Castagna Gets Tattoo to Protest Police Rule (Hartford Courant - United States) Schoenhorn said his clients' so-called spider tattoo, which looks like a spider web, was banned by the department after a disgruntled detective who was angry at a police union claimed the tattoo had racial overtones...Following Knight's complaint, two more officers, Darren Besse and Mark Castagna, obtained the tattoos as a "form of protest in solidarity after criticism was first leveled at the other three plaintiffs," court papers show..."Just because some racist organization decided to adopt it, it did not suddenly transform these officers into racists," Schoenhorn said. The five officers are upset in part because the order forces them to wear armbands over their elbow tattoos when they wear short-sleeve shirts, their lawyer said. "It's singling them out for ridicule," he said. "Some are military vets." Full Story Back to Top
1-26-06 Reward for Information on Death of Thomas Franklin Chastain is Still Unclaimed (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) Over a dozen people have been interviewed about the fire that took the life of Thomas Franklin Chastain, but so far no one has claimed any of the $3,000 reward that was posted jointly by the State Fire Marshall's Office and Sheriff Dan Gilley. Mr. Chastain's body was found in rubble near the north end of the mobile home after firefighters had extinguished the blaze. Full Story Back to Top
1-20-06 Eugene Chastin Found Shot in Front of His Home (The Robesonian - Lumberton, NC) A Lumberton man is in Duke University Medical Center after being shot in the face Wednesday, according to sheriff's Maj. Randal Patterson. Sheriff's deputies found 53-year-old Eugene Chastin wounded in front of his Shannon Road home, a sheriff's report said. There has been no arrest in the shooting. Full Story Back to Top
1-18-06 Trial on Anthony Chastain Murder Begins (Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, OH) Even though Cameron McGlothin didn’t pull the trigger he’s still responsible, Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor David Prem told a jury Wednesday. McGlothin, 39, of Price Hill, arranged for a teenager to rob Chastain, a robbery that ended with Chastain’s death, Prem said during opening statements before Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Charles J. Kubicki. While he only meant to scare Chastain, the shooting was fatal. Under Ohio law, murder charges can be brought against a defendant if the killing happened while committing a felony, in this case a robbery McGlothin is accused of ordering...During the robbery, Short fired twice at Chastain hitting him in the chest. Chastain stumbled a few blocks away and broke into a home on First Street, scaring the owner into calling Cincinnati police. Officers arrived and found Chastain dead in the woman’s bathroom, Prem said. Full Story Back to Top
1-13-06 National Drug Council CEO Catherine Chesnut Points to New Years Eve Success (Cayman Net News - grand cayman, Cayman Islands) According to National Drug Council (NDC) CEO, Catherine Chesnut, reduced numbers seen on the Council’s New Year’s Eve “Purple Ribbon” free bus ride service had positive implications for the campaign. The five-year-old programme – one that has become a virtual tradition for road safety on New Year’s Eve – involves ten buses, allotted in varying numbers to different districts on Grand Cayman, providing free transportation to and from events between 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve and 1:00 am on New Year’s Day...Over the years we have seen a steady growth in public appreciation for, and use of, the bus service during the season. That is, whereas the more mature audience would have composed the greater number of passengers during the first years of the programme, now we are seeing a larger number of young persons on these buses.” Full Story Back to Top
1-12-06 Jevon Chestnut, 13, Killed by Best Friend in Gun Accident (Philadelphia Daily News - Philadelphia, PA) A 13-year-old boy yesterday was ordered to stand trial for allegedly fatally shooting his best friend in the head. Jawon Bellinger faces an involuntary manslaughter charge in the Nov. 5 shooting death of Jevon Chestnut, 13. Bellinger, in a pale-blue shirt and printed tie, sat impassively through the preliminary hearing. In his statement to homicide detectives, Bellinger said he had been showing his stepfather's gun to Chestnut in a second-floor room of Chestnut's house when the gun went off. Full Story Back to Top
1-09-06 Carol Chastang Says SBA Has Ramped Up Application Approval for Katrina-Devastated Gulf Coast ( - New York, NY) Carol Chastang, an SBA spokeswoman, credited the ramped-up pace with a series of measures enacted in October to streamline the lagging application process...Chastang said the application process was hampered early on by the scale of devastation in the region, with many communities simply inaccessible to loan inspectors. Under normal circumstances, loan applications take from seven to 21 days to process, she said, but were "considerably longer" given the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Full Story Back to Top
12-27-05 Melise Chastain's Red Cross Team Responds to Fire Victims (Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson, SC) Eight families were displaced as the fire spread into three other top-floor apartments; the four bottom-floor apartments were water damaged...The American Red Cross is assisting the families and taking care of their immediate needs, including groceries, medication and shelter, said Melise Chastain, local Red Cross emergency services specialist...Red Cross volunteer officials were on the scene Sunday afternoon and will help the families find more permanent housing in the coming weeks. Officials have assisted with five other fires since Friday, she said. "We’re doing what we can in taking care of them," she said. "This weekend has been really, really tragic property-wise." Full Story Back to Top
12-22-05 New Evidence Points to Arson in Thomas Franklin Chastain Death (WTVC - Chattanooga, TN) New information about a fatal fire that broke out Tuesday morning in Cleveland, Tennessee. Investigators determined the fire that killed 40 year old Thomas Franklin Chastain was intentionally set...investigators believe the motive could be based around some kind of argument. Martin recalls Chastain having some work friends over the night of the fire. He says the partying got a little rough, but not necessarily out of hand. "I had heard him fussing with someone that night, but that was about 12 o'clock." Martin says at the time, he didn't think anything about the argument...A reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Full Story Back to Top
12-22-05 Arson Suspected in Death of Thomas Franklin Chastain (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) Fire investigators who sifted through the remains of a burned-out mobile home in Cleveland on Tuesday now believe the fire in which Thomas Franklin Chastain died was arson...Mr. Chastain’s body was found by firefighters near the west end of the mobile home shortly after the blaze was extinguished. The entire criminal investigations division has been mobilized by Sheriff Gilley to pursue any and all leads that are developed during the investigation, it was stated. Full Story Back to Top
12-20-05 Thomas Franklin Chastain Dies in Mobile Home Fire (WTVC - Chattanooga, TN) A Cleveland, Tennessee man is dead after fire consumed his mobile home. Investigators spent much of the day sifting through what's left, while neighbors remember a man they all knew and loved...this small community is mourning the loss of Thomas Franklin Chastain...the area is roped off, while state and local investigators try to figure out what happened. Full Story Back to Top
12-18-05 Journalist Jim Chesnutt Documents Best Practices in Transit Emergency Preparedness (Baltimore Sun - United States) Journalist Jim Chesnutt, best known for his documentation work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, recently filmed Carroll Area Transit System and other county sites to document best practices in transit emergency preparedness. Full Story Back to Top
12-14-05 Chief Craig Chastain Says 911 Call Saved Two Houses from Spreading Fire (Daily Pilot - Costa Mesa, CA) People walking by the house reportedly called 911 when they saw and smelled smoke, said Newport Beach Fire Division Chief Craig Chastain. A total of 28 firefighters from Newport Beach and neighboring cities responded to the fire. Arriving crews saw heavy smoke coming from the attic and second floor of the house, Chastain said. Firefighters cut two holes in the roof to allow hot gases and smoke to escape. Crews arrived in time to contain the blaze to the one house. In this West Newport neighborhood where homes are just feet apart, the outcome could have been much worse. If the fire had been reported any later, it may have spread to nearby homes, Chastain said. "We were ready for that [the fire spreading], but that wasn't an issue," Chastain said. "Had the fire grown and we wouldn't have caught it when we did, it would have caused problems with the two adjacent houses." Full Story Back to Top
12-04-05 Captain James Chastain Promotes Seat Belt Use (Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach, SC) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 2003 motor vehicle traffic crash and fatality estimates, 41 percent of people killed in crashes in 2002 wore their seat belt, while 59 percent did not. Authorities said seat belt use is highest in states with primary seat belt laws. The restraints minimize the force with which a person hits the vehicle's interior, and "when you reduce the force you will reduce the serious injury," said Capt. James Chastain, troop commander for S.C. Highway Patrol's Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team, which is charged with reconstructing major crashes. "There is no doubt that a seat belt will help keep a person from being killed," said Chastain, who has nearly 30 years of experience as an accident investigator, including 16 in accident reconstruction...Capt. James Chastain | troop commander for S.C. Highway Patrol's Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team. Full Story Back to Top
