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05-31-13 Splash! Did a Number on Brandi's Hair, But Now It is Great! (Salon Today) How does three months of long days in the swimming pool impact long hair? Olympic Champion and Reality TV Star Brandi Chastain can tell you. Chastain, a professional soccer player and former Olympian, recently signed up as one of the contestants on Splash!, ABC's reality series that pitted celebrities against one another in a platform diving competition. Full Story Back to Top
05-16-13 Brandi and Teammate Julie Foudy Going to Brazil (Hispanically Speaking News) The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and U.S. Soccer announced today that Olympic Gold Medalists and World Cup champions Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain will travel to Brazil, May 19 - 26. They will empower young female athletes through soccer clinics and discussions on the importance of education and inclusion, as well as health and wellness. These sports diplomacy programs build on the U.S. global commitment to advance the rights and participation of women and girls around the world. Full Story Back to Top
04-22-13 Brandi's Splash Tune is the Most Popular One (dailyregister) Few things are more pleasing to our ears than Splash's hilarious personalized contestant walkout songs…The most famous lyric, of course, is Brandi Chastain's opening verse: Brandi Chastain, do it again / She used to play soccer / Now she's hittin' the water. "We realized we were on to something when we started playing Brandi's on the set and you'd walk by crew members and they were singing it," Austin says…"Brandi also said to me, 'That has to be my ringtone.' So when you call Brandi Chastain, her phone is going to go, Brandi Chastain / do it again / she used to play soccer / now she's hitting the water." Full Story Back to Top
04-03-13 Brandi Finds Splash to be Bruising (People Magazine) "I've played soccer for 36 years of my life," she said. "I've been kicked, pushed, hurt and in surgery, but I've never had bruises like the ones I have now until I came to Splash. There was one day that I hit the water so many times on my back that I literally wanted to give up. It hurt so badly and I asked myself what I was doing. That makes you question your sanity. But then I find myself back up on the platform." Full Story Back to Top
03-25-13 How Brandi Made a Splash (ESPN) I was playing basketball with a friend at about 4:30 one Monday afternoon when I got a call on my cell. "This is John Holmes from 'Splash,'" he said. "There's been an injury and we'd like to have you on the show. Can you get here tonight?" I'd spent three weeks working with a coach and training to learn how to dive; but, as of the previous Wednesday, we pretty much determined it wasn't going to happen. I told John I couldn't exactly drop everything and come -- after all, I hadn't talked to my husband, let alone made any arrangements for my 6-year-old son. But next thing I knew, I was on a flight to Riverside, where "Splash" is filmed. I went through alterations, hair and makeup, and was the first diver on the show that night. Talk about a whirlwind…I've also kind of gathered a following of grandmothers who work out before I get into the pool. Shirley and the crew cheer me on every morning. The other morning, Shirley said, "You look like you need a grandma hug." Oh boy did I -- I had been practicing this new, harder dive for the past two days (I'm not sure if I can tell you the specifics) and I splattered myself across the water five times. Ouch. Now I'm running to the airport to make it back to watch my son play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on the piano for a school talent show. Full Story Back to Top
03-13-13 Brandi Replaces Injured Chuy Bravo on Splash Reality Show (Hollywood Reporter) The upcoming celebrity diving competition, which bows March 19, lost one of its ten contestants after he fractured his heel…His diving slot will be taken by soccer player Brandi Chastain. A two-time Women's World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist, 44-year-old Chastain has long been one of the most familiar faces in the sport. She joins retired basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, skier Rory Bushfield and Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh as the fourth athlete in the competition. Full Story Back to Top
02-25-13 Brandi Inspires Erin Chastain's DePaul University with Speech (DePaul Blue Demons) DePaul student-athletes, coaches and staff were given the unique opportunity to hear from a giant of women's sports on Friday when Olympic and World Cup star Brandi Chastain stopped by campus to visit. The former Olympian and World Cup star was in town over the weekend to accept an award from the Girls in the Game foundation and made time to come by campus for lunch, a speech and a meet-and-greet with many of DePaul's student-athletes…Speaking on competition: "Push yourself and the person next to you. I wasn't a starter on the national team, so I kicked Mia Hamm every chance I could. I would kick her, push her, get in her face during training. I wanted her to be better. Training was my World Cup."…Speaking on Composure: "In a close game, you're going to be the difference-maker. It makes my heart race just thinking about it. Stay in the moment, be the moment and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the pressure. In the toughest of times, take a breath and enjoy the moment." Full Story Back to Top
01-10-13 Brandi Hosting Soccer Clinic for Girls (Patch) Brandi Chastain…will be hosting a soccer clinic in Evanston this June. The gold-medalist is currently playing as a defender and midfielder for the California Storm...The clinic will run from June 24 to June 28 at the Evanston Township High School Lazier Field. Girls as young as eight can participate, as well as female high school athletes. Registration is $375 and a total of 160 seats are available. Full Story Back to Top
12-26-12 It's Not About the Bra Book Review (SoccerNation) Play Hard, Play Fair, and Put the Fun Back Into Competitive Sports. Published August 30, 2005. It is hard for me to think this picture of Brandi made headlines more for her taking off her shirt and revealing what most people can see any day in every Starbucks (women in exercise clothes) than for capturing the exuberance of triumphant success. Whether Brandi Chastain writes about building the "Perfect Coach" who can revolutionize the game or that there is no "i" in t-e-a-m, the soccer star's concise and frank words speak like a personal conversation between two people talking soccer. Full Story Back to Top
12-16-12 Brandi Chastain is NOT in Zero Dark Thirty (LA Observed) The Daily News headline writers had a brain freeze (happens to all of us) and wrote that soccer player Brandi Chastain stars in "Zero Dark Thirty," not Oscar-nominated actor Jessica Chastain. And they spelled Brandi's name wrong, if that is indeed who they meant. "So after Bin Laden is killed she takes off her shirt?," Bob Timmermann quips. They will eventually fix the headline, but notice the error is enshrined in the story's web address. Full Story Back to Top
12-04-12 Brandi and Her Soccer Girls Visit with Today ( Brandi Chastain talks lessons learned on the field. The two-time Olympic gold medalist chats about life as a soccer player and a soccer mom, as well as her role as the "Official Soccer Sister" for author Andrea Montalbano's book series, "Soccer Sisters," and runs a few drills with a youth soccer team from Yonkers. Full Story and Video Back to Top
11-30-12 Brandi Covers 2012 NCAA College Cup (SoccerNation) Brandi Chastain has moved beyond the field to become a major commentator on women's soccer. This weekend she is in San Diego to help cover the 2012 NCAA College Cup at the University of San Diego's Torero Stadium. Friday's semifinals will pit Florida State against Penn State and Stanford against University of North Carolina (UNC). The winners will meet in the championship match on Sunday, December 2, at 1:00 p.m. PST/4:00 p.m. EST. SoccerNation caught up with Chastain, who was enjoying some off time at a local mall, to talk about the present and future of women's soccer and the role of collegiate soccer… Brandi Chastain: I think the four teams that are in the tournament will provide a lot of excitement and entertainment. They are quality teams. Neither Florida State or Penn State have won a championship before, so it's exciting that one of them will have a chance to go on to the finals. I think the game between UNC and Stanford is exciting because both have been champions previously and Stanford is the reigning champion right now. They both have very deep benches, so I think that could be important. Full Story Back to Top
11-12-12 Brandi: San Jose Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2012 (Inside Bay Area) Brandi Chastain. Born and raised in San Jose, Chastain is an iconic soccer name internationally. She led Archbishop Mitty to three CCS titles and was named 1990 NCAA player of the year at Santa Clara University, where she helped the Broncos reach two College Cup semifinals. During her 192-game career with the U.S. national team, she won two Olympic gold medals and two World Cup titles. In 1999, she clinched the United States' World Cup championship at the Rose Bowl with a dramatic penalty kick against China. Full Story Back to Top
11-08-12 Brandi Keynotes at University of Nevada (KRNV My News 4) The University of Nevada celebrated 40-years of Title IX Thursday night the "Salute to Champions" dinner...Olympic gold medalist and soccer icon Brandi Chastain…was the keynote speaker at the "Salute to Champions" dinner…"You don't have to be a champion, you don't have to win the gold medal, but the lessons are things you can't read in a book and you can't have someone tell them to you have to experience them for yourself," Chastain says. Chastain says that's why sports are crucial in the development of a young person's life. Full Story Back to Top
10-07-12 Brandi Gives Soccer Clinic for Kids (13 Photos) (Buffalo News) Soccer star Brandi Chastain gave a soccer clinic for the youth of the Buffalo Soccer Club players and anyone else who wanted to come at Franczyk Park in Buffalo on Saturday. She stayed the day teaching boys and girls, 5-14 years old. Full Story and Photos Back to Top
10-02-12 Brandi Partners with Libby Foods (Valley Breeze) A member of the U.S. Olympic and World Cup teams, Chastain is now a television color commentator and her sports fame and charisma has led her to a contract with Libby's Fruits & Vegetables. She is using soccer in conjunction with Libby's to promote healthy lifestyles for children and their families. "We hooked up basically because we believe in the same thing," said Chastain. "As a mom and an athlete, I know the importance of healthy nutrition and we're trying to spread the word."…Libby's Fruits & Vegetables is a subsidiary of Seneca Foods, the largest producer of canned fruits and vegetables in the world. Full Story Back to Top
10-02-12 Brandi has a Soccer Family (Valley Breeze) After playing on the U.S. top women's teams, she played professionally for a while before marrying her college coach, Jerry Smith, who still coaches at Santa Clara University. "I didn't get enough of him bossing me around as a player, so I married him," she said. They have a son, Jaden, 6, who was scheduled to play soccer on Saturday morning near his California home. Chastain said she was missing his game, but being with hundreds of North Providence children helping them learn the game was well worth the sacrifice. "Obviously we're a soccer family, and besides my husband, my sister-in-law, Erin Chastain, is the head women's soccer coach at DePaul University. I serve as an assistant coach to my husband." Full Story Back to Top
10-02-12 Brandi Talks about Kids, Fitness and Healthy Snacking (Babble) Now, as the mother of a first-grade son, Chastain is a soccer mom in every sense of the word. "He joined his first soccer team; he's had two official matches under his belt," says Chastain (who also has a stepson in law school). "We're also into throwing the football around." She wants to help other kids achieve that same confidence. Chastain heads up two nonprofit organizations aimed at helping children become active and stay healthy regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances. She also recently partnered with Libby's to host a youth soccer clinic in leagues in three Northeast markets on behalf of the brand's Snack Duty Takeover campaign featuring Libby's Singles Fruit Cups. The leagues each received a $5,000 donation from the company. Full Story Back to Top
09-25-12 Brandi Keynoting at Nevada's Salute to Champions Dinner (Reno Gazette Journal) Three-time Olympic medalist Brandi Chastain, best known for her game-winning penalty shootout kick against China in the 1999 World Cup final, will be the keynote speaker at Nevada's Salute to Champions Dinner on Nov. 8 at the Atlantis Casino Resort. The event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, which has increased opportunities for female student-athletes to compete at the college level. Full Story Back to Top
09-22-12 Soccer Legends Coach Young Soccer Players (Santa Cruz Sentinel) Several dozen up-and-coming soccer stars on Saturday lived out a dream when they were coached by San Jose's Brandi Chastain and other soccer greats. Chastain, 43, and a dozen ex-teammates from Olympic and World Cup teams offered tips to girls -- from preschoolers to young teens -- at an afternoon clinic at San Jose Municipal Stadium that raised funds for her ReachuP Foundation. Some of the older girls found being instructed by Chastain, Kristine Lilly, Leslie Osbourne and Veronica Zepeda Cashman both awe-inspiring and unnerving…All events raised funds for ReachuP, which supports girls in making healthy lifestyle choices. Full Story Back to Top
09-13-12 Brandi Hosts Celebrity All-Star Soccer Match for ReachuP (SpeedwayMedia) California women's soccer head coach Neil McGuire is set to play in Brandi Chastain's celebrity all-star soccer match. U.S. National Team and World Cup soccer hero Brandi Chastain is hosting the game at the San Jose Municipal Stadium, and McGuire will be playing alongside other U.S. National Team soccer legends and sports all-stars making this event a one-of-a kind celebrity challenge…"I am very excited about the opportunity to be part of Brandi's event as it will help raise money for her foundation, which in turn will help benefit the lives of many." McGuire said…The match is on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 4 p.m. and will be followed with a post-game Radio Disney concert…all proceeds will support the ReachuP! Foundation, which Chastain co-founded with Los Gatos podiatrist, Dr. Joan Oloff…Joining Chastain and McGuire at the match will be all-stars like Kristine Lilly - one of the most successful and decorated female athletes in U.S. history. Full Story Back to Top
09-08-12 Brandi Inducted into San Jose Sports Hall of Fame (Contra Costa Times) Former Cal and NFL quarterback Steve Bartkowski, soccer star Brandi Chastain, golfer Roger Maltbie and pioneering race car driver Willy T. Ribbs will are the Class of 2012 for the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame…Chastain, who grew up in San Jose and attended Archbishop Mitty High School and Santa Clara University, has been one of the top ambassadors for women's soccer after scoring the winning penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup. She has played on two World Cup championship teams and is a two-time Olympic gold medalist…The four will be inducted during a ceremony Nov. 13 or 14 at HP Pavilion. Full Story Back to Top
09-05-12 Brandi Gives Rules to Healthy Family Living (Clay-Times Journal) For children to adopt healthy routines, many experts agree that the whole family needs to be involved. Brandi Chastain, Olympic and world soccer champion, mom and mentor says, "To keep my family on track, I like to incorporate a few simple rules for healthy living into our busy lives," she adds.
1. Hydrate to perform great…
2. Always make time for healthy meals…
3. Sleep is important…
4. Turn exercise into a family affair…
5. Lead by example
Full Story Back to Top
08-09-12 Does Olympic Gold Lead to a New Women's Professional Soccer League? (Tucson Citizen) After the U.S. women's team won its third consecutive Olympic gold medal Thursday, NBC Sports Network announcer Arlo White brought up on-air that there are inevitable "rumblings of a new women's professional soccer league." NBCSN game analyst Brandi Chastain responded that it would "be good for all of women's soccer around the world that there's a league in the U.S." and "it's amazing what can be borne out of having a league in your own country." Fine. But would we see one that lasts? "God, I hope," Chastain said in a phone interview from London after the game. "There's no reason it shouldn't be."…Chastain's game analysis was cool and analytical. It's hard to know what U.S. goalie Hope Solo was thinking when she complained last week about Chastain's criticism of the U.S. team's defensive play. Solo tweeted that "the game has changed from a decade ago" and "I feel bad for our fans that have to push mute." When asked what she thought of Solo's tweets, Chastain said, "Nothing. My job here was to be unbiased." Commendably, she was. Full Story Back to Top
08-09-12 Brandi Discusses Upcoming USA Match with Japan (KSDK) The Olympic gold medal soccer game between USA and Japan is coming up on Thursday. NewsChannel 5's Rene Knott is in London, and met up with former USA soccer player and NBC Commentator Brandi Chastain. Watch the video in the player to see what Chastain had to say about Team USA, the big game today, and also St. Louis' Becky Sauerbrunn. Full Story and Video Back to Top
08-07-12 Brandi Seems to be Right About Defensive Problems on Team USA (Philadelphia Daily News) MAYBE NOW United States goalkeeper Hope Solo will show a little more respect for her elders. Solo didn't like that USA women's soccer legend and NBC Olympic analyst Brandi Chastain pointed out in the opening game against France that deficiencies in the defense of Team USA could come back to haunt later in the tournament. America's outspoken soccer diva went on Twitter to basically say Chastain was clueless and the game had passed her by. Chastain certainly seemed to know what she was talking about on Monday as the United States survived numerous defensive mishaps to beat Canada, 4-3, in overtime to advance to the gold medal game. Full Story Back to Top
08-01-12 Brandi Gives Interview at Capital One Cup (The Big Lead) Chastain is keeping busy. She's in London serving as a color commentator on women's soccer games for NBC during the Olympics and is an Advisory Board member for the Capital One Cup…which annually recognizes the best NCAA Division I men's and women's athletics programs. The Big Lead caught up with Chastain on the morning of the ESPYs in mid-July, where she was representing the awarding of the Capital One Cup during the show….TBL: This wasn't your first time at the ESPYs. I've always been interested in hearing stories about elite athletes meeting one other for the first time at these events. Have you had any memorable meetings over the years? BC: The thing I love most about being at ESPYs is the mutual respect exists among the athletes. Everyone who competes at an elite level can appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into it. Whether you met them 100 times, or are meeting them for the first time, it's awesome. Full Story Back to Top
07-30-12 Hope Solo to Appear at News Conference Later Today ( Perhaps the players in this poorly timed drama can help make it right today. The main protagonist will get her chance, apparently. U.S. Soccer officials just confirmed to me that Hope Solo will be available to media today at a news conference at 4:45 p.m. in the UK. That's 11:45 a.m. ET. NBC's voices Arlo White and Chastain will be there, too. Solo's best play here: say her piece, acknowledge the curious timing, cop to the fact that she's created a minor, but wholly unnecessary and artificial distraction. If she does, the story dies. If she gets defensive and blames the media, the story lives. Pretty much that simple. Full Story Back to Top
07-30-12 Hope Solo Needs to Develop Leadership Skills (ESPN) Solo is a brilliant goalkeeper, maybe the best in U.S. history. But her leadership skills need a complete overhaul. Her Twitter rant was all kinds of wrong; and the odd part is that she seems to think of herself as brave, a brash voice willing to say what everyone else is too timid to verbalize. She stands with her chest puffed out, the team's last line of defense, on and off the field. But what Solo did on Saturday was toss a boulder into still water, creating a distraction where none existed. And she's supposed to be a team leader?...Consider the reaction from Chastain, who took the high road and told the media in London she's "here to do my job, which is to be an honest and objective analyst at the Olympics," or from former national team star Julie Foudy, who's covering the Games for espnW. I have $100 that says both Chastain and Foudy would love to pop off right back at Solo. But they won't. Because they have something Solo appears to lack: maturity. Full Story Back to Top
07-30-12 Julie Foudy Weighs in On Hope Solo Attack (Video) (ESPN) Julie Foudy shares her thoughts on Hope Solo's feud with Brandi in this 2:42 video. Video Back to Top
07-29-12 Hope Solo and Her Coach Have a Discussion Regarding Her Twitter Rant (Alameda Times-Star) Hope Solo met with the coach and captains of the U.S. women's soccer team Sunday to discuss her latest outburst of candor, a Twitter rant that did no good for the image of the squad and distracted from preparations for the upcoming game against North Korea in the Olympic tournament. Coach Pia Sundhage said Solo will not be disciplined for the series of tweets that criticized former U.S. player Brandi Chastain's commentary during the NBC broadcast of the Americans' 3-0 win over Colombia on Saturday. "We had a conversation: If you look at the women's national team, what do you want (people) to see? What do you want them to hear?" Sundhage told reporters at the team hotel. "And that's where we do have a choice-as players, coaches, staff, the way we respond to certain things."…[Solo] did take to Twitter again on Sunday, however, to respond to a reporter's tweet that she wouldn't be disciplined. "discipline? Ha! For what! Never even a topic! We talked about our team deserving the best!" she tweeted… Sundhage said she didn't tell Solo to stop tweeting or to tone it down. "I don't punish people," Sundhage said. "And I don't know what's right and wrong." Full Story Back to Top
07-29-12 Brandi Responds to Hope Solo Complaint (Tucson Citizen) NBC commentator and former U.S. soccer star Brandi Chastain responded Sunday to Hope Solo's weekend criticism of her on Twitter…Chastain said her new job is to be a journalist. "I'm here to do my job, which is to be an honest and objective analyst at the Olympics," she told news reporters at a media event in Birmingham, England… In an interview with USA TODAY Sports a day before the Colombia game, Chastain praised Solo's ability and demeanor…"She's a big strong athlete," said Chastain, asked to describe the indispensible players on the American roster. "She's very coordinated with both feet. She can make big saves and she has a humongous ego. You have to have a goalkeeper that feels she owns the goal. She feels that she can dominate. "She plays the villain and I think at times she likes to walk that line. You have to have that swagger to play the position." Full Story Back to Top
07-29-12 Where to Start with Solo's Silliness? (Chicago Sun-Times) Three days into the Olympics, the bad feelings an overly sensitive member of the U.S. women's soccer team has toward an iconic member of the 1999 World Cup team have become public… During Saturday's U.S.-Colombia game on NBC, Chastain was critical of American defender Rachel Buehler. "Defend," she said. "Win the ball. And then keep possession. And that's something that Rachel Buehler actually needs to, I think, improve on in this tournament." That apparently is what set off Solo on Twitter…?Its 2 bad we cant have commentators who better represents the team&knows more about the game @brandichastain! ?Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago. ?I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute, especially bc @arlowhite is fantastic @brandichastain should be helping 2 grow the sport. Where to start with Solo's silliness? If anyone has helped grow the sport, it's Chastain…Criticism is part of being in the spotlight. Criticism won't stop the game from growing in the United States. Criticism means women's soccer is moving toward the big time and away from the coddling that smaller sports typically get on TV from former athletes. As an analyst, Chastain's job is to be honest and insightful. It's not to make sure women's soccer becomes more popular. Full Story Back to Top
7-29-12 Solos' Attack on Brandi an Immature High School Rant (The Stir) Solo took to Twitter yesterday to complain about some comments that Chastain, the NBC commenter for women's soccer, was making about Team USA's defense and goalkeeping -- i.e. -- Solo. What's really weird is that Chastain is not just some random sports announcer that never played the sport, she was the hero of the 1999 Women's World Cup, you know, the one that got the game-winning goal and ripped her shirt off at the end of the game? Yeah, she was a really good player who, I think it's safe to say, knows the game pretty intimately. Solo basically attacked someone in her own family. Solo has always been a little touchy when it comes to criticism, as a lot of athletes are, but this just seems so high school…Chastain hasn't responded so far, and probably won't. She should just keep on calling them as she sees them and let Solo have her little high school rants. Actions -- even the action of not reacting -- speak much louder than words. Full Story Back to Top
07-28-12 Hope Solo Slams Brandi on Twitter (#2) (Los Angeles Times) Shortly after shutting out Colombia in the U.S. soccer team's second group-play game at the London Olympics, Solo took to Twitter to blast NBC TV analyst Brandi Chastain…It's believed that Solo was upset over comments Chastain made about U.S. defender Rachel Buehler, who she said was playing too carelessly. Then after praising her teammates for their play, Solo went after Chastain again in two rapid-fire tweets. "Its important 2 our fans 2 enjoy the spirit of the olympics. Its not possible when sum1 on air is saying that a player is the worst defender!," she wrote before adding. "I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute....@brandichastain should be helping 2 grow the sport." Full Story Back to Top
07-28-12 Hope Solo Slams Brandi on Twitter (Rant Sports) Hope Solo is probably not going to be sending Brandi Chastain a Christmas card any time soon. After the USA soccer team won another game, Solo took to Twitter to go after Chastain and her commentary about the team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Full Story and Tweets Back to Top
07-27-12 Brandi Talks About US Women's Soccer Team (IT Business Net) Olympics analyst Brandi Chastain talks about the US Women's Soccer Team in this video. Video Back to Top
07-22-12 Brandi Not Intimidated by Male Golfers at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course (Great Falls Tribune) STATELINE, Nev. - Even though they're the only women on the 82-person acceptance list for this year's American Century Championship, neither Brandi Chastain nor Angie Everhart let it affect their golf game. "Competition is competition, it doesn't matter if it's males or females. So for me I don't feel the need to feel like I'm competing as a woman against the men. They're very respectful and they know that sometimes my game is good," Chastain said…As she headed over to the front nine, she recommended that young women athletes don't allow intimidation to get the better of them. Full Story Back to Top
07-19-12 Brandi Supports Sports Drug Testing Though It is Difficult (Larry Brown Sports) Chastain says the drug testing process is a nuisance, but necessary. "[The drug testing] is really difficult," Chastain told me. "You have to submit weeks and months of schedules - where you'll be every day so that at random, somebody at USADA can test you. It's pretty involved and I think the job is necessary. Obviously there are people who have cheated. For those who haven't, unfortunately you have to suffer through [the testing] but I think most athletes are concerned with having a game that is free of drugs, and I'm one of them." Do soccer players use performance-enhancing drugs? "I have never seen it or heard of it and I can't make any more comments than that," Chastain answered. Full Story Back to Top
07-19-12 Does Brandi Think Olympics or World Cup is More Valuable? (Larry Brown Sports) "It's a tough one," she said. "They exist in two different phases. As a soccer player you're ultimate goal is to win the World Cup. It's a standalone soccer event, and just the sheer number of fans that fill the stadiums, that's really special. To win the World Cup trophy is what you want as a soccer player."…"Being part of the Olympic Games is what we all as Americans grow up watching. It's the greatest spectacle of sports in a non-specific sport way. Every great athlete that exists participates in the Olympics. To live in that family, go to the arenas, and hear your national anthem played as you stand on the podium is something you never forget." Full Story Back to Top
07-11-12 Brandi Chats Online (ESPN) Derrick (Chicago) So, which meant more to you, the World Cup wins or the Olympic wins? Brandi Chastain (1:10 PM) I've had this question posed to me quite a few times. They're both unique and different. As a soccer player, the World Cup. That's a soccer tournament. In '99 it was the biggest women's tournament ever hosted. You get to call yourself a world champion. But there is something special about the Olympics with all of the best athletes get together. How amazing it is to see the collectiveness of the athletes that participate and then to realize that I exist in that family, that's overwhelming. Full Story Back to Top
06-23-12 Michelle Obama and Brandi Chastain Attending Olympics Together (AFP) First Lady Michelle Obama will lead a US delegation to the London Olympics next month featuring the famed double gold medalist woman footballer Brandi Chastain, the White House said Friday. "This summer, I'll be cheering on Team USA at the Olympic Games in London with this distinguished group of champions who truly represent the best of our country," Obama said. Full Story Back to Top
06-22-12 Brandi is the Strongiest (WBUR) The picture of a celebrating Chastain - shirt ripped off, fists clenched, muscles flexed - has become a Title IX touchstone for women and girls - and at least one 6-year-old boy. Chastain's son Jaden sees the photo every day, hanging in his house. "He used to sing cute little songs," Chastain recalls. "You know, 'Jaden is the silliest' or 'Nana is the happiest.' And I would say, 'Daddy is the strongiest,' and he goes, 'No, Mom. You're the strongiest.'" Full Story Back to Top
05-24-12 Brandi will be Commentator for London Summer Olympics (Naples Daily News) Chastain, who will be in London to work as a commentator for the upcoming Summer Olympics, said she was glad to get the opportunity to share her love for the game and her accomplishments with the young athletes in the hopes that they will in turn strive for their own successes. Full Story Back to Top
