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Chastain's are connected to history, society, and the world. Here are some of the most significant See almost 1,000 other connections in the Chastain Connections Archive, and you may search the entire Chastain Central website for your key words at our site search.

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Major Public Figure Connections
Major Miscellaneous Connections
Other Public Figure Connections

Major Public Figure Connections

President George W. Bush
Governor Jeb Bush
Jose Canseco
Joe DiMaggio
President John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King
Stephen King
King Louis XIV
President Ferdinand Marcos
Perry Mason

Dwight Moody and Ira Sankey
Al Pacino
President Ronald Reagan
Attorney General Janet Reno
General William T. Sherman
Justin Timberlake
Governor Jesse Ventura
Raquel Welch
Brigham Young
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Major Miscellaneous Connections

Air Force One
ATM Machine
Chestnut Tree
Daughters of American Revolution
Daytona Speedway
Hurricane Katrina
Internal Revenue Service

Iraqi Freedom
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Playgirl Magazine
Snow Mobiles
Super Bowl XXXIX
Top Hat
US House of Representatives
Ya Ya Sisterhood
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Other Public Figure Connections

Edie Adams
Michelle Akers
Isaac Asimov
Lauren Bacall
Donna Ball
Fred Barnes
Count Basie
Kathy Bates
Governor Mike Beebe
Hiram Parks Bell
George Best
Marlene Bjornsrud
Eddie Bond
Governor Joseph E. Brown
President George W. Bush
James Caan
John Calvin
Diahann Carroll
President Jimmy Carter
Nick Carter
Jayne Castle
Coco Chanel
Mary Higgins Clark
President Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Speaker William H. Cobb
Buford Cody
General Cornwallis
Robert Cray
Tom Cruise
Jenna Darcy
Rosario Dawson
Debra Dixon
Landon Donovan
Nancy Drew
Barbara Eden
Jenna Elfman
Virginia Ellis
Joy Fawcett
Charlie Feathers
Julie Foudy
FBI Director Louis Freeh
Peter Graves
Mia Hamm
Katherine Harris
Jon Hendricks
King Henry IV
Katharine Hepburn
Richard M. Hirschfeld
Governor Mike Huckabee

Jerry Huffman
Waylon Jennings
Allie Jordan
Michael Jordan
Steven Timothy Judy
Mike Kandel
Harriet Klausner
Nancy Knight
Tony La Russa
Leather Leone
Kristine Lilly
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Martin Luther
General Douglas MacArthur
Bernie Mack
Ric Menck
Anne Margaret
Joe Namath
Willie Nelson
Lee Harvey Oswald
Young Park
John R. Phillips
President James K. Polk
Kelly Preston

Coach Bobby Pruett
James Earl Ray
President Ronald Reagan
Paul Revere
Debbie Reynolds
Chris Rock
Jim Rooney
President Franklin Roosevelt 1
President Franklin Roosevelt 2
The Sandman
Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Briana Scurry
Martha Shields
Deborah Smith
Coach Jerry Smith
Steve Spurrier
Shubal Stearns
Payne Stewart
Henry D. Thoreau
Fuller Todd
John Travolta
John Greenleaf Whitaker
Tiger Woods

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