11-29-05 Police Chief Tim Chastain Discusses Robbery Cases (Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson, SC) Lloyd Andrew Lash, 19, of 214 Summit St., Seneca was still in the Oconee County Detention Center Tuesday after being arrested the day before Thanksgiving. Mr. Lash is charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon. A judge has ordered a $25,000 surety bond. "We've gotten some good cooperation," Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain said Tuesday. "We made the charge for the Burger King (robbery) because we believe that is our strongest case so far. Seneca is still investigating other leads." A Walhalla police officer joined a Seneca officer when Mr. Lash was arrested at Wendy's on the U.S. 123 Bypass in Seneca, where Mr. Lash worked. Chief Chastain said Mr. Lash is a suspect in the Sept. 2 robbery of the Walhalla Burger King. Seneca investigators are looking at information concerning the Oct. 24 robbery of the Seneca Wendy's. Full Story Back to Top
11-23-05 Relief Ship Returns to Castine from New Orleans (Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME) The weather was inhospitable, but the welcome from the small crowd of family, friends and academy staff was warm. The MMA training ship was returning from a two-month stay in New Orleans where she provided room and board for relief workers helping the region to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina...The destruction from Katrina was evident immediately, according to Dave Howard of Bucksport, the assistant first engineer on board. "Even when we first came up the Mississippi River, we could see a lot of barges on the levees and fishing boats that had been washed up on the levees," Howard said. "In some places, you could see where houses had floated free and come up on the levees." Full Story Back to Top
11-18-05 Grand Jury Indicts Police Chief Phillip Castagna on Attempted Murder Charge (The Trentonian - Trenton, NJ) Castagna, 43, of Plainsboro, was indicted by a grand jury on Oct. 7, 2004 on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated arson, and two counts of contempt in connection with a fire that occurred at his ex-wife’s Bordentown city home, said Prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi...Judge Thomas S. Smith, Jr. said the prosecution only had to produce "minimal evidence" that Castagna is suspected of wrongdoing and he is considered innocent until proven guilty and declined to dismiss the case. "The only way the trial court can dismiss a case is when there are manifest deficiencies. An indictment is not proof of guilt, it is a step to get the case before a jury" Smith said. Full Story Back to Top
11-17-05 Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain Asks State to Investigate Embezzlement Charge (Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson, SC) Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain confirmed Thursday that he had asked the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to take over the investigation of a volunteer firefighter who had access to the department’s financial accounts. The investigation follows a complaint filed by the Walhalla Fire Department claiming the firefighter, who was secretary and treasurer for the volunteer department, embezzled $1,100 from the volunteer firefighters account...Chief Free said when he audited the account he found 22 check stubs missing from the account’s checkbook. A more in-depth audit turned up five checks that the firefighter had written to pay for fuel or had written to himself. Full Story Back to Top
11-09-05 Castine Center Reopens After Katrina (Slidell Sentry News - Slidell, LA) Pelican Park and Castine Center in Mandeville reopened for the sake of the children one month following Hurricane Katrina...More than $750,000 in damage was done to the 230-acre park, but most of the property was salvageable. "We had substantial damage but not total destruction," she said. "From that point, we started clearing roads to begin the rebuilding process." Approximately 700 to 1,000 trees were lost, Foley said, and most buildings only had wind damage. Two press boxes were obliterated, and sports equipment such as dugouts, bleachers, soccer goals and backstop nets were damaged...Once the park was made safe enough to open to the public for recreational use, the center began working on a modified fall season for youth sports while companies worked out of the park, Foley said. All adult sports were cancelled until the spring. Full Story Back to Top
11-08-05 Attorney Michael Chastaine Defends Topless Protesters (Sacramento Bee - CA) Breasts Not Bombs protesters have gone topless at demonstrations in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., without arrest, but authorities in Sacramento brought out the handcuffs at the first sign of nudity. "What makes Sherry's breast more offensive than Bob's breast?" said Michael Chastaine, defense attorney for Glaser and Love. Full Story Back to Top
11-06-05 Succession of Fatal Car Crashes Keep Captain James Chastain's Crew Scrambling (Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach, SC) "We've had a lot of work to do in that area," said S.C. Highway Patrol Cpt. James Chastain, describing the spate of fatalities that have his four-member Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team in the Pee Dee region...Chastain, who has been with the state police unit since it formed in January 1996, said these past few weeks have been the busiest time within recent memory for the Florence-based group...The police investigators had a full plate of active cases even before an 18-wheeler struck a hayride vehicle in Marion County, killing four and injuring 16 others the day before Halloween...Chastain said the heavier-than-usual workload has not caused the Pee Dee team to fall behind and he expects it to finish its open investigations on schedule. Full Story Back to Top
11-05-05 Mark Chasteen Shot in Back by Unknown Assailant (Brazosport Facts (subscription) - Clute, TX) Passmore Elementary and Alvin High schools were placed on lockdown for about an hour Friday after a man was shot in the back while working in his yard in the 800 block of Kost. Mark Chasteen, 49, was undergoing surgery late Friday at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. He suffered what appeared to be a small-caliber gunshot wound about 1 p.m., Alvin Police Detective Ike Hamrick said...Chasteen told police he was working in his back yard when a man came up to him, shoved him to the ground, fired a single shot and then ran off. Full Story Back to Top
10-29-05 Michelle Chasteen Hit by International Charity Scam (Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, OH) The story began about a month ago with an e-mail from someone claiming to be a Florida resident whom marketing and development coordinator Michelle Chasteen was skeptical about. When Chasteen got a second e-mail Monday indicating a donation check would be sent, she alerted the business office to watch for it. On Tuesday another e-mail arrived indicating that the check had been sent, but that a mistake had been made and One Way Farm should wire half the check's amount via Western Union to an orphanage in Nigeria. "Then I knew it was a scam," said Chasteen, who called police. Full Story Back to Top
10-23-05 Woody Chastain Thinks Sub-station Will Correct Perception as Crime Area (Athens Banner-Herald (subscription) - Athens, GA) The perception that Baxter Street suffers from heavy criminal activity is not lost on Woody Chastain, who has owned and operated Bulldog Sports on Baxter since 1968. Chastain said that during the 1970s there was a spree of burglaries and robberies along Baxter, including hits of his store. A burglar, over a period of two days, twice drove a car through the front wall of Bulldog Sporting Goods to steal Starter jackets, Chastain said. The public, Chastain said, assumed the culprit was from the nearby Rocksprings neighborhood, but instead was from the East Athens area. That mistaken assumption continues today, even though Baxter Street actually is a low crime zone, Chastain maintains. The new police substation will help dispel the erroneous perception that crime is prevalent on Baxter. Full Story Back to Top
10-22-05 Brandon Chasteen Wins Pakistani Friends With Earthquake Relief (Washington Post - United States) As the helicopter revved its engines for takeoff, a balding man with a beard leaned across the edge of the lowered cargo ramp and, smiling his gratitude, extended his hand toward Brandon Chasteen, a 21-year-old Army medic from Chattanooga, who gave it a hearty shake. A moment later the chopper was churning toward another landing zone to pick up a load of injured. Full Story Back to Top
10-19-05 Katrina Red Cross Site at Castine Center Closes (Slidell Sentry News - Slidell, LA) The Red Cross site to receive financial assistance in Mandeville at the Castine Center in Pelican Park will close today at noon. Full Story Back to Top
10-19-05 Paramedic Fernando Castano Testifies in Child Manslaughter Case (CourtTV - New York, NY) Paramedic Fernando Castano told jurors in the case against Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn that he mistook their 7-pound, 22-inch child for a newborn as he attempted to revive her. Woyah died about 45 minutes later from what a medical examiner later diagnosed as "accidental malnutrition," according to Castano. Full Story Back to Top
10-18-05 Flora Chastain Dies In Fire After Saving Four Others (Walker County Messenger - LaFayette, GA) Kensington resident Flora Chastain died in a house fire this weekend at 699 West Reed Road after rousing four other residents to safety, Walker County Fire Chief Randy Camp said...“It really says a lot about (Chastain’s) character as far as making sure everybody else was safe,” Camp said. “Instead of worrying about her own safety, she was concerned about the safety of others. It’s just a shame that she perished in the fire.” Full Story Back to Top
10-17-05 Red Cross' Nelson Castaño Appeals for Help in Aiding Hurricane Stan Victims (Harold Doan and Associates (press release) - Rocklin, CA) The revised appeal will support the response of local Red Cross National Societies in assisting 50,250 people in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Haiti for six months. An additional appeal was launched for El Salvador where the Red Cross operation aims to assist 21,000 people...“The scale of the disaster is so great that emergency relief will be required for several months to come. People are in urgent need of shelter, food, health services and sanitation,” said Nelson Castaño, coordinator of the International Federation’s Pan-American Disaster Response Unit based in Panama. “Kitchen and hygiene sets, blankets, roofing materials and mosquito nets will be delivered to the affected population,” Castaño added. Full Story Back to Top