05-24-12 Brandi Keynote Speaker for Winged Foot Scholar-Athlete Awards (Naples Daily News) Winged Foot Scholar-Athlete Award either has been won or shared by a young woman the last five years. So it made sense to have former U.S. Olympic women's soccer star Brandi Chastain as the keynote speaker for tonight's 23rd annual Winged Foot Scholar-Athlete Award banquet… just the third female keynote speaker in the banquet's history, joining former U.S. Olympic speedskater Bonnie Blair in 2000 and former U.S. Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes in 2004. Full Story Back to Top
05-14-12 Brandi Winces at Attack on Title IX (The Associated Press) Brandi Chastain...was in Sacramento on Monday with her Brazilian counterpart Sissi to be honored by the California Assembly as it recognized the 40th anniversary of Title IX. The occasion prompted Assemblyman Chris Norby to reveal that he wasn't a fan of the 1972 federal law chiefly known for mandating gender equity in high school and collegiate sports. The Fullerton Republican said he thought Title IX had come at the expense of male athletes, particularly those who depend on sports scholarships…Standing in the back of the chamber, Chastain, who plays with the semi-professional California Storm in Sacramento, visibly bristled at Norby's remarks and raised her hand to try to interject. But she was denied the chance to give a rebuttal because resolutions do not have public hearings. Full Story Back to Top
05-11-12 Brandi Returns to the California Storm for 2012 Season ( The California Storm will return to Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) action for the 2012 season featuring several big names in women's soccer. Returning to the Storm will be former U.S. Women's National Team members Brandi Chastain and Aly Wagner and former Brazil Women's National Team member Sissi. Also coming back to the fold will be Stanford standouts Teresa Noyola and Linday Taylor and several Storm veterans. Full Story Back to Top
05-09-12 Brandi Teaches Soccer Girls How to Protect Against Concussion ( Brandi Chastain, the star soccer player who helped the United States win a World Cup, is on a mission to get out a message to young girls playing soccer: the best way to avoid concussions is to sharpen their skills. A growing number of girls are getting injured from concussions on the soccer field. Full Story and Video Back to Top
05-07-12 Brandi's Message to Girl Scouts: Girls Rule! (Oakland Tribune) Soccer star Brandi Chastain, a former Girl Scout, regaled a crowd with stories of the 1999 Women's World Cup, which she famously won with a penalty kick, and how she almost undermined the U.S. team's dream with an embarrassing own-goal in the quarterfinal match. "Carla Overbeck came up to me and said, 'Don't worry. We're going to win and you're going be a reason why,'" Chastain said. "If Carla Overbeck hadn't supported me like that, I might not be talking to you right now." Chastain urged the Girl Scouts to support each other, and "don't be afraid to be awesome, because girls rule." Full Story Back to Top
04-26-12 Brandi Promotes First Tee (Virginia Connection Newspapers) "You can change a child's life by being involved in The First Tee," Brandi Chastain, celebrated World Cup soccer star, Olympian, author and coach told an audience of more than 200 golfers and The First Tee supporters who attended the 2nd annual golf outing and luncheon held at TPC Avenel on April 18. Chastain explained the impact The First Tee makes on a child's life and also commented on the opportunities and life lessons that participation in sports have given her. The First Tee event included a nine-hole golf outing with 64 players, a luncheon, silent auction and raffle prizes…The First Tee of Montgomery County benefits more than 500 Montgomery County youth who would not typically have access to the game and its opportunities. Young men and women, ages 8 - 17 are introduced to the fundamentals of golf, provided with equipment, clothing, lessons and the chance to play on Montgomery County courses. But the major impact of the program is not only to teach youths the skills to successfully play a life-long game, but to teach them nine core values - respect, perseverance, honesty, integrity, courtesy, responsibility, sportsmanship, confidence and judgment - that will ensure their success in school and careers, with adults and friends. Another goal is to encourage girls to become involved in the world of sports. Full Story Back to Top
04-02-12 Brandi Retires from Soccer and Wins at Golf (Las Vegas Review-Journal) The USA women's soccer legend teamed with former major league pitcher John Smoltz to hold off another pitcher -- Roger Clemens -- and Ahmad Rashad to win the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tournament at Shadow Creek on Sunday…Chastain, 43, retired from playing soccer last year after participating in a third failed attempt to keep a women's professional league in this country afloat. She stays connected with the game by doing television commentary, making appearances on behalf of U.S. Soccer, the sport's governing body, and assisting husband Jerry Smith, the longtime women's coach at Santa Clara, Chastain's alma mater. Full Story Back to Top
04-01-12 Brandi Chastain and John Smoltz Win Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MarketWatch) Soccer superstar Brandi Chastain and former MLB all-star pitcher John Smoltz - teammates and leaders after day one of the 11th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MJCI) hosted by ARIA Resort & Casino - shot even par-72 to earn a five-stroke victory at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Chastain and Smoltz each took home $20,000 for their designated charities…The winning duo, who shot a two-day total of six-under par, 138, overcame a difficult performance on the front nine to secure the title. Full Story Back to Top
04-01-12 John Smoltz and Brandi Chastain Lead in Michael Jordan Golf Tournament ( Michael Jordan has some work to do if he wants to successfully defend his title in his own event. Golf stud and former Major Leaguer John Smoltz, along with playing partner and U.S. Olympic soccer hero Brandi Chastain have the lead after one round at 6-under par. Jordan and NFLer Dwight Freeney stand at even par. The final round is Sunday at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. Full Story Back to Top
03-22-12 Brandi Participates in Annual BAWSI Sportsapalooza (BAWSI email newsletter) Join us on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, as BAWSI hosts its second annual "Sportsapalooza," an amazingly fun and interactive celebration of the Bay Area women's sports community! Lace up your shoes, clip on a pedometer, and try a range of sports activities led by elite women athletes from throughout the Bay Area. In addition to meeting the athletes and experiencing their sports, you'll have the chance to fuel up on tasty finger foods, bid on unique silent and live auction items, and learn about BAWSI's significant work in our community…U.S. Olympic and World Cup soccer star Brandi Chastain and former San Francisco 49er and three-time Super Bowl champion Brent Jones will serve as our Sportsapalooza "Play-by-Play" announcers. Full Story Back to Top
03-20-12 Brandi Shares Tips for Healthy Living (Shape Magazine) As an athlete, it's part of Brandi Chastain's job requirement to stay fit. And does she ever-the World Cup champion is in phenomenal shape. Still, as a mother, athlete, and co-founder of Bawsi, a nonprofit that aims to improve the visibility of female athletes in the sports world, Chastain knows what it's like to be busy, busy, busy…she shares her strategies for staying happy, healthy, and sane. 1. Be in charge of your own attitude…when it comes to working out, if you psych yourself up and tell yourself that you will have a great workout, you probably will! 2. Do something for yourself…Even if you only have five minutes, Chastain recommends taking those five minutes to do something you love for yourself, whether that means you put in a short workout or read a book or magazine. 3. Find people who inspire you…"I always try to be around people who are positive and inspirational and who really push themselves." Try and surround yourself in all aspects of your life, from your career to your workout, with people who inspire you, cheer you on, and encourage you to be the best "you" you can be. Full Story Back to Top
03-15-12 Brandi Teams with Electrolux (Celebrity Baby Scoop) Brandi Chastain is a professional American soccer defender and midfielder who plays for the team California Storm of Women's Premier Soccer League and is a former member of the United States women's national soccer team…Brandi is no stranger to stains. The World Cup champion is teaming up with Electrolux on Facebook for the Kicking and Cleaning campaign where fans can share their 'Proud Parent Moments.' The mom-of-two opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her own proud moments with sons Cameron, 23, and Jaden, 5, her best laundry tips and the London Summer Olympics… "To pair with Electrolux and the Kicking and Cleaning campaign is important to me for a couple of reasons. Number one, I always like to do my best, and Electrolux has the cleanest laundry out there. They produce the whitest whites and the most vibrant colors. When I am sending my kids out on the field, or when I am going out on the field, I want to intimidate the other team with how good I look. I want to bedazzle them with my skill, but if you can send your team out there looking good, it gives them an extra boost of confidence. Full Story and Video Back to Top
03-09-12 Brandi Partners with Electrolux ( World Cup champion Brandi Chastain has partnered with appliance brand Electrolux for their new "Kicking & Cleaning" campaign to encourage children to be more active…She told me why the brand's washers and dryers stand out, shared her tips on time management for busy athletes, and told me what other causes she's passionate about. Full Story and Video Back to Top
03-05-12 Brandi Speaks to Girls about Sports (Quad City Times) To hear former United States defender Brandi Chastain tell it, her famous penalty kick in the finals of the 1999 World Cup against China was a moment worth celebrating, but only part of her story…Standing before a large crowd, Chastain told her audience that her memorable moment was only possible because she was willing and prepared to be flexible. "You're more than what your position says you are," said Chastain, who had been a forward before the national team asked her to switch to defender. "It doesn't matter where you think you are in life, because someone can always throw a curveball at you… "I love sports, I don't care what it is," Chastain said, pulling two girls on stage and starting an impromptu soccer game with them. "The most important thing you can do is what we're doing right now, get involved and be an example to others." Chastain's best example comes through her reachuP foundation, which focuses on providing role models for young girls and teaching them the skills to develop themselves in athletics and in life…Chastain said. "I'll go to New York City, dribble a ball down Fifth Avenue and get people to play soccer with me on the street. It's goofy, but it's fun. Full Story Back to Top
02-14-12 Brandi Congratulates Iowa Girls (DesMoinesRegister) Brandi Chastain, the soccer star whose winning penalty kick in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup iced the gold for the U.S., will be making an appearance in Des Moines next month to talk about women's health issues. She knows all about the Iowa girls at last year's state meet. "I congratulate them for having the courage to do something the majority might think is unacceptable," Chastain says. "These young ladies are trailblazers. Perhaps they'll become the Billie Jean Kings of their time." Full Story Back to Top
01-16-12 Brandi Joins Broadcast Team for NBC CONCACAF Coverage (Times-Mail) NBC announced today that games involving the United States in the CONCACAF qualifying tournament will be streamed online free of charge at The broadcast team for both TV and online will include two familiar names, Glenn Davis and Brandi Chastain. Coverage will include pre-game, halftime and post-game shows. Full Story Back to Top
12-01-11 Brandi Talks about Final Four (ESPN) We have a Final Four with all four No. 1 seeds -- which you correctly predicted! What does this mean for college soccer? Brandi Chastain: No. 1, I think it's good to know that the committee got it right. When you do these things -- when there's a lot of people making choices about things -- sometimes it's hard to know whether or not those choices are the right choices about which teams are No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 and so on. I think it makes everybody feel like they got a chance at where they should have been. That's a good thing. No. 2, I think it's pretty spectacular that the No. 1s came through, because when you're No. 1, it's not easy to stay No. 1. When you have that target on your back, it's very difficult to deal with the emotions and not letting anybody down. That's pretty impressive. And I think it makes for an exciting weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Full Story Back to Top
12-01-11 Brandi Talks at Women's Sports Event (The Stanford Daily) The event featured notable women in the sports realm, including Brandi Chastain, a former member of the U.S. women's soccer team…The panel provided perspectives on the past, present and future of women's sports to an audience of 40, which was comprised primarily of students…Chastain discussed the reasons for why children continue to play sports today. She discouraged the notion that children should specialize in a given sport for the purpose of earning scholarships. "Kids today are not having a chance to truly experience sports because people are telling them, 'You can only do one,'" she said. Although the panelists reflected on some of the negative aspects of women's sports today, they were hopeful for its future. "A professional league exists because [sports are] just like school, where you go to learn something you're passionate about. You hope that when you graduate, you'll have the opportunity to do that thing," Chastain said. Full Story Back to Top
11-29-11 Brandi is Keynote Speaker for Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation Banquet (Naples Daily News) Former women's soccer star Brandi Chastain will be the keynote speaker for the 23rd annual banquet next May. Jeff Mason, who produces the banquet and also works for ESPN and ABC, knew Chastain from her work as an analyst on the Women's World Cup…Chastain will become just the third female keynote speaker in the banquet's history, joining former U.S. Olympic speedskater Bonnie Blair in 2000, and former U.S. Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes in 2004…The Foundation will give $5,000 to its finalists. The winner receives a $10,000 scholarship - $2,500 a year for four years; the other finalists receive one-time stipends. Full Story Back to Top
11-11-11 Brandi to Cover NCAA Women's Soccer Championships with ESPNW (ESPN) Throughout this year's NCAA women's soccer championships, espnW will be going "Inside the Game" with former NCAA soccer, World Cup and Olympics star Brandi Chastain. Chastain is a volunteer assistant coach at her alma mater, Santa Clara University, where she led the Broncos to two Final Four appearances in 1989 and 1990.The two-time World Cup and Olympic champion serves as an advisory board member for the Capital One Cup, a program that recognizes the top men's and women's Division I athletic program across 20 women's sports and 19 men's sports, including soccer. The winner of the women's College Cup (and men's College Cup) will earn 60 points toward the Capital One Cup. (Tell us about your relationship with Capital One and why you're so passionate about serving on the advisory board of the Capital One Cup.) What I've learned at the Division I level as a student athlete is how to represent my team, how to represent myself, how to do that in a professional manner. There's a maturity level that you go through as a young person, and you graduate with this sense of self and this sense of starting something and following through. And if you're lucky enough, you get to play in the big tournament and you get to represent your team on a national level for the championship. What Capital One saw in me is someone who loves collegiate athletics -- someone who values the lessons of the tournament, who understands what being a champion is all about and why that's important. Full Story Back to Top
11-03-11 Brandi Promotes Flu Awareness at Houston Soccer Clinic (MyFox Houston) Houston Mayor Annise Parker has declared Thursday, Nov. 3 as Childrens Influenza Prevention Awareness Day. As part of promoting the effort, soccer hero Brandi Chastain, who has children of her own, will take part in a soccer clinic at a northeast Houston school to bring attention to flu vaccinations. Full Story Back to Top
10-26-11 Brandi Offers Improvement Suggestions for U.S. Women's National Team (larrybrownsports) Brandi Chastain is a soccer analyst and one of the strongest voices when it comes to women's soccer. The former U.S. Olympian and World Cup winner spoke with LBS recently and says the U.S. women's national team needs to make some changes. Brandi was representing the Capital One Cup…The women's team lost to Japan in the World Cup championship game, blowing two one-goal leads. They were called chokers, though many players disagreed with that. Chastain was disappointed that the team didn't win, and thinks changes to the team need to be made. "I think every team needs to have a connectivity to be able to play in the three parts of the field with composure and vision. That takes teams from being good to being great…I think there has to be improved team defending, whether it's philosophy or style. I think the back line was the greatest weakness. There's got to be something about having a player in the middle of the field that can truly impact the game's flow and rhythm." Full Story Back to Top
10-25-11 Brandi is Spokesperson for Capital One Cup (Soccer365) Chastain is now a spokesperson for the Capital One Cup which recognizes overall success among college athletics. Chastain explained why she became involved with the Capital One Cup, "Capital One recognizes that I am somebody who enjoys the values and virtues of participating at Division I [level] who also enjoys sharing in how wonderful it is to highlight and take witness to the greatness that is happening in all of our sports, not just women's soccer…A nice thing about Capital One Cup is it recognizes men's and women's sports separately. A wonderful prize of $200,000 for post graduate scholarships [goes to the winning] university as well [for a total of $400,000 for the men's and women's champions]. It not only recognizes the special quality that the student-athlete has on the field; it recognizes that the majority of those student-athletes will not go on to participate in professional sports and continuing their education is truly important as well." Full Story Back to Top
10-25-11 Brandi Discusses Women's World Cup (Soccer365) Chastain, who was an announcer for ESPN during the sixth Women's World Cup in Germany over the summer, in general felt that, "This was the strongest tournament from top to bottom that we've ever witnessed. All the games were competitive; there were no easy games." This was the first Women's World Cup where there was a genuine sense of parity for the first time among all 16 participants, without any 11-0 or 7-2 blowout results from just four years ago. The highest margin of victory in 2011 was four goals, from France's 4-0 win over Canada and Japan's 4-0 defeat of Mexico, both during the first stage. Chastain was excited by the play of such Women's World Cup debutants as Equatorial Guinea and Colombia: "It was exciting to see new players come to the world stage and impacting international soccer." Full Story Back to Top
10-20-11 Brandi Promotes Exercise and Healthy Eating at Healthy Kids Event (KGO-TV) Sports legends helped to kick off "Team California for Healthy Kids" in San Jose Thursday. Soccer star Brandi Chastain and three-time Super Bowl Champion Bubba Paris were on hand to promote exercise and healthy eating. There were games to get kids moving. But there was a serious message behind the healthy activities. Full Story Back to Top
10-13-11 Brandi Urges Early Flu Vaccinations (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) With schools in session, it's a busy time of year for most families, and there's plenty of stress without having to worry about catching the flu. To help raise awareness about the importance of flu vaccination as the best defense against the flu, soccer legend and mom Brandi Chastain has teamed up with MedImmune for the third year in a row on a national campaign called "When Will You Pick?," encouraging families to make flu vaccination a priority as soon as vaccine is available each year. "Keeping my family healthy and active is my number-one goal, so we make sure to get our flu vaccine as soon as possible every year," says Chastain. "Make appointments with your doctor to help protect your eligible family members today."… An average of 5 to 20 percent of the U.S. population becomes ill with the flu each year, and more than 200,000 of these individuals are hospitalized due to complications. The flu can be especially serious for children. Each year, an average of 20,000 children under age 5 are hospitalized as a result of flu complications, and children ages 2 to 17 are twice as likely to get the flu as adults. To learn more about the importance of flu vaccination, visit Full Story Back to Top
10-13-11 Brandi Kicks Off Flu Campaign for Second Year (PR Newswire) To help raise awareness about the importance of annual influenza vaccination as the recommended best defense against the disease, MedImmune, along with soccer legend and mom Brandi Chastain, today launched the second year of "When Will You Pick?," a national education campaign that encourages all eligible family members this flu season to "Don't Wait to Vaccinate!" "My goal every year is to not to wait to vaccinate. As a mom, keeping my family healthy and active is at the top of my to-do list, so we make sure to get our flu vaccine as soon as possible every year," Chastain said. "Make an appointment today with your doctor to help keep yourself and your eligible family members protected. Also, if your children's school offers an in-school vaccination program, be sure to fill out and return consent forms so they can get vaccinated at school." Full Story Back to Top
08-25-11 Brandi to be Honored as Part of Bay Area CyberRays (Comcast SportsNet Bay Area) The Giants will pay tribute to the Bay Area CyberRays, a women’s professional soccer team that won a championship a decade ago. In another place and time in the Bay Area sports landscape. Brandi Chastain and several of her former teammates, like Brazil’s Sissi and goalkeeper LaKeysia Beene will be honored, along with former CyberRays general manager Marlene Bjornsrud...The team was part of WUSA, the professional league founded in the aftermath of the wildly successful 1999 World Cup, when all things seemed possible. Players like Chastain, Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy were separated into different teams and a league was launched. In the inaugural season, the CyberRays – anchored by local product and national team star Chastain – played at Spartan Stadium. “The CyberRays were very sentimental for me,” Chastain said. “It was a part of Bay Area soccer history. I loved going to the stadium, seeing my parents tailgating, looking up at the old seats I sat in as a kid for Earthquakes games. “It was a feeling of validation, from both the soccer community and outside of soccer. It felt grassroots. I liked that it had that minor league baseball feel.” Full Story Back to Top
07-17-11 Brandi Encourages Girls to Success at the 2011 World Cup (Fox News) The powerful impact for young girls to watch their heroes achieve the pinnacle in sport can be 2005, I cofounded a non-profit for young girls in San Jose, California, along with Marlene Bjornsrud and Julie Foudy, called BAWSI (Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative/ BAWSI brings the mentorship of female collegiate student-athletes into economically challenged grade schools. I’ve seen firsthand how mentorship can change these girls’ lives. In 2010, I extended this vision to co-found the ReachuP Foundation, along with Dr. Joan Oloff. The goal is to inspire girls outside of my immediate community in the Bay Area. The ReachuP! Foundation hopes to provide these girls with the resources necessary to develop skills to become true champions in life. We have created a website,, to try to expand our reach with these girls. As I spend time with young girls in the Bay Area or around the country, one of the greatest challenges I see is to build confidence, identity and self esteem while faced with adversity. As in parenting, it is not by preaching, but rather, by living through example that these life lessons are best taught. Every young girl in the United States watching that quarterfinal match could see the belief and determination within each individual player on the field...As we enter the final game of this 2011 Women’s World Cup, all of America is now sharing this dream along with the players on the field. In 1999, I had the privilege of experiencing firsthand, the excitement of participating in such a monumental, historic game. In 2011, I now have the privilege of witnessing the game as an analyst for ESPN. At the end of the day, our teams will be eternally linked together in US Soccer history. Full Story Back to Top
07-16-44 Brandi and Friends Play Soccer in Frankfurt During World Cup (ESPN) FRANKFURT, Germany -- Brandi Chastain will play soccer anywhere. She will go to midtown Manhattan and dribble a ball on the street until people walking by stop and play with her. And she will put a game together under a bridge next to the Main in Frankfurt, between her obligations working for ESPN at the Women's World Cup. Chastain was on a run the afternoon of her first day in Frankfurt...and discovered a small cement soccer pitch with metal goals under a bridge next to the Main River. The pitch is flanked on both sides by cement walls covered in colorful graffiti. And there was a group of boys there playing. So Chastain ran back to her hotel and brought back some friends..."We just divided up teams and played five-on-five," Chastain said. "They don't bicker about the rules. They just play."...By the time the first game was over, one of the boys asked Chastain, "Can you come back?"...Chastain and at least some of her friends have been back almost every day since. Chastain said she doesn't think the boys know who they are. "One of them said to me, 'You have played before,'" Chastain said. "I said, 'Yes, in the U.S.'" Chastain said she loves their style of play. Full Story Back to Top
07-15-11 Brandi Discusses Upcoming World Cup Clash with Japan (Post-Bulletin) Brandi Chastain, who played on the last U.S. World Cup champion team in 1998, will be a studio analyst this time. “One aspect of the game that will be perhaps very difficult for the U.S. is the composure and the confidence on Japan's possession game,'' she said. "They love the little passes. They love the combination play. And the fans love it. “In that regard, the U.S. has to stay compact. They have to have good team defending. They have to not be frustrated by not having the ball. I think that will be a tall order if Japan plays the way they played against Sweden last night.” Full Story Back to Top
07-15-11 Brandi Comments on Abby Wambach's Performance (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) Now everybody knows about her supreme aerial attacks after Wambach scored the improbable tying goal in Sunday's thrilling quarterfinal win over Brazil and the winner in Wednesday's 3-1 semifinal victory over France to launch the Americans into Sunday's World Cup final against Japan (ESPN, 2:45 p.m.). It's the first time they've been in the final since 1999, which is also the last time they won it. "The goal against Brazil, her eyes never left the ball. She was never consumed or overwhelmed by the pressure of the other team. Her vision and purpose was strictly on that ball," ESPN analyst and former United States star defender Brandi Chastain, who began her career as a forward, said Thursday from Germany. "To be able to head the ball under the circumstances with that kind of composure and confidence is incredibly unique." Full Story Back to Top
07-14-11 Brandi Sports Buff Biceps as World Cup Analyst (San Francisco Chronicle) Women's Soccer and Bay Area Sports Legend Brandi Chastain played center square analyst for ESPN's telecast of the Women's World Cup games. On Wednesday, as has been true for much of the series, Chastain sported a set of developed biceps and an athletic upper body so cut, it looks like she trained just for the television program. It's as if Brandi was letting us know she can still play, and look sexy doing it. Brandi Chastain's hot, buffed look is a welcome relief from the skinny, thin, weak female anchor style much of the World's has been conditioned to see over time. Full Story Back to Top
07-10-11 Penalty Kick Victory over Brazil Comes Twelve Years to the Day after Brandi's Penalty Kick (Palm Beach Post) It was one of the most dramatic matches in Women's World Cup history. It was one of the most dramatic matches in U.S. soccer history - for women or men...Wambach scored on a header in the closing seconds of extra time to force a penalty-kick shootout, Solo made a save that proved decisive, then both greeted the Borislows amid the celebration...if the moment belonged to one woman, it was Wambach, the former Florida Gator. Twelve years ago to the day, Brandi Chastain gave the United States its most recent World Cup by converting a penalty kick. Full Story Back to Top
06-24-11 Brandi Thinks Alex Morgan Should Start (San Francisco Chronicle) ESPN colleague Brandi Chastain, the former World Cup star, thinks Morgan should start. "Right away, she could force teams on their heels," she said. Though Lauren Cheney and Amy Rodriguez can score, she said, "I think Alex Morgan complements Abby Wambach much better. She's in or around and behind players. She moves off the ball very well." Full Story Back to Top
06-21-11 Brandi Predicts U.S. Will Win World Cup ( This month, the top-ranked U.S. team will try to win its first World Cup since that moment at the Rose Bowl in 1999..."I've said the U.S. will win, but it won't be easy," said Brandi Chastain, who took that historic penalty kick to win the World Cup and will be working as a broadcaster in Germany. The Americans like to point out that the rest of the world has been catching up. But, at times, it seems their own team has been running in place, challenged to move past the golden age that was dominated by Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Chastain and others. Since the core group retired, the team has dealt with a leadership void. Full Story Back to Top
