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Chastain Road SignChastain Road is a major thoroughfare in the Northwest Metro Atlanta area. It runs through Cobb County east from Kennesaw to Marietta, and is named for Emory Winn Chastain and his wife Donnah Jean York Chastain who owned the land on which the road was built.

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Emory Winn and Donnah Chastain
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Chastain Road, Chastains Lakes, and Related Streets and Business Parks (Cobb County)

In the Northwest Metro Atlanta area Chastain Road is a major thoroughfare running through Cobb County east from Kennesaw to Marietta. As might be expected, there are businesses along the road that have taken on the Chastain name, such as the Chastain Branch of Riverside Bank. Chastain Road runs along the southern edge of Kennesaw State College. It crosses both I-75 and I-575 and has an exit off each Interstate. Visit the webcam views of I-75 North and I-75 South from the Chastain Road exit. Continuous bike lanes on Chastain Road were scheduled for completion by December 2004 from Big Shanty Road to Chastain Lakes Drive (a short street that leads from Chastain Road north to Chastains Lakes), connecting the college, the commercial area around the Interstate highways, and the Chastain Lakes community.

Just west of I-575, Chastain Center Blvd turns south from Chastain Road. Chastain Gardens Drive is in Chastain Park Townhomes just off Chastain Center Blvd and Wilson Road. East of I-575, Chastain Meadows Parkway leads south from Chastain Road into Chastain Meadows Business Park; Chastain Meadows Court forms a short spur to the east off Chastain Meadows Parkway. Other business parks in the area are Chastain Central and Chastain Place on Chastain Road west of Bellís Ferry Road. Map.

East of Bell's Ferry Road, Chastain Road becomes New Chastain Road and runs through a residential area with a number of Chastain Streets with Marietta addresses: Chastains Landings, Chastains Crossing, Chastain Court, Chastain Trace, Chastain Glen Lane, Chastain Trail, Chastain Place, and Chastain Cor(ner?).

Chastain Road passes to the south of Chastains Lakes. The 50 acre Chastains Lakes are actually two lakes attached by a small connector. They serve as reservoirs, and each has a dam, West Chastains Lake Dam and East Chastains Lake Dam. The mean depth of the lakes is 7 feet, and the maximum is 18 feet. Fishermen will find Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass. The third biggest Georgia lunker (17 lb. 14 oz.) was caught by Nickey Rich in Chastains Lakes in 1965. The lakes are surrounded by the beautiful Chastain Lakes subdivision. The community supports tennis and swimming amenities, and is home to the Chastain Lakes swim team.

On the opposite side of Kennesaw from the Chastain Road group is Chastain Pointe, a residential street west of Kennesaw about halfway between Kennesaw and Acworth. Marietta streets Chastain Manor Court, Chastain Manor Way, and Chastain Ridge Drive could not be located on the maps. See also other Chastain Roads in Georgia.

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Emory Winn and Donnah Chastain

According to their granddaughter, Susan Coker, Emory Winn and Donnah Chastain owned the Chastain Family Farm in Kennesaw, Georgia, including 110 acres of land along the Chastain Road, I-75, I-575 corridor. The Chastains gave birth to ten of their eleven children in that farmhouse. After Emory's death in 1964 (or 1965), Donnah sold the property and the right of way to have I-75 access at that point. Chastain Road was named after the Chastain farm which stood on the land for many years.

Emory was born November 4, 1896 and died September 17 (or 16), 1964 (or 1965). He is buried in the Gresham Cemetery in Noonday, Cobb County, Georgia. Emory married Donna Jean York January 6, 1923. She was born April 18, 1906 in Cobb County, Georgia, the daughter of William George York and Anna Rhea McCleskey. Emory and Donnah had eleven children together.

Emory Chastain's brother was Fulton County, Georgia commissioner Troy Green Chastain, after whom is named the famous Chastain Park in Atlanta. Their grandfather was Green Berry Chastain, who had other descendants of note. Emory's lineage appears to be:

  1. Pierre Chastain
  2. Peter Chastain, Jr.
  3. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain
  4. Abner (1764-?)
  5. William (1785-?)
  6. William (1810-1865)
  7. Green Berry (1835-1910)
  8. Witt T. (1858-1922)
  9. Emory Winn (1896-1964)
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