10-15-05 24-Year-Old Flora Chastine Killed in House Fire (WDEF - Chattanooga, TN) Fire crews arrived just moments after getting the call. But the flames had already engulfed this home...By the time we were able to make it to the two victims, it was a little too late." The people who rented the house say they let their friends, 35-year-old Michael Johnson and 24-year-old Flora Chastine stay over while they went to work. The two never made it out. Rescuers rushed two children, ages seven and three, to the hospital. Two others also escaped. Full Story Back to Top
10-07-05 Detective Sgt. C. J. Chastain Says Burglary Bust Continues (Grays Harbor Daily World - Grays Harbor and Northern Pacific Counties, WA) More arrests may be on the way, according to a statement from Detective Sgt. C. J. Chastain. “Patrol officers and detectives are continuing to search for their whereabouts,” he said. “Additional search warrants are planned, and we anticipate the recovery of additional property.” Burglaries and vehicle prowls “have essentially dropped off” after the arrests, Chastain noted. Full Story Back to Top
10-06-05 Theft Reported on Chastain Way, Gainesville, Georgia (Gainesville Times - Gainesville, GA) An Amana air conditioner valued at $1,500, Sears dishwasher valued at $350 and two vinyl double pane windows valued at $280 were reported stolen between 7 p.m. Sept. 25 and 7 p.m. Sunday from the 5300 block of Chastain Way. Full Story Back to Top
10-04-05 More Crime at Chastain Village Apartments (Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) - GA) Five men were arrested Monday on drug trafficking charges at a Cobb County apartment that has been the scene of at least two shooting incidents this year. More than six ounces of cocaine, smaller amounts of methamphetamine and the prescription diet drug phenteramine, and $4,471 in cash were seized after the men were arrested at the Chastain Village Apartments on Old Concord Road, police said...In July, nine people, including a 3-year-old boy, were shot at Chastain Village. The toddler was wounded by shotgun pellets in the head and body. No one has been arrested in that incident or one earlier in the summer in which bullets were fired into an apartment, but no one was hit. Full Story Back to Top
10-03-05 Red Cross Opens New Assistance Location at the Castine Center (KTAL-TV - Shreveport, LA) MORE RED CROSS ASSISTANCE CENTERS OPENING IN LOUISIANA...The American Red Cross has opened a financial assistance center in Mandeville. The Castine Center in Pelican Park will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Sunday through Friday until demand drops. It is serving anyone seeking assistance from the Red Cross. The American Red Cross will also be opening an office on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. It will be in Kenner later in the week. Full Story Back to Top
9-30-05 Carol Chastang Denies News Report that New Computers Delay Katrina Checks (CNN - USA) SBA spokeswoman Carol Chastang told the newspaper the magnitude of the storm, not the computer system, is causing problems, as the devastation has slowed processing because inspectors can't get to damaged property. "This is unlike any disaster we've ever had to handle," she said. Full Story Back to Top
9-29-05 Jeff Chasteen Prepares for Flooding in Hawaii (KHON2 - Honolulu, HI) In Ka'a'awa, Jeff Chasteen and a neighbor took it upon themselves to clear out two storm drains that flow to the ocean next to the elementary school. "When it floods, it floods the whole school and then into our yard, and our neighbors', so we've just been digging out ourself," says Chasteen. Full Story Back to Top
9-29-05 Mark Chasteen Kicks Cigarette Habit for Two Years (Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville, KY) He started at age 16 as a junior at Male High School because people he looked up to smoked, from film stars such as Humphrey Bogart to rock stars such as Keith Richards. Both his parents had smoked. Chasteen got up to 1½ to 2 packs a day...Biggest challenge/obstacle: Much to everyone's surprise, it wasn't the fact that he worked in a bar where there are smokers. "That didn't seem to give me a lot of trouble." But he came to hate the way his clothes smell when he gets off work. The hardest part was giving up "the rituals and formality" like smoking after dinner, using his Zippo lighters, which he loved, and marking time by smoking another cigarette. Full Story Back to Top
9-28-05 Special Agent David Chastain Reports on Man Found Shot to Death (DeWitt Era-Enterprise - DeWitt, AR) Billy Brian Eason, 42, was found dead in a field near his father's home near Almyra last Friday morning. A bolt-action hunting rifle was found next to the body, said Arkansas State Police Special Agent David Chastain, who is conducting the investigation. Eason's family members called the Arkansas County Sheriff's Department Friday morning because he was missing, Chastain said. Deputies Tommy Trussell and Ed Bell, Chastain and a canine search team from the Arkansas Department of Corrections went looking for Eason just after 9 a.m. Friday. They found his body around 9:45 a.m. about 300 yards from his father's house. Full Story Back to Top
9-26-05 Seismology Rep Kelly Castano Says Peru Quake Was Felt Across Columbia (ABC News - USA) Peru's Geophysics Institute said the quake struck around 9 p.m. Sunday and was centered northeast of the jungle city of Moyobamba, 415 miles north of the capital, Lima. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 7.5, considered a major earthquake..."The quake was felt across Colombia but so far we have received no reports of any injuries or material damage," said Kelly Castano, a spokeswoman for Colombia's National Seismology Center. Full Story Back to Top
9-24-05 KVAL's Carla Castano Interviews Katrina Evacuees in Oregon (KVAL - Eugene, OR) Carla Castano spent the day (Saturday) talking with 11 Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have made their way to Oregon ... and a new beginning..."A family we thought was safe is on the road again." That was the reaction of Patty Looper to news on the landfall of Rita early Saturday morning. After a troubling text message Saturday morning and seeing the damage Katrina did... the two families just pray for their loved ones back home. Another family member told KVAL, "Last we heard was Harvey Canal broke. We're in trouble." Full Story Back to Top
9-23-05 Salvation Army's Maj. Jack Chastain Says Rita Relief is On the Way (Greenville Daily Reflector - Greenville, NC) Salvation Army, Maj. Jack Chastain said although several volunteers returned to Pitt County Saturday after helping with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in the Gulf states, at least one person, Capt. Robbie Robbins, is leaving to assist with Rita. Robbins, who specializes in repairing the organization's mobile feeding units, left Thursday. Chastain said Robbins is expected to spend about two weeks or more in Texas, most likely Houston. The local chapter has collected more than $28,000, in addition to loads of clothing and nonperishable food items, Chastain said. Fund-raising efforts are expected to continue. Full Story Back to Top
9-22-05 Katrina Refugee Dianne Castano of New Orleans Runs From Rita (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee, WI) Two-time hurricane refugee Dianne Castano of New Orleans waits in line for gas Thursday in Beaumont, Texas, as she evacuates again, this time from Houston in advance of Hurricane Rita. Full Story Back to Top
9-20-05 Tamara Chastain Provides Background to Disaster Preparedness Event (Today's Sunbeam - Salem, NJ) Chastain said Family Security Matters was founded in New York shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. and works with the Department of Homeland Security to better prepare people for emergencies. Chastain, who became a member in 2002, said she was motivated to host the preparedness event because of the many targets in Salem County. "We have so many targets around us I wasn't really aware of," she said. "The pharmaceutical plants, the nuclear plant and the (Delaware Memorial) bridge." September is national emergency preparedness month Chastain said and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has also made the event more important. Full Story Back to Top
9-20-05 Witness Against Chief Phil Castagna Kicked Out of Witness Protection Program (The Trentonian - Trenton, NJ) The witness that testified to the Burlington County grand jury about alleged crimes that the former Bordentown City police chief Phil Castagna committed was kicked out of the witness protection program. That juicy tidbit was unveiled yesterday as Castagna’s defense attorney, Robin Lord, asked a Burlington County Superior Court judge to have the case thrown out of court. Full Story Back to Top
9-20-05 Attorney Bernard Castaigne Surprised at New Found Letters (Expatica - Netherlands) The letters include a proposal from Oliver, in which she promised to look for young virgins for Michel Fourniret in exchange for the murder of her two former of the two Belgian lawyers representing Fourniret was surprised that such letters existed. Neither myself nor my French colleagues have ever seen the letters in the case dossier," lawyer Bernard Castaigne said. Full Story Back to Top
9-20-05 Carol Chastang Says Plan Ahead for Disaster ( - New York, NY) Chastang said among the hard lessons learned from Katrina were to make extra copies of critical business and tax records and "store them somewhere else, at least 50 miles away." She said missing paperwork is stalling emergency loan applications from some New Orleans businesses. She also urges to business owners to make sure their insurance coverage is comprehensive. "You have to ask beforehand what's covered and what isn't," Chastang said. Full Story Back to Top
9-19-05 SBA's Carol Chastang Encourages Paperwork-Weary Disaster Victims (Forbes - USA) While applicants usually wait about three weeks to receive initial disbursements, says SBA spokesperson Carol Chastang, "Given the circumstances, it's going to take a little longer." Filling out an application is no mean feat, either. While the 1995 Paperwork Reduction Act streamlined matters a bit, this still isn't exactly a user-friendly exercise. "Don't be daunted," urges Chastang. "Do the application. We work with people."...What happens if your paperwork is tossed to the winds or submerged in a lake of sewage? "We are really flexible," Chastang insists. "The big things are the tax returns, and we can get those from the IRS." As for proof of something as intangible as economic injury, "We are relying on what [business owners] tell us," she admits. Fine print in the loan application optimistically pegs the estimated time to complete it at a jaunty three hours. "I would disregard that," concedes Chastang. Deadlines? Applications for physical damage loans are due by Oct. 28--as in, next month--while economic damage loans aren't due until May 29. Given all of the chaos Katrina has wrought, says Chastang, "Those deadlines will likely be extended." Full Story Back to Top
