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Some Chastains are Gay, some are supportive of Gay causes, and some are opposed. Chastains listed as Gay-friendly on this page are not necessarily Gay themselves, but they are involved in Gay issues.

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Friendly: Rev. Gordon Chastain ~ John Chasteen ~ Matthew Chastain ~ Pam Chastain ~ Terry Chasteen
Opposed: Jane Chastain

Gay Friendly

Rev. Gordon Chastain (Episcopal Priest). Rev. Chastain, who is gay, retired as rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Indianapolis in 2001, but he continues to serve the diocese as a supply minister for those who are sick or on vacation. Regarding the controversy in his denomination, Rev. Chastain states, Personally, I find it pleasing and refreshing to be part of a church that struggles with issues of inclusiveness and openness. He believes the Episcopal Church should have same-sex blessing ceremonies, Priests have been blessing animals, people and objects for years, so I don't see why they can't bless relationships that are healthy.. Rev. Chastain served for many years as an officer and board member of the National Episcopal Aids Coalition, a member of the Episcopal Church's Standing Committee on HIV/AIDS, and on a number of committees for the Indianapolis Diocese. He was also director of the Damien Center, a ministry to those living with HIV and AIDS.
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Lunchtime TalesJohn Chasteen (Grant Writer, Author, Artist) 1950- . In the 1980s, John became Director of Cuban Relief for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, a fellowship of churches formed to provide a church home for gays and lesbians at a time when almost no other denominations were open to them. In that office, John wrote the largest Federal Grant up to that time specifically designed to aid gays. The grant obtained 1.3 million dollars to assist in the relocation of gay and lesbian Cuban Refugees into the United States. John also wrote Lunchtime Tales With a Twist, a collection of gay stories. The 181 page trade paperback was published in March 1988 by Iviron Publications International. John has been interested in art since college, and has worked in various media, most recently concentrating on painting. His works can been seen on-line at Unlike other Chasteen families, where the name change from Chastain to Chasteen is often due to simple misspelling, John's family tradition states that two Chastain brothers got into a disagreement, and one became angry that he changed his spelling to Chasteen on purpose.

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Matthew Chastain (GLAD Alliance). Matthew was raised in a large, conservative, mid-western church. He was active as a youth leader and attended Bible College. It was at Bible College that he admitted to himself that he was gay. He was asked to leave the college without credits. For twelve years he work through his conflict, and for a long time he did not belong to any church, but finally he became an active member of All Pilgrims Christian Church (Disciples and United Church of Christ) in Seattle, where he feels part of the church family. He felt called to a ministry to gays, and was elected to the GLAD Alliance council, where he serves as Vice-Moderator. GLAD is a Disciples of Christ outreach to gays.

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Pam Chastain (LAS Volunteer). Pam has been a volunteer for Lesbians A-Sisters of Ferndale, Michigan since 2000 and became a member of the advisory board in 2004 to help with fundraising and new ventures. She was featured in the April-June, 2005 LAS Volunteer Spotlight for high achievement as a volunteer. She contributed to 23 of the 34 tasks in the quarterly log. In her regular job, Pam worked in the CAD Department of a local company, but then formed a partnership providing professional and personal services. She enjoys a number of hobbies and her dog, Idgie.

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Terry Chasteen (Dance Instructor). Terry teaches all forms of social and competitive dance in Washington DC. He has been teaching since 1974. Terry appears frequently in the press, and wrote a three-part article for Amateur Dancers Magazine in 2002. He also appeared as a dancer in the 2003 film Head of State with Chris Rock and Bernie Mack. See Terry in the trailer. In addition to his regular dance instruction, Terry, who is gay, is dance instructor and coordinator of Dance Team D.C., a gay dance group that participates in gay dance competitions. He has also written a number of opinion pieces on gay issues. Terry Chasteen Website Gay Dance Website

Opinion Pieces:
Same-sex couples" vs. "Same-gender couples
In the Ballroom, a Redefinition of 'Couple'
In response to The London Times debate: "Is this simply not Ballroom Dancing?"
Effective grass roots gay activism "At it's finest"

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Gay Opposition

Jane Chastain (Political Columnist). Jane writes a conservative column for WorldNewsDaily. See Jane Chastain's bio on Chastain Central. Below are recent articles Jane has written on homosexuality.

President Bush and Homosexuality 9-2-04
Amendment to Protect Marriage 7-8-04
Article on Candidate Bill Simon 9-9-02
Gay Adoption 2-21-02

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