06-17-11 Brandi Interview: How Has Women's Soccer Changed? (ESPN) When I played collegiate soccer, there were 75 Division I programs vying for a championship. Now there are 325 Division I women's soccer programs vying for a national championship. I think that's indicative of the way soccer has grown and developed...You can't speak about world soccer without speaking about the collegiate game here because many members of other teams have gone to college here and participated at the Division I level ... and now are participating with their national teams in this World Cup...In terms of how the game has developed, I think in the beginning, soccer was a very physical, athletic sport for most of the world, and skill development wasn't quite yet the focal point, but that's changed. These players are technical, and they do it at great speed and with great athleticism. We had the athleticism and the speed, but now the technical ability has just risen to a new level. Full Story Back to Top
06-14-11 Brandi Interviews on Video about Upcoming World Cup (Fox Sports) Former U.S. women's national soccer team member Brandi Chastain talks to about the upcoming World Cup. [Click Full Story to see the video.] Full Story Back to Top
06-06-11 Hillary Clinton Remembers Brandi's Leadership in Girls' Sports (US Department of State) I can remember that very, very hot July day in 1999 when Brandi Chastain stepped in to take that penalty kick. Now, I know some of you weren’t born then, but I – (laughter) – I hope you’ve seen it on YouTube or somehow, because it was a very important moment for women in sports, for women everywhere, and for all of the men, particularly the fathers and the brothers and the sons who supported them. That penalty kick won the World Cup for the U.S. Women’s National Team, and everybody went crazy after that. But it wasn’t just a win for U.S. women; it really was a victory for all girls, because young women like Brandi, who had benefited from Title IX, was really demonstrating that the commitment we had made some years before was paying off. That girls and women, Robyn, would have their own teams and would be able to compete. And I know that Brandi became an ambassador after that on behalf of sports and talking about and writing about her experiences and co-founding the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative. And I know that less than three months ago, Brandi was there to congratulate a third grader named Jocelyn Rosa who became the 10,000th girl to sign up for that program. Full Story Back to Top
05-25-11 Brandi Still Very Active in Sports (Bleacher Report) Currently, Brandi is the spokesperson for the Capital One Cup. The Capital One Cup awards a NCAA Division I college in both men's and women's athletics with $200,000 for student-athletic graduate scholarships. The winner of the award is announced during the ESPY's in July. The Cup awards points from 13 different men's and women's sports, usually the lesser known sports, and this is one of the reasons why Brandi agreed to support the cup...This week, ESPN announced that Chastain would be added to their analyst team for the Women's World Cup this summer, and we were able to talk about her thoughts on this U.S. team's chances to win the cup. There was a definitive pang of sympathy in her voice as she spoke. She mentioned previous interviews, and how with each interview she realized the pressure was mounting for this team, especially since the women hadn't won the tournament since 1999. But that didn't mean that she thought they were favorites or that her personal expectations were for the team to make the finals...So we spoke about the future of the team. What challenges did the program face? Her response mirrored the struggles for the men's program as well: a large country, disorganization and disparate youth clubs and development, and a lack of a collective understanding of what the national team would like to do if a player reaches the senior player pool. Full Story Back to Top
05-23-11 Brandi to be ESPN Studio Analyst for FIFA Women's World Cup (PaddockTalk) Three key members of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup winning U.S. team – Brandi Chastain, Briana Scurry and head coach Tony DiCicco – will join ESPN as studio analysts for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 (June 26 – July 17). Chastain, Scurry and DiCicco will contribute to ESPN and ESPN2’s studio coverage of the three-week tournament, providing analysis on pre-match, halftime and post-match shows from Germany, including studio segments on the company’s news and information programming such as SportsCenter, First Take and ESPNEWS...The Women’s World Cup 2011 will mark Chastain’s return to ESPN after serving as sideline reporter for ESPN and ABC’s Major League Soccer coverage in 2005 and 2006. Full Story Back to Top
05-20-11 Sportsapalooza is a Sucess (BAWSI) On behalf of the entire BAWSI team, we are extending a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the nearly 400 athletes, sponsors, volunteers, donors, and guests who helped make BAWSI's first-ever Sportsapalooza a HUGE success!! The event, which was held May 4, 2011 at the Leavey Center at Santa Clara University, featured interactive sports activities led by elite women athletes, remarks from soccer star Julie Foudy and Toy Story 3 producer Darla Anderson, and a video appearance by Jane Lynch, the one and only coach Sue Sylvester of Glee! We were also thrilled to award BAWSI's inaugural "All-Star Ambassador" and "Spirit of Sport" awards to Brandi Chastain and Tara VanDerveer, both of whom have impacted our community in significant ways. Full Story Back to Top
05-20-11 Brandi Analyses US Team Readiness for World Cup (Larry Brown Sports) LBS: The U.S. Women’s World Cup team was recently picked and they’ve had struggles recently losing to Mexico and England. Do you think they’re lacking something? Do they just need more practice time together? Chastain: There are so many variables that go into being a successful team. There’s also other factors that go into being a winning a World Cup team. I think the games against Mexico and England were eye-openers for the U.S. team, and it’s also relevant to say this tournament is going to be full of jockeying and tactical choices. Those things are really going to come into play more than ever before. For the U.S. unfortunately losing Lindsay Tarpley over the weekend doesn’t help them, but they also have to take solace in knowing that the players who have been in training camp can step in. They’ve been trained, they’ve been training together for quite some time. I think another factor is can they have some rest before the tournament begins?...LBS: Looking at this team, what do you think is their biggest strength? Chastain: They have a goal scorer in Abby Wambach who is a force that’s hard to deal with. We had that similarly in Mia Hamm and Michelle Akers. She is just a player that is very difficult to handle. When that happens, things open up for other players to take advantage of. Full Story Back to Top
05-20-11 Brandi and the Capital One Cup Awards (Larry Brown Sports) Brandi is representing the Capital One cup which rewards the top athletic schools in men’s and women’s Division I college athletics. The trophy will be handed out at the ESPY’s in July, and they’ll be awarding a $200,000 post graduate scholarship to the winning schools. Full Story Back to Top
05-18-11 Briana Scurry and Brandi Chastain Discuss Upcoming World Cup ( [8 Minute Video Interview] Briana Scurry and Brandy Chastain remember their 1999 heroics and what to expect for the World Cup in 2011. Full Story Back to Top
05-16-11 Brandi Attends Courageous Kids Day at Great America (San Jose Mercury News) Mother's Day, May 8, marked the 22nd annual Courageous Kids Day at Great America. The American Cancer Society event is a free day of fun for young cancer patients and their families...Chastain, a San Jose native, said this was her first time at Courageous Kids Day. "I didn't know how big it was going to be," she said. The mother of a 4-year-old added that she feels for each family. "It's hard to imagine your children having cancer," she said. Chastain said she has had family and friends battle cancer, and that meeting all the kids at the event was a great experience. "They're all so unique. One little one came up and told me that her favorite sport is soccer," she said. Full Story Back to Top
05-16-11 Brandi Comments on 2011 World Cup ( America) The USA has not won the Women's World Cup since 1999, while Germany has claimed the title twice in that time. Now the American squad, ranked #1 in the world of women's soccer, faces the daunting task of trying to reclaim the title on Germany's home ground..."Hope Solo is an incredibly talented goalkeeper and has enhanced that position for the US team," Chastain said. "Hope is very comfortable with the ball at her feet, both right and left footed. She can punt the ball, 3/4ths of the field and I think that changes things for the US team. They have an edge in that department."..."They have a dominant goalscorer in Abby Wambach, just as the team in '99 did with Mia Hamm and Tiffeny Milbrett," Chastain continued...Chastain's view of the USA team's recent loss of Lindsay Tarpley was that it could be more crippling to morale than to actual field tactics...the player that Chastain believed could be a viable replacement for Tarpley was young forward Kelley O'Hara. "That's a dangerous player," Chastain assessed. "Even though she's played as a forward, I think she could be a wide midfielder. I think she can really impact the national team in a positive way, especially when games get tight and they need goals and players who can attack teams...Chastain will also be a commenter at the Women's World Cup in Germany this summer. Full Story Back to Top
05-15-11 Brandi Plays in California Storm vs Bay Area Breeze (Around Dublin Blog) On Saturday, May 14th, the Bay Area Breeze of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) opened its inaugural season in Dublin, CA and played against California Storm of Sacramento at Dublin High School. The game featured former U.S. National Team Players Brandi Chastain (forward, California Storm), Aly Wagner (midfield, California Storm), Tiffeny Milbrett (forward, Bay Area Breeze). Full Story Back to Top
05-05-11 Brandi Honored by BAWSI (San Jose Mercury News) Two powerful women in sports -- Stanford basketball coach Tara VanDerveer and soccer legend Brandi Chastain -- were honored Wednesday night by the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, the group Chastain co-founded. BAWSI (pronounced "bossy") connects female athletes and coaches with programs that showcase the value of athletics and activity to women and girls. The program recently enrolled its 10,000th girl and started BAWSI Rollers, which provides services to boys and girls with physical and mental disabilities..."I'm so amazed at the people in the room that you would come out and support girls and women in sports," Chastain said...Chastain's 4-year-old son, Jaden, got some applause. When technical issues delayed the playing of a video message from "Glee" actress Jane Lynch, Jaden filled in on stage with an a capella rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Full Story Back to Top
03-29-11 Brandi Becomes Grocery Bagger to Support Easter Seals (Pleasanton Weekly) Soccer star Brandi Chastain and gymnast Cathy Rigby are helping to launch Safeway's annual campaign supporting Easter Seals, Special Olympics and Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities, tomorrow in Alameda. A police motorcade will escort Special Olympic runners carrying the Flame of Hope to the Safeway in Alameda at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Celebrity baggers at the store will include Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
03-25-11 BAWSI Signs 10,000th Girl ( Brandi Chastain, two-time Olympic gold medallist with the U.S. Women's National Soccer team and co-founder of the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI), visited the BAWSI Girls program at Castro and announced that one of the girls would be the organization's 10,000th—a welcomed accomplishment in the effort to introduce exercise and fitness to young girls. "I couldn't be more excited for these girls than I am for myself, because this is a commitment to themselves as it is for their community," said Chastain. "I'm very proud." The 10,000th girl named in the program was Jocelyn Rosa, 9, a third-grader at the school. [see video] Full Story Back to Top
03-15-11 Brandi to Attend Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Charity Tournament (PR Newswire) Entertainment and sports stars Larry David, Gabriel Aubry, Jerome Bettis, Sam Bradford, Stuart Scott, Brandi Chastain, Richard Dent, Paul O'Neill, Mike Piazza, Anthony Anderson, Maury Povich, Dennis Haysbert, Alan Thicke, Adrian Young, Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, Grant Show and Boris Kodjoe join the growing list of celebrities scheduled to attend the 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MJCI), hosted by Las Vegas' ARIA Resort & Casino, March 31-April 3. Previously announced celebrities include Drew Brees, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey, Jr., Marcus Allen, Mario Lemieux, Boris Becker, John Smoltz, Spike Lee, Don Cheadle, Brian Baumgartner and Shannon Elizabeth. Marking its Las Vegas debut, the tournament will be held at Shadow Creek, one of the country's most exclusive golf courses, which will open its doors to the public for the first time. Proceeds from the charitable tournament will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Nevada Cancer Institute, James R. Jordan Foundation and Cats Care, the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats' charity arm. Since its inception in 2001, MJCI has raised more than $5 million for charity. Full Story Back to Top
02-10-11 Brandi Chastain is Among the Stars at Pro-Am Pebble Beach ( The annual Pro-Am-a-palooza at Pebble Beach kicked off Thursday with sunny skies, a light breeze and even a real Brees (quarterback Drew Brees). From the locker room to the movie studio, to the stage, celebs rubbed elbows with Tour pros and fans alike, including a strong representation of pros from the Sacramento region...With names like Bill Murray, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, Craig T. Nelson, Anthony Anderson, Darius Rucker, John O’Hurley, Brandi Chastain and more, there is a star for everyone and sun is shining on this edition AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Full Story Back to Top
01-13-11 Brandi Comments on Capital One Cup (Business Wire) Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE:COF) announced today the official fall standings for the Capital One Cup, a new program rewarding NCAA Division I athletics programs for their cumulative on-field performance across multiple men’s and women’s sports...“It’s been great to watch the added intensity on the field this fall as teams and student-athletes realize the broader implications their achievements will have on their athletics programs and schools,” said former Santa Clara All-American soccer player Brandi Chastain. “With eight Capital One Cup men’s and women’s sports in play during the winter season, the quest for the ultimate bragging rights in collegiate athletics will get even more intense.” Full Story Back to Top
12-05-10 Brandi Is Sports Ambassador (CaryCitizen) Brandi Chastain, former professional women’s soccer player, has a goal. The two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup champion wants to bring a sense of wonder and fun back into sports. After gaining fame for her own soccer achievement, the retired star now relishes her role as an ambassador of the sport. Appearing at the NCAA Women’s College Cup tournament at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, Chastain serves on the board of directors for the newly created Capital One Cup, which presents a premier award and scholarship for the top men’s and women’s NCAA Division 1 programs for use in post-graduate study. Full Story Back to Top
12-02-10 Brandi Expresses Excitement about Collegiate Women's Soccer (Bleacher Report) Chastain is one of the advisors for the Capital One Cup. The championship awards points to college athletic programs based on final standings of the Division I Championships and final official coaches polls for all sports. The men's and women's programs with the most points after the spring championships win the trophy and $200,000 to fund student-athlete graduate program scholarships. "It allows sports like soccer, gymnastics and lacrosse to make a significant impression," Chastain said. "It's recognizing the importance of 13 women's sports that don't get headlines or show up on SportsCenter." So Chastain is headed to Cary, North Carolina this week to represent the Capital One Cup at the Women's College Cup. The Final Four will feature Stanford against Boston College and Ohio State versus Notre Dame, and Chastain couldn't be more excited for how the college game has grown and improved. "Collegiate women's soccer has gone from 75 Division I programs when I was in school to 322 Division I programs now," she said. Full Story Back to Top
12-02-10 Brandi Chastain: A Tribute to a Champion to Play in December ( At a time when many are lamenting the lack of TV coverage for women's sports, Fox Soccer Channel will be airing a documentary to commemorate the career of Brandi Chastain, one of women's soccer's most recognizable figures. The special will be entitled, "Brandi Chastain: A Tribute To A Champion." Centered on her Testimonial Game which took place on Oct. 2nd, 2010, the special includes a closer look at Chastain's prestigious career, with input from former teammates, coaches, and family members. It is a testament to a true champion, one whose humor and determination have inspired young athletes worldwide...The 44-minute film will be shown in New York City on Monday, Dec. 13th, 6pm, at Landmark Theatres Sunshine Cinema.143 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 phone: (212) 260 7289. The west coast screening will be held on Thursday, Dec. 16th, at 7pm, at Santa Clara University's Mayer Theatre. Center of Performing Arts Santa Clara University (408) 554-4565. Full Story Back to Top
11-19-10 Brandi Serves as Celebrity Chair at Holiday Heroes Party (San Francisco Luxury News) Known as the "ultimate holiday party for all ages", the Holiday Heroes party benefits several Bay Area children's charities....Celebrity Chairs U.S. Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi and her husband, NFL Hockey Great, Bret Hedican, and U.S. Olympian Brandi Chastain join Patricia Ferrin Loucks and Charles Loucks and Carla Zuber and Christopher Zuber again as event co-chairs. Full Story Back to Top
11-17-10 Brandi Scheduled for 2011 AT&T Pro-Am (Monterey County Herald) The celebrity field for the 2011 AT&T Pro-Am is starting to take shape. Among those who have already confirmed are ESPN's Chris Berman, actors Kevin Costner, Chris O'Donnell, Josh Duhamel, Don Cheadle and Ray Romano, former 49er lineman Harris Barton and soccer star Brandi Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
10-04-10 Brandi Promotes Flu Vaccines for Second Year (Creston News Advertiser) Brandi Chastain is not only a soccer legend, she's also a mom. She knows what it's like during back-to-school season. New school schedules, sporting events and daily homework don't stop her from making flu vaccination a priority each year. For the second year in a row, Chastain has teamed-up with MedImmune, Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), and the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) on a national health campaign to raise awareness about the importance of flu vaccination...To learn more about the importance of flu vaccination, visit, which offers tips for staying healthy throughout the flu season, a quiz to test influenza knowledge and one-of-a-kind campaign videos and photos featuring Brandi Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
10-03-10 Brandi's Retirement Game is a Success (Center Line Soccer) Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Tiffeny Milbrett and many more soccer celebrities congregated at Buck Shaw Stadium to celebrate the illustrious career of San Jose's Brandi Chastain, the star of the '99 Women's World Cup finale. They called it a testimonial game but for all intents and purposes this was a retirement party...The result, however, was irrelevant when the guest of honor made it about something bigger than herself. It served as a fundraiser for her ReachUp! Foundation, which supports causes promoting self-esteem for women. Chastain and friends also held soccer clinics hours before the coed match. To no one's surprise, Chastain ran from group to group shouting encouragement. "She just loves this game like no one I ever played alongside," Hamm said. Chastain showed a group of about 30 youngsters how to juggle a soccer ball. "When I was a kid growing up, I spent hours on my front lawn doing this," she told them. While the event allowed a constellation of stars to dust off their soccer shoes, it had more to do with friendship. Many of these players have kids and lives beyond the field. They don't gather often but cherish the time when they bottled magic and bathed in the glory of a nation's adulation. "I think of our times and I smile and I laugh and I cry all at the same time," said Foudy, a former Stanford star. Chastain's retirement gave them the perfect moment to reminisce and rejoice. Full Story Back to Top
09-29-10 Brandi Chastain's Plays Her Retirement Celebration Game (San Jose Mercury News) Few athletes are allowed to say goodbye the way they really want. Brandi Chastain is giving it her best shot. Chastain is the best soccer player ever produced by the Bay Area, male or female. She deserves to celebrate her retirement as a professional player with a big-time party or banquet. It's just like her to do something different and stage a semi-serious game with famous friends, invite the entire soccer population of Northern California and use it as a charitable fundraiser. "Even though it's my game," she said the other day, "it's not about me." Oh, yes, it is. And it should be...Her alma mater, Santa Clara University, is playing host to Chastain's farewell game at Buck Shaw Stadium. Many of her former Team USA teammates -- including Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and Joy Fawcett -- will show up to play. So will former male USA soccer stars such as Eric Wynalda, Marcelo Balboa and Tab Ramos. And here's a neat touch: Several young ticket-buyers will be chosen at random as they come through the gates to go on the field and compete alongside the stars...About 35 years ago, her parents signed up Chastain for soccer simply to let their hyperactive kid blow off some steam. "They just wanted to get me off the roof," she said. "And it turned into something amazing." Full Story Back to Top
09-26-10 Brandi Invites Friends to Play in Retirement Testimonial Game (San Jose Mercury News) Chastain, who lives in San Jose's Rose Garden neighborhood, has invited a few of her friends to play in a "testimonial game" Saturday at Santa Clara University's Buck Shaw Stadium. Friends such as Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Sissi and Joy Fawcett. Some guys have been invited, too. Recognize the names Eric Wynalda, Nomar Garciaparra and Brent Jones? And that's just a sampling of the athletes and celebrities who will be taking part in the 6 p.m. match. Of course, the day's about a lot more than Brandi getting one more chance to play soccer with her friends. She'll also be raising funds for the Reach uP! Foundation, an organization she's launching with Los Gatos podiatrist Joan Oloff to encourage girls to embrace a healthy lifestyle. As part of the event, Brandi and some of her friends will conduct a one-hour soccer clinic for up to 150 participants at 4 p.m. The clinic costs $50 and is separate from admission to the game, which is $20 for general admission, $50 for a reserved seat or $250 for on-the-field VIP seats. A lot more details on the game, the clinic and the foundation are available at Full Story Back to Top
09-21-10 Brandi Promotes Flu Vaccines (PR Newswire) To help raise awareness about the importance of annual flu vaccination early in the season and support the expanded CDC recommendations, MedImmune, Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), and the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) – along with Brandi Chastain – today launched "When Will You Pick?," a campaign that emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated before the flu strikes with the message: "This Flu Season, Don't Wait to Vaccinate!" "My top priority is keeping myself and my family healthy and active all season," said Brandi Chastain, international soccer legend and mother of two. "We know that vaccination is the best way to help protect ourselves against the flu, so we make getting a flu vaccine a priority each year, there's no need to wait." Full Story Back to Top
09-15-10 Brandi Honored in Testimonial Soccer Match (Business Wire) Soccer legend and local hero Brandi Chastain will host a once-in-a-lifetime, co-ed, testimonial soccer match with soccer greats on October 2, 2010, at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The game will honor Chastain’s incredible career as she retires from professional play, and continue her philanthropic passion by launching the Reach uP! Foundation, co-founded with Dr. Joan Oloff. The all-star talent, line-up includes Brandi Chastain, Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Joy Fawcett, Tisha Venturini, Eric Wynalda, Leslie Osborne, Aly Wagner, Tiffeny Milbrett, Brent Jones, Bode Miller, Cindy Parlow, Normar Garciaparra, Tab Ramos, Marcelo Balboa, Giovanni Savarese, Danielle Slaton, Sissi, Chris Armas, Jordi Angeli, Fernando Clavijo, Yang Zhou, Kelly Lindsey, and others. Tony DiCicco (Former USWNT coach) and Jerry Smith (Head Coach SCU Women’s Soccer and Chastain’s husband) will serve as team coaches for this one-time event...Proceeds from Chastain’s October 2nd testimonial match will support the Reach uP! Foundation, designed to inspire young girls to become true champions of life. Full Story Back to Top
09-08-10 Brandi Teaches Goal Celebration 101 (U.S. National Soccer Players) Goal Celebration 101 This course offers the many alternatives to celebrate a goal, whether it's doing body flops on the ground, signing and dancing by yourself or with teammates, or taking your shirt off to celebrate to make a statement (remember, there is always the danger of a yellow card with shirt celebrations). Guess lecturer is Brand Chastain, still easily in the top 10 American soccer moments not only for the goal, but how it was celebrated. Full Story Back to Top
09-05-10 Brandi Walks the Fashion Show Runway (San Jose Mercury News) Santa Clara County homeless services provider InnVision is adding a touch of style to its fall fundraiser Sept. 18. The black-tie optional gala, "A Passport to Change," takes place at Club Auto Sport in North San Jose. So there will be plenty of exotic cars to gaze at before dinner, of course. But the highlight of the evening may be the Red Haute Co. fashion show, featuring several community figures walking the runway. The volunteer models include KBAY-FM morning host Lissa Kreisler, soccer star Brandi Chastain and a certain newspaper "Around Town" columnist who won't hold a candle to the ladies, fashion-wise. Full Story Back to Top
09-01-10 Brandi and Others Announce New Capital One Cup (Bleacher Report) 1984 Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie, CBS men’s college basketball broadcaster and 1982 Big Ten MVP Clark Kellogg, 1988 Golden Spikes award winner Robin Ventura, Brandi Chastain and 1994 NCAA Women's National Player of the Year Lisa Leslie gathered at the Times Center in New York City for the announcement of a "premier program" that will define the ultimate champion in college sports...The Capital One Cup will be served by an advisory board of prominent former NCAA student-athletes and current broadcasters: Flutie, Chastain, Leslie, Ventura and broadcasters Rece Davis and Kellogg. Full Story Back to Top
08-11-10 This is Eleventh Anniversary of Brandi on the Wheaties Box (Soccer365) It was on this day in soccer history in 1999 that Wheaties announce that soccer players from the United States Women’s national soccer team would appear on the front of the cereal box. This marked the first time in the 75 year history that a soccer player was featured on the iconic cereal box front...The five special edition boxes included Michelle Akers, Brandi Chastain, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and Briana Scurry. Full Story Back to Top
07-16-10 Brandi Launches Reach Up! ( America) Brandi Chastain will launch the Reach Up! foundation with a testimonial soccer game on Oct. 2 at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., with all proceeds going to the foundation...Reach Up! will be an Internet platform, allowing girls into their early teens, along with their mothers, to interact with peers, mentors and celebrities about health, athleticism, confidence and reaching one’s goals. But, according to Chastain, it’s not just about athletics. “It’s really not driven athletically. It’s about music, writing, science and math; whatever girls are drawn to,” Chastain noted. “Girls in that tween kind of age are looking for that model. If they can find other peers that are drawn to what they are drawn to, they’ll stick with it.” Full Story Back to Top
07-16-10 Testimonial Game to Honor Brandi's Retirement (Boxscore News) WPS Commissioner Tonya Antonucci’s comments on two-time World Cup winner (1991, 1999) and two-time Olympic gold medalist (1996, 2004) Brandi Chastain announcing her retirement from professional soccer yesterday: “Brandi's legacy as an icon and ambassador of women's soccer will endure. Certainly for the many years--spanning decades--of passion for and service to the growth of the game, but also for the creative flair and entertaining style of play she displayed at the professional level. WPS thanks Brandi for all her contributions to the growth of the professional game as an active player and wishes Brandi the best of luck in her future endeavors.” -- Tonya Antonucci, WPS Commissioner. Chastain played for Bay Area’s FC Gold Pride in 2009, appearing in 10 games and starting 5 matches during the course of the WPS Inaugural Season. A testimonial game to honor her retirement will be played October 2, 2010 at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, featuring some of the all-time soccer greats. Full Story Back to Top
07-16-10 Brandi Retires from Professional Soccer (Big Apple Soccer) Brandi Chastain is retiring from professional soccer. After being unceremoniously dumped by the National Team five years ago and by Bay Area FC Gold Pride earlier this year, the 41-year-old women’s soccer icon has decided it’s time. Chastain continues to play for the California Storm of the Womens’ Premier Soccer League. “I think I’ll play until I’m 60,” she said...What officially retiring allows Chastain to do is move on to the next phase of her career, which includes starting the Reach Up! foundation for ‘tween’ girls, pursue her passion for golf and perhaps do some coaching. Full Story Back to Top
07-14-10 Brandi Presents Silver Trophy to Chiney Ogwumike ( Power forward Chiney Ogwumike, who will join her sister at Stanford, [was] honored as national high school athletes of the year Wednesday. She clapped her hands to her mouth in surprise when retired Los Angeles Sparks star Lisa Leslie announced her name. Soccer star Brandi Chastain of FC Gold Pride handed her the silver trophy. "I was very shocked," Ogwumike said. "It's one of those things you hope to achieve, but you'd be happy with anybody else winning, too." Full Story Back to Top
07-09-10 Brandi Begins Business Venture (Forbes)
So you've decided to retire?