9-18-05 Carol Chastang Reports 679,910 Disaster Loan Applications (Hattiesburg American - Hattiesburg, MS) "We've issued 679,910 disaster loan applications to home owners, renters and businesses in the states that were declared (a disaster area following Hurricane Katrina)," said Carol Chastang, spokeswoman for the Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C...Chastang said the first step is to register with FEMA by calling (800) 621-3362. "The SBA is still in the process of receiving referrals from FEMA," she said. "Business owners, home owners, everyone is going to have to register for assistance. From there, the SBA will issue an application to the business." Full Story Back to Top
9-18-05 Tamara Chastain Organizes Emergency Preparedness Program (Today's Sunbeam - Salem, NJ) The public is invited to attend a special Emergency Preparedness Event at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge on South Broadway here. The event is being hosted by Tamara Chastain of Pennsville, of the Family Security Matters. Scheduled presentations are expected to be made by Salem County Homeland Security, The American Red Cross, Salem County Health Department, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Siegfried Pharmaceuticals, PSEG Nuclear LLC, First Responders and the Delaware River and Bay Authority. Full Story Back to Top
9-14-05 Stamford Responds Heartily to Claire Chastaine's Hurricane Plan (Oneonta Daily Star - Oneonta, NY) Claire Chastaine, a Stamford Central School teacher, initiated the movement to invite families to Stamford..."It was something I had been thinking about," Chastaine said Tuesday. "If each of the cities, towns and little villages in this country took just one family in, everyone who was displaced could be integrated with no fuss at all."... Full Story Back to Top
9-13-05 Yadira Cuellar-Castano Rescued from Exploding Car Crash (Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill, NJ) The car crashed into a utility pole near Marshall Mill Road, police said. The vehicle caught fire upon impact, trapping the driver -- Yadira Cuellar-Castano, 21, of Egg Harbor Township -- inside, police said. Stulz ran to the woman's aid and pulled her from the vehicle just seconds before it exploded, police said. Full Story Back to Top
9-12-05 Captain Carroll Chastain Patrols for Survivors in New Orleans ( - Atlanta, GA) Colonel Bryson graciously allowed us to accompany his rangers into the worst hit areas of New Orleans. The team leader was Captain Carroll Chastain, a ranger from East Ellijay...Their mission was to get into the flooded areas of the city and find people who wanted to get out. Jeff Burton and I were teamed with Captain Chastain, DNR Corporal B. J. Foster of Augusta and Louisiana State trooper Darrell Thomas. We all loaded up into the back of a big Army "Deuce and a Half" or a two and a half ton truck. These trucks stand more than ten feet tall and can wade through some pretty deep water...we did see several people in their homes, the foundations of them only slightly above the water line. Despite the pleas of Captain Chastain and Corporal Foster, not a single one wanted to head out... Full Story Back to Top
9-12-05 Englewood Remembers 9-11 Victim Alejandro Castano ( - Hackensack, NJ) In Englewood, Natalia Sanchez remembered her uncle, Alejandro Castano, as a person who always lit up a room. "I admired the energy and excitement he brought into our lives," Sanchez recalled at services on the grounds of the Englewood Public Library. He was a thrill-seeker who always tried new things and who loved his family very much. "He showed each of us his undying love," said Sanchez, 14. "His memory will always inspire me." Castano was one of five people from Englewood who died in the attack on the World Trade Center. He was making a delivery to the twin towers when the planes hit the buildings. Full Story Back to Top
9-9-05 Castine Ship on Its Way to Devastated Gulf Area ( - Portland, ME) The Maine Maritime Academy's training ship left Castine Thursday on an emergency deployment to the Gulf of Mexico to provide housing for workers repairing petroleum refineries...The 500-foot ship is a federally owned vessel on permanent loan to MMA for training purposes. It's part of a national fleet of military reserve ships that the U.S. armed forces can use in time of war or national emergency...The academy uses the ship as a classroom and dormitory when it is berthed in Castine. Every spring, about 200 students take a 60-day training cruise on the ship. Full Story Back to Top
9-9-05 Ship Leaves Castine, Maine to Assist in Hurricane Katrina Aftermath (Bangor Daily News - Bangor, ME) CASTINE - The State of Maine, the training ship for Maine Maritime Academy, eased away from its home dock Thursday afternoon and headed south to support the recovery efforts in the hurricane-ravaged port of New Orleans. The State of Maine is one of seven ships activated for emergency service last weekend by the U.S. Maritime Administration to provide assistance to the region decimated more than a week ago by Hurricane Katrina. Full Story Back to Top
9-7-05 Firefighter Dave Chastain of Washington State Heads for Hurricane Area (Port Angeles Peninsula Daily News - Port Angeles, WA) Port Angeles firefighters Pat Rose and Dave Chastain shipped out Tuesday for Atlanta to receive training and instruction for a deployment in an as yet unknown Gulf Coast state hit by the hurricane...The two firefighters will not be involved in search and rescue missions, Port Angeles Fire Chief Dan McKeen said, but will help inform victims about the process of obtaining federal assistance, distribute information, take reports and provide minimal first aid when needed...Rose and Chastain will continue to receive a paycheck from the department, and the department will be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Full Story Back to Top
9-7-05 Arnold Chasteen Uses His Restaurant and Trailer Rig for Katrina Relief Effort (Grant County News Online - Williamstown, KY) Trailers are located at First and Last Chance, U.S. 25 in Crittenden...A 40-foot trailer is sitting in First and Last Chance's parking lot. So far, it's half full. "We've gotten a little bit of everything and we're going to keep collecting until it's full and if we have to, we'll bring in another one," said Riley. The trailer is owned by Arnold Chasteen who owns Eagle Trucking and First and Last Chance. Full Story Back to Top
9-7-05 Claire Chastaine Promotes Adopting Evacuees from New Orleans (Oneonta Daily Star - Oneonta, NY) Claire Chastaine said she feels that people can make a difference, even here at home. She’s spearheading a local effort for villages and towns across the United States to "adopt" families who lost their homes during the hurricane. "When I thought about them in the football stadiums, it was appalling," Chastaine said Tuesday. "Why would that be a good plan? "You can’t just leave those people in that situation," she said. Stamford can’t tackle the entire New Orleans population, she said, "but we can help one family." Full Story Back to Top
9-4-05 Chastang, Alabama Still Under Boil Water Order (Mobile Register - Mobile, AL) As of Saturday afternoon, boil orders for drinking water were still in effect for Bayou La Batre, Coden, Mon Louis Island, Chastang, Bucks, Mount Vernon and homes in the vicinity of Barry Steam Plant, according to Mobile County Emergency Management Agency spokesman Steve Huffman. Full Story Back to Top
9-3-05 Two Teens Recruited to Shoot Anthony Chastain (Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, OH) Cameron McGlothin, 39, of Price Hill, is in jail, accused of recruiting two teenagers to shoot a man in the leg over stolen drugs. The teens are charged in the death of Anthony Chastain on Aug. 22. A Hamilton County grand jury indicted McGlothin Thursday on charges of murder, aggravated robbery, robbery and illegally having a gun. Although McGlothin is not accused of firing the gun that killed Chastain, Ohio law allows a person to be charged with murder if somebody dies in the commission of a felony crime, which in this case was allegedly ordering the shooting. McGlothin is being held in Hamilton County in lieu of $1 million bond. Full Story Back to Top
9-2-05 Infant Jenna-Ray Chasteen Welcomed by Neighbor after Hurricane Katrina (Washington Post - United States) David ThorNton, left, holds his great-niece Jenna-Ray Chasteen while lying on one of the mattress outside of James W. Pazz's home in Bay St. Louis, Miss., on Friday, Sept. 2 2005. Pazz opened his home to eight families who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green) Full Story Back to Top
9-2-05 Cameron McGlothin Indicted for Murder of Anthony Chastain (Cincinnati Post - OH) According to court records, Cameron McGlothin, 38, of the 2100 block of Clara Street, in Price Hill, caused the death of Anthony Chastain on Aug. 22. Police were called to the 1600 block of First Avenue in West Price Hill about 2:25 that morning for a report of a breaking and entering in progress. They found Chastain, suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Indicted on charges of aggravated robbery, robbery, having a weapon under disability and murder, McGlothin remained in the Hamilton County Justice Center on Thursday with his bail set at $1 million. Full Story Back to Top
9-1-05 Dr. Charles Chastain Clarifies Governor Huckabee's Role in Rapist Parole Appeal (Arkansas Times - Little Rock, AR) Chastain, Suttlar and two other board members who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Huckabee made it known that he favored a commutation of Dumond’s sentence. All four also said it was when Huckabee brought up the subject that the chairman, Brownlee, closed the meeting to the press. They further contradicted Huckabee’s later claims that it was Chastain and not Huckabee who first raised the Dumond issue. “It was thought to be a routine meeting,” Chastain recalled. “Huckabee said, ‘There is this one case I want to talk to you about.’ ”...I pointed out that his sentence had already been reduced to 39 1/2 years and said, ‘That’s not really out of line at all.’ Most of the other board members remained silent, as he and the governor argued over the issue. “I got the impression that no one wanted to argue with the governor,” Chastain said. Suttlar, Chastain, Pondexter and a fourth board member also question the propriety of the board going into a closed-door session to discuss the issue. Full Story Back to Top
