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There is no shortage of Chastains among crime fighters, and some have even given their lives in the line of duty.

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Let Us Honor Our Fallen Heroes

Carl F. Chastain, Died in the line of duty February 12, 1958
Jay Vernon Chastain Sr., Died in the line of duty, December 7, 1974
William Frank Chasteen, Died in the line of duty, February 21, 1971

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Alex Chasteen, Police Investigator, Grand Prairie, Texas
Alvie Chasteen, Assistant Police Chief, Oklahoma
Amy Chastain, Detective
Arron Chasteen, Police Officer, Pueblo, Colorado

Barry Chastain, Police Chief, Paoli, Indiana
Bernard Chastain, Lt. Trooper, Alaska NEW
Bill Chastain, Police Officer, Modesto, California
Bob Chastain, Police Chaplain, Marietta, Georgia
Brian Chasteen, Police Officer, Indianapolis Police Department
Britt Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Pender County, North Carolina NEW
Bud Chasteen, Police Chief, Village, Ohio
Bud Chasteen, Police Chief, Rocky Ridge, Ohio
Butch Chastain, Police Chief, Mitchell, Indiana

C. J. Chastain, Sergeant, Detective, Washington
Carl F. (Pete) Chastain, Police Officer, Tampa, Florida (Died on duty from motorcycle accident, February 12, 1958)
Carl Chasteen, Bureau Chief, State of Florida Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis
Carrie Chastain, Criminal Detention Facility Review Committee, Arkansas
Carroll Chastain, Captain, Rangers, Georgia
Cliff Shasteen, Police Officer, Illinois
Christopher Chastain, Police Officer, Florida
Craig Chastain, Police Officer, Springdale, Arkansas
Craig Chastain, Fire Chief, Newport Beach , California
Curt Chastain, Police Sgt., Fresno, California
Curtis Chastain, Sergeant, Bomb Squad, California

Danny Chastain, Police Detective, Cleveland, Tennessee
Danny Kaye Chasteen, Officer, Michigan Police
Darrell Chastain, Correctional Officer, California
Dave Chastain, Fire Chief, Clallam County, Washington
David Chastain, Special Agent, Arkansas State Police
David Chastain, Officer, Dalton, Georgia Police
David Chastain, Deputy, Catawba County, North Carolina
David Chasteen, 2nd Lieutenant, Weatherford Police Department, Oklahoma
David Chasteen, Police Officer, Monroe, Ohio
Dewey Chastain, Sheriff and Police Detective, Bradley County, Tennessee
Dixie Chastain, Circuit Court Judge, Florida
Don Chastain, Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer over Field Operations, Georgia Department of Public Safety
Dustin Chastain, State Trooper, Arkansas

Gana Chastine, Criminal Analyst, Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Gary Chastain, Lieutenant, La Porte, Texas
Gary Chasteen, Police Chief, Marietta, Georgia
Gary Chasteen, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Laboratory
Glen Chastain, Lieutenant, Oregon State Troopers
Greg Chastain, Special Agent, Georgia

Hollace Chastain, State Trooper, Indiana
Huey Chastain, Chief of Police, Heber Springs, Arkansas

Jack Shasteen, Chief of Police, Chattanooga, Tennessee
James Chastain, Captain, Highway Patrol, South Carolina
James Chastain, Parole Officer, Department of Corrections, Kansas
James Michael Chastain, Metro Police Officer, Nashville, Tennessee
Jason Chastain, Firefighter Lt., Milton, West Virginia NEW
Jay Vernon Chastain Sr., Sheriff, Towns County, Georgia (Died in line of duty, December 7, 1974)
Jeff Chastain, Police Office, Flagstaff, Arizona
Jeremiah S. Chastain, Sheriff, Lumpkin County, Georgia (1842-1846)
John L. Shasteen, Sheriff, Jackson County, Ohio
Joseph Chastain, Sheriff, Cobb County, Georgia (1840's)
Joshua Chastain, Firefighter Lt., Tri-Cities area, Tennessee