I honestly believe I could still be playing. I guess retiring is not saying I won't play soccer again, it says I'm turning a page on that chapter of the national team and professional teams. I will still enjoy soccer camps, but I'll be more focused on supporting other players and people and young girls in the sport.
Tell me about the new business venture?
Well, we're still building it up. But I hope that Reach Up! will be a brand in the vein of [the brand] Life is good, that when people see it, it will inspire them to feel good. I want to create a mixture of sports and music and education, a place where you can kind of find everything.
So why wait so long to capitalize on your fame to launch a business? A lot of folks might have done this right after the baring of your sports bra.
Perhaps part of it was I wasn't ready for it. Perhaps part of it is maybe soccer was just too new to be a launching point. But now with a little time and maturity and being a parent and stepping back from playing, I see a lot of potential. I need to take a chance on myself. I just recognize that I enjoy being the underdog, the hard work and the process. And maybe it's just taken this long to figure out that this has all been a process, and now we're ready to go. Full Story Back to Top
07-08-10 Brandi Headlines Louisville Women’s Soccer Kickoff Dinner ( Brandi Chastain, the 1999 Women’s World Cup hero for Team USA and an Olympic gold medalist, will headline the 2010 Louisville Women’s Soccer Kickoff Dinner on Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville, Ky. The Kickoff Dinner will feature an autograph session with Chastain from 6:15-6:45 p.m., with dinner and entertainment to follow. Full Story Back to Top
06-11-10 Brandi Speaks at High School Graduation (Palo Alto Online) International women's soccer star Brandi Chastain offered graduates a list of seven ideas she said have helped her succeed as a player: challenging herself; willingness to compete; risk-taking and creativity; composure; community; communication; and celebration. "Whatever your passion is -- and maybe you haven't found it yet -- when you do, spend every single second loving it and sharing it," Chastain told graduates. Full Story Back to Top
5-25-10 Brandi Chastain is WPSL Player Of The Week (WPSL News) Not only did the former USWNT & F.C. Gold Pride star take on the Clovis defense in Pacific-North action with brutal efficiency, but she also turned the proverbial tables after the match. Ever the ambassador of the sport, Chastain patiently signed autographs for the hundreds of fans who wanted to meet her. [On Brandi's facebook page, she says 'Haven't been player of the week for about 20 years!-Chastain Central] Full Story Back to Top
05-24-10 Brandi Plays Against New WPSL Team (Clovis Independent) Brandi Chastain, the former World Cup soccer star, will help introduce Women’s Premier Soccer League to the central San Joaquin Valley. Chastain will play against WPSL’s newest team, the Clovis Sidekicks, in their debut match at 6 p.m. today at Clovis North High...With the creation of the Sidekicks, the WPSL has expanded to 55 teams. The Sidekicks compete in the seven-team Pacific North Division, which also includes the California Storm. Full Story Back to Top
05-21-10 Brandi Plays for California Storm (Fresno Bee) Brandi Chastain, the former World Cup soccer star, will help introduce Women's Premier Soccer League to the central San Joaquin Valley. Chastain will play against WPSL's newest team, the Clovis Sidekicks, in their debut match at 6 p.m. today at Clovis North High. Chastain...plays for the California Storm. Full Story Back to Top
04-19-10 Brandi to Play in Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament (PGA Tour) Emmitt Smith has lined up some of his fellow 2010 inductees -- Floyd Little, John Randle and Rickey Jackson -- for his inaugural Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. The event, May 14-15 at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, also has commitments from Brandi Chastain, DeMarcus Ware, former NFL stars Marcus Allen, Jerome Bettis, Steve Beuerlein, Derrick Brooks, Tim Brown, Eric Dickerson and Daryl Johnston, and Olympian Michael Johnson. Full Story Back to Top
03-15-10 Brandi Brings Keynote Speech to Soccer Players (The Salinas Californian) The parting message from The Salinas Californian All-Star Soccer Classic keynote speaker Brandi Chastain wasn't lost on the 60 players competing Sunday at Salinas High Stadium. Chastain, a member of the U.S. National Women's Team for 12 years and three different Olympic teams, told the high school seniors at a pre-event luncheon earlier in the day to not be afraid to take risks. Adding, the only way to get better is to learn from mistakes. "There are times when being smart and being creative connect," Chastain said. "Go out there and make them say 'wow.' " Full Story Back to Top
03-06-10 Brandi Inducted into WCC Hall of Honor (Sports and Weather Right Now) At the second West Coast Conference Hall of Honor induction in conjunction with the 2010 West Coast Conference Basketball Tournament...The achievements of this year's Hall of Honor inductees spans five decades in five different sports among the WCC's eight institutions. In addition to Brown, this year's class includes Brandi Chastain of Santa Clara, one of the most decorated players in women's soccer history with two World Cup titles and two Olympic gold medals to her credit. Full Story Back to Top
02-17-10 Brandi Finishes Golf Tournament at Seventh Place (Modesto Bee) Paul Goydos' tortuous 9 Sunday at Pebble's 14th knocked him out of contention, but he and Hertz executive Robert Stuart won the pro-am. Soccer star Brandi Chastain, the only woman in the field and the first woman in five years to make the cut, tied for seventh with Stockton's Ricky Barnes. Full Story Back to Top
02-16-10 Brandi Responds to Gold Pride Release (Bleacher Report) In a brief e-mail exchange via Facebook, Chastain shared her "agony of defeat" in the following statement, "I didn't see it coming, totally blindsided really. Had taken sponsor photos not long before." The 41-year-old, who was the oldest player in the league last season, added, "It is a bummer and I am not very happy about it to say the least." Chastain, who appeared in only 10 games last season, while averaging 45 minutes per contest, went into more detail in a subsequent e-mail interview with Charles Cuttone, executive editor of Big Apple Soccer. "I am disappointed, emotional and upset about being released by the Gold Pride. I have loved and played the game with a passion, honesty, fierceness and enthusiasm that has spanned more than 35 years." She continued, "The only thing I ever wanted was to put myself up against those who are being considered and judged accordingly as to who should and shouldn't be on the team." "This is deja vu from the National Team back in 2004, and once again it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth." Full Story Back to Top
02-15-10 Brandi Qualifies for Final Round at Pro-Am Competition (San Jose Mercury News) Ricky Barnes and former Olympic star Brandi Chastain, the only woman to qualify for the final pro-am round since softball gold medalist Lisa Fernandez in 2005, finished seventh at 257. Full Story Back to Top
02-13-10 Brandi Disappointed with Gold Pride Cut (San Jose Mercury News) Brandi Chastain was "incredibly disappointed" with FC Gold Pride's decision to cut her and said Saturday that she would like to stay involved in soccer in some fashion, even if her storied playing career is over...Chastain said she would have liked at least a tryout with the team, which has bolstered its roster with the additions of Brazilian standout Marta and league all-star Camille Abily..."As much as I don't like to say that I think I deserve (a tryout), I think I do," Chastain said..."It's been hard to swallow. Soccer's been such a huge part of my life on the playing side. I get a tremendous amount of joy out of it, and I think it brings joy to other people." Chastain said she would eventually like to become a coach, either at the youth, college or national level, but would have rather spent this year playing with Gold Pride's talented newcomers. Full Story Back to Top
02-13-10 Brandi is Lone Woman Player at Pebble Beach (San Francisco Chronicle) Chastain is the only woman in the AT&T field. There are 311 men. I asked if she felt lonely. "This tournament has a tremendous tradition," said the pride of San Jose, "but the game is changing. ... I'd love people like Carol Bartz, president of Yahoo, to" be invited. Chastain said she came to the AT&T at age 8 with her grandfather. They sat along the 18th fairway and ate strawberry shortcake. Grandpa wore a pastel Golden Bear shirt and told Brandi tales of the great Jack Nicklaus. Full Story Back to Top
02-12-10 Brandi Chastain Released by FC Gold Pride (Bleacher Report) FC Gold Pride announced today that they have released veteran Brandi Chastain. "We are grateful to Brandi for the contributions she has made to our team, organization and to the growth of the game," explained Pride General Manager Ilisa Kessler. "She has been an outstanding representation of the Pride and Women's Professional Soccer." "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Brandi and her foundation, Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI)." Full Story Back to Top
01-27-10 Brandi Chastain Wins Second Place in Golf Tournament ( Celebrities enjoyed a final day of golf at the Ocean Club golf course in The Bahamas on Sunday. The awards presentation followed and winning this years tournament was the team of John Smoltz and Julius Erving. In second place was Brandi Chastain and Adrian Young...Young and Chastain won $30,000. Full Story Back to Top
12-04-09 Brandi and Mia Join Up in Anti-Flu Campaign ( Brandi Chastain is a four-time Olympic medalist who kicked the winning goal of the 1999 Women's World Cup. A mom to son Jaden, she currently plays for the WPS FC Gold Pride in the San Francisco Bay area. Along with Mia Hamm and WPS, Chastain is raising awareness about the importance of getting a flu vaccination yearly...The effort is part of a national education campaign called "Don't Play with the Flu," which aims to increase seasonal flu vaccination rates for eligible kids and families across the country..."My family and I don't have time to play with the flu," said Chastain, when asked why she joined the campaign. Full Story Back to Top
11-20-09 Brandi Supports New Santa Clara Stadium (San Francisco Chronicle) A pro-Santa Clara stadium group stocked with former civic leaders has fired the first salvo in the ballot-box battle over moving the San Francisco 49ers to Silicon Valley - sending out a mailer this week even though an election date for the proposed stadium hasn't been set. The mailer has photos of more than 50 stadium supporters - everyone from Olympic soccer star Brandi Chastain to state Sen. Elaine Alquist, D-Santa Clara - and was supposed to be sent to the homes of every one of Santa Clara's 46,000 registered voters. Full Story Back to Top
10-19-09 Brandi Video Introduces Don't Play with the Flu Website (Creston News Advertiser) Seasonal flu will face new opponents this year. Soccer legends and moms Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain are teaming up with Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) to make seasonal flu vaccination a higher priority. The effort is part of a national education campaign called "Don't Play with the Flu," which aims to increase seasonal flu vaccination rates for eligible kids and families across the country. Full Story Back to Top
10-07-09 Brandi Narrates Ski Jumping Documentary (Ski Channel) Documentary filmmaker Cara Perlman...followed the plight of Lindsey Van and her fellow women ski jumpers from the joy of the International Ski Federation voting 114-1 to recommend women's ski jumping be included at the upcoming Winter Olympics, to the gender slap in the face when the IOC said no. The film is narrated by soccer star Brandi Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
10-04-09 Brandi Runs in Sas Jose Half Marathon ( Meb Keflezighi, running solo for most of the race, unofficially set a new American record for the 20K on roads, on his way to a winning time of 1:01:00 at the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon today... Women's soccer star, Brandi Chastain, finished her third straight year at the event in a...respectable 1:59:03. Full Story Back to Top
09-30-09 Brandi Signed to Another Season in Women's Professional Soccer (San Jose Mercury News) FC Gold Pride has re-signed soccer icon Brandi Chastain of San Jose to another season in Women's Professional Soccer, the team announced Wednesday. But the Bay Area club has a long way to go before finalizing its 2010 roster with free agency, international signings, trades and the college draft looming. Chastain, 41, was one of six players re-signed...Signing Chastain, who played in only 10 of the team's 20 matches and didn't have a goal or assist, was a priority for a team that finished last in 2009. "Her leadership was invaluable in the midfield," coach Albertin Montoya said. "She doesn't have the pace of 10 years ago, but her mind is that much faster." Chastain, in Copenhagen to support Chicago's bid to become the 2016 Olympic host city, became the team's starting center midfielder at the end of last season. She missed a month because of a hamstring injury and commitments with the reality TV show "Superstars." Full Story Back to Top
09-29-09 Brandi Goes to Copenhagen to Promote Chicago for 2016 Olympics (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Brandi Chastain, former soccer player with the U.S. national women's team, arrives as part of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid team at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009. Chicago is competing with Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro for the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The IOC will choose the winning city in a vote on Friday Oct. 2 in Copenhagen. Full Story Back to Top
07-21-09 Brandi Eliminated from Superstars ( - USA) Soccer player Brandi Chastain and singer Julio Iglesias Jr. were eliminated in the fifth episode in the six-show primetime series. Full Story Back to Top
07-05-09 Brandi's Gold Pride Struggles for Wins (Berryessa Sun - Berryessa, CA) Two days before her 41st birthday and a decade removed from the 1999 Women's World Cup, Brandi Chastain ran out onto the field at Buck Shaw Stadium on Sunday as a substitute in the 74th minute — a savvy veteran trying to ignite the sluggish FC Gold Pride. She succeeded in part. The Gold Pride swarmed the Saint Louis Athletica goal in the final 15 minutes but lacked the finishing touch — again — in a 1-0 loss in Women's Professional Soccer. The last-place Gold Pride (3-7-3) had hoped to start a late playoff push. Instead, its winless streak was extended to six games. The Gold Pride has seven games remaining, including four at home. Full Story Back to Top
07-05-09 Brandi's World Cup Victory Celebrates 10th Anniversary (Sacramento Bee - CA) It was the kick seen 'round the world with an impact still felt today. One victory launched one women's professional soccer league, and now is being commemorated by another. Ten years have past since the U.S. women's national team triumphed in the 1999 Women's World Cup. Today, the FC Gold Pride will salute the "99ers," including two members of its team – Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett. Full Story Back to Top
07-02-09 Brandi and Podiatrist Dr. Joan Oloff Join Forces in New Project (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Through "Brandi's World," the online community they are developing, the pair aim to help young women realize their fullest potential. Also, by acquainting adolescent girls with positive role models and encouraging them to share their feelings on a number of topics via cyberspace, Oloff and Chastain hope to offset the often negative influences of 21st-century media. Chastain's first interaction with Oloff was as a patient eight years ago. At the time, Chastain was a member of the San Jose CyberRays professional soccer team and had sustained one of her numerous foot injuries...Oloff says Chastain's "real" persona — and particularly her interactions with adolescent girls — inspired her to partner with Chastain in what has become the Brandi's World site. "Because of Brandi's injuries, I've had an opportunity to observe her a lot," Oloff says. "There's a common link to every interaction with her. There is an almost magical connection between young girls and Brandi that is a phenomenal thing to witness. When they talk to her, it's almost like they've just seen God."...Brandi's World aims to connect girls via topics of universal interest to them — both fun and on the more serious side. A number of adult "experts" have already signed up to help answer users' questions. Full Story Back to Top
07-02-09 10th Anniversary of Brandi's Big Win Coming Up (USA Today - USA) Ten years ago today, the U.S. women's soccer team was coming off a victory against Germany in the Women's World Cup and heading to California for its July 4 semifinal, then the July 10 final — which it won before a U.S. TV audience of 40 million when Brandi Chastain made her penalty kick, then famously took off her jersey and whipped it over her head in triumph. It was a pivotal moment in our culture — and not just for the future of sports bras. (Interesting, isn't it, how we don't give a second thought to seeing women working out in them now?) It was the first time this country fell for female athletes who were not in dresses, leotards or swimsuits, but in baggy soccer uniforms. It was the first time macho male sports fans found it not only acceptable, but actually kind of cool, to watch a women's sports event that wasn't the Olympics or a Grand Slam tennis final. And it was the first time young female athletes could see that the nation was riveted by something they might someday do...And respect? Examples abound, big and small. Just last weekend, the nation's newspapers used the adjective "men's" when writing about the U.S. soccer success, for one reason — they had to. You think national soccer in America, you think women. Full Story Back to Top
06-30-09 Brandi's Receives Her Hostage Bra (USA Today - USA) When the short-lived Sports Museum of America in New York City filed for bankruptcy this spring, the feds seized...Brandi Chastain's famous sports bra from the 1999 World Cup...On Tuesday, the iconic sports bra was reunited with its owner..."It's arrived!!!!" Chastain wrote in a text message, attaching a picture of the bra seen 'round the world...With the help of a lawyer, Chastain didn't have to pay for its safe return (she thinks)...Recently, she sent those handling its return an e-mail explaining why it was important to get the sports bra back at this time. It's the 10th anniversary of 1999 World Cup, which Chastain won with the game-clinching penalty kick. Full Story Back to Top
06-23-09 Brandi Chastain and Julio Iglesias, Jr. Come in Second in First Superstars Episode ( - Portsmouth, NH) “The Superstars,” a new reality competition, premiered on Tuesday. The show puts professional athletes and celebrities in teams of two for some seriously tough physical competitions. Each week the bottom four teams according to points will have to compete in an elimination obstacle course...The first competition was a 1.1 mile trek across the bridge to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Each team was given one bike, and the big decision for each team would be when to use the bike...Brandi and Julio stayed together and were the first full team to cross the finish line, crowning them the winners...The second competition was a river rapids race...The second heat began with David, Terrell, Maks and Brandi. David took the early lead, which was only made better by a great wave. Terrell tried to box him out, but there was no chance. Brandi was flipped out of her boat somewhere in the middle of the river...Kristi and Maks, Brandi and Julio and Bode and Paige were safe from elimination. Full Story Back to Top
06-06-09 Brandi Encourages Support for Women's Professional Soccer (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Brandi Chastain remembers the main question she heard after the death in 2003 of the Women's United Soccer Association — the United States' first major women's professional soccer league. Where did it go? "If you want women's soccer to survive," Chastain would tell them, "if you want young girls, your daughters, to have a place to aspire to, a place that's going to inspire them, you have to buy a ticket and be a part of the process." Given a second chance this spring, with the unveiling of Women's Professional Soccer, women's soccer fans haven't exactly rushed through the turnstiles...After drawing 6,459 spectators for its home opener at Santa Clara University's Buck Shaw Stadium on April 5, the team saw its attendance shrink to 3,321 for its second home game and to 2,533 for its third. The Gold Pride, which includes the 40-year-old Chastain, responded by slashing ticket prices by 25 percent for the remainder of the season, which continues with a home game Sunday against Chicago. "I don't attribute that to the product that we have," said Ilisa Kessler, the team's general manager. "I'm attributing those changes more to the economy." The Gold Pride's home game May 24 against Los Angeles, the team's first since the price adjustment, drew 6,280 fans..."It's like anything else — if people are interested in something, you have to participate," Chastain said. "Otherwise, it will go away." Full Story Back to Top
05-01-09 Buck Shaw Stadium Brings Good Memories to Brandi (Soccer America - USA) "I'm going to be playing soccer somewhere," she says of her spot with FC Gold Pride, based in northern California, where she was born and raised. "It might as well be here." "Here" is Buck Shaw Stadium, where she finished her college career with Santa Clara nearly two decades ago. Once home to the Broncos' baseball team as well as the soccer teams, it's been expanded and spruced up from the days Chastain scored 32 goals during two seasons (1989-90) that ended with losses in the national semifinals. "This is my favorite place in the world to play," she says. "It's great. I love it. A lot of good memories there, I can envision my parents and my grandfather, I can hear my mom yelling." Her parents and grandfather, all deceased, instilled a strong sense of family. Full Story Back to Top
04-26-09 Brandi Shares about Superstars (USA Today - USA) When Brandi Chastain joined FC Gold Pride in Women's Professional Soccer, she told the coaches and staff she needed to talk to them about a prior engagement. Chastain, still a model of fitness at age 40, was set to compete in ABC's The Superstars, a made-for-television competition pitting athletes from various sports against each other. Filming would take Chastain away from the team for a couple of weeks, but the team agreed that the publicity boost for the nascent team and league would justify her absence. "I watched Superstars growing up and loved it," Chastain says from the Bahamas, where the series is filming...Chastain isn't forgetting her regular job. She keeps in touch with the team and was planning to spend her day off working out. Trainer Ashley Selman traveled with her to the Bahamas. "I brought my cleats; I brought my ball," Chastain says. One current twist on the series: Athletes are paired with celebrities. Chastain found she had a lot in common with her partner, singer and Real Madrid fan Julio Iglesias Jr..."Don't miss the first episode because it's going to be hysterical," she says. The series premieres June 23. Full Story Back to Top
04-23-09 Brandi Teaches Soccer Skills at Weplay (URLwire - Knoxville, TN) Youth sports community site has launched a youth sports Skills and Drills library. Initially launched with baseball, softball and soccer...Soccer Skills and Drills ( includes videos of world champion Brandi Chastain demonstrating how to make aggressive soccer decisions, Jonathan Bornstein teaching how to take a header and Heather O'Reilly explaining shooting drills among hundreds of other youth soccer drills. Full Story Back to Top
04-23-09 Brandi's Famous Bra in Federal Custody in New Jersey (Wall Street Journal - USA) Professional soccer player Brandi Chastain was in the Bahamas earlier this week taping an episode of "The Superstars" when she got a disturbing email regarding The Bra. The black sports undergarment she famously exposed to the world after a game-winning goal in the 1999 World Cup had been taken into custody by U.S. bankruptcy court. To secure its release from a storage facility in Newark, N.J., Ms. Chastain would have to pay $250 -- plus shipping. "Thank goodness I have another one," she jokes...the items had been loaned to the Sports Museum of America in New York, a for-profit organization that recently declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy after opening to great fanfare in May. To satisfy creditors, all of the museum's assets were seized, and if they aren't claimed promptly, they may face the auction block. That doesn't sit well with many of the athletes and organizations that lent the items with the understanding they'd eventually be returned. Full Story Back to Top
04-22-09 Brandi's Bra Caught Up in Bankruptcy Drama (New York Times - United States) The trustee for the creditors of the shuttered Sports Museum of America has asked a federal bankruptcy court judge to charge fees to those who provided it with artifacts that start at $250 per item and rise to $2,500 for more than 20 pieces, plus $750 for every 10 items above 20. The museum, in Lower Manhattan, lasted less than a year and filed a Chapter 7 liquidation petition last month, citing $55.5 million in assets and $177.1 million in liabilities. Schuyler Carroll, a lawyer for the trustee, said the fees were intended to offset the costs of storage, cataloging, insurance and staff involved in returning the artifacts. The memorabilia came from collectors, dozens of halls of fame and sports organizations and athletes, including Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Michael Phelps and Bonnie Blair. Carroll said the fees apply to the artifacts' owners who go through the trustee; others can consult their own lawyers. Full Story Back to Top
04-21-09 Brandi Participates in Superstars Reality Show on ABC ( - Raleigh, NC) Eight athletes...will team with eight celebrities in the latest reincarnation of "The Superstars," ABC television announced Tuesday...the competition gets under way on June 23 (8 p.m. ET, ABC). The eight teams will compete weekly in events including swimming, biking, running and kayaking. One team will be eliminated each week, leading up to the finals. The series will run for six weeks...athletes include soccer great Brandi Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
04-09-09 Brandi Excited About Playing First Pride Game (The Santa Clara - CA) A crowd of 6,459 fans, most of them girls who looked as if they play youth soccer, and their booming thunder sticks greeted U.S. women's soccer legend and Santa Clara alumna Brandi Chastain as she subbed into the game in the 65th minute of the match for co-captain and fellow Santa Clara alumna Leslie Osborne. "I didn't hear anything except the beating of my heart, the excitement was overflowing," said Chastain. "I was like a rookie out there, I was so excited." The San Jose, Calif., native made her return to Buck Shaw on Sunday, where she helped Santa Clara earn two NCAA semifinal appearances. Chastain finished her Bronco career with 32 goals, 8 assists and 72 points. Full Story Back to Top