9-1-05 Residents of Chastang, Alabama Should Boil Water Due to Katrina (Mobile Register - Mobile, AL) The Mobile Register has been unable to contact some water systems. But health officials, state environmental officers and emergency management officials said that they believe that customers of the following systems should boil all water before drinking...The MBC Water Authority, which services MOVICO customers, Chastang, the Bucks area and the area around Barry Steam Plant, according to emergency officials. Full Story Back to Top
8-23-05 Jerry Chastain Testifies in Decatur Murder Trial (WXIA-TV - NE Atlanta, GA) Jerry Chastain and Robert Sheppard testified Tuesday that they played in the game that Melendi kept score for and that Hinton umpired. Melendi sat on the other side of a fence directly behind Hinton’s post at home plate. “When we started playing ball we had to get him to start playing ball because he was talking to the scorekeeper,” Chastain said. “Once we started playing, I would be in the middle of a pitch and he would just turn around and start looking at her. Full Story
8-23-05 Anthony Chastain Shot and Killed in Cincinnati-Story 3 (Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, OH) The victim was identified by police as Anthony Chastain. Police did not release his address...When officers arrived they found Chastain shot inside the home. Police records show a call from the house to report that someone broke through the door and was on the first floor. "We think he was shot before" he entered the residence, said Capt. Vince Demasi, commander of the investigations bureau. Full Story
8-23-05 Anthony Chastain Shot and Killed in Cincinnati-Story 2 (Cincinnati Post - OH) On Monday, police identified a man shot and killed in West Price Hill as Anthony Chastain, 35. Police were called to 1630 First Ave. about 2:25 a.m. for a report of a breaking and entering in progress. When they arrived, they found Chastain suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Full Story
8-22-05 Anthony Chastain Shot and Killed in Cincinnati-Story 1 (WLWT, OH) Police now say a man found shot to death in a Price Hill home overnight went there for help and was not shot there and did not break in. Police answering a breaking and entering call found Anthony Chastain, 35, in a home on First Avenue. They didn't immediately know who his identity because he was not carrying an ID. Full Story
8-22-05 Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain Reports on Drowning (Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson, SC) Walhalla Police officers called to the house at 8:04 p.m. Sunday found Mr. Janajreh was on his back on the concrete apron at the shallow end of the pool, Walhalla Police Chief Tim Chastain said. He could not remember an accidental drowning inside the city limits in the past 12 years in Walhalla, he said. Full Story
8-11-05 Rhonda Chastain Describes Responses to Home Break-ins (Mohave Valley News - Laughlin, NV) Rhonda Chastain, Mohave County Victim Witness director, said the victims' sense of security is violated after robbers barge into their homes. "There is a paranoia; there is the fear."...Chastain said the media emphasizes high-profile cases such as homicides, child abuse and sexual assaults, but robbery and burglary victims also suffer emotionally. "They are frightened; they do not feel safe anymore,"..."I've known people who have moved after burglaries because they can't live in the house anymore." Full Story
8-8-05 Aberdeen Police Detective Sgt. C. J. Chastain Reports on Car-Jacking (Grays Harbor Daily World - Grays Harbor and Northern Pacific Counties, WA) When the woman told the man to get out of the SUV, he brandished a semi-automatic pistol, pointed it at her head and told her to drive. "It obviously surprised her and she said take whatever you want and leave," Chastain said. "He then turned the gun on her son." After making the mom drive to the Bench Drive area and the Bear Gulch area, he told her to pull over at a boat launch and ordered the mom and son out of the vehicle. He got into the driver's seat and fled back toward town, Chastain said. Full Story
8-5-05 Gunman Shoots Woman on Castana Street in San Diego (San Diego Union Tribune - United States) A young woman was shot in the chest as she walked along a street in Lincoln Park early Friday. The 18-year-old was on Castana Street east of 47th Street just after midnight when a man walked up, pulled out a handgun and fired, San Diego police said. The gunman then ran away. She was taken to an emergency room and later transferred to a trauma center; her condition was not disclosed. Full Story
8-2-05 U.S. District Judge William J. Castagna Sentences Two to 35 Years Each (Yahoo News (press release) - USA) U.S. District Judge William J. Castagna, today sentenced Efrain Rodriguez-Candelaria and Felix Castro to 35 years' imprisonment following the convictions post trial, of being felons in possession of a firearm and ammunition, conspiring to distribute 20 kilograms of cocaine, and possessing a firearm and ammunition in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. According to court records, the defendants plotted to raid a Tampa "stash house," where they believed 20 kilograms of cocaine could be found. They were armed with a loaded firearm and planned to kill at least two of the residents of the stash house. These events occurred between April 21, 2004 and July 7, 2004, in Tampa. Full Story
7-18-05 Detective Mike Chastain Reports on Robbery in Which Clerk Was Killed (Port Huron Times Herald - Port Huron, MI) A co-worker and a customer told police that two armed men entered the game store Saturday evening after being spotted earlier in a nearby parking lot. They were with a third man who drove a dark, four-door car, which was spotted later near the store, said South Precinct detective Mike Chastain of the Metro Police Department...Witnesses' names were not released because of concern for their safety as the investigation continues, Chastain said. Full Story
7-15-05 Sarah Chastine Describes "Citizens On Patrol" Police Assistance Program (News 14 Charlotte - Charlotte, NC) "We have about 50 hours of classroom training where they learn how to perform these duties," said Sarah Chastine of Citizens On Patrol. "Then they go out on the road with other volunteers and with officers to practice the duties. Then they graduate from the program after that." Full Story
7-13-05 Eight Hospitalized in Drive-by Shooting at Chastain Village Apartments (WXIA-TV - NE Atlanta, GA) Five people were shot in a drive-by shooting Wednesday night, according to Cobb County police. A total of eight people have been hospitalized...The shooting happened at about 10:30 p.m. at the Chastain Village Apartments off Concord Road in Smyrna. Full Story
7-7-05 Sheriff's Investigator Tim Chastain Reports on Fatal Accident (Quad City Times - Davenport, IA) Rock Island County sheriff's accident investigator Tim Chastain said that as the vehicle rolled, Murdock was ejected, most likely through the sun roof. Four people in the Jeep suffered only minor injuries, he added. No one is the vehicle were wearing seat belts. Murdock had a blood-alcohol content of .11 and he was traveling about 62 mph when the accident occurred, Chastain said. Full Story
7-7-05 Sheriff John Shasteen Says Shooting at Superintendent's Home Not Random (Ohio News Network - Columbus, OH) The Jackson County sheriff says two shotgun blasts aimed at the home of the Jackson school superintendent were not random, but a violent message for Superintendent Steve Anderson. Sheriff John Shasteen thinks the drive-by shooting last week was an act of intimidation and he's offering a 25-hundred-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. Full Story
7-6-05 10-and 8-Year-Olds Frank and Vanessa Castania Die in Auto Accident (Daily Breeze - Torrance, CA) Frank Castania, 10, and his sister, Vanessa, 8, were pronounced dead Saturday at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs shortly after the Saturday morning crash. Neither was wearing a seat belt, California Highway Patrol officer Michael Sorg said. Their mother, Deborah Castania, 38, and brother, Dustin, 19, a former star soccer player for San Pedro High School, survived the crash. Both were wearing seat belts in the front...The left rear tire separated, causing Castania to lose control of the vehicle, Sorg said. The minivan traveled into the median and overturned. Vanessa and Frank in the back were ejected from the minivan. Full Story
7-5-05? Fire Department Capt. Richard Shasteen Reports Minimal Damage from Fireworks (Tullahoma News and Guardian - Tullahoma, TN) Fire Department Capt. Richard Shasteen said later that damage from fireworks was minimal. He said a discarded couch had appeared to be burned by fireworks, and an incident occurred during the Kiwanis annual fireworks show at Tullahoma High School that damaged a portable chair. Aside from that, it appeared little else occurred. "It didn’t impact us any more than it did before fireworks were legal (in the city limits)," Shasteen said. Full Story
6-14-05 Eddie Castaing Defends Accused Bribe Recipient Vincent Sylvain (Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA) Vincent Sylvain, a political consultant who ran Marc Morial's mayoral campaigns and then spent eight years as Morial's top housing aide at City Hall, was identified Monday by federal prosecutors in Cleveland as the city official who allegedly took a $2,500 bribe from New Orleans business executive Gilbert Jackson in 2002...Sylvain's attorney, Eddie Castaing, said he had no comment on prosecutors' allegations other than to say they were false. He said Sylvain would not be called as a witness. 'I have no deal to make' Full Story
6-14-05 Prosecutor's Office Accused of Framing Police Chief Philip Castagna ( - Philadelphia, PA) A lawyer has accused the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office of agreeing to pay a witness $40,000 and terminate his probation in exchange for the witness framing the lawyer's client, former Bordentown City Police Chief Philip Castagna, who is charged with conspiring to kill his estranged wife. Full Story
6-13-05 DOT Daniel Chastain Tells Drivers What to Expect on Construction (Henry Herald - McDonough, GA) Drivers likely won't see much effect until sometime in April next year, when work on the second phase of the project is expected to begin, said DOT project manager Daniel Chastain. That's when traffic is expected to shift to new lanes in several places along the road, so work can begin on reconstructing the existing lanes. "Really, until that April 6, 2006, date, they're going to be driving on the same road," Chastain said. Full Story