Ken Chastain, Police Chief, Caruthersville, Missouri
Kenneth Chastain, Reserve Officer, Jacksonville, Florida
Kevin J. Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Bradley County, Tennessee NEW
Kim Chesteen, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief, Inspection Branch, United States Coast Guard, New York

Leroy E. Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County, California
Luke Chastain, Marshal
Lynn Chastain, Sergeant, Cherokee County, Georgia Sheriff's Department

M. B. Chastain, Sheriff, Presidio County, Texas (around 1914)
Marilyn Chastain, Finance Securities Bureau Chief, Idaho
Mark Chastain, Police Officer, Kingman, Arizona
Mark Chasteen, Attorney, Minnesota
Max Chastain, FBI Agent
Michael Chastain, Deputy Marshal, Long Beach, Indiana
Michael Chastaine, Attorney, California
Michael Chesteen, Marshal, Abbeville, Mississippi
Mike Chastain, Metro Police Robbery Detective, Nashville, Tennessee
Mike Chastain, Police Detective, Michigan

Nelson Avery Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Fulton County, Georgia (1890s)

Patricia Chastain, Holman Prison, Alabama
Paul Chastain, President of the Police Officers Association, Long Beach, California

Randall Mark Chastain, Police Officer, Denver, Colorado
Richard Shasteen, Fire Chief, Tullahoma, Tennessee
Ricky Chastain, Sheriff, Laurens County, South Carolina
Rhonda Chastain, Victim Witness Director, Mohave County, Nevada
Robert Chastain, Police Officer, Edna, Texas
Robert W. Chasteen, Judicial Circuit Judge, Georgia
Roger Chasteen, Police Reserve Officer, Tulsa Oklahoma NEW
Ronald Chastain, CHP officer, California
Roy Chastain, Police Officer, Boulder, Colorado

Scot Chastain, Police Officer, Waukegan, Illinois
Scott Chastain, Police Sgt., Quitman, Georgia
Scott Chasteen, Fire Chief, Greensburg, Indiana
Shannon Chasteen, SCHP Trooper, South Carolina
Shannon Chesteen, Fire Fighter, Kosciusko, Mississippi
Stacey Chasteen, Police Chief, Greensburg, Indiana
Steve Chasteen, Fire and Explosion Investigator, McLean County, Illinois

Taylor Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Madison County, Tennessee
Thomas Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Cumberland County, North Carolina NEW
Tim Chastain, Deputy Sheriff, Rock Island County, Iowa
Tim Chastain, Police Chief, Walhalla, South Carolina
Timmie Chastain, Deputy Fire Chief, Milton, West Virginia NEW
Tracy Chastain, Corrections Officer, Florida
Tracy Chastain, Police Department, Franklin, North Carolina NEW

Wayne Chastain, Police Officer, Baker City, Oregon
Wayne Chastain, Attorney, Tennessee
William Frank Chasteen, Police Officer, Greenville, South Carolina (Died in the line of duty, February 21, 1971)

Zack Chastain, Police Officer, Fresno, California NEW

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Crime Fighter Biographies

Alvie Chasteen NEW
Assistant Police Chief

Alvie Chasteen was a police officer for 22 years and retired as Assistant Police Chief in Duncan, Oklahoma. He then served as County Commissioner in District 2 in Duncan for ten years. (Contributed by his daughter Kay Chasteen Hedrick)

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Carl E. Chasteen
Bureau Chief

Carl manages the State of Florida Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis, with offices outside the state capitol of Tallahassee, near Quincey, under the administration of the Director of the Division of State Fire Marshal. The Bureau's forensic lab analyzes criminal evidence submitted by the State Fire Marshal’s Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations (BFAI), local fire service agencies, and local police and sheriff’s offices in Florida. The lab also provides evidence photography to agencies, long-term evidence storage, seminars, and other services.

