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Marquis publishes a number of titles in its series of Who's Who books. This page is a listing of Chastain related names appearing in those volumes. Not all titles and years have yet been searched.

Who's Who in America, 2004

  1. William John Castagna, Federal Judge
  2. Gregory Joseph Castano, Lawyer
  3. John Thomas Casteen, III, University President
  4. Brandi Denise Chastain, Professional Soccer Player
  5. Kenneth Duane Chastain, Foreign Language Educator
  6. Mark Alan Chastain, Dermatologist, Otolaryngologist, and Educator
  7. Merritt Banning Chastain, Jr., Lawyer
  8. Donald Eugene Shasteen, Government Official

Who Was Who in America, Six volumes through 1981

  1. Giovanni Castano (born 1896), Artist
  2. Georges Castegnier (born 1851), Teacher
  3. Elijah Webb Chastain (1813-1874), Congressman

Who's Who in the World, 1995

  1. Lucio Almeida Castagno, Brazil, Otolaryngology Researcher
  2. Ralph Henri Castain, USA, Physicist
  3. Elvira Palmerio Castano, USA, Art Gallery Director and Art Historian
  4. David Lee Chastain, Jr., USA, Organic Chemist
  5. Denise Jean Chastain, USA, Process Improvement Engineer
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