6-11-05 Paul Chastain Brings Neighborhood Crime Issues Before City Commission (Joplin Globe - Joplin, MO) Chastain told the council that he wants a program for former convicts removed from his block, dilapidated homes restored or demolished, and the drug activity eradicated...Chastain blames some of the neighborhood's troubles on the Hope House Christian Recovery Center, across the street from him at 614 S. Moffet. He alleges that the center's residents, former convicts, and their visitors damaged his vehicle, disturb the peace, and trespass onto neighbors' property...Another troublespot, Chastain said, is an abandoned two-story brick home at 612 S. Moffet Ave. Grass in the back yard towers several feet high and broken windows dot the side of the old home. Chastain said that a man lived there more than two years without utility service before being driven away. Full Story
5-18-05 Cynthia Chasteen Hits a Deer (Galesburg Register Mail - Galesburg, IL) DAHINDA - A van driven by Cynthia D. Chasteen, 31, Oneida, hit a deer at 8:56 a.m. Tuesday at Knox Highway 12 and Knox Road 1575N. Full Story
5-17-05 Amy Chastain and Sister Injured in Teen Car Pile Up (Winfield Daily Courier - Winfield, KS) Dispatchers received a report of an injury car accident...Hannah McFarland, 15, Winfield, told officers she was driving westbound on Kansas when she looked down at the car radio. She looked up just as she struck another car, driven by Courtney Crane, also 15. The force of the collision pushed the Crane vehicle into one driven by Mallory Carroll, 17, Arkansas City. Carroll’s vehicle then made impact with a vehicle driven by Amy Chastain, which was pushed into another car, driven by Jennifer Bernard, 17, Winfield. Both Chastain and her younger sister were taken by EMS to the emergency room for complaints of neck pain. They were treated and released. McFarland was cited for inattentive driving and driving against restrictions on her license. Full Story
5-13-05 Big Drug Bust Made at El Castano, Venezuela ( - Worth, IL) Venezuela's National Guard (GN) has announced the seizure of more than 21,000 liters of chemicals, allegedly used in drug-making laboratories...The GN Anti-Drugs Command made the raid on an alleged clandestine laboratory in El Castano village (Carabobo) where the chemicals had been stored for use. It has emerged that the Command had been seeking the whereabouts of said laboratory and others for several months and a spokesperson says the chemicals were used to process chlorohydrate of cocaine. Full Story
5-12-05 Police Chief Philip Castagna Indicted for Trying to Kill His Wife (Bordentown Register News - Bordentown, NJ) A state grand jury indicted former Bordentown City Police Chief Philip Castagna on Tuesday on charges surrounding an alleged plot to kill his estranged wife during a July 2003 fire at the couple's Burlington City home. Mr. Castagna, 43, who was removed from his position in May 2004, will now head to trial on four counts: conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated arson, and two counts of contempt, said Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Kim Lau. If convicted on all four counts, Mr. Castagna could face a maximum sentence of 33 years in prison. Full Story
5-6-05 HP Captain Jimmy Chastain Explains Reconstruction in Fatal Accident (WIS - Columbia, SC) The Highway Patrol says Cannon's patrol car ran through a median barrier on I-20 near Highway 378 just before rush hour on Wednesday...Once the troopers are finished, they'll analyze all the data they've gathered on a computer. Capt. Chastain says they'll actually be able to draw the scene to figure out how fast the car was going or which direction it was going to determine why the accident happened, "Everything we do as far as the crash sites is based on physics, Newton's Laws of Motion." Full reconstruction can take as long as 45 days. It's a serious business because the information is used in court cases and as research to help prevent future crashes Full Story
5-2-05 Police Beat Reporter Cary Castagna Finishes in First Marathon (Winnipeg Sun - Winnipeg, Manitoba) Cary in his first half-marathon, stayed the course despite too many aches and pains to count. "I finished it and I got a medal. I'm so proud," said Castagna, who finished in under three hours. Full Story
4-23-05 27-Year-Old Giovanni Castano Dies in Psychiatric Unit (Toledo Blade - Toledo, OH) A 27-year-old Bowling Green man died Thursday when he hanged himself in the psychiatric unit at Flower Hospital, authorities said. The body of Giovanni Castano was discovered at 7:15 a.m. when a nurse looked in through a viewing window. His body was lying on the floor, hung by his pajama-bottom drawstrings from the bottom rail of his hospital bed, Dr. Diane Barnett, a Lucas County deputy coroner, said. Full Story
4-18-05 Officer Thomas Castagna Re-hired Due to Weak Evidence in Accusation (East Hartford Gazette - East Hartford, CT) Chief Sirois, without being specific, said the evidence against Officer Thomas Castagna was weak. The owner of U-Pawn, Mike Fournier, alleged in arresting him in November items were stolen from his business and person. Fornier's attorney filed suit against the town stating over $400,000 in merchandise was missing from his business at 700 Burnside Avenue when a door or safe was left unsecured. Full Story
4-14-05 Floyd Chastain Claims Murderer Confessed to Him (Palm Beach Post - Palm Beach, FL) A fellow inmate at a Sumter County state prison told the sheriff's office that Gross, who grew up in Jupiter, confessed that he killed Hurley at Carlin Park on St. Patrick's Day 1990 after being mistakenly released from a juvenile detention center in Palm Beach County. The inmate who claimed to take Gross' confession, Floyd Chastain, is a convicted murderer with a tainted history as an informant...Chastain wrote an extensive account of the confession on the pages of his personal Bible, which detectives took from him in August 2003. Chastain told The Post in a letter that he was reading from the Book of Genesis to another inmate in the recreation yard at an Okeechobee County state prison when Gross came up and prayed with them. (Both men were later transferred to the Sumter County facility). It was during the prayer session, he says, that Gross made his confession. Full Story
4-11-05 Albert and Kay Castano Survive Neighborhood Gas Explosion (Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie, NY) The ruptured gas line under her driveway had filled her two-story colonial house with natural gas, and the house had exploded...The fire department evacuated everyone on Tillson Avenue except for Albert and Kay Castano, who chose to remain in their home diagonally across from 7 Tillson Ave...A1 Glass & Mirror in Highland came to the rescue of the Castanos. They had 11 windows installed on the day of the explosion. Full Story
3-17-05 Outside Mayor Weighs In On Ed Chasteen Biking Verdict (Gladstone Sun News - Gladstone, MO) I am one of the cyclists who attended Ed Chasteen's trial in your city. I am disappointed that Ed was found guilty under such an antiquated, restrictive and discriminatory law. Houston has an ordinance that forbids making goo-goo eyes at women on the street, but they wisely choose not to enforce it. Sounds like the prosecutor you canned was the smartest guy in the county. Full Story
3-15-05 Mark Chasteen Successfully Prosecutes Jackpot Winner of Vehicular Homicide (Pioneer Press - St. Paul, MN) It took the jury another 20 minutes to find that Zell should be given more than the four-year sentence called for under the state's sentencing guidelines. Prosecutor Mark Chasteen argued Zell should receive eight years in prison because she endangered several people and claimed Schmidt was at fault...In September, Zell violated terms of her release when she traveled to Duluth during Labor Day weekend, Chasteen said, noting that she also removed her monitoring bracelet that weekend. At the same time, investigators discovered that Zell wired $500,000 to the Royal Bank of Nova Scotia, and they said they thought she was preparing to leave the country. When she surrendered to authorities, they found 0.7 grams of methamphetamine in her purse, Chasteen said. Full Story
3-10-05 Officer Thomas Castagna Dismissed From Force for Arrest (East Hartford Gazette - East Hartford, CT) Police Chief Mark J. Sirois fired Officer Thomas Castagna, a 7-year veteran of the department, last week. Castagna had arrested the owner of a business, Gary Fornier at his store, U-Pawn at 700 Burnside Avenue, November 18. Castagna charged Fornier with threatening him after the two got into a dispute while Castagna was investigating a customer's charge that Fornier had threatened him. Fornier later filed suit against the town alleging $400,000 of his store's merchandise was missing because of Castagna's failure to secure the front door after making the arrest. Full Story
2-22-05 Police Chief Bud Chasteen Reduced From 40 to 25 Hours Per Month (Port Clinton News Herald - Port Clinton, OH) Village Mayor Wayne Butzin said property-tax rates could increase for each of Rocky Ridge's 164 homeowners by as much as 6 mills to compensate for losing $35,825 the LGF annually brings to the village. "That's about 70 percent of our budget," Butzin said... He said the village already has started cutting areas to prepare for the possible revenue loss. The hours of Village Police Chief Bud Chasteen, for example, were reduced from 40 hours to 25 hours per month. Full Story
2-14-05 Hit and Run Suspect Captured at Chastain Village Apartments ( - Atlanta, GA) A man accused of killing a 9-month-old girl during a hit-and-run traffic wreck was taken back into custody this weekend after he was released when a police officer showed up late for court. Cobb Police say they got a tip that 26-year-old Edwin Chacon was at the Chastain Village Apartment Complex at 1901 Old Concord Road in Smyrna. Full Story
2-12-05 Oregon and County Pay Half Million for Traffic Death of Bryan Lee Chastain (Bend Bulletin - Bend, OR) Lane County and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) agreed last week to pay a $500,000 settlement to the family of a Bend man killed in an automobile accident in October 2003. Attorney Bruce Brothers, who represents the family of Bryan Lee Chastain, said the family decided to file suit in 2004 after visiting the intersection of Highway 126 and Deerhorn Road, east of Springfield, where the accident took place...The complaint filed by Brothers said that ODOT and Lane County failed to properly post signs, remove foliage obstructing the view of signs that were posted, and failed to warn motorists of the dangerous intersection at Highway 126 and Deerhorn Road. "When I went out to the intersection it was clear that it was not in compliance in so many respects," Brother said. "It was interesting because there are all kinds of skid marks there." Full Story
