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Chastain is the 2289th most common last name in the USA
Chasteen (#7348); Shasteen (#20,539); Chastine (#38,394);
Chastin (#44,269); and Chesteen (47,951)

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The Chastain Family story is filled with drama:

And this is just the beginning. Politics, war, religion, business, education, sports, music, murder. We Chastains were there. These are the stories of some of the players, large and small, in the Chastain saga. See also the stories of the more Prominent Chastains.

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1. Adrian*
2. Alan*
3. Alice Ruth
4. Benjamin*
5. Benny*
6. Bill*
7. Bill
8. Bill*
9. Bobby*
10. Bonnie*
11. Brandi* Top 15
12. Burrell*
13. Calvin*
14. Chad
15. Chad*
16. Dr. Chalmer
17. Charles
18. Chelsey*
19. Christian
20. Christopher John
21. Clark E.
22. Clay*
23. Dave*
24. David A.
25. David T.* Top 15
26. Dawn*
27. Deangela S.
28. Don*
29. Don
30. Donnie Ray
31. Doris Jane
32. Dwight
33. Edward*
34. Edward (Iceberg)*
35. Edward Jordan*
36. Elijah
37. Elijah Webb* Top 15
xx. Emory Winn* NEW!
38. Eric
39. Erin*
40 Ernest
41. Estienne
42. Ford*
43. Fran
44. Frances Mildred
45. George
46. George V.
47. Glen
48. Gordon*
xx. Green Berry* NEW!
49. Hollace*
50. Hollace A.*
51. Homer*
52. Horace D.*
53. J. D.
54. Jacob*
55. James
56. Rev. James
57. James Andrew
58. James Garvin, Sr.* Top 15
59. James Garvin, Jr.
60. Rev. James Pierre*
61. Jane* Top 15
62. Jasmin
63. Jay
64. Jess*
65. Jessica* Top 15
66. Jim*
67. Jim
68. Jody*
69. Joe
70. Rev. John* Top 15
71. John and Robyn
72. John "JB"
73. Johnny
74. Joseph Justin* NEW!
75. Joseph
76. Judy K.
77. Judy S.
78. Karen
79. Karen M.
xx. Karyl Lynn NEW!
80. Katie*
81. Keith
82. Kimberly
83. Lark*
84. Lowell Burrell
xx. Luther Cleveland* NEW!
85. Madye Lee* Top 15
86. Mary
87. Mary Ann
88. Matthew*
89. Mel
xx. Mertice Jewell* NEW!
90. Misery* Top 15
91. Misti
92. Mohamed
93. Morris "Butch"
94. Myra Elizabeth*
95. Neil*
96. Nellotie Porter
97. Nelson Avery
98. Nick
99. Norman*
100. Norman Carlee
101. Judge Oscar F.
102. Rev. Oscar F.*
103. Pam*
104. Patty
105. Paul*
106. Paul T.*
107. Pierre* Top 15
108. Peter, Jr.
109. Peter
110. Peter*
111. Rene, Sr.*
112. Rev. Rene, Jr.* Top 15
113. Maj. General Richard*
114. Ricky
115. Robert
116. Robert*
117. Robert E.*
118. Robert Lee "Sam"*
119. Robert Lewis*
120. Robyn and John
121. Roger*
122. Roger
123. Roger*
124. Maj. General Ronald* Top 15
125. Ronnie*
126. Rupert
127. Russ
128. Samuel*
129. Sandra* Top 15
130. Scott
131. Shawn*
132. Silas*
133. Steve*
134. Sue
135. Susan*
136. Susan Lind
137. Terry
138. Thomas* Top 15
139. Thomas G.
140. Thomas H.*
141. Tom
142. Tilfer*
143. Tim*
144. Tracy
145. Tricia*
146. Troy Green* Top 15
147. Troy Maxwell
148. Rev. W. A.
149. Wade
150. Wayne*
151. Wilborn M.
152. William Allen
153. William H. "Cobb"*
xxx. William Leroy* NEW!
154. William Lowry
155. Zenobia A.*

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3. Dorman
4. Ed* Top 15
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6. James
7. Dr. Jeffrey
8. Jennifer
9. John*
10. Kimberly A.
11. Lyn
12. Ron
13. Rosanne
14. Russell
15. Sherman
16. Susan Heaton
17. Taylor
18. Terry*
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1. Edmond Y.*
2. Gaston D.
3. Jimmy
4. John
5. John H.*
6. Richard
7. Robert
8. Susan

1. Kevin
2. Rev. Ronald F.

1. Bill
2. Sandra

1. Chester B.*
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6. General Jon* NEW!
7. Rhonda
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Adrian Chastain (Body Builder). See more at
Chastain Sportsdesk.

Alan Chastain (Bluegrass Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Alice Ruth Chastain (RN and Professor). Ruth Chastain is Professor of Nursing at the Union University School of Nursing in Jackson, Tennessee. She is a Registered Nurse with a doctorate in education. She was born of missionary parents in Manila, Philippines shortly before WW II and was interned with her family in Santa Tomas Internment Camp until liberated in 1945. She has four children and nine grandchildren.

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Benjamin Chastain (Georgia Pioneer and Politician). See more at Fort Chastain

Benny Chastain (Racer). Benny started racing at 62 years old, and in 2005 finished 25th among all racers. See more at Chastain Sportsdesk.

Bill Chastain (Sports Writer). See Chastain Central's Bill Chastain Report.

Bill Chastain (Church of the Simple Faith). Do you want to practice your spirituality online? Then perhaps you should check out the Church of the Simple Faith. The venue is non-traditional, but the message is a traditional evangelical one. Created and led by Brother Bill Chastain, the site provides everything from daily meditations to full-fledged church services over the Internet.

Bill Chastain, Restaurateur. See more at Chastain's Restaurant.

Bill deChastain (Veteran). Bill fought in WWII and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge.

Bobby Chastain (Military). Survivor of sunken WWII ship. See more at Ships in Great Distress.

Bonnie Chastain (Broadcasting). See Bonnie Chastain Award in Chastain Object Names.

Brandi Chastain (Soccer Star). See Chastain Central's Brandi Chastain Fan Site.

Burrell Chastain, Restaurateur. See more at Chastain's Restaurant.

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Calvin Chastain (Folk Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Carl E. Chasteen (Bureau Chief). Carl manages the State of Florida Bureau of Forensic Fire and Explosives Analysis. See more at Chastain Crime Fighters.

Chad Chastain (Soccer Coach). Chad is brother to soccer star Brandi Chastain and is married to Erin Chastain. See more at Brandi Chastain Fan Site.

Chad Chastain (Music Promoter). See more at Chastains in Music.

Dr. Chalmer Chastain (Medical Doctor). Dr. Chalmer Chastain has practiced medicine in Cleveland, Tennessee for more than fifty years. His wife, Margaret, is known for her collection of 10,000 pieces of rare and historical glass see assembled over a period of 65 years. The Chastains have donated segments of the collection to Tennessee museums in Cleveland, Chattanooga, and Athens. Though Chalmer lived most of his life in Tennessee, he was from the Indiana Chastains.

Charles Chastain (Philosophy Professor). Charles Chastain is an Associate Professor, Emeritus of The University of Illinois at Chicago. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University. His principal interests are in epistemology and philosophy of language, and in ethics. His main publication is "Reference and Context", which appeared in Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. VII (Minnesota University Press, 1975). He has taught at Princeton, The University of North Carolina, UCLA, Cornell University, and The University of Toronto. -From University of Illinois at Chicago bio.

Chelsey Chastain (High School Basketball Player). Chelsey Chastain played for the Lakeview Academy Lady Lions in Gainesville, Georgia and was selected as the North Georgia "Class A" player of the year! See more at Chastain Sportsdesk.

Chester B. Shasteen (Military). Killed in ship fire during the Civil War. See more at Ships Under Great Distress.

Christian Chastain (Alternate Immigrant Family). According to James Garvin Chastain in his book, A Brief History of the Huguenots, "Christian Chastain, born in Alsace-Lorraine about 1830, went to Hesse, Germany. His son Peter came (1850 ?) to Roulette, northwest Pennsylvania. His son Peter, born in 1851 at Roulette, is now 82 years old. And his son, Rev. Louis P. Chastain is now (1933) pastor for the Methodist Episcopal Church at Pikeville, Md."

Christopher John Chastain, RPSGT (Sleep Diagnostics). Chris owned a chain of Sleep Diagnostic Centers, and in October of 2004 he opened a new Sleep Diagnostic Lab in Temecula, California. Chris has been in the Sleep Diagnostic field for 18 years. He started his career in Arcadia, California then moved on to centers in Pomona, California, Chico, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In Las Vegas he owned three centers that are still going strong today. Chris lives in Winchester, California with his wife, Mary, and two children, Cameron, 8 and Jenna, 6. See West Coast Sleep Diagnostics.