04-05-09 Brandi Plays in Pride's First Game (San Jose Mercury News - CA) As far as debuts go, the FC Gold Pride couldn't have asked for anything better. The weather cooperated with a sun-kissed California afternoon. A good home crowd of 6,459 gathered for the team's inaugural Women's Professional Soccer game. And, finally, a storybook finish. Tiffeny Milbrett, the former U.S. national team star who had to call the Gold Pride just to ask for a tryout, scored in the 90th minute with a rocket shot from 10 yards out as the team won its first game, 2-1 over the Boston Breakers at Buck Shaw Stadium on Sunday...Local favorite Brandi Chastain got perhaps the loudest cheer of the day when she entered in the 65th minute. "I didn't hear anything frankly except the sound of my heart beating out of my chest," Chastain said. Full Story Back to Top
04-04-09 Brandi Meets Former Teammate Kristine Lilly in Battle ( - Switzerland) Sunday's Boston Breakers-FC Gold Pride match will turn into a classic match reuniting former teammates make their WPS debut on opposite sides of the field. Toni DiCicco the all-time winningest coach in U.S. women's history, leads Kristine Lilly and the Boston Breakers against Brandi Chastain, Tiffeny Milbrett and FC Gold Pride. DiCicco coached Lilly, Chastain and Milbrett to both the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal and 1999 Women's World Cup. Full Story Back to Top
04-01-09 Brandi Impresses Coach on the Field (San Francisco Chronicle - CA) Christine Sinclair, when asked Tuesday how it feels to be on the same team as Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett, said, "Who are they?" She quickly got serious. "They're out there proving themselves every day," she said. "And they're the last ones on this team who need to prove themselves." Albertin Montoya...admits Chastain has surprised the coaching staff with her fitness level and her unflagging energy during a month of training...Play will be at a much higher caliber in WPS, according to Chastain, who played for the WUSA's San Jose CyberRays."From top to bottom, it's better," she said. "The CyberRays were good, and the league was good before. But the younger players coming up this time around have had more experience internationally with youth national teams. My generation didn't really have that. It was the full national team or nothing."...Asked if her young teammates call her mom, she said, "Only when I bring them food." Full Story Back to Top
03-25-09 Brandi Makes the Team (USA Today - USA) At age 40, Brandi Chastain had never considered herself retired, continuing to play in smaller-scale competition. FC Gold Pride, the Bay Area team, drafted her and gave her a shot. She made the team, moving up from defense into midfield. "I knew from the beginning that I had to make an impression," Chastain says. "I thought it was incredibly fair." Full Story Back to Top
03-22-09 Brandi Chastain Makes Opening-day Roster for Gold Pride (Contra Costa Times - Walnut Creek, CA) They're older than their coach, but age hasn't stopped Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett from making the opening-day roster for FC Gold Pride in the inaugural season of the Women's Professional Soccer league. Gold Pride Coach Albertin Montoya said today the aging stars - Chastain is 40, Milbrett 36 - made the Bay Area club after outperforming players 10 and 15 years younger. "When you see some of the younger players pulling out with soreness and injuries and you have Brandi still out there playing her heart out, there's a lot to be said for that," Montoya, 33, said. Chastain, a three-time Olympic medalist from San Jose, was a member of the CyberRays of the now-defunct Women's United Soccer Association that launched after the success of the 1999 World Cup. She will be used as an attacking midfielder after getting drafted in the seventh round in January. Full Story Back to Top
02-13-09 Brandi Finishes First Day at Pebble Beach (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Brandi Chastain, one of the most famous female soccer players in the world, still gets a thrill from the attention she attracts from young people. "Honestly, for me, it's humbling and it's inspiring," she said on her way to the No. 18 tee at Spyglass Hill on Thursday after cavorting with about three dozen athletes from neighboring Stevenson School...Chastain, playing in her first AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, signed an autograph or three before realizing she would be needed at the tee box and wouldn't be able to accommodate everybody. So she broke into a jog, slapping the hands of everybody on the left side of the restraining rope, then turned and did the same down the right side...With her husband, Jerry Smith, caddying for her, Chastain showed some impressive ability on the course, smacking long, straight drives on most holes and displaying a soft touch around the greens..."Not my best golf, actually, but I had a terrific teammate (PGA pro Kirk Triplett), who did his best to make me feel at ease today," said Chastain, who was assigned a 16 handicap for the tournament. "I have to say I had a few nerves today," she said. "In fact, I threw out the first pitch once at Yankee Stadium, and this may be the only thing that got close to that feeling of, 'Hey, you better do a good job.'"...Chastain and Triplett finished their opening round at 3 under par as a team. Full Story Back to Top
01-21-09 Brandi Fulfills Dream of Playing Golf at AT&T (San Jose Mercury News - CA) "Soccer, the World Cup, penalty kicks are nothing compared to this," Chastain said Monday. "I've been trying for 10 years to get into this darned tournament."...The reason there haven't been more women, said Ollie Nutt, CEO of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, which runs the tournament, is that the committee hadn't found the right celebrity, one who would be entertaining for the fans and competitive on the golf course. But Chastain is a serious golfer (she is a member at San Jose Country Club and carries a 14 handicap) with a serious attachment to the AT&T. As a child, Chastain said her late grandfather would take her to the tournament every year. They would walk around Pebble Beach, then buy strawberry shortcake and sit along the 18th fairway and watch the golfers and celebrities stroll past. "For me, it's probably a lifelong dream, although I didn't know it when I was a kid," Chastain said. "I know it's something my grandfather would have been over the moon about." Her grandfather also taught her the game, taking her to the driving range and giving her direction as she pounded golf balls. "I really had no idea what he was talking about, but I loved being with him and golf was our bond, really," Chastain said. Full Story Back to Top
01-20-09 Brandi to Play Golf at AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am ( - Orlando, Florida) Former soccer star Brandi Chastain, a 14 handicap who plays golf twice a week, will make her inaugural appearance in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in mid-February. Full Story Back to Top
01-16-09 Brandi Drafted for Gold Pride Team (San Jose Mercury News - CA) "Three months ago I wasn't sure she could," FC Gold Pride Coach Albertin Montoya said Friday after picking Chastain in the seventh round of the Women's Professional Soccer league general draft. Chastain, perhaps the South Bay's most prominent female sports figure, changed her coach's mind during a series of tryout camps for the start-up professional league that begins play in April. She became the team's featured selection on a day the Gold Pride filled out its roster with a handful of promising college players. "Watching her, she still has it," said Montoya, who added that taking Chastain wasn't a gimmick. "At the end of the day I've got to pick players who can make the difference. She doesn't waste energy; she reads the game." Chastain, expected to play a quarterbacking role in the midfield, hasn't been with the U.S. national team since 2004 but competed with the semi-pro California Storm in recent years...With the Gold Pride playing at Buck Shaw Stadium, Chastain returns home to Santa Clara University, where she led the Broncos to two College Cup appearances. Full Story Back to Top
12-03-08 Brandi Still Has No Role in New Team (San Jose Mercury News - CA) FC Gold Pride is part of the new Women's Professional Soccer league, which is scheduled to start play in April. The team will face an uphill battle, launching during a stomach-churning economy in a saturated sports market. But it has one important thing in its favor: It's launching in Brandi Chastain's backyard. Chastain is a natural resource. She has more passion for soccer in her ponytail than most people can muster for anything. Her enthusiasm is indefatigable, contagious. She's a part of the fabric of the game: She has helped create its biggest moments and suffered its most painful collapses. And she's a vibrant part of our community. So it seems odd that, four months after the team was formed, an asset as valuable as Chastain still has no role: player; player/assistant coach; Queen of Good Soccer Karma; Ambassador of Cleats. Chastain, for her part, is optimistic that she will have a role with FC Gold...Chastain would like to play. Unlike her famous teammates, she never retired, but was unceremoniously dumped by former national team coach Greg Ryan (the first of many bad ideas that led to his firing last year)..."I'll do anything that helps the team and the league thrive,'' she said. One would assume that FC Gold will pick Chastain in next month's general draft, which is the latest of the WPS's selection of players. Full Story Back to Top
11-03-08 Brandi Finds Going Rough at Marathon (MSN India - Bangalore, Karnataka, India) Former soccer star Brandi Chastain needed to walk parts of the last 10 miles because of cramping. How much training did you do? "Not enough," she said. What was your time goal? "To finish," said Chastain, who crossed the line in 4 hours, 11 minutes, 8 seconds. After the marathon, she said she felt nauseous..."I've been in training sessions where I've felt like I'm at my end, just pushing through to make it," Chastain said. "I'm not so sure I felt as battered on the field as I felt on Sunday." Full Story Back to Top
10-16-08 Brandi's Team Second in Charity Golf Event (Earthtimes (press release) - London, UK) Van Dillen Partners, producer of The Challenge charity golf events, announced today the results of the second annual Silicon Valley Golf Challenge held Monday, October 6th, 2008 at the Stanford University Golf Course...The second place team of Carol Bartz, Mary Meeker, Jenni Tangtaphiboontana, Kay Cockerill, and Brandi Chastain stayed on the heels of the otherwise all men’s event and were the story of the day after qualifying as a wild card team and winning all 3 levels of the skills competition before losing in the finals. Their $40,000 second place prize was donated equally to five different local entities of the ladies’ choice. Full Story Back to Top
09-24-08 BAWSI's Brandi to Run in San Jose Half Marathon (RunnersWeb - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) More than 13,000 runners and walkers are expected to take to the streets of San Jose on Sunday, October 5, 2008 for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon...Led by Olympic and World Cup soccer star Brandi Chastain, the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI) will be running to promote programs through which women athletes bring health, hope and wholeness to our community. Full Story Back to Top
09-24-08 Brandi Chastain Training for New York City Marathon (Modesto Bee - Modesto, CA) Soccer star Brandi Chastain and gymnast Kerri Strug are training for the New York City Marathon and promoting youth fitness. Chastain and Strug are ambassadors for the ING Run for Something Better program. Full Story Back to Top
08-20-08 Brandi Analyses Olympics (USA Today - USA) The Beijing Olympics are down to their last four days, but they have enough TV events left to last the summer. Today alone, midnight to midnight, NBC will offer 73 hours of coverage spread over NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Oxygen, Telemundo and Universal HD, with an extra 24 thrown in if you get the Basketball Channel and Soccer Channel...Whatever you think of her sport, Olson does a fine job of explaining it, a trait she has in common with many of her cable compatriots. One standout has been soccer's Brandi Chastain, who shares her expertise in ways that are informative, entertaining and honest. Many a big-time prime-time analyst could learn something from her. Full Story Back to Top
08-05-08 Brandi Helps Organize WPS Social Site ( Newswire Press Release Distribution Service (press release) - Phoenix, AZ) On the eve of the U.S. Women's first soccer match in the 2008 Olympic Games, Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) has launched a social networking site at, giving soccer fans around the world an opportunity to interact with each other while viewing exclusive content such as live chats, reporter commentary, and player blogs. The theme? "Beijing Now. WPS Next."...Among the site's highlights is the "Top Town Video Challenge," featuring special guest judge Brandi Chastain, former U.S. Women's National Team member and star defender for the WUSA San Jose CyberRays. Now through Tuesday, August 26th, fans are encouraged to visit and submit their home videos explaining why their city is the "Top Town" when it comes to soccer..."What I love about soccer is the passion -- the intensity, the spirit, the celebrations. I can't wait to see fans' videos expressing that same zeal as they aim to prove that they're living in America's greatest soccer community," said Chastain, a native of San Jose, Calif. "Like soccer, I expect this to be a competition filled with tricky moves and surprises, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of picking the winner." Full Story Back to Top
07-16-2008 Brandi to Be Olympic Soccer Analyst for NBC (SFCPressPoint (press release) - Tampa, FL) A record 106 NBC Olympic commentators will broadcast an unprecedented 3,600 hours of Beijing Olympic Games coverage, the most ambitious single media project in history...SOCCER: Veteran soccer play-by-play commentator JP Dellacamera calls his second Olympics, working alongside analysts Marcelo Balboa, who made his debut as a soccer analyst at the 2004 Athens Games and first time Olympic analyst Brandi Chastain. Balboa, a longtime star in Major League Soccer, was the first American to play in three World Cups. With the Women's National Team, Chastain has played in three Olympics (Athens, Sydney and Atlanta) and three Women's World Cups (1991, 1999 and 2003). Full Story Back to Top
06-25-08 Brandi Plays for California Storm Against Much Younger Players (Register Pajaronian - Watsonville, CA) The United States has been without a professional women’s soccer league since the WUSA folded in 2003, meaning that for anyone good enough to play collegiate soccer but not quite good enough for national team duty, the only options were rec leagues and semi-pro clubs...The California Storm, who the Blues host Saturday, feature two players — former U.S. National team star Brandi Chastain and Brazilian national team player Sissi— that most of the Blues’ roster grew up watching. “Yeah, the whole team’s really psyched,” Gilbert said of lining up opposite Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
06-14-08 Brandi and Mia Host Free Clinic at First Mia Hamm-Brandi Chastain-Julie Foudy Soccer Academy (Fox 12 Boise - Nampa, ID) Soccer pros Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain scored big in Eagle on Saturday. They were on hand to celebrate the opening of an academy bearing their name, but the soccer players also wanted to teach local kids a thing or two about the sport that made them famous. Thousands of soccer fans packed a field at the Legacy subdivision off Floating Feather Road as World Cup champions, and Olympic gold medallists, Hamm and Chastain took to the turf to help young players improve their game...This is the nation's first Mia Hamm-Brandi Chastain-Julie Foudy Soccer Academy. Full Story Back to Top
06-13-08 Brandi Helps Develop First Sports Academy Community (Fox 12 Boise - Nampa, ID) Some of the worlds greatest athletes are lending their names and efforts to develop the first sports academy community in the United States...and it's happening right here in Eagle. "The concept here was lets take some of that instruction and those facilities and that training support and lets put it in the middle of a residential community," said development partner Todd Santiago. Eagle Idaho will be the very first US location to boast a Legacy Signature Academies Community...or in layman's terms a living space centered around sports and outdoor activities...Sports stars Jack Nicklaus, Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy, Mark Spitz, Jim Courier, and Mia Hamm have all gotten involved in developing sports programs to be taught by the communities coaches...The housing is relatively affordable as well...the homes start around $250,000 to around $450,000 with monthly dues ranging from $90 to $245... a fraction of the cost of belonging to a country club...Hamm and Brandi Chastain will be hosting a free soccer event for all ages and abilities tomorrow afternoon from 2:30 - 5:00 at the Legacy location in Eagle. Full Story Back to Top
06-10-08 Brandi Has a Busy Summer (Nevada Appeal - Carson City, NV) Chastain, along with her brother Chad, and Tina Estrada, who just completed her soccer career at Santa Clara University, are conducting camps each day through Friday at the South Reno Sports Complex and Edmonds. About 45 youths — mostly girls but some boys — are participating in the camp at Edmonds...While Chastain said she would obviously love to work with as many players as possible, she said the number of the players at this week’s camp will allow for a “personal connection with kids.”...On the first day of the camp on Tuesday, Chastain said she and her brother had spent a great deal of time with their grandparents, Roger and Hazel Chastain, who live in Carson City, and their aunt, Judy Jackson, who is a Carson City employee...It’s going to be a busy summer for Chastain. The camp in Carson and Reno is the second of third camps she’s doing this month. She’s already helped conduct four seminars for pontential Olympians...In the seminars Chastain talks to the athletes about what the Olympic experience is like and the responsiblities of being an Olympian. She still has seminars remaining, including one with the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team in July. In addition, Chastain will play again in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship to be held July 8-13 at Edgewood in Stateline. And there’s the Olympics where Chastain will served as the color commentator for women’s soccer. “This will be my first time (doing) color,” Chastain said. “This is going to be fun. I think it’s going to go off well.” Full Story Back to Top
05-21-08 Brandi Modifies Her Dreams (Nevada Appeal - Carson City, NV) Brandi Chastain has never been one to give up on her dreams. But admittedly for Chastain, she may now have to make an adjustment in her dreams. While not giving up on the possibility that she'll play at a highly competitive level again, Chastain admits that the chance of her coming back to the playing field diminishes with each year. But the new dream could be to coach at a high level...Chastain has always been committed to youth as demonstrated when she recently attended a ceremony to honor scholarship winners. The scholarships were presented by REACH, an organization co-chaired by Chastain, former NFL great Ronnie Lott and Major League Baseball player Kevin Frandsen..."This will be the first Olympic games that I'm not involved with them, that I'm not playing," Chastain said. But Chastain will still be heavily involved with this summer's Olympics. She will serve as a color commentator on NBC's broadcasts of women's soccer. She will also serve as part of a program that helps U.S. Olympic athletes prepare for what the experience is like and what it means to be an Olympian...when asked if she could some day be a coach for the national team, Chastain said, "The answer is yes and I hope so. I would love one day to be involved with the team." Full Story Back to Top
05-16-08 Brandi and Chastain Hold Camps in Nevada (Nevada Appeal - Carson City, NV) Brandi Chastain will again come back to Northern Nevada to provide instruction at two camps in Reno and Carson City as part of the Chastain Soccer Academy. Chastain and her brother, Chad, will return to the area to lead camps...Chad said the plan is to make the camps an annual event in Northern Nevada..."The turnout was awesome," said Chad about last year's camps. "We're real excited about coming back."...The camps are a natural fit for the area since the Chastains have family in Carson City, including their grandparents, Roger and Hazel Chastain. "It's nice to get back and visit our grandfolks which is part of why we come back," Chad said. Full Story Back to Top
05-08-08 Brandi Chastain Promotes Legacy Subdivision ( - ID) Olympic soccer stars Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain will be in Eagle on June 14 to help promote the Legacy subdivision, which is in its first phase of construction. Project spokesman Todd Santiago said the sports-themed subdivision -- projected to include more than 1,300 homes on 700 acres -- will feature facilities and instruction for golf, soccer, tennis and swimming. The soccer academy's curriculum will be designed by Hamm, Chastain and Julie Foudy, who guided the U.S. women's team to victory in the 1999 World Cup. Full Story Back to Top
04-04-08 Brandi Chastain Encourages Young Athletes at Loma Prieta Elementary (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Dressed in a red, white and blue warm-up suit, Brandi Chastain seemed just as excited running in to a room full of cheering kids Thursday morning as she once did taking the field during Olympic games. ...students, parents and teachers gathered at Loma Prieta Elementary, which is perched along the Santa Cruz Mountains Summit with a view of Monterey Bay...K-5 students who raise pledges and train all year long to run in the May 2 event got an inspirational boost from Chastain, who told them a story about an embarrassing goof-up to demonstrate that everyone makes mistakes. Recalling when a miscommunication with a World Cup teammate gave Germany an early lead in the 1999 contest, she said her team captain later told her, "Don't worry about it. It's OK. You're gonna make a difference."...For Chastain, firing kids up to exercise and play well with each other might be the most important goal she's ever kicked. In an interview after the pep rally, Chastain said she feels a responsibility to use her worldwide fame for sparking motivation in young lives. "I want them to know how awesome they are," she said. Full Story Back to Top
03-13-08 Brandi Speaks at National Girls and Women in Sports Day (City on a Hill Press - Santa Cruz, CA) The World Cup soccer champion and Olympic gold medalist is one of the most recognizable female athletes, due to her celebration at the 1999 World Cup...Chastain came to UC Santa Cruz on Saturday for National Girls and Women in Sports Day, which began in 1987. Saturday marked the fifth year that UCSC has hosted a NGWSD event. Chastain came to give a talk about what it means to be a woman in sports today...After the panel discussion, kids, parents and UCSC students went outside to kick around a soccer ball with Chastain for a little while before she eventually sat down to sign autographs...She also signed a few sports bras in the process. Full Story Back to Top
03-13-08 Brandi's Sports Bra Exhibited at Sports Museum of America (Earthtimes - London, UK) The National Soccer Hall of Fame now joins over 50 single-sport Halls of Fame, National Governing Bodies, Museums and other sports organizations across North America as a Founding Sports Partner of the Sports Museum of America (SmA)...In addition to the artifacts and soccer memorabilia from the National Soccer Hall of Fame, SmA will also feature high-profile soccer artifacts such as Mia Hamm's World Cup jersey and the sports bra Brandi Chastain made famous during the 1999 Women's World Cup. Full Story Back to Top
03-10-08 Brandi Speaks at Dads and Daughters Day (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Scores of families came for the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative's special Dads and Daughters Day at San Jose's HP Pavilion and to take in the two Pacific-10 Conference games as part of the basketball tournament. They were treated to pizza and sodas. They also got to hear from three Northern California sports heroes: U.S. women's soccer player Brandi Chastain, U.S. women's basketball player Jennifer Azzi and pro golfer Juli Inskter...Chastain, of San Jose, talked about how her father supported her love of soccer from an early age. Azzi, who played for Stanford, told how her dad built her a basketball hoop for the backyard when it became clear his daughter was addicted to the game...When Chastain's dad bought soccer books so the two could figure out the game, she said, she and her father "learned together." Sports give young girls confidence, teach them how to work with others and promote healthy lifestyles, Chastain and others said. They also give dads a chance to hang out with their daughters. "The greatest thing you give them is your time," Chastain said. Full Story Back to Top
03-08-08 Brandi and BAWSI Sponsors Dads and Daughters Day (San Jose Mercury News - CA) For years, the Bay Area has been a hotbed for women's sports. We've got great high school and college teams, and two pro leagues - though now departed - got their start here. Soccer legend Brandi Chastain has participated on all three levels. This weekend, the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative she founded is working to keep girls' competitive fires stoked with a special Dads and Daughters Day at the Pac-10 women's basketball tournament. The event, starting at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, includes sports celebrities such as Chastain, 49ers alum Brent Jones, basketball star Jennifer Azzi, golfer Juli Inkster, the San Francisco Giants' Bill Laskey and Merc sports columnist Mark Purdy. They'll talk about the influence that dads or daughters have made on their lives. Full Story Back to Top
03-06-08 Brandi Speaks at National Girls and Women in Sports Day (Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz, CA) Brandi Chastain...says. "I love giving high fives. I love it because it makes me feel good and hopefully makes someone else feel good. It's kind of empowering." Over the past three years, Chastain has been trying to spread that power to girls across the Bay Area, one hand slap at a time. The retired three-time Olympian who has played for the United States in three World Cups will be in Santa Cruz on Saturday to share high fives and some of the lessons has learned from playing sports while speaking at a National Girls and Women in Sports Day event at UC Santa Cruz. In May, she hopes to help local girls put those lessons into practice when she brings her active after-school program to Gault School in Santa Cruz. Full Story Back to Top
02-28-08 Brandi Keynote Speaker at UC Santa Cruz (The Californian - Salinas, CA) Soccer star Brandi Chastain, one of the best-known women athletes in the world and a role model for a generation of girls, will headline the March 8 celebration at UC Santa Cruz of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Chastain, a former Olympic soccer player and a member of the 1999 Women's World Cup championship soccer team, will deliver the keynote address during the celebration, which will take place in the East Field House at UCSC. Full Story Back to Top
