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Fictional Chastains

Chastain used to be an uncommon name in literature--if not completely absent. That seems to have changed in recent years, perhaps due to Stephen King’s Misery Chastain, who appeared in 1987, and to Brandi Chastain, who made the name more familiar in 1999.

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Index of Prominent Characters

Among prominent Chastain characters you will encounter:

There is also a fictional town (Chastain, South Carolina). For even more Chastains, see secondary and minor characters.

Prominent Characters

Abby Chastain, Portrait Photographer
by Lisa Jackson
1. Shiver, April, 2006 NEW!
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Adrianne Chastain, Western woman captured by Indians
by Cynthia Haseloff
1. Satanta’s Woman, 1998
2. The Kiowa Verdict, 1998
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Cara Chastain, Spanish Mustang Savior
by Marcia Martin
1. Southern Storms, 1992 NEW!
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Major Chastain Neff, Body Guard
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
1. Secrets of the Wind (#2 of 3 stories in Ellora's Cave-Fated Mates), 2005 NEW!
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Chataine Deirdre, Heir to a small, but important kingdom
by Robin Hardy
1. The Chataine’s Guardian, 1984
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Gwen Chastain, Stamp Store Manager
by Kristin Hardy
1. Certified Male, June, 2005 NEW!
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Grace Chastain, Ship Captain's Prisoner
by Kat Martin
1. The Devil's Necklace, August, 2005 NEW!
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Jake Chastain, Available Bachelor
by Paige Phillips
1. A Strangers Wife, February, 1999 NEW!
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Jim Chastain, Sheriff
by Robert J. Conley
1. A Cold Hard Trail, 2001
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John “Sustain” Chastain, Internal Affairs Detective (Detective Harry Bosch Mysteries)
by Michael Connelly
1. Trunk Music, 1998
2. Angel’s Flight, 2001
3. Black Ice, 2003
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Laura Chastain, Atlanta Assistant District Attorney
by Lelia Kelly
1. Presumption of Guilt, 1998
2. False Witness, 2000
3. Officer of the Court, 2001
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Lily Chastain and her brother, Pursued Father's Murderer
Sharon Gillenwater
1. Standing Tall, 2005 NEW!
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Lucy Bondurant Chastain Venable, Southern woman, and Red Chastain, Lucy Venable’s lover
by Anne Rivers Siddons
1. Peachtree Road, 1988
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Marc Chastain, New Orleans Police Detective
by Linda Howard
1. Kill and Tell, 2002
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Marcy Chastain, Southern Belle
Mignon G. Eberhart
1. The Bayou Road, 1979 NEW!
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Misery Chastain, Character invented by a character in a book
by Stephen King
1. Misery, 1987
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Nancy Chastain, Writer and others (Sam and Lot)
by Howard Owen
1. Fat Lightning, 1994 NEW!
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Nick Chastain, Casino owner on a distant Earth colony (Space Chastains!)
by Jayne Castle
1. Amaryllis, 1996
2. Zinnia, 1997
3. Orchid, 1998
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Pat Chastain, District Attorney
by Sandra Brown
1. Best Kept Secrets, 1989
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Zack Chasteen, Former Dolphins linebacker, imprisoned on false charges for two years
by Bob Morris
1. Bahamarama, September, 2004
2. Jamaica Me Dead, September, 2005
3. Bermuda Schwartz, February, 2007 NEW!
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Chastain, South Carolina, setting for murder mysteries (some Chastain characters)
by G. Carolyn Hart
1. Southern Ghost, 1993
2. Yankee Doodle Dead, 1999
3. White Elephant Dead, 2000
4. Sugarplum Dead, 2001
5. A Design for Murder, 2004 (hardback date)
6. Her Good Name (A story in the collection: Sara Paretsky, A Woman’s Eye), Dell, 1992
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Secondary and Minor Characters

Arthur Chastain, Defense Secretary of USA
by Dale Brown
1. Dale Brown’s Dreamland: Strike Zone, 2003

Casey Chastain, Try-out for a minor league baseball team
by Marshall J. Cook
1. Off Season: A Novel of Love, Faith and Minor League Baseball, 2002

Chastain, Police detective
by Molly Cochran
1. The Forever King, 1993

Chastain, Man in handcuffs who shot another man
by Michael Connelly
1. Lost Lights, 2003

Chasteen, Rebel singer and a Texian lawyer from Goliad
by Harold Keith
1. Rifles for Watie, 1987

Mr. Chastain of Chastain’s Restaurant
by Rebecca Wells
1. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, 1997

Mr. Chastain, Man in Old West
by Mark L. Redmond
1. Arty Goes West, 1999 NEW!

Ms. Chastain, House mother in the 23rd Century
by J. Gregory Keyes
1. Deadly Relations: Best Ascendant, 1999

Miss Chastain, School Teacher (brief)
by Howard Bahr
1. The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War, 2000
2. The Year of Jubilo, 2001

Dan Chastain, Chairman
by Mark Childress
1. Tender, 1998

Dr. Daniel Chastain, Child psychologist
by Carole Lawrence
1. Looking for Mary Gabriel, 2002

Darryl Louise Chastain, and Moody Chastain, her father
by Thomas Pynchon
1. Vineland, 1997

Dennis Chastain, Kansas City defense attorney
Deborah Raney
1. Beneath a Southern Sky, 2001
2. After the Rains, 2002

Dorothy Chastain, Eye witness
by Barbara Parker
1. Suspicion of Vengeance, 2001

Doug Chastain, Client
by Terri Blackstock
1. Evidence of Mercy, 1995

J. P. Chastine, Sheriff
by Charles F. Price
1. Freedom’s Altar, 2002

Jake Chastaine, Suitor of China Sullivan (he may be main character)
by Jo Beverley
1. Something Wicked, 1997

Lily Chastain, One of three friends
by Deborah Morgan
1. Death is a Cabaret, 2001

Lord and Lady Chastain, Lord Chastain is a member of Parliament
by Jill Jones
1. Bloodline, 2000

Marguerite Chastain, Mentioned
by Tananarive Due
1. The Between, 1996

Mike Chastain, Rude quarterback
Lousie Bagshawe
1. The Devil You Know, 2003

Mike Chastain, Poker player
by James Reasoner
1. Battle Lines, 2001

Miles Chastain, Captain of the UNN Starship, Edward J. Zwick
by Jack McDevitt
1. Deepsix, 2001

Moody Chastain, see Darryl Louise Chastain

Tiffany Chastain, Murder victim, 12 years old
by Martha Powers
1. Sunflower, 2000

Castine Murphy, Old student acquaintance
by Anne George
1. Murder Runs in the Family, 1997

Chastain Hill, A location
by Danny Boyd
1. The Old Place, 2003
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