Clark E. Chastain (Finance Professor), November 12, 1928-October 20, 2005. Professor Clark was born in Cecil, Arkansas. He and Eva Goette were married in Germany on December 29, 1952 while serving with the U.S. Army. Professor Chastain was associated with the University of Michigan from 1958 until his retirement in 1994, after which he was declared Professor Emeritus. He held a master's degree from the University of Arkansas and a doctorate from the University of Michigan. He taught at the Ann Arbor and Dearborn campus before moving to the Flint campus in the mid-seventies. Professor Chastain wrote accounting textbooks including Corporate Asset Management: A Guide for Financial and Accounting Professionals, 1987. Professor Chastain died in Grand Blanc, Michigan and is buried in Lowe's Creek, Arkansas. See writings in Chastain Authors.

Clay Chastain (Political Activist). See more at Clay Chastain.

Clifton M. Shasteen (Kennedy Assassination Witness). See more at Chastains in Politics.

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Danny Kaye Chasteen (Policeman). See more at Chastain Crime Fighters.

Dave Chastain (Blues Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

David A. Chastain (Information Technology Manager) David works as the Global Services Manager for ADC Telecommunications in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. David is a Desert Storm veteran, having served in the U.S. Marines for 6 years as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist with awards from the National Security Agency. He spent his last year in the Marines as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor on Parris Island. David was also a law enforcement officer in Dalton, GA for 3 years. He is a great nephew to Chastain genealogist Troy Maxwell Chastain, and David's descent from Pierre is William Franklin (8), Joseph (Hartsel) (7), William Maxwell (6), Maxwell (5), Elijah (4), Rev. John (3), Pierre Jr. (2), Pierre (1).

David T. Chastain (Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Dawn Chastain (Country Singer). See more at Chastains in Music.

Deangela S. Chastain (Amazon Reviewer). Deangela, from Gillsville, Georgia, is a reviewer for At 33 reviews and 99 votes, she ranks 17,568th among reviewers. That is a considerable distance from the number one ranked reviewer, Harriet Klausner, but her vote ratio is good. Also unlike Harriet Klausner, who reviews romances, including many by Sandra Chastain, Deangela reviews more household items, and the books she does review are typically utilitarian rather than escapist reading. Her reviews are short and to the point, and she does not hesitate to pan a bad deal. With the right handbook, I think this lady could build a house! Deangela is a conservative Christian and a home schooler with eight kids, but she is up front with her frame of reference.

Don Chastain (Actor) See more at Don Chastain.

Don Chastain, Lieutenant Colonel (Commanding Officer over Field Operations, Georgia Department of Public Safety). See bio at Chastain Crime Fighters.

Donald Eugene Shasteen (Republican Politician). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Donnie Ray Chastain (Viet Nam War Casualty). September 6, 1950-February 28, 1970. Sergeant Donnie Chastain was from Greer, South Carolina, and served in the US Army. On February 28, 1970 the lead APC of a resupply convoy detonated an explosive device in Binh Duong, South Vietnam. Donnie Chastain and six others were killed. Donnie died of multiple fragmentation wounds. He was 19 and unmarried. See his memorial on the Virtual Wall.

Doris Jane Chastain Pate (Regional Sports Figure) 1921-2004. Doris was born March 7, 1921 in Thomasville, Georgia, daughter of Truman Osborne Chastain and Hazel Smith. She was a graduate of Thomasville High School and of Andrew College in Cuthbert. On Nov. 6, 1942 she married Carson P. Pate in Thomasville. Doris was a member of the First Baptist Church of Thomasville and was active in music and sports competitions all her life. She placed first in the Tri-State music competition for the marimba in 1939. She was Miss Andrew College in 1941. She later excelled in bowling, culminating her career by being on the board of directors for the Georgia Women's Bowling Association, being inducted into the Thomas County Bowling Hall of Fame and being first place winner in the first Women's International Bowling Congress Senior Championships held in Baltimore, Maryland. Doris enjoyed participating in the local Rose City Walk and Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society's Run for Rover, winning oldest female participant awards several times. She taught senior aerobics classes at First Baptist Church in her later years. She was also a prolific cross-stitcher. Doris died March 6, 2004.

Dorman Lowell Chasteen, Jr. (Author), 1949- . Dorman was born in Oklahoma and raised in Oklahoma and Texas. When he was younger, he learned about the Civil War and early days of Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma from elderly relatives, some of whom were children of Civil War soldiers. Bart's Revenge is about the aftermath of that war. His second book, The Gunsmoke Drifted West, came out in 2007. From 1968 to 1970, Dorman served in the US Marine Corps and saw action in Vietnam. He was under fire 50-60 times. Most were just a few rounds and mostly mortars, but he was in five firefights, one of which was an all-nighter. From 1973-77 he was an officer in the US Army. From 1978 to 1984 he was employed as a technical writer at the US Army Missile Command in Alabama, and since 1985 he has worked as a logistician at the same facility. Dorman comes from a military family. His father Dorman Sr. was a torpedo bomber and dive bomber pilot in WWII and his brother Larry also served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps. Before that, his great-grandfather Robert Ransom Chastain was in the Indiana home guard during the Civil War.

Dorman holds a B.A. in history from Oklahoma State University. He is married and has three daughters. Excerpt of Bart's Revenge

Dwight Chastain (Florida Inspector General). See more at Chastains in Politics.

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Ed Chasteen (Activist and Bicyclist). See entry at Prominent Chastains.

Edmond Y. Chesteen (Chesteen Ancestor). See more at Chesteens.

Edward Chastain (Union Sympathizer in Alabama), 1807-1867. Edward was born in Georgia, and he married and had his children there. But in 1859 he moved with his family to Thorn Hill, Alabama, leaving some of his adult children in Georgia. The next eight years were sad ones for Edward's family. When the Civil War began, Edward supported the Union. His two sons, James and David, and two sons-in-law, John S. Cantrell and Hiram Lambert, served in the 1st Alabama Cavalry (Union). Meanwhile, Edward's older son, Martin, whom he had left in Georgia, served in the Confederate Army. Martin and David both died of war-related problems. Edward himself was killed by a horse in 1867. See special article.

Edward Chastain (Wrestler). Edward goes by the professional wrestling name Iceberg, and has won numerous championship titles. See stats and more biography at Chastain Sportsdesk.

Elijah Chastain (Father of 21 Children), 1776-1853. Dissatisfaction with English rule was shared by more than just the Baptists, and in 1776 the colonies declared independence from England which precipitated the momentous Revolutionary War. In the first year of the war, Elijah was born in Virginia. He spent many years in the Carolinas after having moved there with his father. Later, along with a number of his Chastain relatives, he settled the lands taken from the Cherokees in north Georgia after the Cherokees were forced to walk the trail of tears to Oklahoma. Elijah fathered twenty-one children.

Elijah Webb Chastain (Politician). See entry at Elijah Webb Chastain.

Emory Winn Chastain (Farmer). Namesake of Chastain Road in Metro Atlanta. See entry at Troy Green Chastain.

Erin Hussey Chastain (Soccer Coach). Erin is sister-in-law to soccer star Brandi Chastain. See more at Brandi Chastain Fan Site.

Eric Chastain (VP Operations). Eric is Vice President of Operations for Jones Soda Company of Seattle, Washington. Jones is undoubtedly one of the most interesting companies in America. Jones produces low calorie traditional drinks such as crème soda, root beer, ginger ale, and black cherry, as well as less traditional flavors like watermelon, tangerine, and blue berry. In addition they make natural drinks, energy drinks, organic drinks, sugared sodas, lip balm, popsicles, and carbonated candies. At Jones, alternative beverages are always the main issue, but, they receive perhaps the most press for their holiday drink flavors. President Van Stolk got the idea during a business trip to Michigan in October of 2003. He was considering ways to generate brand awareness during the cold-weather months, when soda sales slow down, and he thought, Why not develop a line of low-carb drinks that taste like Thanksgiving dinner? He immediately called Eric Chastain and said, "Hey, Eric, I want to make a turkey soda." Eric hung up thinking it was a joke, but 2003 demand for the drink exceeded every expectation and brought tremendous media attention. Eric describes the Turkey-&-Gravy soda as tasting like microwaved Thanksgiving leftovers. He says, "It's a sipping soda, it's not something you gulp down after mowing the grass." The next year Jones Soda Company added Green Bean Casserole and Mashed Potato and Butter sodas. Eric no longer thinks it's a joke. In 2005, Eric was featured on a recycling Public Service Announcement.
Eric's Self-Profile

Ernest Chastain (VP Sales). Ernest has worked for more than 25 in the ambulatory medical software industry, serving as President or Vice President of Sales at such leading healthcare information technology companies as InfoCure/VitalWorks, Quality Systems, Inc., Elcomp Systems Inc., Versyss Corporation, Executive Business Systems, and InfoCure Corporation. He was one of the founders of InfoCure Corporation. He then became President of the Enterprise Division of VitalWorks and is now Vice President of Sales for VantageMed. Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia. VantageMed Bio

Estienne Chastain (Immigrant), ?-1739. Estienne arrived in the colonies aboard the same ship that brought the Pierre Chastain family, and he served with Pierre on the vestry of the Manakin Town Anglican Church. He and Pierre were likely related. Estienne was single when he arrived in the colonies, but married the next year. He had no male progeny that survived to adulthood, so he did not contribute to the Chastain name in America. He acquired considerable real estate as attested by his will. Estienne died in 1739. --From Mary Avilla Farnsworth-Milligan, Chastain Kith and Kin, self-published, 1981.