Carl is the very first Chair of the Technical Working Group on Fire and Explosives organized by the National Center for Forensic Sciences and the National Institutes of Justice, and has been Chair since 1999. He is also a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials, and serves on the Criminalistics Subcommittee, and he is Chair of the Forensic Science Committee of the International Association of Arson Investigators, and a member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. He presents regularly at professional conferences, and he contributed to the important volumes Analysis and Interpretation of Fire Scene Evidence and Fire and Arson Scene Evidence: A Guide for Public Safety Personnel. Carl holds a BS in Forensic Chemistry from the Ohio University-Athens. A more personal success for Carl was losing 103 pounds in nine months, from 366 to 263, with a healthier eating strategy and a treadmill. His weight goal is 200 pounds.

How to Submit Evidence Samples to the Lab
Article on Carl's Weight Loss with photo

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Danny Chastain
Police and Sheriff's Officer

See information at Danny Chastain.

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Danny Kaye Chasteen
Police Officer

Danny served as a Michigan police officer for several years: Saginaw, Michigan Police Department (1970 - 71), Northfolk & Western RR Police Department (1971-1973), and Detroit, Michigan Police Department (1973 - 1976). He was medically retired from the Detroit PD in 1976 due to an injury while arresting a suspect. (contributed by Terry L. Chasteen)

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Dewey Chastain
Police Detective and Sheriff

See information at Dewey Chastain.

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Don Chastain, Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer over Field Operations, Georgia Department of Public Safety

Lt. Colonel Don joined the Georgia State Patrol in October, 1975, as a Trooper Cadet at DPS Headquarters in Atlanta. He graduated from the 48th Georgia State Patrol Trooper School in June, 1976 in which he served as the class president. He was promoted to Corporal in 1982 and to Sergeant in November, 1983. He became Post Commander at Post 8, Madison upon his promotion to Sergeant First Class in November, 1986. He attained the rank of Lieutenant in 1992 and was promoted to Captain in September, 1999. He was assigned as Troop Commander for GSP Troop I which includes the GSP Patrol Posts in Brunswick, Hinesville, Jekyll Island, Rincon and Waycross. He later transferred to GSP Troop E that includes the posts in Conyers, Milledgeville, Madison, Thomson, and Washington. He was promoted to Major in 2003 and served as the North Division Adjutant. Major Chastain served as the Commanding Officer over GSP Field Operations which included the North Division, South Division and Special Operations from April, 2005 until assuming his duties as Deputy Commissioner of the Department.

Lt. Colonel Chastain holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University. He is a graduate of the 165th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and also a graduate of the Georgia Chiefs of Police Command College.

In 1985, Major Chastain earned the DPS Valor Award and was also the Albany Exchange Club's Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. He has also earned the DPS Lifesaving Award and the Department of Public Safety Purple Heart Award. He was an original member of GSP S.W.A.T. Team in 1982 and served as leader of the team from 1989 until 1994. Don Chastain assumed the duties of the Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety on February 1, 2007, following his promotion from the rank of Major to Lieutenant Colonel in January, 2007.

Lieutenant Colonel Don Chastain retired in 2008. His wife is Hollie Chastain. He was sometimes called the Bear and sometimes the Polar Bear.

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Joseph Chastain

In 1838, Samuel N. Maloney became Sheriff of Cobb County, Georgia. Joseph Chastain became Sheriff in 1840, but Samuel Maloney was Sheriff again in 1842, only to be succeeded once more by Joseph Chastain in 1844. Someone else took the office in 1846, and neither became Sheriff again. This was the first time two Cobb County candidates shifted back and forth in their bid for the sheriff's office, but later there were similar cases. History of the Cobb County Sheriff's Office

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Kevin J. Chastain NEW
Deputy Sheriff