02-26-08 Brandi Still Aspires to National Team (The Star-Ledger - - Newark, NJ) Approaching her 40th birthday in July, Chastain is hoping to keep her own playing dream alive...Chastain hasn't played with the United States women's national team since Dec. 6, 2004, but was hoping the change in coach last year, from Greg Ryan to Pia Sundhage, would make a difference. So far, it hasn't...Chastain felt that someone with her experience would prove vital to a team that must first qualify, then play in the Olympics without their most experienced player -- Kristine Lilly, who is pregnant...Chastain, who has 30 goals and 27 assists in her 17-year career, has 192 caps, eight shy of a milestone that means a great deal to her. Only five players -- Lilly, Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Joy Fawcett and Tiffeny Milbrett -- have reached 200 caps. "That's probably the most significant number to me," she said..."I don't feel like I've finished it yet." Full Story Back to Top
02-06-08 Santa Clara Women's Basketball Team Supports BAWSI (The Santa Clara - CA) the Santa Clara women's basketball team works together to improve their skills as athletes, as well as positive role models in the community. The team is currently working closely with the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative. BAWSI was founded back in 2005 by Santa Clara alumna Brandi Chastain, along with fellow U.S. soccer star Julie Foudy and Marlene Bjornsrud...Other Santa Clara women's sports involved with BAWSI include crew, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis and water polo...Before the season started, as part of BAWSI, the Broncos took part in the American Cancer Society's annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Their initial goal was to raise $2,500 for breast cancer research, but they were able to exceed those expectations, raising over $3,000. Full Story Back to Top
12-13-07 Brandi Chastain Holds Youth Soccer Clinics in Hawaii (Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Honolulu, HI) Olympic and World Cup gold medalist Brandi Chastain will hold youth soccer clinics on Maui and Oahu later this month...The clinic is recommended for intermediate to advanced players. Full Story Back to Top
12-10-07 Brandi Chastain Helps Build Bikes for Kids (San Jose Mercury News - CA) TurningWheels for Kids is geared up for its big assembly day Saturday at the McEnery San Jose Convention Center. The Valley Medical Center non-profit program is aiming to build 2,000 bicycles for less-fortunate children. Last year, it took only four hours, so we'll see whether this year's team of volunteers has the competitive spirit to beat that. You can count on that spirit from soccer icon Brandi Chastain, who will be there putting bikes together with six girls from the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative. Full Story Back to Top
10-22-07 Soccer's Greg Ryan Fired; Brandi's Husband Considered as Replacement (Orange County Register - Costa Mesa, CA) U.S. Soccer has fired Ryan as national team coach less than a month after he touched off a controversy by benching Solo for Team USA's ill-fated Women's World Cup semifinal loss to Brazil...Ryan's replacement will be chosen by a selection committee of Gulati, U.S. Soccer secretary general Dan Flynn and former U.S. forward Mia Hamm. Among the top early candidates are Sweden's Pia Sundhage, the 2003 WUSA Coach of the Year; Santa Clara coach Jerry Smith, husband of former U.S. defender Brandi Chastain; and Tony DiCicco, who guided the U.S. to the 1996 Olympic gold medal and the 1999 WWC title. Full Story Back to Top
10-22-07 Brandi Listed in Key Dates in the History of Brassieres (News & Observer - Raleigh, NC) 1999 -- At the Women's World Cup in Pasadena, Calif., after scoring the fifth penalty kick to give the U.S. team the win over China in the finals, Brandi Chastain celebrates by peeling off her jersey and falling to her knees in a sports bra. The image makes the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. Full Story Back to Top
10-15-07 Brandi Runs in Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon ( - San Jose, CA) Music filled the air in downtown San Jose Sunday morning as more than 11,000 runners took to the streets to race the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon but the day belonged to two Kenyans. Kenyans McDonald Ondara, 23, and Magdalene Makunzi, 24, won the men's and women's competition but the event was all smiles for many others...San Jose native Brandi Chastain also participated in the event. "This race was great because it was home," Chastain said. "The last race I ran was 14 years ago, and I'm proud and excited to say that I ran faster today than I did then." Full Story Back to Top
09-29-07 HBO Sports Releases Dare to Dream DVD (LAist - Los Angeles, CA) Dare to Dream (77 mins, unrated), a documentary just released on DVD by HBO sports...follows the 91ers, specifically the "fab five" of Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Kristine Lilly, Brandi Chastain, and Joy Fawcett, from the team's inception in the early 90s to a major farewell match in 2005. The only thing cheesier than the haircuts may be the documentary's title and soundtrack. Outside of that, the film is a score. It's easy to say that this film about the US women's soccer team is a good watch for young girls with aspirations to play at a higher level. It is. It's harder to say that this film is a good watch for all soccer fans, Olympics fans, and sports purists. But it is. Full Story Back to Top
09-28-07 Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy Criticize Greg Ryan's Coaching (Yahoo! Sports) After watching the U.S. women's soccer team suffer the worst defeat in its illustrious history, two of the retired stars who helped build it into the world's predominant soccer power expressed dismay at the program's direction and blasted the leadership of coach Greg Ryan. For Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy, Brazil's 4-0 thrashing of the U.S. in the World Cup semifinals Thursday was a sign that the American program has deteriorated in the three years since they appeared in their final international competition – a gold-medal effort at the 2004 Athens Olympics...Chastain and Foudy each told Yahoo! Sports that Ryan had failed his players on tactical and motivational levels and said they expected him to lose his job as a result. Full Story Back to Top
09-27-07 Brandi Responds to Embarrassing World Cup Performance (San Jose Mercury News - CA) For the past 11 years, we've come to expect a lot of our women's national soccer team. Victories, grit, excitement and - at the very least - competence. We didn't get that Thursday in the Women's World Cup semifinal game. We especially didn't get much competence from Coach Greg Ryan. "If he's back, U.S. Soccer should be ashamed and embarrassed," said former national team star Brandi Chastain. "They need to make a change. If they don't do something then the whole organization is culpable for this outcome." Chastain was cut from the team by Ryan two years ago. But this wasn't sour grapes. This was Chastain speaking out of what she called "emotional exhaustion" over what she witnessed Thursday. The Americans were embarrassed by Brazil 4-0, in China, eliminated once again in the World Cup semifinal round. But this was the most lopsided, humbling loss that the U.S. team has ever suffered in a significant game...Despite a 21-1 record against Brazil, the Americans might have lost Thursday no matter what. But Ryan dug his team a hole and then it got buried. Ryan's tactics have been under fire awhile. He coaches in a fragmented, mechanical style. His players lack originality. He has alienated many former stars - players such as Chastain - who are ambassadors for the game and an incredible resource for the team...Ryan lost more than a game Thursday. He lost his team. And, on the first day that most Americans had ever heard his name, he lost their faith. Full Story Back to Top
09-10-07 Brandi Uses Her Name Recognition to Do Good Things ( The name recognition provides Chastain with a platform to help others. Chastain runs a nonprofit organization in the San Jose area, where she still lives, that teaches the positive lessons of sports to girls in at-risk communities. Athletes from local colleges and high schools volunteer to share the message of "how they can take charge of their health and wellness." "There's a power and self esteem that sports gives to young women that can't be found anywhere else," Chastain said. She is also a spokeswoman for the Tailwind line -- low-price, high-tech athletic shoes made by a Nike subsidiary and sold at Payless. Chastain said she likes the concept of the sneakers as a reasonable option for families with children and young women out on their own for the first time. "I have a huge passion for reaching out to people who may seem like they don't fit into a group," she said. Chastain is promoting the DVD release of "Dare to Dream," HBO's documentary about the national team, whose popularity is reflected in the effort put into making the film. Full Story Back to Top
08-29-07 Brandi to Sign Autographs and Teach in Skills Clinic (Marin Independent-Journal - San Rafael, CA) Former U.S. national soccer team star Brandi Chastain will be a featured guest at the fifth annual Mill Valley SoccerFest during Monday's Labor Day festivities. Chastain will sign autographs and greet fans beginning at 1 p.m...After signing autographs, Chastain will join the USF men's and women's soccer teams for a skills clinic. Full Story Back to Top
08-24-07 Brandi Chastain to Play in 2007 Hall of Fame Game (Oneonta Daily Star - Oneonta, NY) A trio of former United States national women’s soccer standouts became a foursome Thursday. National Soccer Hall of Fame spokesman Jack Huckel said 1999 U.S. World Cup star Brandi Chastain expects to play in the 2007 Hall of Fame Game. The women’s exhibition between the Washington Freedom and Connecticut Reds is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday at the Soccer Hall’s At-A-Glance Field...Chastain, who played for the WUSA’s San Jose CyberRays from 2001-2003, will join Hamm, Foudy and 2006 inductee Carla Overbeck - another member of the 1991 U.S. women’s team - on the field Sunday. Full Story Back to Top
08-23-07 Brandi Chastain Winning Soccer Ball Exhibited at Museum (Hall Of Fame Magazine - New Bedford, MA) The National Soccer Hall of Fame will officially unveil the new “Celebrating Women in Soccer” display on Saturday evening at the President’s Reception and Dinner...The memorabilia includes the jersey worn by Stacey Enos in the first match won by the U.S. Women’s National Team, the Olympic warm-up jacket of Hall of Famer Michelle Akers, the ball that Brandi Chastain struck to win the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup in the penalty shoot-out, and the Washington Freedom jersey of Hall of Famer Mia Hamm. Full Story Back to Top
08-10-07 Brandi Talks to Chicago Fans (Chicagoist - Chicago, IL) Chicagoist sat down with former national team representative and two-time World Cup Champion Brandi Chastain to talk soccer...a Nigerian team (#24) that Chastain feels is dangerous because it "is very deceptive and unpredictable." Brandi didn't seem too concerned about the tough bracket, saying, "It is not a weak bracket, but to win a tournament like the World Cup you have to play the best teams anyway. It's exhausting and empowering at the same time to play those teams early on because you know where you are, you know what you need to do going forward, and you are going to need to use your roster."...Chicagoist asked Chastain why Chicagoans should find their way down to Soldier Field for Sunday's match. She commented that with most sports, "the average fan can't get close enough to the people they admire," but regarding soccer, "when you come to the stadium you might get a high five, may get an autograph, you can go to the practices since it is not closed off to the public. These players don't fancy themselves as different from the people that come to watch...Chastain freely admits her life revolves around sport and specifically soccer. She is a co-founder of the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative an organization that creates avenues for strong, talented and accomplished women athletes and coaches to inspire girls, women and families with their leadership skills and community service. Brandi has also been a sideline reporter/soccer analyst for ABC/ESPN. Although she is active off the field, she was visibly excited about the prospects of returning to the pitch to play in the new WUSA, which is expected to return to action in 2008. Full Story Back to Top
07-15-07 Resurrected WUSA Coming Back in 2008 (Connecticut Post - Bridgeport, CT) After a five-year absence, the WUSA is coming back. Scheduled to return in April of 2008, the WUSA will have seven teams — Dallas, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, New Jersey, Boston and Washington D.C. Each team will play 21 games, and the playoffs will be the final weekend in August. What makes Cummings feel this time around will be different? "The business plan is based upon the hard numbers between 2001 and 2003, whereas the launch in 2001 was based on hoped-for numbers," Cummings said this week while watching one of his former Boston Breakers, Wilton's Kristine Lilly, practice with the U.S. national team at the Farmington Sports Center. "So the revenue numbers now are something that we can look to as being consistent from year to year. On the expense side, we've taken a good look at the expenses and adjusted them to match the proposed revenues...When the WUSA started in 2001, it had the backing of many of the top women's players from the national team. They included Mia Hamm, who played with the Washington Freedom; Brandi Chastain, who played with the San Jose CyberRays; Julie Foudy and Shannon McMillan, who played with the San Diego Spirit; Tiffeny Milbrett, who played with the New York Power; Carla Overbeck, who played with the Carolina Courage; and Briana Scurry, who played with the Atlanta Beat. And, of course, Lilly. Full Story Back to Top
07-14-07 Brandi Plays Golf to Bring Attention to Lake Tahoe Burn Area (San Francisco Chronicle - CA) With tourism suffering after the catastrophic fire on the southern edge of Lake Tahoe, local officials are hoping a radio spot and a celebrity golf tournament played near the shore will convince visitors to return. Business is off as much as 30 percent in South Lake Tahoe because of last month's Angora fire, which destroyed more than 250 homes, although lakeside resorts were untouched...This weekend, the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament will be broadcast nationally. It should draw attention to the Tahoe Basin by showing sweeping views of the lake and the Sierra Nevada. Former NBA star Charles Barkley, actor Don Cheadle and soccer star Brandi Chastain are among those scheduled to play. Full Story Back to Top
07-10-07 Brandi to Play Golf Tournament (Tahoe Daily Tribune - South Lake Tahoe, CA) The tournament, which starts this week and ends Sunday at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, features some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including actor Kevin Costner playing for the first time in the LTVA Celeb/Am Tournament today, and Tour de France cycling great Lance Armstrong expected to appear on Thursday. Basketball stars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley will join soccer sensation Brandi Chastain and Seinfeld actor John O'Hurley. Full Story Back to Top
06-27-07 Brandi Chastain Reflects on Title IX (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Title IX, the 1972 federal law that ordered educational institutions to provide equal academic and athletic opportunities for male and female students, or lose their public funding...By 1979, when Olympic and World Cup soccer champ Brandi Chastain was 11, attitudes about girls in sports had changed drastically. Chastain says she received equal respect throughout her soccer career at Archbishop Mitty High School, Berkeley and then Santa Clara. Both universities also offered her athletic scholarships...In 1993, two years after Chastain graduated from Santa Clara, the school would discontinue its football program, citing its prohibitive expense. Many in the valley's football community, however, blamed Title IX..."Each institution has to deal with its budgets in a way that adheres to Title IX but doesn't harm men's sports," adds Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
06-25-07 Brandi and Chad Chastain Hold Soccer Camp (Nevada Appeal - Carson City, NV) Chastain, along with her brother, Chad Chastain, an accomplished player and coach in his own right, are giving young soccer players in Carson City the chance that Brandi had as they are conducting their own soccer camp at Edmonds Park this week. The camp began on Monday and is continuing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m.-noon each day. About 80 boys and girls are participating in the camp. Chastain said that's an excellent number considering that she and her brother put together the camp in the last two months. She also noted families make summer plans well in advance, so she's happy with the high number of participants considering the short notice. Last week, Chastain conducted a camp in Reno and said she was pleased with how it turned out. "It was outstanding," she said...Chastain said it's becoming more difficult to play competitively with her business interests and her family. But she said she'll keep playing competitively "until someone doesn't choose me for their league." She's still holding out hope she can rejoin the U.S. national team and even play in the 2008 Olympics, although she admitted "that's a far-fetched idea. It's not likely or probable. You never say no." She wouldn't even rule out the 2012 Olympics. Full Story Back to Top
06-15-07 HealthSport Produces New Flavor for Brandi Chastain (Primenewswire (press release) - Los Angeles, CA) HealthSport, Inc. (OTCBB:HSPO), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enlyten(tm), Inc., announces today the release of its second Enlyten SportStrip(tm) flavor, Vanilla-Berry. The new Vanilla-Berry flavor will provide serious athletes with another great tasting method for rehydrating before, during and after strenuous exercise...Responding to one such request by US women's soccer champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Brandi Chastain, Enlyten has developed its Vanilla-Berry flavor to complement its flagship Orange flavor..."When I am on the soccer field, I don't want to be worried about de-hydration, which is an ever-present obstacle in a high intensity sport like soccer," said Brandi Chastain. "We all worry about it, especially when we are playing on a hot day, but the Enlyten SportStrips have totally changed my outlook on hydration because it really wards off cramping and fatigue. They are a staple of my training and game regimen now, but I wanted a new flavor. A short time later, Enlyten sent me some Vanilla-Berry samples. Not only do I love the effect, but I love the flavor." Full Story Back to Top
06-02-07 Brandi Chastain Helps Inaugurate the Redding Soccer Park (Record-Searchlight (subscription) - Redding, CA) When the ceremonies and speeches were over, Brandi Chastain did what she does best. She played soccer...Chastain wowed the crowd, first with her words, then with her deeds...The $10 million soccer park is the result of years of planning and dreaming. Built by the city and run by the not-for-profit Redding Soccer Association, the complex features four all-weather turf fields surrounded by berms for the ultimate fan viewing. A full-service restaurant and open layout promise to make the park a regional tournament destination. Full Story Back to Top
04-21-07 Brandi Chastain Critical to BAWSI Success (San Jose Mercury News - San Jose, CA) When the soccer league foundered on the eve of the 2003 World Cup, its supporters were left drained. One was Marlene Bjornsrud, the former general manager of the San Jose CyberRays, who was exhausted and demoralized after dedicating her professional life to women in sports. "I felt like I needed to leave it to the next generation," Bjornsrud said. That feeling didn't last long. With encouragement from Chastain and Julie Foudy...Bjornsrud was re-energized...They came up with the name Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, creating an acronym that Bjornsrud initially balked at, one that's often used to describe assertive women. But Chastain - considered a pushy woman herself by the U.S. Soccer Federation - embraced it, saying, "Let's get our bossy selves out there and change the world."...The most unusual funds have been raised by Chastain, who played Texas hold 'em in a poker tournament at Michael Jordan's celebrity golf tournament in the Bahamas last January. After winning her table - one that included star athletes Charles Barkley, Lawrence Taylor and Julius Irving - Chastain moved to Jordan's table. She beat the basketball superstar with a pair of threes and learned she had won $20,000 for her favorite charity. "I was thrilled," said Chastain, who played at Archbishop Mitty High and Santa Clara. "It meant an extra 500 girls get to participate in BAWSI." Chastain's enthusiastic presence has been crucial to BAWSI. Full Story Back to Top
04-17-07 Brandi Chastain Becomes Spokesperson for Enlyten SportStrips (Web Services Journal - Montvale, NJ) HealthSport, Inc. (OTCBB: HSPO) ("HSPO") announces today that it reached an agreement with U.S. women's professional soccer player, Brandi Chastain, to become a spokesperson for Enlyten SportStrips. HealthSport, Inc., a publicly traded company on the bulletin board market under the ticker symbol HSPO, is focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of nutritional supplements in a one-of-a-kind edible film strip delivery system. "I see Enlyten SportStrips to be a real benefit to athletes at any level, especially in soccer, where a high level of endurance and stamina is required," Chastain said. "Enlyten SportStrips allow the player to maintain an adequate level of electrolytes and the ability to hydrate with only water when you need it. That means less fluid and no sugar. It definitely makes a difference; there isn't anything better for a player on the move, and I am proud to be a member of the Enlyten team." Full Story Back to Top
04-10-07 Brandi Chastain Participates in Her Third Golf Classic (Woman Poker Player Magazine - New West Minister, BC, Canada) The third annual Ladies First Celebrity Golf Classic - the only Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament to feature an all-female field of celebrities - will take place May 18 to 20 at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in Cabazon, CA. The Classic raises funds for the Women’s Sports Foundation’s GoGirlGo! Initiative. Female celebrities from the worlds of movies, television, music and sports participate...Former US Women’s National Soccer Team player Brandi Chastain, who will be participating in her third Classic, stated, “Annie Duke’s participation in this weekend is an incredible addition. Top women celebrities from all areas come together to raise money for young girls; of course the best female poker player in the world should be there!.” She added, “And, I am looking for some tips to bring back to my regular poker game!” Full Story Back to Top
03-26-07 Brandi Chastain to Deliver Keynote and Lead Workshop ( - Greendale, WI) Four days full of key decisions, major announcements and educational sessions focusing on both the business and sporting aspects of bowling are on the horizon when the second annual United States Bowling Congress Convention is held Wednesday through Saturday at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. The events begin Wednesday highlighted by two-time Olympic soccer gold medalist Brandi Chastain giving the keynote address. She later will present one of more than 30 educational workshops to be held Wednesday and Thursday along with exhibits, coaching clinics and a lane inspection workshop. Full Story Back to Top
03-14-07 Brandi Chastain Participates in Free Soccer Clinic in Hawaii (Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Honolulu, HI) The U.S. Women's National Team will visit Hawaii for a soccer skills clinic and other public appearances, according to a news release...Present and former Women's National Team members Natasha Kai, who is a former Kahuku and University of Hawaii standout, along with Heather Mitts, Heather O'Reilly, Brandi Chastain and Lori Lindsey will be there for the free clinic for players ages 6-8. Full Story Back to Top
02-26-07 Brandi Chastain Helps Launch New Fashion-Performance Footwear ( - USA) World-class soccer stars Brandi Chastain and Hope Solo and world renowned volleyball player Logan Tom today helped launch Tailwind(R), a new fashion-meets-performance footwear and accessories brand, providing women with innovation at a premium value never seen before...Chastain was integrally involved in the brand development and the footwear design. "To see the Tailwind collection come to life has been an extraordinary process. The designers fused fashion and performance, and there is integrity in every detail," Chastain said. "The G-Zone Runners are the real thing." Full Story Back to Top
02-16-07 Brandi Chastain to Appear at Soccer Nation Expo (LAist - Los Angeles, CA) Time for all you soccer moms to gas up the team bus -- errrr, SUV -- and head to the Soccer Nation Expo this Saturday at the LA Convention Center. Over 100 exhibitors will be on hand from 9a-5p along with players from the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. National Team legend Brandi Chastain will make a special appearance (you remember her bra, trust us), and coaching clinics will be put on by the experts. Full Story Back to Top
02-07-07 Brandi Chastain Works with Fort Wayne Team (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne, IN) The Fort Wayne Sport Club ’90 Girls travel soccer team recently participated as a clinic demonstration team at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America annual convention in Indianapolis. U.S. National Team star Brandi Chastain worked with the Fort Wayne team in presenting clinics to college, professional and youth travel coaches. Full Story Back to Top
12-01-06? Brandi Chastain Promotes BAWSI (Bay Area BusinessWoman News - Oakland, CA) Bjornsrud teaches the Girls Fitness Teams, an eight-week program where girls receive individual coaching and mentoring by top women athletes. “I am learning as much from these little BAWSI girls as they do from me,” she says of the third through fifth grade girls. Other programs offered include Women Running the Country, Dads and Daughters, and Rollers, all of which are designed for kids in wheelchairs. “We want girls to understand that their health and fitness are in their own hands,” says Brandi Chastain, who is an Olympic and World Cup soccer star and co-founder of BAWSI. “This enables them to experience what it’s like to be part of a team. Boys have always had the opportunity. This provides girls with the same feeling of being powerful.”...“The gifted athletes already understand the empowering aspect of sports,” says Chastain. “That’s preaching to the choir. We want to reach girls who felt that they could not participate in sports and facilitate their involvement.” According to Chastain, mentorship is one of the steps necessary for women to build an athletic community, and women mentor less than men. Full Story Back to Top
11-30-06 Brandi Chastain Appointed to Mayor's Transition Team (San Jose Mercury News - CA) San Jose Mayor-elect Chuck Reed named 67 people to his transition committee Wednesday, asking them to provide him with policy advice before he assumes office in January. Among the familiar names on the committee are Sharks President Greg Jamison, soccer star Brandi Chastain, San Jose State University President Don Kassing, and newly elected city council members Pete Constant and Sam Liccardo. Full Story Back to Top
11-06-06 Brandi Chastain Likes Message of "Her Best Move" (Market Wire (press release) - USA) Summertime Films has announced the studio-direct release of its new film, "Her Best Move," a lively teen dramedy about a high school soccer phenom who must deal with the conflicting interests of parents, boyfriend, school -- and her shot at being the youngest player on the women's national soccer team...Soccer legend Brandi Chastain...appears as herself in a key scene in the film. "I've had a number of offers to appear in soccer-related films, but this one was particularly special to me because of its message," says Brandi Chastain. "I loved the film's emphasis on empowering a young woman to make her own choices about her life, so I jumped at the chance to play a role -- even if it's as myself!" Full Story Back to Top