Ford Chastain (Pre-teen Band Leader). See more at Chastains in Music.

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Fran Chastain (Educator). Fran is Director of the Entrepreneurial Education program at North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville, Georgia, which offers an Entrepreneurship Technical Certificate and a Small Business Owner/Operator Technical Certificate through its Small Business Resource Center. In addition to teaching courses for the program, Fran provides consulting through the college to small businesses in the area. In order to broaden the schools impact, she developed half-day sessions for surrounding cities such as Toccoa and Blairsville.

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Gaston D. Chesteen (Assistant Chief of Joint Committee on Taxation). See more at Chastains in Politics.

George Chastain (Co-inventor of ATM). See more at Chastain Inventors.

George V. Chastain (Artist and Horror Fan). George "E-gor" Chastain's Classic Horror website features his commercial art with horror themes, a boo's who of horror actors, and the popular E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts.

Glen Chastain (Oregon State Trooper). Glen is a Lieutenant in the Oregon Highway Patrol. He was interviewed in July, 2004 regarding statements made about the patrol of Oregon's coast in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. See also articles in Chastain Police News.

Gordon Chastain (Episcopal Priest). See entry at Chastain Gay Issues.

Green Berry Chastain (Grandfather). Ancestor of several notable Chastains. See entry at Troy Green Chastain.

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H. E. "Bud" Shasteen (Libertarian Politician). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Hollace Chastain (Indiana State Trooper). On February 4, 1967 Hollace Chastain saw a UFO. See more at Chastain Alien Encounters.

Hollace A. Chastain, (Restaurateur). See more at Chastain's Restaurants.

Homer Chastain (Folk Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Horace D. Chastain, (Restaurateur). See more at Chastain's Restaurants.

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J. D. Chastain (Philanthropist) ?- December 22, 2000. J. D. Chastain was born in Benton, Arkansas. In 1989, he established the Chastain Renal Research Award to support research on kidney diseases. He, himself, died of kidney disease--chronic interstitial nephritis in 2000.

Jacob Chastain (Church Music Major). See more at Chastains in Music.

Jack Chasteen (Miniaturist). Artisan Jack Chasteen creates miniatures perfect for the serious collector's dollhouse. Jack has had numerous showings at the Denver Museum of Art, St. Louis, and at other venues. He is an instructor and is a member of the Small World Miniatures Club.

James Chastain (Early Georgia Resident), c.1770/1775-c.1850. James was part of a very early family migration into central and south Georgia. See longer article

Rev. James Chastain (Pioneer Baptist Minister), c.1745-c.1819. James was one of several pioneer Baptist ministers in his family. Others included his brother, John Chastain, his brother-in-law, James Eden, and his first cousin, Rene Chastain. He helped establish a Baptist Church in Tennessee in 1774. He moved to South Carolina and was the first pastor of the Mountain Creek Baptist Church founded in 1789. He also pastored the nearby Schockley's Ferry Baptist Church. Later he pastored Genestie and Little Horse Creek in South Carolina. From there he went to North Carolina and pastored Broad River. He moved back to South Carolina and seems to have died there about 1819. His father was Peter Chastain, Jr., son of Pierre Chastain.

James Andrew Chastain (Philosophy Professor and Community Activist), July 28, 1975- . Andrew was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. He moved with his parents to Central Florida in 1988 and attended high school there. He earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of Central Florida and his Doctorate in Philosophy at Tulane University in New Orleans in 2003. He worked on his dissertation at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany. He has taught at several universities in New Orleans including Tulane and Loyola. In 2004, he presented at the 7th International Conference of Philosophical Practice, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Andrew is very active in social and educational causes in the New Orleans community, and is a frequent contributor to the local magazine, "Where Y'at?". A tenth generation Chastain, his lineage is 1. Pierre; 2. Peter, Jr.; 3. John; 4. Elijah; 5. Edward; 6. William Howell; 7. Silas; 8. Robert; 9. Timothy; 10. James Andrew.

James Garvin Chastain, Sr. (Missionary and Genealogist). See entry at James Garvin Chastain.

James Garvin Chastain, Jr. (Educator) See more at James Garvin Chastain.

Rev. James Pierre Chastain (Serial Arsonist and Wife Murderer), June 20, 1957- . James killed his first wife and tried to kill his second. See more at Chastain Crime.

James Chasteen (Revolutionary War Soldier). Lowell B. Chastain states, "James Chasteen of Amherst County, Va. was a Revolutionary War soldier. His records can be obtained from the National Archives, Pension No. W. 2917, which states 'he was a Private in the regiment commanded by Col. Taylor..., and 1777 as a Private in Capt. Holman Rice's Company in Colonel Francis Taylor's Virginia Regiment and served three years...later he enlisted in Captain Robert Kirk's Company in Armond's Corps of Horse. He was in the Siege of Yorktown and was discharged the following day after the surrender by General Cornwallis." [no closing quotes to National Archives, so unsure of end of quoted material], (Lowell B. Chastain, Virginia Chastains, Self Published, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, 1983, pp 136, 137.)

James Dunn "Jimmy" Chesteen (Hospital Lab Director and Genealogist). Jimmy Chesteen was born April 3, 1960. His parents are Thomas Purnell Chesteen and Mary Lou Dunn. He is lab director and clinical technology coordinator for the Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital in Kosciusko, Mississippi, where he has worked for 16 years. Jimmy is also a genealogist, having researched numerous family lines and is the genealogist and webmaster for the Pierre Chastain Family Association. Jimmy's lineage is 1. Pierre; 2. Peter, Jr.; 3. James; 4. Stephen, Sr.; 5.(probable) John; 6. Edmond Y.; 7. Edmond Cornelius; 8. Hillard Edmond; 9. Thomas Purnell; 10. James Dunn (Jimmy).

Jane Chastain (Sportscaster and Political columnist). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Jasmin Chastain (Midwife). Jasmine is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), recognized by the State of Texas, and is a member of the Association of Texas Midwives and the Doula Network. Jasmin lives in Lewisville, Texas and serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. She has four children of her own. Jasmine holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of North Texas.

Jay Chastain (Tattooist). Jay Chastain is owner of Empire Tattoo in Asheville, North Carolina. Empire Tattoo employs two full-time tattoo artists besides Jay, plus a body piercing professional and a certified laser remover. Jay apprenticed for three years in Florida before moving to Ashville and setting up his own studio in 1998.

Dr. Jeffrey Chasteen (Medical Doctor). Dr. Chastain was the Medical Director and only full-time physician for the four clinics run by the Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers Inc.. He first came to the health centers in February 2003 as a volunteer through the OSU residency program. Then he decided to stay there, passing up several other opportunities to do so. He became the sole doctor at the clinics in July 2003, and has turned out record numbers of patients since.

In December 2004, Dr. Chasteen was drawn into the conflict that arose when the NEOCHC Board of Directors used questionable actions to resolve differences of opinion. By a majority of one, the board removed the Chairman of the Board and then removed the NEOCHC CEO. Both had worked tirelessly for the clinic since its inception. The Board also fired the NEOCHC Business Manager. Board members had been very friendly toward Dr. Chasteen, but relationships deteriorated when the Dr. Chasteen supported the dismissed CEO during questioning at a Board executive session. Chasteen stated that if the Board situation did not change he would leave the NEOCHC, which he did. He resigned in July, 2005 and opened a private practice Wagoner, Oklahoma.

Jennifer Chasteen (Artist). Jennifer Chasteen lives in North East United States. She's an artist and designer. Her work can be seen at her portfolio,

Jess Chastain (Oklahoma State Representative). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Jessica Chastain (Actress). Jessica is a fast rising movie star, having shared the screen with Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Al Pacino among others. See much more at Jessica Chastain.

Jim Chastain of the Ozarks. Jim is an early Missourian who remembers the old times. See special article.

Jim Chastain (Writer). Jim is an author, attorney, journalist, film critic, poet, screenwriter, and band manager. Attorney Jim Chastain works as a law clerk for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Jim also writes feature articles for the award-winning Oklahoma Gazette newspaper and has numerous poetry credits. Jim’s humorous memoir, I Survived Cancer, but Never Won the Tour de France, a collection of essays and poems, was published in October of 2006 by HAWK Publishing. The book covers Jim's five year battle with cancer. Jim has been a film critic for The Norman Transcript and The Edmond Sun for more a decade. His film reviews have also appeared in The Enid News and Eagle and The Briefcase. He is a founding member of the Oklahoma Film Critic's Circle. Jim lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife LeAnn and two kids, Maddye and Ford. Website

Jody Chastain (Rockabilly Musician) 1933-1999. See more at Chastains in Music.