2-8-05 Coach Andy Chastain Pleads Guilty to Student Sex Offense (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) Frank A. "Andy" Chastain earlier had denied he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student at the school. But prosecutor Barry Steelman said Chastain's DNA was matched to sperm found on the girl's clothing...He was given a suspended two-year prison sentence. He will be on probation for six years and must undergo counseling. Chastain will be on the sex offender register for at least 10 years. He earlier gave up his teaching certificate, and he cannot return to teaching during the probation period. He is now working with a roofing firm. Full Story
2-5-05 Government Pays Bryan Lee Chastain Family Half Million Dollar Death Settlement (The Register-Guard - Eugene, Oregon) Family members of a man who died in a crash at the notorious intersection of Deerhorn Road and Highway 126 will be paid $500,000 to settle their lawsuit against Lane County and the Oregon Department of Transportation. The lawsuit, set for trial next week in Lane County Circuit Court, alleged that the intersection's poor layout caused the death of Bryan Lee Chastain in October 2003. Full Story
2-3?-05 Investigation Clears Officer Mark Chastain in Fatal Shooting (Kingman Daily Miner - Kingman, AZ) After reviewing the investigation report, County Attorney Matt Smith wrote in a letter to Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries that he determined Chastain “justifiably acted in self-defense” when he shot and killed Williams. There is no need for further investigation... Williams locked his door and refused to get out. Chastain drew his taser and targeted Williams’ chest. Williams got out the gun again, according to Hughes’ statement. Hughes ran from the car because he knew something was going to happen, and shortly after, he heard a single shot he believed came from Williams’ gun followed by “about five shots from the cop,” the report states. Full Story. Back To Top
2-2-05 Jill Chasteen and Bloodhound Search for Missing Child (Seymour Daily Tribune - Seymour, IN) Emma, with handler Jill Chasteen in tow, was the first dog on the scene when the call came the night of Jan. 25 for missing 10-year-old Katlyn Maria “Katie” Collman of Crothersville. Chasteen said she was pleased with the way Emma performed. Emma, a bloodhound, provided investigators with the general direction from the apartments Collman had visited to the Dollar Store, and from there it was evident that the walking trail became a car trail... Chasteen has been involved in the EMA’s K-9 search team since its development in 2001. Chasteen chose Emma as a puppy, based on certain criteria... Members of the K-9 search team are volunteers. Handlers pay for training, equipment, dog supplies and veterinarian visits out of their own pockets. Full Story
1-25-05 Tracy Castine Upset When Police Check Children's Diapers for Drugs (The Australian - Australia) Northern Territory police officers searched two tots - one of them a seven-month-old baby - during a drug raid, it was revealed last night. The children's mother said she will lodge an official complaint with the Ombudsman over the incident. Tracy Castine told the Northern Territory News last night that police had examined the two tots' nappies explaining they were looking for drugs. The complaint surrounds the actions of five uniformed police and three detectives during the search of a Katherine residence. "They didn't even ask my permission to search the nappies and that's what upset me the most," Tracy, 17, said. Full Story
1-22-05 Officer Christopher Chastain Arrests Mom for Abusing Son with Punishment ( - Fort Lauderdale, FL) Following an examination in which the boy's bruises were deemed "severe," Officer Christopher Chastain went to the pediatrician's office where the mother has worked for three years and arrested her. The woman, Sherell Lee Daniel, 24, waived her rights and agreed to speak with police. She reportedly told Chastain she hit her son across the buttocks but did not remember hitting him anywhere else. Police charged Daniel with one count of child abuse because of the severity of the child's injuries. In court Friday, Daniel denied abusing her son. Full Story
1-20-05 Ed Chasteen Loses Bike Battle and Pays Fine (Gladstone Sun News - Gladstone, MO) With court costs, the fine for pushing his bicycle on a Lawson sidewalk came to about $100. Chasteen said he would have fought the case, but out of concern for people he knows in Lawson, he decided drop the issue. Full Story
1-15-05 Police Chief Philip Castagna's Girlfriend Threatens Lawsuit ( - Philadelphia, PA) The girlfriend of former Bordentown City Police Chief Philip Castagna has filed notice she is considering a lawsuit against the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, claiming authorities illegally searched her home when Castagna was arrested for conspiring to kill his estranged wife. Full Story
1-13-05 Will Ed Chasteen's 91 Year Old Mother Have to Pay His Bicycle Fine? (Liberty Sun News - Liberty, MO) The charge facing Chasteen proved so weak that in December Lawson City Prosecutor Tom McGiffin, now a former prosecutor, had refused to take the case into court. "It was not the type of case that I thought needed to be prosecuted," McGiffin says later. "The ordinance seemed to apply to other individuals ... to hold parents responsible for their kids maybe riding their bikes or causing disturbances on the main street."... Patience says the city's law appears to have been designed long ago out of concern about youngsters being reckless with bicycles. He asks the court whether the $25 fine would have to be paid, as the ordinance appears to require, by Chasteen's parents... Chasteen is 69. His mother, Cora Chasteen, is 91. Full Story
1-11-05 Robert Chastain's Old Partner Commits Suicide in Prison (Virginian Pilot - Norfolk, VA) In a gambit Robert Ludlum could have penned, Hirschfeld and business partner Robert Chastain in 1987 secretly taped former President Ferdinand Marcos plotting to invade his homeland to regain power. After Hirschfeld revealed the plot to a Senate subcommittee, Marcos was not permitted to leave Hawaii. One of the most bizarre dramas involved Chastain. In 1989, he was found dead of an apparent suicide in a hotel in Vienna, Austria. During Hirschfeld’s 1992 trial on charges of tax evasion and fraud, prosecutors raised questions about the circumstances of Chastain’s death and claimed that Hirschfeld had received nearly $5 million from Chastain’s life-insurance policies. Chastain died about two weeks after a suicide clause on the insurance policies lapsed, enabling Hirschfeld to claim the money, prosecutors said. Full Story
12-30-04 Fire Chief Scott Chasteen Commends Man for Saving Little Girl ( - Indianapolis, IN ) As we were arriving, (Coy) was exiting, still basically smoldering from the explosion," Chasteen said. "He had rolled in the snow to cool himself and had brought his infant daughter out...Chasteen said investigators believe the explosion was caused by a gas leak in the area of the home's utility room. Full Story
12-22-04 Sgt. Curtis Chastain Says Bomb Scare Suitcase Will Be Discarded (Fresno Bee - Fresno, CA) The main branch of the U.S. Postal Service in Fresno closed briefly Tuesday morning when an unattended suitcase was found outside, near the front doors, triggering a call for the police bomb squad...Since no crime was committed, Sgt. Curtis Chastain of the bomb team said the old-looking, gray-colored suitcase — measuring about 3 feet by 2 feet, would be thrown away. Full Story
12-20-04 Student Amanda Chastain's Life Affected by Violent Kidnapping Attempt (Tyler Morning Telegraph - Tyler, TX) Ms. Chastain said she was walking in the park at 1 p.m. when Kennedy approached her, telling her he had recent surgery and believed he had overdone it that day. She assisted him to his car and when they were a few feet from the Chrysler Sebring convertible, he offered to give her a lift to her car. When she refused, he displayed a switchblade knife and asked her if she wanted to live, the victim testified during the sentencing hearing. The pair struggled for several minutes. Ms. Chastain fell to the ground and kicked at him, trying to dislodge the knife from his hand. She screamed for help and after a witness began running to aid her, Kennedy got in his car and fled the scene. Full Story
12-15-04 County Clerk Jo Ann Chastain Favors On-line Court Records Program (Lufkin Daily News - Lufkin, TX) The public will soon be able to access the Angelina County court records on the Internet, for a fee. Commissioners approved a contract with, an Internet court database system, that won't cost the county anything, according to company owner Armando Balderrama and County Clerk Jo Ann Chastain...Chastain told commissioners she believed the county would not only save money but make money from the plan based on her experience with the real property online database with which she contracted a few years ago. Full Story
12-15-04 Police Officer Mark Chastain Shot by Motorist (Kingman Daily Miner - Kingman, AZ) Officer Mark Chastain underwent shoulder surgery at Kingman Regional Medical Center for a single gunshot wound. He was reported to be in stable condition today...Donald R. Williams, 18, of Kingman died after he was shot in the torso Monday evening in the parking lot of a convenience store...Chastain fired three times at the driver of a 1996 Buick sedan after the driver fired a .25-caliber pistol once at the officer...A 17-year-old male passenger in the car was not injured. He told officers what happened and was not charged...Chastain stopped the Buick traveling northbound on Stockton Hill Road because of an equipment violation. Full Story. See follow-up article at 2-3-05. Back To Top
12-9-04 Convicted Judge Takes Stand Against Advice of Attorney Eddie Castaing (Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA) Against the advice of his attorney and saying he owed it to the victim's family and to a Kenner man he helped send to death row, former Judge Ronald Bodenheimer, who is serving time in a federal prison, said in court Wednesday that he did nothing wrong while prosecuting a 1994 murder case...Bodenheimer prosecuted the case in 1994, then represented Williams Ortiz's family in an insurance claim that eventually netted his former law firm about $300,000, according to testimony. The former jurist's attorney, Eddie Castaing, said he advised Bodenheimer to invoke his Fifth Amendment right, which protects him against self-incrimination. Full Story