10-11-06 Brandi Chastain Runs 18 Flights of Stairs in 3 Minutes and 2 Seconds (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Just ask any of the participants in Tuesday's second annual City Hall Stair Challenge. Cheered on by a group of girls from nearby Horace Mann Elementary School, Chastain didn't disappoint, practically flying up the 18 flights of stairs at San Jose City Hall in 3 minutes, 2 seconds. She was just ahead of City Councilman Ken Yeager, who finished in 3:07, despite running in the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. Yeager, who started the challenge last year to encourage everyday fitness activity, extended the invitation this year to city employees, and more than 100 people took him up on it. Full Story Back to Top
10-11-06 Brandi Chastain Interviewed for "Her Best Moves" (Contra Costa Times - CA) Chastain is bringing her expertise to the world of film. In the family dramedy "Her Best Move," Chastain plays assistant soccer coach to Sara, a young, competitive player who's trying to juggle it all. Chastain also brought her unique moves to the film as a soccer choreographer. The movie was filmed in the Bay Area, including Marin and Berkeley. It's available online at We sat down with Chastain at the film's San Francisco premiere to talk about success and life after The Cup. Full Story Back to Top
9-12-06 Brandi Chastain to be Keynote Speaker at Convention ( - Greendale, WI) Brandi Chastain, one of the most recognizable figures in women's sports, will spend a day meeting with 2007 USBC Convention attendees at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. Chastain, a two-time Olympic women's soccer gold medalist, will help kick off the convention the afternoon of Wednesday, March 28, with the keynote address of the USBC Annual Meeting. This will come after signing autographs in the USBC booth and before conducting a youth workshop on a topic to be announced later...Last year, she competed with other noted athletes such as Dwyane Wade and Terrell Owens in the "Bowling Night" series on ESPN... As many as 3,000 people are expected to attend the 2007 USBC Convention which runs March 28-31. In addition to conducting the business of bowling, there will be many exciting educational and social activities available. Full Story Back to Top
8-29-06 DiCicco Recalls Brandi Chastain's Most Vivid World Cup Memory (Oneonta Daily Star - Oneonta, NY) DiCicco said defender Overbeck was widely respected by teammates and opponents alike. He relayed a story about teammate Brandi Chastain that put eight-year U.S. captain Overbeck’s contributions into perspective. During a camp after the Americans’ dramatic 1999 World Cup championship victory over China, in which Chastain made the decisive the penalty kick, someone asked Chastain about her most vivid memory. DiCicco said he thought the penalty kick was the obvious choice. Chastain’s reaction to that kick, pulling off her game jersey to reveal an undergarment, was captured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Instead, DiCicco said Chastain told the person her best and worst moments came 20 seconds apart in the quarterfinals of that tournament. Chastain scored an own goal that put the U.S. down to Germany 5 minutes into play. "The worst was when I scored an own goal," DiCicco recalled Chastain saying. "Then my captain, Carla Overbeck, came running up to me and looked in my eyes and said, ’Brandi, we have 85 minutes and we’ll get the goal back, but we need you to play.’" Full Story Back to Top
8-22-06 Winning Without Injured Brandi Chastain Helped Broncos Believe in Themselves and Go to the Top (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Of all the victories Jerry Smith has amassed as the women's soccer coach at Santa Clara, one stands above the rest...the breakthrough came the day he benched his best player -- the day he benched Brandi Chastain. On Sept. 13, 1989, Chastain did not play against highly ranked Cal because the artificial turf in Berkeley posed a danger to her surgically repaired knee. Chastain was not happy -- she had started her career at Cal and was eager for a shot at her former team -- but Smith held his ground. The upstart Broncos rallied around their injured star and stunned the Bears 3-2.``That was the first time the players started to believe,''...Fueled by the Chastain-less victory in Berkeley in September 1989, the Broncos became the first women's team in any sport at the school to reach the NCAA tournament...``Jerry is a very non-emotional decision-maker,'' said Chastain, who married Smith in 1996. ``He bases his decisions on facts and research. And women, whether they want to admit it or not, they're emotional. He did not deal with that component very well.'' Full Story Back to Top
8-15-06 Brandi Chastain Not Surprised at Ghana's World Cup Success (Soccer365 - Birmingham, Alabama) In the recent World Cup, the team from a country that had shown promise for years finally emerged on the sporting stage to take up the flag of a new contender...It was Ghana, the small West African nation. The dawning of the country’s senior soccer program on the world stage had been anticipated by knowledgeable observers for some time. “Ghana’s youth, their boys national team, have always been good on the youth level,” said former women’s national team star Brandi Chastain...“They just never had the opportunity, maybe through time and money, to get to the World Cup,” explained Chastain. “Now they have. That to me is hopeful.”...“Everybody is getting better and everybody has an opportunity,” observed Chastain. “We’re all fighting for the same thing, which is to be at the top of the podium at the end of the day.” Full Story Back to Top
7-22-06 Did Brandi Chastain's Forced Retirement and Other Errors Cause Women's Soccer to Plummet? (San Diego Union Tribune) Domestic attendance has plummeted from an average of 33,099 per match in 1999 to 14,217 in 2004 to 4,153 last year. TV ratings have done the same, from the record 11.4 for the '99 final to 1.17 for the 2003 World Cup semifinals to just fractions of a ratings point for games now...The flip side of the argument is that new coach Greg Ryan cut Brandi Chastain when she refused to retire and nudged out several other popular veterans, including San Pasqual High alum Shannon MacMillan. And the federation scheduled only five domestic matches last year after the team played 43 over the previous three years. The 3-2 win against Sweden last week was the first U.S. date of 2006. Full Story Back to Top
7-16-06? Nicole Kinsey Wins Training with Her Role Model Brandi Chastain (Miami Herald - FL) As a fourth-grader, Nicole Kinsey had to select a role model and write a report for her school's People Fair. Her pick: soccer champion Brandi Chastain. Nicole, 10, said she never thought she would meet her idol in person. But an envelope that recently arrived in the mail proves that dreams can come true. The letter inside informed Nicole that she was one of 200 winners of a drawing to meet Chastain at a 90-minute soccer clinic this fall in Miami. ''I was jumping up and down screaming,'' said Nicole, who will be entering fifth grade next month at Silver Palms Elementary School in Pembroke Pines...Nicole said she admires Chastain because of her skills on and off the field. ''She's a very good soccer player, and she does a lot for her community,'' Nicole said. Full Story Back to Top
7-12-06 Brandi Chastain Competes at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course Celebrity Tournament for First Time ( - San Francisco, CA) From Jerry Rice to Mario Lemieux, Ivan Lendl to Mike Schmidt, some of the greatest athletes in the history of their respective sports come to Lake Tahoe every summer to be humbled on a golf course...A field of 80 past and present stars of sports, stage and screen tee it up Friday in the opening round of the 17th annual celebrity tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. The 54-hole tournament with a $500,000 purse airs Friday on The Golf Channel and Saturday and Sunday on NBC...Yankees outfielder Paul O'Neill and 1996 soccer gold medalist Brandi Chastain are among those competing for the first time. Full Story Back to Top
7-10-06 Brandi Chastain Named to American Youth Soccer Organization Hall of Fame (The Eureka Reporter - Eureka, CA) For whatever reason, Humboldt County has not embraced the American Youth Soccer Organization, which recently named three of its graduates to its Hall of Fame - Joy Fawcett, Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy. Eureka resident Paul Harris, a longtime referee, historian and author, was among eight individuals named to AYSO’s first Hall of Fame class in 1996. Full Story Back to Top
6-15-06 Brandi Chastain Becomes a Mother (Celebrity Baby Blog - Forest Hills, NY) U.S. soccer star Brandi Chastain, 37, welcomed her first child on Thursday, June 8th. Son Jaden Chastain Smith arrived two days before his due date, weighing in at 7 lbs, 10 oz and was 22 inches long when he was born at 10:34 pm...Brandi and her husband Jerry Smith say they didn't plan the pregnancy, although they had been considering a child for quite a while. Full Story Back to Top
6-14-06 Jaden Chastain Smith Born to Brandi Chastain and Husband (San Jose Mercury News - CA) Jaden Chastain Smith has impeccable timing. The son of Brandi Chastain and Jerry Smith, the U.S. women's soccer hero and the Santa Clara University women's coach, was born at 10:34 p.m. Thursday, checking in at 22 inches and 7 pounds, 10 ounces. That was less than 12 hours before the World Cup kicked off. And it gave Dad and son Cameron a week's cushion before they head to the World Cup tomorrow. Full Story Back to Top
5-31-06 Brandi Chastain Encourages Girls' Health Through Sports Program (San Jose Mercury News - CA) One in six American girls is overweight or obese, increasing the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and other health problems. Girls who are physically active are less likely to smoke, abuse alcohol or drugs, or have eating disorders...In 2004, the Women's Sports Foundation launched GoGirlGo! to encourage girls to get healthy through sports. Bjornsrud, who was general manager of the now-defunct San Jose pro soccer team the CyberRays, got together with soccer legend Brandi Chastain and adopted the program last year. Now there are nearly 500 girls participating at eight Bay Area schools, and 50 volunteer coaches from local universities. Having women athletes serve as role models is an important part of the local program. Full Story Back to Top
5-14-06 Brandi Chastain Baby Due June 10 (San Jose Mercury News - CA) The most famous female abs in the history of sports are currently disguised. ``I know they're in there somewhere,'' joked Brandi Chastain, poking at her belly. Those abdominals -- revealed to the world when Chastain made the winning penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup final and stripped off her jersey -- are sharing space. Chastain, 37, is eight months pregnant with her first child...due June 10. Full Story Back to Top
5-07-06 Baby News from Brandi Chastain (San Francisco Chronicle - CA) Almost immediately after her doctor confirmed she was pregnant with her first child, a baby that would be due on June 10, Brandi Chastain had one thought: World Cup...Chastain, 37, will be at home as World Cup matches begin June 9, with the United States playing its first match the next day. On the chance the baby hasn't arrived yet, she's already asked the pertinent question. "At my childbirth class, I asked if the hospital gets ESPN or ESPN2,'' Chastain said. "If they don't, I might need to go to another hospital. Really."...Chastain kept her news to herself until she could tell her former teammates in person. She was with Hamm, Foudy, Fawcett and Kristine Lilly in New York last fall, and the five of them were walking down Fifth Avenue to dinner when the subject came up...She is heavily involved in the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, which she co-founded with Foudy and former San Jose CyberRays general manager Marlene Bjornsrud, speaking to groups of young girls as part of BAWSI's "Go Girl, Go" program. She has worked the last two seasons as a sideline reporter at Major League Soccer games for ESPN. She covered her last games last weekend and now takes a break, likely until July. Full Story Back to Top
4-27-06 Brandi Chastain Speaks at Nike's National Joga Bonito Field and Soccer Equipment Donation Kick-off (Newswire (press release) - New York, NY) To kick off Nike's national announcement of the Joga Bonito fields and soccer equipment donation today, U.S. soccer stars Landon Donovan and Brandi Chastain will visit kids at the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation & Parks' Glassell Park for the dedication of the new soccer field. The Joga Bonito field will be used primarily by the local Anahuak League and its 1,500 kids...Chastain, a member of the 1999 Women's World Cup team, a gold medalist for the U.S. Women's National Team and pregnant with her first child..."I am constantly impressed with Nike's continual effort to promote and grow the world's greatest sport, from the bottom to the top. Not only have they continued to support national teams around the world, they have begun the Joga Bonita campaign to refocus everyone on the most fundamental aspects of sport: fun, heart, joy, passion and sportsmanship. About to become a mother for the first time, it is Nike's effort to drive home these points that makes me realize how important soccer, and sports in general, are to the development of young people." Full Story Back to Top
4-26-06 Brandi Chastain Dedicates New Nike Soccer Field (Yahoo! News (press release) - USA) Nike is announcing a commitment valued at $1 million to fuel U.S. soccer in 15 communities throughout the U.S. Nike will donate three Joga Bonito soccer fields in Los Angeles, three fields in New York and four fields in Chicago as well as provide soccer equipment for 12 additional cities...To kick off Nike's national announcement of the Joga Bonito fields and soccer equipment donation today, U.S. soccer stars Landon Donovan and Brandi Chastain will visit kids at the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation & Parks' Glassell Park for the dedication of the new soccer field. Full Story Back to Top
3-21-06 Brandi Chastain Commits to Ladies First Celebrity Golf Classic (North County Times - Escondido, CA) The Ladies First Celebrity Golf Classic, a fund-raiser to benefit the Women's Sports Foundation, is set for April 21-23 at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Early commitments include former U.S. women's national soccer team members Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy, and Lisa Fernandez, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in softball. Visit for more information or call Rick Schloss at (619) 682-3407. Full Story Back to Top
2-17-06 Brandi Chastain Host Free Soccer Clinic and Speaks at Banquet (The Gateway - Omaha, NE) Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Brandi Chastain and the national championship-winning UNO soccer team will host a free soccer clinic on Tuesday, March 7 at the Sapp Fieldhouse. The clinic kicks off at 5:30 p.m. with the UNO/USA Soccer Experience, followed by the clinic...In addition to co-hosting the clinic, Chastain will also speak at the UNO Women's Walk kickoff luncheon at 11:30 a.m. on March 8. Full Story Back to Top
2-03-06 Brandi Chastain Featured Speaker at Diet Pepsi/UNO Women's Walk Kick-off Luncheon (The Gateway - Omaha, NE) The UNO Women's Walk has become one of the largest and oldest events in the nation for women's athletics, and this year UNO is honored to have Brandi Chastain as the featured speaker at the Diet Pepsi/UNO Women's Walk kick-off luncheon. World Cup and Olympic soccer star, Chastain is most famous for her winning penalty kick in the 1999 Soccer World Cup Finals, which put a new face on the world of women's soccer. In 1996, she played every minute of all five matches, to help the U.S. team win the gold-medal in the Centennial Olympic Games. She was also a member of the gold-medal West Team in the 1993 U.S. Olympic Festival and was on the U.S. Women's National team that won the first FIFA Women's World Cup in 1991 in China. The 1990 All-American led the Santa Clara Broncos to two NCAA Final Four appearances back in her college days. Chastain is currently an assistant coach at Santa Clara University, where her husband, Jerry Smith, is the head coach. Full Story Back to Top
1-31-06 Brandi Chastain Featured Speaker at Diet Pepsi/UNO Women's Walk Kick-Off (UNO Mavericks - Omaha, NE) World Cup and Olympic soccer star Brandi Chastain will be the featured speaker at the Diet Pepsi/UNO Women's Walk Kick-Off Luncheon March 8...Currently, Chastain is an assistant coach at Santa Clara University, where her husband, Jerry Smith, is the head coach. She was a 1990 All-American at Santa Clara and helped lead the Broncos to two final four appearances. The event will kick-off the 21st annual walk, which will be held on Saturday, April 22 on the UNO campus. The walk is the largest and oldest event of its kind in the nation. Proceeds from the walk support the scholarship program for UNO's women athletes. Last year's Walk raised over $300,000, bringing the total for the event to over $2.6 million in 20 years. Full Story Back to Top
12-12-05 Brandi Chastain's BAWSI Celebrates 110th Anniversary (Pac 10 - USA) The Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, founded by former General Manager of the San Jose CyberRays, Marlene Bjornsrud and international soccer star, Brandi Chastain, is honoring the first-ever intercollegiate women's basketball game that took place on San Francisco's Page Street Armory on April 8, 1896 between Stanford and California. The game, in which the Cardinal pulled off a 2-1 victory, was played in front of a women-only crowd of 700. Full Story Back to Top
12-11-05 Brandi Chastain Advocates a New Stadium for San Jose (San Jose Mercury News - CA) By Brandi Chastain and Gary Fazzino. The San Jose City Council will be making a decision on whether to contribute to the construction of a new downtown stadium. We urge the council to do everything in its power to vote yes on that proposal and secure the future for the San Jose Earthquakes. The situation is urgent. Unless the Earthquakes are sold to local owners, the team will be moved before the end of the year. A local investment group has come forward, but they cannot purchase the team without knowing they will receive cooperation in building a new stadium. Gone will be 30 years of professional soccer history, the keystone of the vast Northern California soccer community, and all the benefits that go with having a major league team with an international reputation for excellence. Full Story Back to Top
12-10-05 HBO Documentary Relives Brandi Chastain's 1999 Winning Penalty Kick ( Brandi Chastain, her fists clenched in triumph, her face turned skyward, celebrating the goal she'd just scored to give the U.S. women's soccer team the 1999 World Cup's the look on her face -- the unrestrained jubilation -- that sticks with us. There's a purity there. A joy that transcends anything money or publicity could buy. This feeling is precisely what "Dare to Dream," HBO's 80-minute documentary about the women who came together to form that championship team, attempts to capture...she and her teammates approached their game with an enthusiasm so pure it's more or less irresistible. Full Story Back to Top
12-09-05 Brandi Chastain Featured in HBO Women's Soccer Team Documentary ( They came together in the mid-1980s, a bunch of ponytailed teenage soccer players from all over the United States, each hoping desperately to earn a spot on the women's U.S. National Team...The story of what happened...- including two Olympic gold medals and two World Cup championships - is the subject of an exhilarating sports documentary called Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. The 90-minute program, which premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday on HBO, is filled with fast-moving game footage and interviews with coaches, journalists, and team members, primarily those who played together for almost 18 years and came to be known as the Fab Five: Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, and Joy Fawcett. Full Story Back to Top
12-02-05 Brandi Chastain and Others Wait, But Hillary Clinton Does Not Show for Important Event (The Journal - Westchester, NY) Hillary Clinton's name was on the invitation, billed to introduce the HBO movie "Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team" when it debuted on Tuesday. A crowd that included Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Billie Jean King and Nomar Garciaparra waited — only Clinton never made it. The film was delayed half an hour, but the senator, who lives in Chappaqua, was stuck in traffic and missed the date. Full Story Back to Top
11-29-05 Brandi Chastain Featured in HBO U. S. Women's Soccer Documentary (San Jose Mercury News - CA) The film chronicles the nearly 20-year arc of U.S. women's soccer from relative obscurity in the mid-1980s to winning gold last year in Athens. In between, Hamm's talent and tenacity helped raise the profile of women's soccer globally and earned her icon status among young enthusiasts of the sport...The documentary highlights Chastain's penalty kick to clinch the 1999 World Cup before 90,000 fans at the sold-out Rose Bowl, where she joyously took off her jersey and celebrated in her jog bra. That final against China produced the largest television audience (30 million) to watch a women's sporting event...The film, which debuts Dec. 11 on HBO, features players on and off the field. Soccer mom Fawcett had three children during her playing days, and took them on the road and around the world. Full Story Back to Top
11-17-05 Brandi Chastain Attends Premier of U.S. Women's Soccer Team Documentary (San Jose Mercury News - United States) The film, which airs on HBO on Dec. 11, documents a unique moment in time for women's sports...Chastain and Scurry were in attendance Tuesday night at the film's West Coast premiere. The location -- Chastain's alma mater and home turf -- helped turn the event into a celebration of San Jose's own star, who with her dramatic game-winning penalty kick at the 1999 World Cup became the poster girl for the team's strength, accomplishment and sheer joy. Tuesday's audience was close to 400...Chastain and Scurry saw the film for the first time -- ``I didn't cry, but my cheeks hurt from smiling so much,'' Chastain said. And afterward they stayed for a panel discussion. Full Story Back to Top
11-03-05? Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm Turn to Golf ( - USA) The two biggest names in women's soccer first played golf together in 1996, as a respite from training. Today the exuberant Olympic gold-medalists play from the middle tees and swing hard; 250-yard drives, accompanied by fist pumps, are not uncommon. Hamm is the better player, scoring in the high 80s, but Chastain isn't far behind. "It's really funny how upset we can get about our golf games," says Chastain. "We're so darn competitive." Adds Hamm: "We expect to be better than we are." Full Story Back to Top
11-02-05 Two Break Brandi Chastain's 15 Consecutive Games with Goals, But Both Stop at 17 Games ( - USA) When top player of the year candidates Nittany Lion Tiffany Weimer and Portland Pilot Christine Sinclair began their back-and-forth for the NCAA’s consecutive games with at least one goal record, they were both chasing Brandi Chastain’s 15-year old mark. On Oct. 14, both strikers tied the mark at 15–straight games. The following Sunday, an off-day for Weimer, Sinclair pulled one game ahead. From then on, East Coast power Weimer was tying West Coaster Sinclair only to have the Pilot’s striker pull one game ahead in the streak several hours later. Women’s soccer fans across the nation waited to see who would blink first...On Sunday, Oct. 23, Weimer scored her 83rd career goal to set a new Big Ten record in that category. She also extended her streak to 17-straight matches each with at least one goal, tying Sinclair. Hours later on the West Coast, Sinclair’s streak stopped at 17 straight games when she was held goal-less in No. 2 Portland’s 5-0 win over San Diego. After Weimer was held scoreless at Minnesota that next Friday, the duo ended the battle each holding a share of the NCAA record for consecutive games with at least one goal each. Full Story Back to Top
10-23-05 Weimer Has Chance to Own Brandi Chastain's Broken Record (SoccerTimes - Chevy Chase, MD) Senior striker Christine Sinclair saw her NCAA Division I record streak of scoring a goal in 17 straight games come to an end this afternoon...Hours earlier on the East Coast, Penn State senior forward Tiffany Weimer equaled Sinclair's mark...Weimer...gets a chance to make the NCAA record her own when the Nittany Lions visit Minnesota Friday night. Full Story Back to Top
10-18-02 Brandi Chastain Record Tied, Tied, Then Broken in Three Days (Centre Daily Times - Centre County, PA) Goals in 15 consecutive games matched the NCAA record held by former Santa Clara star Brandi Chastain, but that was short-lived. Also scoring Friday was Portland's Christine Sinclair, giving her a goal in 15 straight contests. Sinclair then scored again Sunday in a 1-1 tie with Pepperdine, to give her the record alone at 16 straight...Weimer also has 81 career goals, one short of Christie Welsh's school and Big Ten record of 82. Full Story Back to Top
10-16-05 Christine Sinclair Breaks Brandi Chastain's Consecutive Record (SoccerTimes - Chevy Chase, MD) Senior striker Christine Sinclair set a new NCAA Division I record by scoring a goal for the 16th consecutive game...Brandi Chastain of Santa Clara held the previous NCAA record, having scored goals in 15 straight games in 1990. Current Penn State senior striker Tiffany Weimer also matched Chastain by scoring in her 15th consecutive game in Friday's 1-0 decision at Ohio State. Full Story Back to Top
10-15-05 Sinclair and Weimer Both Match Brandi Chastain's Record Friday! #2 (Centre Daily Times - Centre County, PA) Tiffany Weimer scored the night's only goal as the top-ranked Penn State women's soccer team stayed perfect on the season with a 1-0 victory over Ohio State on Friday night. Weimer's goal, her 22nd of the season, gave her a score in 15 consecutive games to tie the NCAA mark set by former Santa Clara and U.S. national team star Brandi Chastain. Weimer has company tying the record, with Portland's Christine Sinclair scoring twice in a 3-0 win against Loyola-Marymount to also give the nation's leading scorer a goal in 15 straight games. Portland plays Pepperdine on Sunday to give the 2004 Hermann Trophy winner the first chance to break Chastain's record. Full Story Back to Top
10-14-05 Sinclair and Weimer Both Match Brandi Chastain's Record Friday! #1 ( - USA) No. 1 Penn State’s offense, on the strength of the potent kick of Weimer, got on the board early. At the 5:38 mark, Weimer received the pass from fellow senior Natalie Jacobs (Centreville, Va.) and lobbed a shot over Ohio State goalkeeper Staci Sinkway for the 1-0 Penn State lead. The assist was Jacob’s first of the year. The goal gave Weimer a share of Chastain’s record. On the West Coast tonight, No. 2 Portland’s Christine Sinclair also notched her 15th consecutive game with at least one goal to create a three-way tie in the NCAA record books and intensify this year’s M.A.C. Hermann Trophy race that much more. Full Story Back to Top
10-12-05 Chad Chastain Appointed Soccer Coach at Archbishop Mitty High School (San Jose Mercury News) Chad Chastain, brother of Archbishop Mitty and U.S. national-team great Brandi Chastain, has been named girls soccer coach at Mitty. Full Story Back to Top