Joe Chastain (Oil Well Technology). Joe Chastain of Midland, Texas was a world renowned authority on artificial lift technology--an expert in downhole problems and solutions. Joe ran a school on artificial lift efficiency attended by thousands of students from all over the world. His hobbies were collecting oil well memorabilia and polo. Joe was a member of the championship OU polo team and first Midland polo team. Joe's wife was Geraldine MacCabe Chastain, who taught in Midland for many years.

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Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain (Pioneer Baptist Minister). ca 1743 - 1805. In the mid-1700's a new religious movement swept the colonies. They were the Baptists, and several Chastains of our family were involved in the spread of this pioneer movement that, among other things, promoted freedom from the established English Church (Episcopal). John Chastain was one of these Baptist pioneers and was called "Ten Shilling Bell" because of his clear preaching voice. In 1774, he helped found a Baptist Church in what would later be Tennessee and in the 1790s he pastored new Baptist churches in South Carolina. See special article.

John and Robyn Chastain (Salvation Army Officers). Captains John (born 2/3/1967) and Robyn (born 4/27/1970) Chastain were Commanders of the West Volusia County Salvation Army in DeLand, Florida for 5 and 1/2 years, until they were appointed as Corps Officers to St. Augustine in June, 2005. They have been married almost 20 years and have four children: Kellie, Kayla, David, and Johnny. The Captains Chastain are very conscientious in Salvation Army relief work, and their children often assist in the work. Their oldest daughter (18) is considering pursuing official work as a Salvation Army officer. One person they influenced said, "They were leaders of a church youth group when I was younger and ...they were vital to my growing up and going to college etc. They are awesome, and have touched the lives of many." Life in the Chastain home is often hectic and stressful as one crisis after another demands their attention. Response to the Hurricanes of 2004 and 2005 has been particularly demanding, with Robyn and John sometimes serving in separate locations for periods of time--once as long as five weeks-- without seeing each other.

However, it would be a mistake to imagine the Chastain family as solemn, stuffy, and always dressed in their Salvation Army uniforms, concerned only with the woes of the world. In fact, they are a warm, down-to-earth family that balances relief work with humor and fun. For example, John and Robyn are motorcycle enthusiasts; each has their own bike and can be seen cruising around Daytona during bike week. John, who used to be a firefighter, even sports a "Robyn" tattoo. In addition, the family enjoys watching movies at home, keeping up with certain shows like Survivor and American Idol, and visits to the beach. John is connected to the Thomas County Chastains, but Chastain Central does not yet have the precise lineage. Chastain General News contains several articles about John and Robyn Chastain. Go to Chastain General News, press Control-F, and type salvation. We end this entry ends with the John and Robyn Chastain family greeting: Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

John "J. B." Chastain (Veteran). JB was born on July 5, 1919 in Choteau, Oklahoma. On July 20, 1940 he married Jeanette Eileen Chastain in Burbank, California. They moved to Central Point, Oregon in 1946. JB served in the U.S. Navy during WWII at Okinawa and Iwo Jima aboard the USS Newberry and the USS Astoria. He worked at Timber Products for 35 years. JB died October 29, 2005 at his home.

John Chasteen (Author). See entry in Chastain Gay Issues.

John Chesteen (Interior Designer). John was one of Greater Cincinnati's most revered interior designers. In 1987 he remodeled a 125 year old brick building for his own home. Description of his design is found in a 1997 Cincinnati Post article. After John's death, the Chesteen Fund was established in 1995 to provide educational grants in interior design. John's exquisite townhouse was purchased by Harry H. Schnabel Jr., curator for Historic Southwest Ohio.

John H. Chesteen (Childhood Runaway). John was born in June of 1869 in Georgia. He is thought to have lived near Atlanta. His parents are not yet identified. In 1883, at about age 14, John could no longer tolerate feeling abused by his step-mother and step-sister, so he slipped out the window during the night and never returned. John lived in railroad camp cars and drove teams of oxen for lumber companies. After ten years, at age 24, he married Rossie Jackson, who was born in Alabama in June of 1874. They were married on September 22, 1894, in Coffee County. Her parents are unknown.

John and Rossie lived in Valley Grove and had four children, Curtis Connie (September, 1896), Valonia (May, 1898), Matthew (April, 1899), and Arthur "Bunk" (August, 1901). Matthew apparently died young because he soon disappears from the census.

Rossie died around 1902 from a lightning strike. Some time later, John married his second wife, Fannie Floyd. It is not known who her parents were. She was extremely good to the children and grandchildren. John died in 1933. See longer article at Chesteens.

Johnny Chastain (Race Driver) was born and raised in Murphy, North Carolina. His father raced drag and hot rods. Johnny began racing stock cars when he was 20 and, after two years, bought a Barry Wright Late Model and started racing in the top division at local race tracks. In his first three years, running his own team, he won the track championship at Sugar Creek Raceway. In 2000 he teamed up with local car owner Randall Twiggs. In the first five years after joining forces, Chastain and Twiggs garnered five more track championships: four at Tri-county Raceway and one more at Sugar Creek. In 2004 Chastain and Twiggs picked up sponsorship from Colortyme of Murphy. With the new black and green Colortyme paint scheme on the familiar Twiggs 00 car they won their fourth Late Model championship at Tri-County. During the 2005 season Chastain and the team scored 10 wins and 30 top five finishes on the way to winning the track championship at Sugar Creek Raceway in Blue Ridge, Georgia and finishing third in the point chase at Tri-County Race Track in Murphy, North Carolina.

In addition to racing, Johnny owns Wells Tires with his brother, Shawn. Johnny and his wife, Cindy, have two children.
Colortyme Bio.

Joseph Justin Chastain (George Bush Comment). Second Lieutenant Joseph Justin Chastain, Jr. served in the Alabama Air National Guard with future president, George W. Bush - or did he? See more at Troy Green Chastain

Joseph Chastain (Sheriff). See more at Chastains Crime Fighters.

Judy K. Chastain (Mayor). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Judy S. Chastain (eCommerce). 1954-. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Judy Sikes was raised in Mayo, a small town in the rural Florida panhandle. Judy married Jimmie Dodd of Mayo and moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, where they had one son, Jason. Jimmie was killed in an auto accident after they had been married seven years. Judy met and married Terry Chastain in Cleveland, Tennessee, and they moved to Terry's home area in Central Florida. They now live on their wooded ten-acre spread in rural Osteen, Florida with Sheena and Zeus, their Pit Bull and Rottweiler. Judy enjoys developing the property, gardening, fishing in the fish pond, and raising chickens! She also likes entertaining guests, and she hosts a large annual Christmas Eve party for the entire Central Florida Chastain clan, including visiting members from Tennessee and California. Her business is web-based The Pet Spoiler, a pet sitting service. Her hobbies are crafts, watching movies on the big-screen TV, and spending time with her two grandchildren, whom she adores.

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Karen Chastain (Equestrian). Karen and Brent Chastain live in Attalla in Northeast Alabama. Karen owns several horses, including a Friesian stallion named Thijs van de Lange Akker, who came from the Netherlands. Thij's photo appeared in the second issue of Friesian Journal. Karen rides in horse show, sometimes in period costumes; See photos from the 2005 Georgia Horse Fair and the Friesian Horse Association of the Southeast. She is also a member of The Etowah County Sheriff's Mounted Unit, a deputized group.

Karen M. Chastain (Deputy General Counsel, Jacksonville, Florida). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Karyl Lynn Chastain (Grief Counselor and Genealogist). See more at Karyl Lynn Chastain.

Katie Chastain (Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Keith Chastain (Wapiti Bows). Since 1960, Keith has manufactured Wapiti bows for hunters looking for traditional archery. His craftsmanship is very detailed and includes secrets he will not share with anyone. Keith is also an avid hunter, hunting 15 weeks per year. He once said, All I do is build bows and hunt! He has brought home 22 big game animals, including caribou, mountain lion, and bear; and plenty of small game such as coyote, quail, pheasant, grouse, badger, and marmot. Keith has a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters in Physics. He is a lifetime member of the NRA and the Colorado Bowhunter's Association, a Senior member of the Pope & Young Club, and a member of various other archery groups. World Class Wapiti Bows

Kevin Chastine (Certified Local Government Coordinator). Kevin was born in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He holds a Masters of Historic Preservation degree from the University of Georgia. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee and works as Certified Local Government Coordinator for the state of Tennessee, traveling to communities throughout the state educating citizens about the benefits of establishing local historic districts in their communities. His work includes allaying concerns based on false assumptions about establishing historic districts.