12-7-04 Heather Chasteen Injured in Railroad Crossing Crashes Twice in One Day (Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, OH) At about 3:30 a.m. today, Chasteen's father, Kenneth Chasteen, 55, of Hamilton, was taking the two women home from the hospital from the first crash when a train backed into his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse as he crossed the same CSX track at Bell Avenue Full Story
12-07-04 Attorney Eddie Castaing Represents Judge Convicted of Crimes (Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA) Bodenheimer was sentenced this year to 46 months in prison on federal racketeering charges stemming from crimes while he was a state judge. Those charges stemmed from a widespread investigation into allegations of corruption at the Jefferson Parish courthouse...Bodenheimer's attorney, Eddie Castaing, objected to bringing Bodenheimer to state district court, saying Bodenheimer is still suffering ill health from a heart attack in July and triple-bypass surgery in August. Full Story
11-19-04 Restraining Order on Former Police Chief Philip Castagna Made Permanent ( - Philadelphia, PA) An appeals court yesterday upheld a permanent domestic-violence protective order barring former Bordentown City Police Chief Philip Castagna from contacting his estranged wife. The ruling supports a restraining order issued by Superior Court Judge E. David Millard in August 2003. That order made permanent a temporary restraining order issued after Castagna allegedly threatened his estranged wife, Joyce Leopold-Castagna. Full Story
11-12-04 Commissioner Tom Chasteen Supports Electronic Drivers' Licenses (Scanning Red and Black) Chasteen said drivers' licenses would have to be modified statewide to include a special barcode on the back that bar owners would scan to get information about the owner, including his or her age. Full Story
11-10-04 Tragic Bicycle Fatality Occurs in Chataignier (Opelousas Daily World - Opelousas, LA) Dustin Drake Boone, 14, of Chataignier was killed instantly just south of Chataignier Monday evening when his bicycle was struck by a pickup truck. ... Full Story
11-7-04 Chastain Hills Fire Leaves 33 Homeless ( - Atlanta, GA, USA) It broke out around 4:00 am Sunday at the Chastain Hills Apartments on Dunlap Avenue. Investigators believe it started in an apartment that had no electricity. ... Full Story
11-2-04 Leland Chasteen Survives Machete Attack by Roommate (Anchorage Daily News (subscription) - Anchorage, AK, USA) Leland W. Chasteen, 19, was cut on his knuckles with a machete at about 8:45 pm Saturday, police said. Chasteen told police his ... Full Story
10-25-04 Noah Chasteen Hits Deer (Palladium-Item - Richmond, IN, United States) 1:10 a.m. Saturday -- No injuries in collision with deer, U.S. 27 North. Driver: Noah A. Chasteen, Williamsburg. (No further information.) Source Full Story
10-23-04 Special Agent Greg Chastain Describes Getaway Injury to Fellow Agent ( According to Agent Greg Chastain, the incident happened Thursday when Chance Oxner stopped a vehicle near Cornelia. Full Story Full Story
10-20-04 Joann Chastain Alarmed When Granddaughter is Almost Kidnapped (WISH - Indianapolis, IN, USA) Police Step Up Patrols Following Attempted Abduction, "She was coming in and she started screamin' and hollerin' for me," said Joann Chastain, who had the scare of a lifetime when her 17-year-old granddaughter ... Full Story
10-19-04 Chief Bud Chasteen Discusses Bizarre Shooting (Port Clinton News Herald - Port Clinton, OH, USA) Man charged after target practice goes awry. Mansor surrendered the rifle to officers and was very cooperative in the investigation, said Rocky Ridge Police Chief Bud Chasteen. ... Full Story
10-12-04 Ken and Jeana Chastain Comfort Elderly Lady Trapped in Car Motorist survives after train plows into car (McMinnville News-Register - McMinnville, OR, USA.) Ken and Jeana Chastain, who live a short distance from the scene, were among the first to reach the mangled wreckage. Carl was still inside. ... Full Story
10-8-04 Ed Chasteen Creates Storm Over Bicycle Parking Ticket (Kansas City Star) (subscription) - Kansas City, MO, United States Justice has true fighter on its side - Chasteen has raised thousands of dollars to fight multiple sclerosis, an affliction he has battled for years. And to all this he ... Full Story
10-6-04 Friends Mourn Accident Victim Zoe Chastain-Shannon ( - USA) Zoe -- remembered -A candlelight vigil to remember HSU student Hannah Chastain-Shannon, better known as Zoe, took place on the Redwood Quad at 7 pm Thursday evening. ... Full Story
10-4-04 Robert Chastain Secretly Taped President Ferdinand Marcos Plot (Miami Herald (subscription) - Miami, FL, USA) Lawyer Richard M. Hirschfeld Arrested In 1987, Hirschfeld and business partner Robert Chastain secretly taped Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos plotting to invade his homeland to regain power. ... Full Story
9-29-04 Hannah Chastain-Shannon Killed in Auto Accident 18 Year Old Student Killed In Early Morning Accident (The Eureka Reporter - Eureka, CA) Hannah Chastain-Shannon of Grass Valley was driving southbound north of Central Avenue/ State Route 200 overcrossing around 12:30 am Wednesday morning. ... Full Story
9-20-04 Fire Capt. Richard Shasteen Describes History of 1935 Fire Truck RESTORED fire truck brings sense of pride at unveiling ( - Tullahoma, TN) Richard Shasteen said. ... "We bought the truck in 1935. It was one of the first gasoline powered trucks on the department," Shasteen said. ... Full Story
9-14-04 Capt. Richard Shasteen Helps Lead Restoration of 1936 Fire Truck PUBLIC is invited to Saturday's unveiling of restored fire truck ( - Tullahoma, TN) Capt. Richard Shasteen and other firemen led the drive to solicit donations to pay for the restoration improvements. Engineer ... Full Story
9-9-04 Neighbors Save Theresa Chastain and Home from Catastrophic Fire PASSERS-BY save house from burning (Daily Record - Ellensburg, WA) Depending on how you look at it, the night of Sept. 1 was either very lucky or unlucky for Theresa Chastain. Chastain and her guests ... Full Story
9-3-04 Lt. Glenn Chastain Reports Police Are Ready for Holiday Traffic (Salem Statesman Journal - Salem, OR) Starting today. "We are pulling out all the resources," said Lt. Glenn Chastain of the Oregon State Police. Troopers will get ... Full Story
8-28-04 Attorney Mark Chasteen Prosecutes Lottery Winner for Homicide (Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - Minneapolis, MN) During the course of the discussion, Lange, prosecutor Mark Chasteen and defense attorney Stefan Tolin touched on Zell's poor driving record and abuse of ... Full Story
8-27-04 Lillian Katie Chasteen Treated After Turning Left Into Loaded Log Truck (Brunswick News - Brunswick, GA) Lillian Katie Chasteen, 29, of Hortense, the driver of a 1996 Saturn, and Lawson Lafferty, 37, the driver of the truck carrying logs, were both treated and ... Full Story
8-25-04 Assistant Principal Andy Chastain Waives Right to Hearing in Sex Case (WKRN - Nashville, TN) Andy Chastain's decision clears the way for the statutory rape charge against him to be sent to a Hamilton County grand jury. Chastain ... Full Story
8-12-04 Police Say Assistant Principal Andy Chastain Had Sex with 17-Year-Old (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) An affidavit also states that the former school official, Frank Anderson "Andy" Chastain, has a tattoo of the girl's initials on his buttocks. Full Story
8-7-04 Mold Ruled Out In Courthouse Illness, Donna Chastain Takes Next Step (Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, IN) Donna Chastain, environmental health specialist for the Morgan County Health Department, said she expects results Monday from chemical tests conducted by the ... Full Story
8-6-04 Bureau Chief Marilyn Chastain Battles Investment Fraud (The Casper Star Tribune - Casper, WY) Nearly $24 million has been lost or put at risk by investors because of fraud schemes, Department of Finance Securities Bureau Chief Marilyn Chastain said. ... Full Story
8-3-04 Sgt. Curtis Chastain's Plainclothes Unit Nabs Kidnapper (Fresno Bee - Fresno, CA) Curtis Chastain, assigned to the department's street violence bureau, said members of his plainclothes unit were checking a number of locations in the Tower ... Full Story
8-3-04 Environmental Health Specialist Donna Chastain Speaks on Court Closing (Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, IN) County health officials ran tests but detected nothing, said Donna Chastain, Morgan County's environmental health specialist. Full Story
8-2-04 Sheriff Rick Chastain Describes Tense Armed Standoff Laurens County Sheriff, Rich Chastain says, "It was a very tense situation, it takes patience to wait it out". A little ... Full Story
7-20-04 Carl W. Chastain Jr., of Cleveland, killed in Calhoun Plant Accident (Daily Post Athenian - Athens, TN) Bowater Newsprint Vice President and Resident Manager Roger Loney said 47-year-old Carl W. Chastain Jr., of Cleveland, was fatally injured around 7:50 am ... Full Story
7-17-04 Carl Chastain Dies in Industrial Accident (The Tennessean - Nashville, TN) Plant vice president and resident manager Roger Loney said Carl Chastain, 47, was fatally injured about 7:50 am while cleaning a chip screen. ... Full Story
6-25-04 Paramedic Instructor Rob Chastain Teaches Kids Baxter Bulletin Students take part in ASUMH Kid's College Thursday was emergency care day with Rob Chastain, a paramedic instructor at ASUMH, giving the eight students some classroom instruction. Full Story
6-10-04 Teen Quint Chastain Saves House from Fire (Peninsula Daily News) Port Angeles: Teen credited with saving house from fire. PORT ANGELES -- Quint Chastain has grown up knowing fire safety. As the son of a career firefighter, ``he's been around smoke detectors all his life,'' said Chastain's father, Dave Chastain, a Port Angeles firefighter/paramedic and volunteer chief of Clallam. Full Story
6-9-04 Justin Chasteen Uninjured in Fatal Accident ( Tri-County Tech student killed in morning wreck ANDERSON A Tri-County Technical College student studying to be a medical lab technician and headed from her job to a class was killed Thursday morning when the car she was driving collided with a truck. Full Story
6-9-04 HateBusters founder Ed Chasteen Seeks New Police Bicycles (Gladstone Sun News, MO) Police need bikes. On their bikes officers are more in contact with people, more like the old-fashioned foot patrolman," HateBusters founder Ed Chasteen said. ... Full Story
6-3-2-04 Assistant Principal Andy Chastain Investigated (The Chattanoogan - Chattanooga, TN) Hamilton County Schools is investigating allegations that Andy Chastain, one of its assistant principals at Red Bank High School, has been involved Full Story
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