Kevin Chastain is a Deputy with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office in Cleveland, Tennessee. Prior to that he served with the Cleveland City Police Dept in the same county from 1998 until 2009; he worked alongside Dewey and Danny Chastain. He accepted a position with the State of Florida Fire Marshal's Office in 2009 where he worked as an Arson Investigator/Bomb Technician. While working for the State Fire Marshal, he met Carl Chasteen, Bureau Chief of the State of Florida Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis, who told him about Chastain Central. In 2011 Kevin moved back to Cleveland, Tennessee and to work with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office as a patrol deputy. (Contributed by Kevin Chastain)

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M. B. Chastain

M. B. Chastain was a successful pursuer of horse thieves and was employed by the Texas Cattle Raisers' Association. By October 1908, he was hired as Sheriff of presidio county, Texas, with his office in Marfa. He did not at that time resign from the Cattle Raisers' Association. See Association Notice

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Michael Chastain
Deputy Marshal

Deputy Marshal Michael Chastain has twenty-five years of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Trail Creek Police Department in November of 1976 and remained there for twelve years. He held the ranks of Deputy Marshal, Sergeant and Chief Marshal. He left Trail Creek to join the Long Beach Police Department full-time in August of 1988. Mike had worked part-time with the Department since 1981. He received his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement from the University of Vincennes in 1975. He is also a level III Traffic Crash Technician. He currently oversees the Department dispatcher program and the Marine and ATV programs, which he enjoys. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer serving the community and department he has always cared about.

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Nelson Avery Chastain
Deputy Sheriff

March 1855-December 13, 1921. Deputy Sheriff Avery Chastain was born in Georgia and became a substantial land owner in the Atlanta area. Chastaintown, which was annexed into Atlanta in 1909, was named for him. Chastaintown was a horse trading center. Avery was a deputy sheriff, and the Atlanta Constitution reports on October 4, 1899 that Avery was almost murdered during one arrest. The husband of the woman he arrested fired at him. According to the June 11, 1892 issue, Avery was almost killed in a railway accident in which three other people died. He was pulled from beneath the wreckage shortly after the wreck. The November 13, 1910 issue reports a streetcar accident in which he sustained painful but not serious injuries. Avery's descent is 6-Peter Robinson; 5-Maxwell Denton; 4-John; 3-Rev. John; 2-Peter, Jr., 1- Pierre (PCD Vol 1, page 153). Thanks to William F. Fenn for supplying most of this information.

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Ricky Chastain

1968- . Ricky W. Chastain is Sheriff of Laurens County, South Carolina. Sheriff Chastain was born in Laurens County and graduated high school there in 1986. He joined the Sheriff's office as a jailer in 1990 at 21 and became Sheriff in 2000, after 18 months of hard work as Accreditation Manager resulting in the Sheriff's Office becoming the first state agency to be accredited by the SCLEA. He defeated the incumbent as a Democrat, but ran as a Republican for his second term. In addition to law enforcement, Sheriff Chastain demonstrates his interest in the community by participating on boards, committees and otherwise being involved in community groups.

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Tracy Chastain
Corrections Officer

November 15, 1965- . Tracy was born in Orlando, Florida and was raised in the Central Florida area. He has devoted his life to public safety. Right out of high school, he enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed at Altus, Oklahoma. Upon his return to Florida, he became a prison guard for Florida state prisons. From there he moved to California and became involved in mentoring troubled and at risk youth. He currently works with emotionally disturbed and handicapped adolescent boys at Greenhouse. Tracy is the youngest of the Brothers of Chastain Central.

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William Frank Chasteen
Police Officer

Frank Chasteen and his partner responded to a disturbance in which a woman had been shot. The 26 year old man liked the woman's 16 year old daughter and was upset to find that the daughter wanted to date another 16 year old. When the officers found the shooter and asked for his gun, he shot Chasteen in the chest and began to run away. Chasteen's partner shot the shooter, but he got away. When he was cornered later, the shooter shot himself and died. See an expanded report at Forgotten Heroes.

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