Kevin's special interest and area of expertise is the historic architecture of S. H. Kress' Five and Dime Stores. He has produced numerous statements on the subject, including an essay S. H. Kress in Nashville: An Art Deco Parthenon? See also his contributions to an article on Baton Rouge. Kevin Chastine Website

Kimberly Chastain (Family Therapist and Life Coach) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Life Coach a wife, and mother of two. She has been working with families and adolescents for over 18 years. On her website for Christian working moms, Kimberly, you will find e-books, free articles, recommended resources and more. While you are there, listen to the weekly encouraging thought for working moms. You may also read her additional articles on another site. See writings in Chastain Authors.

Kimberly A. Chasteen (Patent Attorney). Kim is a partner in the Technology, Intellectual Property & Entertainment Section at Williams Mullen. She focuses on various intellectual property and government contracts matters. She also served for eight years as a patent attorney for NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Her practice at NASA included domestic and international patent prosecution and licensing, joint research agreement negotiation and matters involving intellectual property aspects of government contract law. Kim holds a S.B from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a J.D. from the College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

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Lark Chastain (Mother of Brandi Chastain). See more at special entry.

Lowell Burrell Chastain (Genealogist) October 4, 1917- . Lowell was born in Livionia, Indiana during a blizzard. His father owned a 158 acre farm and a mill debt free, but mortgaged the properties to assist a relative that suffered during the depression. Before the mortgage could be repaid, Lowell's father died. His mother died three years later, and Lowell and his three orphaned siblings were parceled out among relatives to grow up as part of their various households.

Lowell graduated high school in 1933, took a secretarial course. In 1939, he joined the Civil Service. He retired in 1972 from 30 years in the Civil Service. In addition, he was drafted in 1943 and spent three years in the army during World War II.

In 1983, Lowell published a genealogical work, Virginia Chastains. He was very active in the Pierre Chastain Family Association. Lowell is eighth generation. His lineage is 1. Pierre; 2. Peter, Jr.; 3. William; 4. George; 5. Barnett; 6. Jacob Rice; 7. Oliver; 8. Lowell B. -From Lowell B. Chastain, Virginia Chastains, 1983.

Luther Cleveland Chastain (Businessman). See more at Luther Cleveland Chastain.

Lyn Chasteen (Publisher). Lyn is publisher of the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) serving Austin, Texas. ABJ, established in 1981, is a component of American City Business Journals. In January, 2005 The Greater Austin Chamber named Lyn Chasteen Small Business Volunteer of the Year. Lyn chaired the Small Business Solutions Task Force.

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Madye Lee Chastain (Children's Book Author and Illustrator). See entry at Madye Lee Chastain.

Mary Chastain (Horticulturist). Mary owns Lakeside Acres Hostas, a nursery in Ooltewah, Tennessee where she specializes in developing new hybrids of Hostas. Some of her creations are listed here.

Mary Ann Chastain (Photojournalist). According to Associated Press-South Carolina:

Mary Ann Chastain has been a photojournalist since 1984, first with The Greenville News. She started as a free-lance photographer for The Associated Press in 1987 and joined the staff Aug. 12, 1997 . She took over as the Columbia photographer in November and is charged with handling photo requests from members, organizing stringers and shooting pictures across the state.

Matthew Chastain (GLAD Alliance). See entry at Chastain Gay Issues.

Mel Chastain (Educator). Mel Chastain is quite involved with the State of Kansas educational system. He is Director of the Kansas Regents Educational Communications Center, interim Associate Vice Provost for information technology at Kansas State, and leads several federally funded cooperative projects. Mel is a member of the advisory council for KAN-ED (Kansas telecommunications network) and is on the advisory board for KANDL (Kansas digital-learning professional association). Kansas State University Biography

Mertice Jewell Chastain (Diaryist). Mertice wrote memoirs of her early years. See more at Mertice Chastain Memoir.

Misery Chastain (Fictional Character). See entry at Prominent Chastains.

Misti Chastain (Horse Trainer). Misti started riding horses when she was four and has trained them since she was 17. A year after she began training, she started giving riding lessons, and in 2003 she opened a summer riding camp on her ranch in Washington State. She has 30 horses. Misti also had a brief acting and modeling career. In 2001, she played the leading actress in Nocturne, but though she loves acting she loves horses more, so she gave it up.

Mohamed al-Chastain (Terrorist and Guantanamo Detainee). Visitors to the Center for Cooperative Research were shocked to learn that in December, 2001 Saudi national Mohamed al-Chastain is captured at the Pakistani-Afghan border and transferred to US authorities and on December 15, 2001, Ali Sale Kayla al-Marri, a legal US resident from Qatar, was detained. Al-Marri is believed to be a relative of Saudi national and future Guantanamo detainee Mohamed al-Chastain. However, it turned out to be only a tragic spell-checker accident. Apparently neither the spell-checker nor the data processor recognized the villain Mohamed al-Khatani!

Morris "Butch" Chastain (Mayor). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Myra Elizabeth Chastain (Veteran). See full article Myra Elizabeth Chastain

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Neil Chastain (Percussionist, Composer, and Music Director). See more at Chastains in Music.

Nellotie Porter Chastain (Author). Nellie is author of two published books, the self-published I'll Walk You Home, and Persimmon Capital Murders, published by PublishAmerica. A third book, Under the Kudzu, is not yet published. I'll Walk You Home is about the 1993 death of Nellie's father, Jesse Porter, a missionary for the Kentucky Mountain Mission. Persimmon Capital Murders is a murder mystery set during the Persimmon Festival, an actual annual event of Nellie's hometown of Mitchell, Indiana. Both books are very evangelical in spirit, and Nellie's religious commitment is expressed as well in her involvement with the Woodville Baptist Church, where she serves as Chair of the Christian Education Board. She also wrote an Easter drama performed by the church titled What Will You Do With Jesus?. In 2005, Nellie, along with Mary Acton and other local writers, formed a writer's group The Writer's Block. Nellotie is wife of Mitchell, Indiana mayor, Morris "Butch" Chastain.

Article by Nellotie Chastain Holidays Through Children's Eyes
Article by Nellotie Chastain Hear the thunder of '06.
Article by Nellotie Chastain Tiny Words.
Article by Nellotie Chastain Keeping dreams alive.
Article on Persimmon Capitol Murders
Excerpt from Under the Kudzu

Nelson Avery Chastain (Land Owner and Deputy Sheriff) March 1855-December 13, 1921. Avery was born in Georgia and became a substantial land owner in the Atlanta area. See more at Chastain Crime Fighters.

Nick Chastain (Soap Opera Actor) February 1, 1981-. Nick, a close buddy and (possible) cousin of Justin Timberlake, plays the part of the problem teen, Alex, on the TV soap The Young and The Restless. According to his IMDb biographer, Nick grew up in Millington, Tennessee where he performed roles in K-mart commercials. There are several journal sites on the Internet claiming to be his, but many are fake. One of them has some interesting personal data that may be accurate. Acting Credits

Norman Chastain (Alien Encounterer). See more at Chastain Alien Encounters.

Norman Carlee "Buddy" Chastain (Author). Norman is author of After the Game, a mystery-thriller set in Atlanta. After the Game is in the running for the 2006 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Norman is working on the manuscript for Bottleneck for 2006 publication, about the controversy surrounding the widening of Whitlock Avenue. He was born in Jesup, Georgia, and grew up in Tampa, Florida. Much of his passion for writing evolved during his youth. Norman vividly remembers sitting on the stairs outside Plant High School captivated as he read Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. His parents and two brothers are also avid readers, and his brother Bill Chastain is a professional sportswriter. Norman attended his father's alma mater, Georgia Tech, and graduated with a degree in Industrial Management, to which he added a degree in Engineering from the University of South Florida. His career has led him to his current role in operations management with a telecommunications manufacturer on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Storylines wake Norman at night, depriving him of sleep until he shapes the original idea, settings, protagonist, and antagonist into the beginning of his next novel. Often, he roams the house throughout the night, in search of a distraction to shut out the incessant plots so he can rest. The story always comes back, urging Norman to craft the book trapped in his mind. Norman spent ten years writing his first manuscript before he finally typed THE END. He now says, "I'd be afraid to read that first manuscript now. I still like the story...maybe I'll re-write it." Norman attributes much of his growth as a writer to attending writer's conferences and relationships he has established with the editors, agents, publishers, and particularly, other writers. What's next? "I'll keep writing. Bottleneck needs a little more polishing and I plan to submit it in early 2006. I'm also nearly finished with a corporate mystery-thriller. Hopefully, you'll see more of my novels on the shelves soon. If not. Well, I could have worse hobbies."

