Chastain Brothers and Sisters


By Tim Chastain

The 9th-11th Generations
Brothers and Sisters of Chastain Central

Robert Earl (Bob) Chastain and his wife, Movaline (Borden) Chastain are parents to five children, including the three Brothers of Chastain Central. They are descended from Dr. Pierre Chastain: 8. Robert Earl; 7. Silas Cannon; 6. William Howell; 5. James Edward; 4. Elijah; 3. John; 2. Peter, Jr.; 1. Pierre. See also a chart of all eleven generations.

Edward Chastain (#5) moved his family from Georgia to northwest Alabama in 1859. Almost a century later, Tim Chastain, oldest of the Brothers of Chastain Central, was born in northwest Alabama in 1951. Soon, Bob volunteered for the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in California. In 1955, Valorie was born. Bob was discharged a few months later and moved his family to Ocoee in Central Florida. The remaining children were born in nearby Orlando: Terry (1958), Cheryl (1960), and Tracy (1965).

Robert and Movaline have been in Central Florida ever since, but have lived in different towns: Ocoee, Leesburg, Mt. Dora, Scottsmoor, and Sanford. Tim graduated high school in Mt. Dora, Valorie in Titusville (near Scottsmoor), and the rest of the children finished their educations in Sanford.

In January, 1971 Tim moved to Cleveland, Tennessee to attend Lee College, which is now Lee University. His high school sweetheart, Marilyn Smith, joined him there after their December 1973 wedding. Tim received his B.A from Lee and they continued to live in Cleveland until 1984, when they moved with their son, Andrew, to Memphis for three years. Then they relocated back to Central Florida where they have lived since.

While Tim and Marilyn lived in Cleveland, his siblings Valorie, Terry, and Cheryl all moved to Cleveland after high school. Marilyn's sister, Sandra did the same. Each one of them met and married their spouses in Cleveland. Terry and Cheryl moved back to Central Florida, but Valorie and Sandra remain in Cleveland.

Tracy, however, never lived in Tennessee. He married a Florida girl. They lived in Oklahoma while Tracy was in the Air Force, and then moved to Florida. Tracy now lives in California with his second wife.

The Brothers of Chastain Central all have much in common with their father and extend his heritage in different ways. Tim shares Robert's religious and musical interests, Terry inherited Robert's mechanical ability, and Tracy followed Robert's example in serving his country through the Air Force, and gave his father's name to his son.

Tim Chastain

After Tim earned his B.A. degree from Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee, he worked in Christian bookstore chains for 20 years. His last seven years was as an Area Manager for Family Bookstores (formerly Zondervan). After he left the corporate world, he developed a business writing resumes for professionals. He lives in Central Florida with his wife, Marilyn, who works in a law office. They have one son, James Andrew Chastain. See more biographical information on Tim Chastain.

Valorie Chastain

Valorie moved to Cleveland, Tennessee after high school and lived with her brother, Tim, and his wife, Marilyn. While there, she met Robert "Robbe" Ford. They were married and had two sons. Before Valorie and Robbe were divorced, she began an independent career. Valorie was promoted to supervisor in a clothing factory. Later she became a quality control specialist and client liaison for a major appliance factory near Cleveland. She continues to enjoy the company of her sons, both of whom live nearby, and she calls her mother in Florida every day.

Terry Chastain

A Florida native, Terry was the first of his family to be born in the sunshine state. His career is in the telecommunications industry. Since 1978, he has held a number of positions of responsibility at Siemens Corporation in Lake Mary, Florida. His life-long interests are the Miami Dolphins and computers, and in 2004 he led his two brothers in building Chastain Central, a website with more information on Chastains than anywhere else in the world. Terry continues as webmaster for Chastain Central. Terry lives with his wife Judy on their 10 acres in rural Osteen, Florida. Judy's son, Jason, was raised as a Chastain cousin. Jason and his children also live in Central Florida.

Cheryl Chastain

After meeting in Cleveland, Tennessee, Cheryl and Les Cartwright were married and moved to Central Florida. They had one son and then were divorced. Cheryl married a second time, and had another son, but her marriage was short-lived. She has raised her two fine sons as a single mom. Most of her career has been in sales and promotions, including a very successful tenure in selling newspaper advertising. She has also owned two successful businesses, one in nutritional sales and the other in home tile installation. She attends Northland Community Church south of Sanford.

Tracy Chastain

Tracy joined the Air Force right out of high school and was sent to Oklahoma. While he was in the service, he married his Florida girlfriend, and she joined him there. They had two children. After completing his term of service, Tracy went into law enforcement, during which he and his wife divorced. Tracy moved to California where he met his second wife. He works as a counselor for troubled youth. In addition to working with kids, Tracy is academically inclined, and enjoys the study of a variety of subjects.

Descendants of Robert and Movaline Chastain

8 Robert Chastain (8th generation from Pierre)

+Movaline Borden

9 Timothy "Tim" Chastain

+Marilyn Smith

10 James Andrew "Drew" Chastain

9 Valorie Chastain

+Robert "Robbie" Ford

10 Anthony "Tony" Ford

10 Kenneth Ford

+Nikki Slaughter

11 Alyssa Ford

9 Terrence "Terry" Chastain

+Judy Sikes Dodd

10 Jason Dodd (step-son)

+Angie Caro

11 Jason "Jay" Dodd (step-grandson)

11 Jared (step-grandson)

9 Cheryl Chastain

+Lester Cartwright

10 Justin Cartwright

+Dwight Champagne

10 Stephan Champagne

9 Tracy Chastain

+Michelle Herndon

10 Robert "Bobby" Chastain

10 Danielle Chastain

+Donna Norman

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