10-11-05 Sinclair and Weimer Battle to Break Brandi Chastain's 1990 Record ( - Indianapolis, IN) The two teams boast the nation's top two leading point and goal scorers - Portland's Christine Sinclair and PSU's Tiffany Weimer. Sinclair leads the nation with 4.15 points and 1.85 goals per game, while Weimer follows with 3.14 points and 1.50 goals per game. Both players are riding a 14-game streak with at least one goal scored, and are looking to break the NCAA record held by former Santa Clara standout Brandi Chastain who contributed a goal in 15 consecutive games in 1990. Full Story Back to Top
10-10-05 Sinclair Only One Goal Away from Brandi Chastain's Consecutive Record ( (subscription) - Portland, OR) The University of Portland Pilots' Christine Sinclair is just one goal shy of a 15-year-old NCAA women's soccer scoring record. That comes after she scored twice against Gonzaga over the weekend in the opening of Portland's West Coast Conference schedule. She has played 14 consecutive games with a goal -- just one shy of the record held since 1990 by Brandi Chastain of Santa Clara, Calif. Full Story Back to Top
10-10-05 Weimer Only One Goal Away from Brandi Chastain's Consecutive Record (Centre Daily Times - Centre County, PA) The goal also extended Weimer's streak to 14 consecutive games with at least one goal, one short of the NCAA record held by former Santa Clara and U.S. national team standout Brandi Chastain. Full Story Back to Top
10-7-05 Tiffany Weimer Only Two Away from Brandi Chastain Record ( - USA) Player of the year Tiffany Weimer (North Haven, Conn.) scored two goals, including the gamewinner, to move within three goals of tying 2001 Hermann Trophy winner Christie Welsh’s Big Ten career goals mark. She has now scored in 13 straight games this season, two away from tying Brandi Chastain’s NCAA record for consecutive games with at least one goal. Full Story Back to Top
9-28-05 Tiffany Weimer Chases Brandi Chastain's NCAA Record for Consecutive Goals ( - USA) She is once again chasing Brandi Chastain's record for consecutive games with at least one goal. Last year, Weimer strung together 14 contests with at least one goal each, falling one game short of the record. This year, Weimer needs five more goal-scoring efforts to tie Santa Clara alum Chastain's record and six to call the NCAA mark her own. Full Story Back to Top
9-24-05 Brandi Bakes Giant Cake For Husband's 300th Win (San Jose Mercury News - United States) What if her husband, Santa Clara women's soccer coach Jerry Smith, did not win the 300th game of his career that evening? ``I was honestly trying not to jinx anything,'' said Chastain, a former U.S. national team star. ``But you've got to have a little faith.''...In 19 seasons Smith has compiled a 300-75-25 record, elevating the program from a small Jesuit university into one of the country's best. He led the Broncos to a national championship in 2001, and to at least the NCAA tournament quarterfinals in 10 consecutive seasons, the longest current streak in the nation...There was a ceremony at midfield after the game. Coonan presented Smith with a commemorative jersey; Chastain brought out her giant cake. Full Story Back to Top
9-19-05 Brandi Chastain 1999 Penalty Kick Voted Third Most Significant Soccer Event (US - Chicago, IL) The U.S. Soccer Foundation, the major charitable arm of soccer in the United States, unveiled the Top Ten U.S. Soccer Events of the Past Decade at the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Banquet in Washington, D.C. Fans had the opportunity to vote for their Top Ten U.S. Soccer Events online at the Foundation’s website ( from June 1st through July 15th. Full Story Back to Top
8-16-05 Brandi Chastain and U.S. Soccer Federation Experience Friction (Cleveland Plain Dealer - Cleveland, OH) Currently, she is locked in a cold war of sorts with the U.S. Soccer Federation. It started earlier this year, when U.S. women's coach Greg Ryan did not include Chastain in the national team player pool. "He told me I'm too old," Chastain said. "He seems to want to retire me, but I'm not ready...All I ask is to be invited to camp. Put me against the best players, and let's see if I'm good enough. Give me a yes or no. I can sleep on that." Instead, Chastain asked the U.S. Soccer Federation not to run her head shot in the media guide, which was published earlier this month. It is not in the 214-page publication, nor is the famous photo that appears on the cover of her book, showing Chastain on her knees, fists clenched, her jersey in her right hand, celebrating the World Cup goal. "I'm surprised that picture isn't in there," she said. "That's part of history." Full Story
8-1-05 Brandi Misses Penalty Kick (The Republican - Springfield, MA) Chastain did not score the goal last night. She made some outstanding plays, she played 105 of 120 minutes and she was gracious and friendly to the folks - mostly kids - who lined up for her autograph after the game. But she did not make the kick. "Yeah, every penalty kick for me is a bigger deal," said Chastain, whose California Storm lost to FC Indiana on penalty kicks after the game ended in a 4-4 double-overtime tie. "And as we learned tonight, it's not easy. You can't will the ball in. Full Story
7-30-05 Brandi Chastain Assesses Her First Three Months in Journalism (MLS - Major League Soccer - New York City, New York) Chastain assessed the first three months of her broadcast journalism career, comparing it with something she's very familiar with: team sports. "Like anything else, coming on to a new team, you have to pay your dues, you have to feel your way around," she said. "You're going to make some mistakes. You're going to rely on your teammates to give you some advice. And I think every game is getting a little bit better. I'm not free of mistakes, but I'm willing to work to get better, and I'm enjoying it. "Being as efficient and clear and crisp as possible, I think, is the toughest issue for me. I like to paint the picture a little bit, when fewer words are probably what's necessary."...Chastain's goal is to continue to build her knowledge and become more comfortable walking the sidelines. "I've always been a student of the game, so I enjoy the fact that I have a chance to learn something every game. Full Story
7-26-05 Brandi Chastain to Appear at Westfield Cup College Tournament (Akron Beacon Journal - Akron, OH) What has life been like after that famous soccer game for Chastain? Much busier than anyone might think. And Aug. 18, Chastain will participate in the opening ceremonies of the four-day Westfield Cup men's and women's college tournament at the University of Akron...Chastain will be in Ohio doing ESPN2 television commentary for a Columbus Crew game. The San Jose, Calif., resident will detour to Akron for the appearance, which will take place before the 7:30 p.m. women's game between the Akron and Jacksonville State...The Westfield Cup decided to pursue Chastain to highlight the inaugural year of the eight-team preseason tournament which will feature some of the nation's premier soccer universities. The two-time Olympic gold medalist said she wishes that she could stay for the entire tournament because it will showcase some of the nation's most talented players. Full Story
7-25-05 Brandi Chastain Helps Women's Premier Soccer League (North County Times - Escondido, CA) Look no further than the Women's Premier Soccer League, an independent amateur league focused on the development of highly competitive women's soccer teams. It's the highest level of women's amateur soccer in the country. Actually, it's the highest-level league of national women's soccer, period, since the WUSA folded in 2003. The WPSL is also loaded with accomplished players formerly of the U.S. women's national team and WUSA, most notably the California Storm's Brandi Chastain and Shannon MacMillan. This is pretty much the makeup of the league. There is no in between. You're either "climbing the ladder" or "over the hill," but this formula is advantageous for both sides. Full Story
7-13-05 Brandi Chastain Prepares for Celebrity Golf Tournament (Contra Costa Times - CA) Brandi Chastain is not a member of the retired, golfing, idle rich. But Tuesday she played one at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. Chastain, the newest and most reluctant member of the soccer unemployed, participated in a celebrity-amateur event as a prelude to this weekend's American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament...She showed off a smooth swing, and her trademark relentless good cheer -- signing autographs, posing for pictures, encouraging her playing partners, reveling in the day. "My grandfather used to take me to the driving range," she said after teeing off on the 12th hole. "He'd take me down to Pebble Beach to watch the tournament there. We'd sit at the 18th green at Pebble watching the golfers come through and eating strawberry shortcake." Chastain didn't take up the game until her mid- to late-20s, but she was always a fan. Now she's an ever bigger fan. Full Story
6-29-05? Brandi Chastain Live Radio Show Interview (U.S. National Soccer Players - Washington, DC) Here are some of Brandi's selected comments from the show. You can hear everything they discussed by listening to the full interview where she talked about what it is like to play for the Sacramento Storm and how more women can get involved at the youth level. Simply access our Audio Page ( to listen in or go directly to third segment of the show ( Full Story
6-29-05 Brandi Chastain Plays for Sacramento Storm (San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego, CA) Feel sorry for the San Diego Sealions, the local entry in the Women's Premier Soccer League. The Sealions played the Sacramento Storm last Sunday, and they get the Storm again in a Fourth of July match at 1 p.m. at Hoover High. And the Storm has Brandi Chastain...For now, Chastain's only team is the Sacramento Storm. While the national team was in Virginia Beach playing Canada on Sunday, Chastain was on a high school field in a Sacramento suburb playing a team called the Sealions. Chastain, a defender, scored a goal in the 4-0 win and was named the match's offensive MVP. Full Story
6-28-05 Ryan's Judgement Questioned in Brandi Chastain Dismissal (San Jose Mercury News - San Jose, CA) If you expected that Brandi Chastain would be sulking right now, then you misjudged one of America's most optimistic athletes. In the four days following the news that she has been cut from the U.S. national soccer team, Chastain has stood on the steps of San Jose City Hall to make a plea for activism in women's sports, has done sideline reporting for ESPN2 at the Earthquakes-Los Angeles Galaxy game, has conducted an hour-long question-and-answer session with about 100 young soccer players...and has driven to Sacramento to play for the California Storm. Yep, you'd sure hate to have all that energy on the national soccer team. Full Story
6-27-05 Julie Foudy Responds to Brandi Chastain's Dismissal (Las Vegas Sun - Las Vegas, NV) All Chastain got was a pink slip. She was notified prior to Sunday's game against Canada by new coach Greg Ryan that he was going in another direction, one that would not require her participation in training camp anymore...Foudy would have been nice had Chastain been able to bow out on her own terms, as she and Hamm and Fawcett did. "I think she deserved it after what she gave to the sport, the country and how much energy she put into it."...There wasn't so much as a press release on the U.S. Soccer Web site, only a list of those from the player pool who had been invited to training camp for the Canada game. Chastain's name was conspicuously absent. "She could have been allowed to retire gracefully," Foudy said...When she does [go back into the field], Foudy said it will probably be as coach, perhaps even as Ryan's successor with the national team. "That will be the natural evolution for Brandi," Foudy said. "She has a great mind for soccer." Full Story
6-25-05 Michael Silver Disgusted with Dropping of Brandi Chastain (CNN/SI - USA) So let's get this straight: Here once again stands Brandi Chastain, without a jersey, exposed for all the world to see...The unimaginative U.S. Soccer Federation offered Ryan the permanent job, and he seized it. His first significant act was to fly up to San Jose earlier this month, meet with Chastain late at night at a hotel lobby restaurant and inform one of the most important woman athletes in American history that she wouldn't even get the opportunity to try out for his team. It's MY decision, Ryan told Chastain, and I'M not changing it. "I feel like she's earned the right to at least be given a look," says Julie Foudy, the longtime national-team captain who retired last fall. "I think this is a big mistake."...Chastain, a woman who for the past 17 years has devoted a huge proportion of her waking hours to promoting her sport, isn't even allowed the dignity of announcing her retirement from international soccer on her own terms. Instead, her new coach decreed it in a conversation with a reporter. Full Story
6-24-05 Brandi Chastain and Marlene Bjornsrud Form Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco, CA) One afternoon, on a hike in the hills near Los Altos, the pair talked of reaching out to young female athletes. They talked about grassroots efforts to shine a spotlight on women's sports, a spotlight that seems to have dimmed in the past few years. And a few weeks after that, they talked about actually making it happen. Thus, BAWSI was born. The nonprofit organization had its coming-out party Thursday in San Jose, 33 years to the day that Title IX was passed in the U.S. Congress. Full Story
6-24-05 Brandi Chastain Does Not Accept Coach's Dropping Her as Final Word (San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco, CA) Chastain still isn't willing to give up on continuing her career as an international soccer player, despite U.S. coach Greg Ryan's announcement that he does not intend to bring back the 36-year-old defender...I've learned through experience that when somebody says 'It will never happen' or 'I would never do that' or 'I'd never say that,' that it inevitably comes back to bite you," Chastain said. "After the 1991 World Cup, I was dropped from that team and they gave me no hope, but that didn't stop me. Full Story
6-22-05 Brandi Chastain Dropped from National Team (USA Today - USA) The team has a new coach and a host of new faces, but it won't have Brandi Chastain..."I've told her that I don't intend to bring her back into the team, even though she still would love to continue to play," said Greg Ryan..."She's still a very good player, but I am committed to moving in a new direction and developing younger players."..."The conversation was hard for both of us...Brandi was a class act. She disagrees with me, but we were both very honest with each other." Full Story
6-2-05 Brandi Chastain to Attend Anti-Obesity in Children Festival in Chicago ( - Fort Atkinson, WI) Women's World Cup Soccer Champion Brandi Chastain will join hundreds of urban-area elementary school children from six Chicago public schools at Douglas Park for the Balanced for Life Chicago Scores Jamboree! and Shout...Sponsored by Balanced for Life, an initiative of the nation’s vending industry to help address skyrocketing childhood obesity rates, the Jamboree! and Shout is a soccer and poetry festival including round-robin style tournament games, arts and crafts, and fun activities for the entire community. Full Story
4-15-05 Brandi Chastain Sets Fashion Trend on Golf Course (Napa Valley Register - Napa, CA) "If you look good, you feel good," says Chastain, whose ensembles on the course include her Payne Stewart look (tucking her socks into her pants), a retro newsboy hat and a pink silk scarf worn as a belt. Chastain defends her fashion freedom on the golf course as much as she defends her team's goal on the soccer field. "It's not too crazy, really, but it's just not typical. It's another way to express myself," adds Chastain, who plans on wearing her new bucket hat from Coach the next time she hits the course. Park and Chastain are setting the trends for a fast-growing market of female golfers who want to look fashionable. Full Story
4-8-05 Brandi Chastain Speaks at Girls Technology Conference (Baltimore Sun) Tomorrow morning, more than 600 middle school girls will converge onto the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus for Computer Mania Day, designed to increase girls' awareness of information technology and bolster their confidence in tackling IT-related courses...For the past two years, the event has featured a national celebrity to deliver a you-can-do-anything message and raise awareness of IT. This year, the guest is soccer phenom Brandi Chastain. Full Story
3-29-05 Brandi Chastain Joins ABC-ESPN Broadcasting Teams (Houston Chronicle) Brandi Chastain accepted a position to join the ABC and ESPN's broadcasting teams for the upcoming 2005 Major League Soccer season. The 37-year-old Chastain will serve as a sideline reporter and work with on- air talent JP Dellacamera, Rob Stone and Eric Wynalda for most of the 29 scheduled telecasts on ABC and ESPN. "I've been in soccer for 31 years as a fan, as a season ticket holder in the old NASL and MLS," Chastain said. "I have been a player at every possible level and it has always been my dream to bring soccer to everybody in this country. I can't wait for the moment I get to hopefully make a wonderful impression to the viewers." Full Story
3-28-05 Brandi Chastain Jersey Auctioned for Breast Cancer ( - New York, NY) As part of the First Annual KICKS Against Breast Cancer Soccer Tournament on Saturday, March 16, the University of Miami soccer team will auction off an authentic U.S. National Team jersey signed by Brandi Chastain on the official website of Hurricane athletics, Full Story
3-12-05 Brandi Chastain Will Visit Your Computer Daily to Remind You . . . (Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth, TX) How would you like world soccer champion Brandi Chastain to wake you up each morning -- even if it is only with a reminder to take your Total or Wheaties multivitamin?...At, consumers choose the time of day they wish to get an e-mail video reminder to take their vitamin -- and pick the sports champion they want to deliver the message. Full Story
2-17-05 About the Bra; About the Book; About Brandi Chastain (Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz, CA) While the 200-page book offers its share of bra talk, the overriding theme is about her experiences in soccer, from youth teams to the national team. She also shares her thoughts, and those of several guest writers, on the value of youth sports in the development of children. Full Story
2-16-05 Brandi Chastain Helps Promote Coach's Resignation (San Diego Union Tribune - USA) Heinrichs' problems were with her players. Her relationship with the team grew increasingly strained last year, particularly after Heinrichs learned that defender Brandi Chastain had met with U.S. Soccer President Dr. Bob Contiguglia in December 2003 and asked that he fire Heinrichs. Contiguglia refused. Even after the Olympic triumph, veterans on the team acknowledged that they confronted federation officials about their insistence on replacing Heinrichs. Full Story
1-16-05 UK's Sunday Times Lists Brandi Chastain as #3 of Top Ten Women in Football (The Sunday Times - UK) The final of the 1999 women’s World Cup between the United States and China went to penalties. With the score at 4-4 defender Brandi Chastain could settle matters with her spot kick. What she calls “the shot that was heard around the world” sped past goalkeeper Gao Hong and Chastain celebrated in the traditional fashion. “In front of 90,185 spectators and 40m television viewers, I ripped off my shirt,” she said. “As I lifted it off, I lifted all the expectations and pressure of winning. My teammates hit me like a huge wave, crushing me in the greatest hug of my life. I could have stayed there forever.” She didn’t stay there forever, though: before you could say “marketing opportunity”, her first “glamour” photo-shoot hit the newsstands of middle America. Full Story
12-29-04 Brandi Chastain Is a Hit at Orange Classic Girls Soccer Tournament ( - Fort Lauderdale, FL) U.S. women's soccer team star Brandi Chastain made her first visit to the 8th Annual Orange Classic Girls Soccer Tournament at Pine Island Field in Plantation a memorable one. "Soccer is about building relationships," said Chastain, 36, who answered an array of questions during a 20-minute question-and-answer period with players and parents and coaches ranging from what positions she played in her career to if she ever thought about quitting while she was growing up...Chastain then showed various dribbling skills to an estimated 400 youth players ranging in age from 6 to 19 during a 30-minute clinic, and then stayed for a nearly two hours posing for photos and signing copies of her new book, It's Not About The Bra. Full Story
12-18-04 Brandi Chastain Helps Supply Uniforms Through Wish Book (San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose, CA) Chastain, of San Jose, and her husband, Santa Clara University soccer coach Jerry Smith, were moved to give by a Wish Book story about the young athletes at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley's Levin Clubhouse. Their inventory of sports uniforms -- purchased five years ago with Wish Book donations and worn by thousands of kids over that time -- had dwindled to about a dozen jerseys and one pair of shorts. Thanks to the donation from Chastain and Smith -- and hundreds of other readers -- the new uniforms have been ordered. Full Story
12-18-04 Brandi Chastain Outlines Rules to Soccer Fun (Washington Times - Washington, DC) Chastain wants young people playing soccer — and their parents — to enjoy the game just as she did growing up in a supportive family in San Jose, Calif. She sums up her philosophy in "Brandi's Rules": •If you can't lose gracefully, don't play the game. •... And if you can't win gracefully, you're not a true winner. •When you mess up, own up. Stop blaming the coach, the ref, your teammates. •Be supportive from the sidelines or put a sock in it. •It's more valuable to assist than to score. (But don't pass up an open net!) •Dress for success: chill on the jewelry, polish your cleats, hike up your socks and, OK, keep your shirt on. Full Story
11-16-04 Brandi Chastain Guest Stars in Jason Alexander's Upcoming "Listen Up" (Redlands Daily Facts - Redlands, CA) Two-time Olympic women's soccer gold medalist Brandi Chastain will guest star as herself in the comedy's Nov. 29 episode. Full Story
10-31-04 Brandi Chastain Officiates at Silicon Valley Marathon ( - Waccabuc, NY, USA) Honorary event chair and Olympic gold medalist Brandi Chastain gave runners a final countdown and sent them running down the streets of San Jose. ... Full Story
10-17-04 Where is Brandi Chastain's Famous Sports Bra? Her persistence qualifies (Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA) >>... Even though the title of Brandi Chastain's new book is called, "It's Not About The Bra," the cover shot is of her in that now-famous pose -- with her jersey off ... Full Story
10-17-01 Brandi Chastain Writes Soccer Book; Answers Questions Chastain book celebrates soccer (Newark Star Ledger - Newark, NJ) >>Brandi Chastain will always be known for her sports bra-baring celebration after scoring the 1999 Women's World Cup-clinching penalty kick for the US Women's ... Full Story
10-14-04 Brandi Chastain to Promote Her New Book on Letterman Brandi Chastain to Make Media Appearances ( - New York, NY) >>Former Santa Clara University women's soccer stand out Brandi Chastain is set to appear on NBC's "Today" Show and CBS's "The Late Show with David Letterman" on ... Full Story
9-23-04 Brandi Chastain to Discuss Celebration Tour for Media TEN-GAME Farewell Tour for Hamm, Foudy & Fawcett Begins on Sept. ... (Sports Features Communications (press release) - Tampa, FL) >>US Women's National Team legend Brandi Chastain and emerging superstar Heather Mitts, both coming off winning a gold medal in Athens, Greece ... Full Story
9-17-04 Brandi Chastain Still In the Game CHASTAIN staying in game; ( - United States) >>SOUTH BEND -- USA women's soccer star Brandi Chastain has a history of doing unexpected things. So, when most of her team announced ... Full Story
9-6-04 Brandi Chastain Surprise Announcement--No Retirement For Her! (South Bend Tribune - South Bend, IN) >>By MARK BRADFORD. SOUTH BEND -- USA women's soccer star Brandi Chastain has a history of doing unexpected things. So, when most of ... Full Story
8-27-04 Coach Takes Risk to Let Brandi Chastain and Veterans Play Final Game (Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, IN) >>... Even Kristine Lilly and Brandi Chastain, who might still soldier on in the US national team program, had the souvenirs they came here to get. Full Story
8-26-04 Brandi Chastain and Team Win the Gold Against Tough Brazilian Team! (USA Today) >>ATHENS — At the stroke of midnight, as Thursday turned into Friday, the greatest generation of US female athletes leaped upon the top step of a medal podium ... Full Story
8-23-04 Brandi Chastain Feels Terrific After Game Against Japan (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester, NY) >>August 23, 2004) - HERAKLIO, Greece - Brandi Chastain paused for a few seconds, racking her brain for just the right words to capture the emotions she was ... Full Story
8-20-04 Brandi Chastain Starts Against Japan (Soccer365 - USA) ... For the first time in the Olympics, head coach April Heinrichs called on veteran Brandi Chastain to start over Cat Reddick on the defensive side. ... Full Story
8-20-04 Brandi Chastain Finally Plays in Olympic Games (ESPN - USA) >>tournament so far. Brandi Chastain made her first appearance in Greece and had a strong game. (Grigoris Siamidis/Reuters). The cobwebs ... Full Story
8-18-04 Where Is Brandi Chastain? (USA Today - USA) >>THESSALONIKI - Because Brandi Chastain is one of the most recognizable athletes among all US Olympians, her conspicuous absence has led many to wonder ... Full Story
8-17-04 Brandi Chastain Relegated to Bench for Olympics (CNN/SI - USA) >>... team coach. And yet Brandi Chastain is the only US field player who has not seen a second of playing time in these Olympics. On ... Full Story
8-15-04 Brandi Chastain's Great-Aunt Rita Is Number 1 Fan (Appleton Post Crescent - Appleton, WI) >>1 fan of team member Brandi Chastain. ... After the team's hard-fought 2-0 victory, she proudly wore one of Chastain's jerseys to the service. Full Story
7-21-04 Brandi Chastain Reminisces with Soccer Buddies (USA Today - USA By Eileen Blass, USA TODAY) >>"To good friends," Brandi Chastain says, as the others raise their glasses in a toast before dinner last week. ... Full Story
7-15-04 Brandi Chastain Comments on Legacy and Future at Stake (San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose, CA) >>this is sure to be the final run for athletes who made a profound impact on American sports: Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly. ... Full Story
7-2-04 Brandi Chastain Redresses Her Revealing Issue (The Tennessean - Nashville, TN) >>You're talking to Brandi Chastain and it's all about her foot (injured), the weather (rainy), the quality of the US Women's Soccer Team (exceptional) and ... Full Story
7-1-04 Brandi Chastain on Olympic Soccer Team (San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco, CA) >>Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain and five other gold medalists from the US Olympic team in 1996 were selected Thursday to the squad that will head to the Athens ... Full Story
6-30-04 Brandi Chastain-Olympic Team >>The US roster features a wide age range from 36-year-olds Joy Fawcett and Brandi Chastain to 19-year-old Heather O'Reilly. ... Full Story
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