Norman resides in Marietta, Georgia with his wife, Ansley, and two children, who light up his world. He is thankful daily for their love and support. He descends from the Thomas County Chastains, and his lineage from Pierre Chastain is 8. Ivy Norman; 7. Carlton Lee; 6. Renny Robert; 5. John Martin; 4. Renny; 3. Peter; 2. Rene; 1. Pierre.
Norman Carlee Chastain Website
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article

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Judge Oscar Fitzallen Chastain, (Texas House of Representatives), 1869-1940. See more at Chastains in Politics.

Rev. Oscar Fitzallen Chastain (Baptist Minister). Prominent Baptist minister, wife of educator Zenobia Chastain, and uncle to Judge Oscar Fitzallen Chastain. See more at Chastain Central's Zenobia Chastain.

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Pam Chastain, (LAS Volunteer). See entry at Chastain Gay Issues.

Patty Chastain (Educator). Patty is Assistant Professor in the School of Education, University of Washington. Patty was a sign language teacher and interpreter before earning a teaching certificate in secondary math and physics. After teaching in local schools for 2 years, she began doing teacher education in the physics department at the University of Washington while earning her advanced degrees in education at UW’s College of Education (1998). She holds her B.A., MEd, and Ph.D. from that school. Areas of interest include math and science education generally, with specific areas of focus on the content knowledge teachers need to teach effectively; and how children learn and use problem-solving techniques in mathematics.

Paul Chastain, (Pop Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Paul T. Chastain (Militia Terrorist). See more at Chastain Crime.

Peter Chastain (Chef). In 1999 Peter Chastain became chef at Prima, an informal Italian eating spot in Walnut Creek. He put out white table cloths, nudged up prices, and replaced canned products and frozen fish with local, seasonal produce and fresh, organic meats. He started chopping, grinding and mixing by hand. In 2005, Peter with a partner, purchased the restaurant and the adjacent Prima Vini wine shop. Today Prima is an upscale, but not stuffy, restaurant. The 54-page wine list reflects a collection that has been nearly 30 years in the making, with several thousand dollar plus selections.

Peter Chastain, Jr. (Colonialist), c1707- . Peter, Jr. was born in the Virginia Colony about 1707. Peter is the English form of the French Pierre. He was the son of Pierre and his second wife, Anne Soblet. Pierre's first wife died shortly after arriving in the new world. Peter inherited his father's home and 111 acres of land in 1728. However, Peter mortgaged the property the next year to cover some debts and subsequently deeded the land to the mortgager. Later, he owned a different tract of 400 acres. Peter apparently lived his entire life in Virginia.

Pierre Chastain (Immigrant and Patriarch). See special article.

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Rene Chastain (Pioneer Baptist Minister). See article at Rev. Rene Chastain.

Reno Chastaine (Wrestler), 1952-. Reno is the goodwill ambassador for the Millennium Wrestling Federation. He was better known as superstar wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage in the 80's. Before becoming a wrestler in 1975, he began his career in professional baseball. He appeared in a feature role in the 2002 Spider-man movie as Bone Saw McGraw and has also served as the national spokesman for Slim Jim products for over ten years. In October, 2003, he revealed a new side of himself by releasing a hip-hop music album, Be a Man. The songs that got the most attention were one insulting Hulk Hogan and a tribute to deceased wrestling personality, Mr. Perfect.

Reno was born November 15, 1952 in Columbus, Ohio as Randy Poffo, son of professional wrestler Angelo Poffo, and was raised in Chicago. He is now goodwill ambassador of the MWE using the name Reno Chastaine. His recent home is St. Petersburg, Florida. Poffo Biography Film Credits Music Album Website

Rhonda Shasteen (Senior Vice President). Rhonda is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mary Kay, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Rhonda has worked for the company for more than twenty years (as of January 2006). She is 45 years old. After high school, Rhonda became a receptionist at an advertising agency and within three and a half years, she was promoted to account executive. A year later she joined Mary Kay as an administrative assistant. From there she served in several positions, including her current position as VP Marketing. She is a spokesperson for both products and the company sales program, and she speaks at conferences as well. In addition to her work at Mary Kay, Rhonda is a member board of directors for Camp Fire USA, Lone Star Council. She lives in Wylie, Texas.
Motivational Poem

Richard Chastain (Major General). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Richard D. Chesteen (Political Science Professor). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Ricky Chastain (Sheriff) 1968- . See more at Chastains Crime Fighters.

Robert Chastain (Cherokee Indian Vietnam Veteran). Growing up with stories of his warrior ancestors, Robert, from Anderson, South Carolina, served in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. In this, he is typical of Native Americans. American Indians sign up for the U.S. military in greater numbers per capita than any other ethnic group. In Vietnam, Robert drew attention because of his rather odd way of praying and 'listening' to the woods speak. Those who knew of his heritage let him take the lead in the Vietnamese jungle. -From The State.

Robert Chastain (Composer) See more at Chastains in Music.

Robert Chesteen (Bank President). Robert Chesteen was president of Newport Planters Bank in Newport, Tennessee. He was also secretary to local chapter #1797 of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. In his honor, each October the High Oaks Coon Club in Newport sponsors the Annual Bob Chesteen Memorial UKC Coon Hunt along with food, contests, and other activities. All proceeds go to the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Robert E. Chastain (Baptist Minister), June 7, 1927- . Robert (Bob) Chastain was born in Alabama in 1927 and raised on an Alabama farm. As a young adult, Bob left the farm to work in the cities of Chicago, Detroit, and Mobile. He married Movaline Borden, also from Alabama, and during the Korean conflict, he served stateside as a medic in Air Force. After his discharge, he moved with his family to Central Florida where he became a professional salesman. During most of his adult years, Bob was a bi-vocational Baptist minister-preaching and pursuing a sales career at the same time. See special article.

Robert Lee "Sam" Chastain (Rancher and Philanthropist), May 12, 1904-June 9, 1964. See special article.

Robert Lewis Chastain (Businessman) 1950-1989. Robert Lewis Chastain hung out with the rich and famous. He and his partner chased after the 'big deals", and the feds thought some of their activity was questionable. Was Robert Lewis Chastain's death in Europe a suicide or something much more sinister? See more at Chastain Crime.

Robyn and John Chastain (Salvation Army Officers). See John

Roger Chastain (Father of Brandi Chastain). See more at special entry.

Roger Chastain (President and COO). Roger is President and Chief Operating Officer of Mount Vernon Mills in Mauldin, South Carolina, which employs over 4000 people in six plants in Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama. He began in the textile industry in 1964 when he joined Riegel Textile Corp. He became president, CEO, and director in 1985. After Mount Vernon Mills purchased Riegel, Chastain became president of Riegel Textile Division and executive vice president of Mount Vernon Mills. In 1993, Chastain was named president, chief operating officer and director of Mount Vernon Mills Inc.

Roger is very involved in the textile industry, having been president of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute and a board member of the National Council of Textile Organizations. The March, 2000 issue of Textile World featured him on the cover and contained a lengthy interview with him as incoming ATMI President. He is an outspoken critic of the proposed CAFTA agreement (Central America Free Trade Agreement), and resigned his position on the board of National Council of Textile Organizations when it voted to endorse CAFTA. He is quoted frequently in articles dealing with CAFTA. Roger received his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and did graduate work at the University of Michigan and Columbia University.

Roger Chastain (Automobile Accessories). See more at Chastain Inventors.

Ron Chasteen (Inventor). Ron created inventions, including an advanced snowmobile carburetor. See more at Chastain Inventors.

Ronald F. Chastine, Th.D. (Baptist Pastor). Ronald was born in Atlanta and holds a Masters in Human Relations and a Doctorate in Theology. He has pastored Southern Baptist Convention churches in several states and has published articles in numerous publications. He is a collector of antique writing instruments. Photo and additional biographical information

Major General Ronald S. Chastain (U.S. Military). See entry at General Ron Chastain.

Ronnie Chastain (Bluegrass Musician). See more at Chastains in Music.

Rosanne Chasteen (Senior Director of Customer Support). Rosanne is Director of Customer Support for Visioneer. Before she joined Visioneer in 2002, Rosanne worked for Lucent Technologies and Ascend Communications. Rosanne holds an MBA in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University, and she is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Lucent Certified Technical Expert (LCTE).

Rupert L. Chastain (TV News Filmer). Rupert was a prominent filmer of TV news in Central Florida in the 1970s and 80s. He was based in Mount Dora and then Ocala. He filmed a lot of crashes and fires, and the police nicknamed him Rapid Rupert. He wore suits to the news sites and used as many as six cameras to film the action. His work appeared in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa TV markets. His mother, Laura Chastain, owned a Rexall Drug Store. Rupert died May 13, 2006 in Brunswick, Georgia at 81.

