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Much work has been done on Chastain genealogy. The first place to visit is the Pierre Chastain Family Association. There you can order genealogies of the descendants of Pierre Chastain through six generations. This should be the starting place for all Chastains and Chasteens.

Beyond the Pierre Chastain Family Association, you may wish to explore these Chastain genealogical sites. Feel free to suggest other sites using the Submit Content form.

"The man who has not anything to boast of but his illustrious ancestors,
is like a potato-the only good belonging to him is underground."

~Thomas Overbury (1581-1615), British poet and essayist

Chastain Family Tree. Doyle E. Chastain & John S. Chastain. This site contains the first nine generations of known descendants of Pierre Chastain plus numerous additional descendants along particular family lines. Information in this site is from multiple sources including Chastain Kith and Kin, Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, and direct communications with many Pierre Chastain descendants.

Burleigh Netzky Genealogy Page. Descendants of two Chastain lines: Obediah Chastain b. 1790 North Carolina, and Benjamin Chastain b. 1823 South Carolina. Includes some sources: Chastain Brides (Picken's County), Chastain Grooms (Picken's County), Northwest Georgia Marriages.

Our Family History: Chastain-Harrell. Focus on Thomas County, Georgia Chastains. Internet posting of the book published in 1979.

My Fallen Nuts. Descendants of William Chastain b. 1810 South Carolina. This is the family of Troy Green Chastain (1883-1945), prominent citizen and public servant of Atlanta (see entry at Chastains in Politics).

The Chastain Family of California. Descendants of Jason C. Chastain (c1791-1880).

The Pickrum Genealogy. Has 563 Chastains.

Feigenbaum Genealogy Chastain Family Report.

Long Island Database. Lots of Chastains.

Cheryl Chastain White's Genealogy. A single direct line from Jacques Chastain (b. c1598 in France) to Cheryl. Includes a collection of miscellaneous sources: Chastain's in the Censuses; Chastain's on Voters' Lists; Chastain Birth Records; Chastain Marriage Records; Chastain Deaths.

Sublett Family Association. Has the ancestry of Anne Soblet, wife of immigrant Pierre Chastain.

Susan and Sharon's Chastain surnames on the web. More Chastain genealogical links. Chastain Family Genealogy Forum. Very useful.

Cousin Connect. Chastain inquiries with links to other Chastain inquiries.

Cyndi's List. A tremendous collection of genealogical resources.

See Chastain Authors for a list of Books About Chastains. Some of these are brief and some are extensive.

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