Russ Chastain (Hunter and Writer). Russ Chastain writes a hunting column for Guns, knives, hunting tips--even how to field dress a deer. He has been hunting since 1982, and is an avid supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. He is a member of the Southeast Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), and a life member of Gun Owners of America (GOA). Russ also did consulting for Electronic Arts' "Ultimate Hunt Challenge" PC game. He is a surveyor by trade. Sign up for his free newsletter

Russell Chasteen (Heavyweight Boxer). Russell The Sandman of Louisville, Kentucky was 13-5 when he began working with his new trainer, James Eoolin, in June 2002. As far as Russell was concerned, that marked the true beginning of his career. He improved his record to 20-6. However, Russell then dropped to 20-9, and his fight with China Smith on October 22, 2004 ended in Russell being disqualified for trying to bite his opponent in the eighth round. Russell's day job is landscaping. He was born in Louisville on August 27, 1966. His first professional fight was March 26, 1994. Fight Record 1 Fight Record 2

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Samuel Chastain (See Chastain Award of The Southern Political Science Association in Chastain Object Names.)

Sandra Chastain (Romance Writer). See Chastain Central's Sandra Chastain Books.

Sandra deChastain (President and CEO). Sandra is President and CEO of RFCU Services, Inc. of Anaheim, California, established in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwell Federal Credit Union. RFCU Services serves 1,200 investment accounts in four credit union branches in California and one in Troy, Michigan. She was previously Director of Retirement and Investments, Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union. The origin of the name deChastain is uncertain; one story suggests that a Chastain was being pursued by an unwelcome individual and changed his name to deChastain to throw them off. In the 1920 census, there was only one deChastain family, which lived in California.

Scott Chastain (VP NBC). Scott is Vice President of affiliate advertising for NBC.

Shawn Chastain (Choir Director). See more at Chastains in Music.

Sherman Chasteen (Mayor). Sherman was born in Rock Castle County, Kentucky in 1882. He was Mayor of Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1952-53. He died in 1957.

Silas C. Chastain (Farmer and Coal Miner), 1880-1967. Silas was born in Alabama, and spent his entire life there except for brief stays in Florida and Ohio. Silas was the last farmer in our Chastain line. In his early adult years he worked in the coal mines, but he returned to farming after being injured in a mine cave-in. After the depression, he participated in President Roosevelt's WPA building programs. Silas enjoyed music and once dug a deep well in return for a crank Victrola. Silas was devoted to his father, Cobb, and Silas and his wife cared for Cobb in their home in his later years. See special article.

Steve Chastain (Acoustical Guitar). See more at Chastains in Music.

Sue Chastain (Graphics Software Expert). Sue Chastain has served as the guide for's Graphics Software site since February 1999. One of 475 guides, Sue's site is intended to keep graphics software users abreast of the constant changes in the world of graphics software. She is Corel Certified and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Susan Chastain (Singer and Club Owner). See more at Chastains in Music.

Susan Heaton Chasteen (Art Teacher). Susan has been an art educator for fifteen years and currently teaches in the Chicago-land area. In 200l, her art program was recognized by the Illinois Art Education Association as the best high school art program in the state of Illinois, and she received the Illinois High School Art Educator of the year award for 2006. She was once was featured in the Illinois Art Education magazine Mosaic as one of the top educators in the state. Susan completed her Bachelor's Degree in Education at Western Illinois University, where she studied under the well-known sculptor and musician Preston Jackson. She completed a Master's Degree in Fine Arts at Governor's State University and is currently working on a second Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at Olivet Nazarene College. In addition, she completed advanced studies in photography and bronze sculpture. Many of her students have won honors and scholarships because of the quality of their art portfolios. Susan and her husband, Darren Chasteen, have three children.

Susan Lind Chastain (Custom Seamstress). Susan started sewing when she was ten. After college, she began to design ladies clothing and graduated to custom wedding gowns and evening wear. In 1985 she and her husband Mark Chastain, a designer, formed an interior design team. Their first designer showcase was in 1988, and they have done numerous showcases since. Susan has worked with designers all over the country and specializes in high-end custom interior furnishings. She graduated The University of California Berkeley with a double major in Art and French. Susan Lind Chastain Website

Susan Chesteen (University Professor and Fly Fisherman). Dr. Susan Chesteen lives two lives, but does not try to keep them compartmentalized. She is Professor of Management at University of Utah David Eccles School of Business, where she has served since 1986, but fly fishing often invades her classroom. Her office is filled with her passion for fishing. Susan's mother was a fishing enthusiast, and so was her grandfather. However, Susan does not allow academics to suffer. She has been named a Presidential Teaching Scholar, and she received the Masters Teaching Award from the David Eccles School of Business and the Brady Superior Teaching Award. In addition to her management professorship, Susan is Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice.

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Col. Taylor Chasteen, (Military). Col. Taylor serves as the Director, Defense Cooperation in Armaments with the Republic of Korea. See various articles in Chastain Military News.

Terry Chastain (Telecommunications and Webmaster). 1958- . A Florida native, Terry was the first of his family to be born in the sunshine state. His career is in the telecommunications industry. Since 1978, he has held a number of positions of responsibility at Siemens Corporation in Lake Mary, Florida. His life-long interests are the Miami Dolphins and computers, and in 2004 he led his two brothers in building Chastain Central, a website with more Chastain information than anywhere else in the world. He continues as webmaster for Chastain Central. Terry lives with his wife Judy on their 10 acres in rural Osteen, Florida. His lineage is 8. Robert; 7. Silas; 6. William Howell; 5. Edward; 4. Elijah; 3. John; 2. Peter, Jr.; 1. Pierre.

Terry Chasteen (Dance Instructor). Terry teaches all forms of social and competitive dance in Washington DC. He has been teaching since 1974. Terry appears frequently in the press, and wrote a three-part article for Amateur Dancers Magazine in 2002. He also appeared as a dancer in the 2003 film Head of State with Chris Rock and Bernie Mack. See Terry in the trailer. In addition, Terry is dance instructor and coordinator of Dance Team D.C., a gay dance group that participates in gay dance competitions. See more about his involvement in gay issues.
Terry Chasteen Website

Terry Lee Chasteen (Rape and Murder Victim). Terry Lee Chasteen and her children fell victim to rapist and murderer Steven Judy. The case was so horrifying that is swayed Indiana to perform their first execution in 20 years. See more at Chastain Crime.

Thomas Chastain (Mystery Writer). See entry at Thomas Chastain.

Thomas G. Chastain (Crop Physiologist). Tom is Associate Professor at the Department of Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University. His special expertise is physiology of grass seed crops. He earned his Ph.D. in Crop Science from the same University. He taught at Washington State University before returning to his Alma Mater. He is well published, and has been Associate Editor of Agronomy Journal since 1993. He is a member of the American Society of Agronomy and the Crop Science Society of America.

Tilfer Chastain (Rockabilly Musician) 1923-1986. See more at Chastains in Music.

Tim Chastain, See special article.

Tim Chastaine (Model) is listed as being in the October, 1982 issue of Playgirl—perhaps as part of the “Big 10 College Men” feature. Tom Selleck is on the cover. This information was found on an auction. Chastain Central has not viewed the actual magazine and cannot determine whether there is a family resemblance.

J. Todd Chasteen (General Counsel for Samaritans Purse) serves as vice president of administration, human resources, and general counsel for Samaritan's Purse, a nonprofit Christian relief agency providing emergency assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters. Before serving with Samaritan's Purse, Todd worked as a senior attorney advisor for the Honorable Lawrence Wright of the United States Tax Court and subsequently practiced law specializing in tax-exempt organizations. Todd graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree from James Madison University and earned his J.D. with honors and LL.M. - Taxation from the University of Florida.

He is also a member of the Oversight and Self-Regulation Work Group of the Panel of the Nonprofit Sector, an independent effort by charities and foundations to ensure that the nonprofit community remains a vibrant and healthy part of American society. PNS Bio.

Tom Chastain (Racing). Tom is owner of the electrical contracting firm Miller-Eads in Indianapolis. In 1997, he formed Chastain Motorsports and was one of the original team owners who joined the Indy Car Series when a totally new Indy Car chassis was introduced. In its two seasons of competition, its distinctive "blue car" number 77, driven by Stephan Gregoire achieved results far surpassing their resources, finishing in the top ten in half of its races.

In 2007, Chastain Motorsports again fielded a car in the Indy Car Series. The new car is the same distinctive blue and even has the same number as before. Tom reunited key members of the old team, including crew chief Darrell Soppe and driver Stephan Gregoire. However, Gregoire was hospitalized after sustaining a spinal fracture when his car crashed during practice just days before the big race, so the Chastain Motorsports car was driven by substitute driver Roberto Moreno. In the May 19, 2007 Indianapolis 500, it was the first car to crash, less than a quarter way through the race on lap 37.

Chastain Motor Sports' primary sponsor in 2007 was the Linux computer operating system group. Their goal was to raise $350,000, and their penguin mascot, Tux, was to be displayed prominently on the car. Unfortunately, the group was only able to raise $18,308, but Chastain Motorsports displayed the mascot anyway. Most of the $600,000 cost came out of Tom's pocket.

Tom plans to race again in 2008, but expects that to be his last shot, as that is all he is able to do financially. See various articles in Chastain Sports News.

Tom Chasteen (Musician and Producer). See more at Chastains in Music.

Tony Shasteen (Illustrator). Anthony W. Shasteen has illustrated projects with Coca-Cola, BellSouth, IBM, Siemens, NASCAR, Ten Speed Publishing, and Picador Publishing, but was perhaps first known for his cover art for The Hunger comic books from Speakeasy Comics. The Hunger follows the trials of Charlie who is kidnapped during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, murdered, and resurrected as a zombie slave. In 2006, Tony broadened his comic book involvement by teaming with actress Rosario Dawson and David Atchison to create a new comic, Occult Crimes Taskforce. The four-issue series came in 2006 and 2007 from Image Comics, one of America's largest comic book houses. The Occult Crimes Taskforce covers the exploits of rookie Detective Sophia Ortiz (modeled after Rosario Dawson), who is recruited into the ranks of a covert police investigation unit established to monitor and control supernatural activity in the Manhattan Underground. Tony was the illustrator for the entire comic, not just the cover.

In February, 2006 Tony was part of a four-man winning team at the Web Design International Festival 2006 competition in southern France. The non-stop, 24-hour contest pits teams against one another to design dynamic, intuitive websites that must adhere to general themes given to the contestants just minutes before start time. For 2006, the theme focused on creating a rich media site for a mock architectural firm. Tony's winning Atlanta team, The Mighty Fighting Tigers, was the first U.S. team ever to win. As business owners and colleagues of the Atlanta-based design firms Studio720 and Creative Cannonball, they went on a 21-day world tour, meeting with top ad agencies and creative gurus from L.A. to Tokyo to showcase their portfolios and establish a global name in the industry. Tony lives in Atlanta with his wife and two sons. Personal Website

Tracy D. Chastain (Public Safety). See more at Chastain Crime Fighters.

Tricia Chastain (State Director for U.S. Senator). See more at Chastains in Politics.

Troy Green Chastain (Fulton County Commissioner). See entry at Chastains in Politics.

Troy Maxwell Chastain (Genealogist) October 15, 1914-Feb. 5, 1988. Troy M. Chastain of Atlanta, Georgia was an enthusiastic researcher of the Chastain ancestry and contributed a large portion of research now used by the Pierre Chastain Family Association, which he served as president during the 1980s. Troy is the one who first suggested to me that my great-grandfather, William Howell Chastain may have been named for Georgia politician, William Howell Cobb. Troy was born in Ellijay, Georgia, Gilmer County. He attended 9th and 10th grade at the A&M School in Madison, Georgia, where his future wife's parents worked. He was there long enough to know he especially liked the principal's daughter! When his family moved, he joined them and finished high school in Lake Wales, Florida. Troy worked for Ohio Medical Products from 1941 until his retirement in 1979.

Troy's father referred to France as the "old country." He said his ancestors spoke "the old language." He also knew they came to America for religious freedom. These memories interested Troy in genealogy. When he traveled, he would stop and knock on doors if the mailbox said "Chastain." He would ask how much they knew about their family history, and if he could photograph the page from their family Bible with the recorded history. He was always welcomed, and they frequently sent him to other, older relatives, who would remember family connections. He would also walk through grave yards and locate markers of deceased relatives, which he would photograph. This allowed him, among other things, to untangle the more than 20 Chastains who were children of the three wives of Elijah Chastain. That took 30 years, and was perhaps his most outstanding accomplishment in genealogy. Otherwise, that information would have been lost forever.

Both Troy and his wife, Frances Mildred Gay Chastain, are descended from Pierre through different family lines. They are third cousins, three times removed. It was Frances' grandmother who told them they were distantly related, but no one could remember how since it was so far back. Frances was right by Troy's side in genealogy research. She doesn't get the credit he does, but she was his quiet partner who was just as interested. She was active in the PCFA and served as an officer. Frances was born January 4, 1916. --Much of this information is contributed by daughter Mary Kitchings.

Troy's descent from Pierre is: 1. Pierre, 2. Peter, Jr., 3. John, 4. Elijah, 5. Maxwell, 6. William Maxwell, 7. Troy Maxwell. William Maxwell Chastain was a farmer and a Baptist preacher. Troy died of a stroke in 1988. Frances' descent from Pierre is: 1. Pierre, 2. Peter, Jr., 3. John, 4. Benjamin, 5. Jonathan Davis, 6. Nancy Melvina 7. Rachel Stone, 8. Samuel Bearden, 9. Effie Bearden, 10. Frances Mildred Gay.

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Elder W. A. Chastain (Minister). Elder W. A. Chastain was a leading Primitive Baptist minister of the first half of the twentieth century. He edited the Messenger of Peace magazine, which was established in 1874, and he pastored the Primitive Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois. Earlier, in 1914 and 1919, he pastored the Mt. Pleasant Church, and he pastored the Middle Fork of Salt River Church in 1915 and 1923. Elder Chastain wrote a number of books and pamphlets for the denomination.

Wade Chastain (Radio Owner). Wade owned the first radio in Holly Springs, South Carolina. Hi son recalls that "Neighbors from all around congregated at our house to see and hear the amazing radio! One man I remember in particular really enjoyed a certain musical rendition, and he told Dad, 'Make 'em play that one again, Wade'. Nothing Dad could say would convince him that the musicians were in Greenville and not somewhere, somehow, inside that box!" From introduction to: The People and the President: America's Extraordinary Conversation with FDR, by Lawrence W Levine, 2002.

Wayne Chastain (News Reporter and Attorney). One of the great crimes of the century was the assassination of Martin Luther King. The government said James Earl Ray did it. Ray claimed he was victim of a conspiracy. Many believed him, including Martin Luther King's family. Reporter turned lawyer Wayne Chastain believed him too, and devoted twenty years to Ray's defense. See more at Chastain Crime.

Dr. Wilborn M. Chastain (Murder Victim). The Winfield Courier reported that on Monday, March 22, 1886 A. B. Elliott, a wealthy farmer and old settler of Dexter township, had put a double charge of turkey shot into the breast of his daughter's 'questionable lover', Dr. Wilborn M. Chastain. Informed by others, Sheriff G. H. McIntire found the body at the home of George Dunlap, the victim's boarding place. Dr. Chastain's left breast was in a jelly from the heavy charge of shot. A post mortem revealed thirty-six turkey shot in the left breast, six of which entered the heart. Elliott did not deny the killing, but claimed self defense. Public sympathy seemed to be largely with Elliott. Subsequently, the Judge said evidence warranted the charge of murder in the first degree and he set bond at $10,000. The result of the trial is unknown.

William Allen Chastain, (Church of Christ Minister). William was born near Morganton, in Fannin County, Georgia on April 10, 1855. He graduated from the College of the Bible in Lexington, Kentucky in 1889. William was minister at Pulaski Street Church, Athens, Georgia, 1893-1900; president of Georgia Christian Missionary Society 1899-1901; minister at Second Church, Augusta, Georgia, 1900-1903; treasurer of Georgia Christian Education Society 1903; and minister at East Boulevard Church, College Park, Georgia in 1903. See photo.

William H. Chasteen (Ship's Captain), Lost ship during dangerous rescue. See more at Ships in Great Distress.

William Howell "Cobb" Chastain (Farmer and Fiddler), May 20, 1850-April 13, 1923. Cobb's real name was William Howell, probably named after the Georgia legislator, William Howell Cobb. When the Civil War began the year after his family moved to Alabama, Cobb was only nine years old. He was much too young to fight, but three of his older brother (our uncles) did go to war. Cobb was a fiddler, and was a popular player at local square dances. The Cobb Chastain homestead was destroyed when the land was strip-mined for coal. The earth was replaced, but of course the original features were obliterated. See special article.

William Leroy Chastain (Politician), See special article.

William Lowry Chastain (Married Wife of Brigham Young), 1836-1911. William's father was Jeremiah S. Chastain, politician, sheriff, and first cousin to Edward Chastain, who was younger by just a few weeks. About 1860, Jeremiah left Georgia for the California gold fields, but died in Utah on the way there. His son, William Lowry, apparently accompanied him. In 1868, William married Elizabeth Fairchild, who had been one of Mormon leader Brigham Young's fifty-five wives. Brigham Young was not deceased, but Elizabeth obtained a divorce from him in 1855, and in fact had married three other men in the meantime. She was under twenty when she married Brigham Young, did not produce a child, and never became part of his household. William and Elizabeth apparently traveled, as they had children born in Wyoming and Missouri, and died in Utah. Reference: PCD, Vol 1, pp 178-179; Vol 2, p 164 and Brigham Young's Wives.

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Zenobia Addington Chastain (Educator). Zenobia was a pioneer educator in North Georgia. For more see Chastain Central's Zenobia Addington Chastain.

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