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Bill Chastain

Bill Chastain has been a sports writer for more than twenty years. In addition to articles published in newspapers and on-line, Bill has written a number of sports-related books. This page includes information on his books and current articles. For other Chastains involved in sports see Chastain Sportsdesk.

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About Bill Chastain

Bill ChastainWilliam "Bill" Chastain is a sports writer. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1979 with a degree in industrial management, he worked briefly in construction, but he had a passion for writing and began freelancing in 1980. Bill's writing appeared in such periodicals as Razor Magazine, Nation’s Business, Sport Magazine, and Inside Sports. Later, he worked as a sports reporter for The St. Petersburg Times, The St. Petersburg Evening Independent, and then The Tampa Tribune. He joined the Tampa Tribune in 1990, traveling as a baseball reporter, and remained there for twelve years. While at the Tribune, Bill was also a Sports Illustrated correspondent and was Tampa/St. Petersburg area bureau chief for Golf Florida Online. Bill is a well-known personality and speaker in the Tampa Bay area. He appears frequently on local radio and television, and he taught magazine journalism at the University of South Florida.

In September of 2001, Bill left the Tampa Tribune and started Chastain Communications, Inc., a public relations company. He also turned his attention to writing books about sports. He won an award for a novel, Toys and Games, at the 2002 International New Author Awards Competition, but it seems to have not been published. Since then, he has published The Streak, a novel he worked on for a number of years, The Steve Spurrier Story, Payne at Pinehurst, Steel Dynasty, and Purpose and Passion. Jackrabbit: The Story of Clint Castleberry and the Improbable 1942 Georgia Tech Football Season is due to hit the market in August of 2010.

Bill continues to write sports articles as well and maintains a Rays Blog and twitter updates. Almost daily, as website beat writer for MLB Online Services (, he produces articles about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team, many of which are also run by sport news agencies across the country. See recent Bill Chastain articles and television commentaries.

Bill descends from the Thomas County Chastains, and his lineage from Pierre Chastain is 8. Ivy Norman; 7. Carlton Lee; 6. Renny Robert; 5. John Martin; 4. Renny; 3. Peter; 2. Rene; 1. Pierre. Bill's brother, Norman Carlee Chastain, is also a writer. Bill and his wife, Patty, have a daughter, Carly, and a son, Kel.

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Sports Books

Hack's 191January, 2012, Hack's 191: Hack Wilson and His Incredible 1930 Season, Lyons Press. Hack Wilson’s record 191 RBIs in 1930 may well stand the test of time, and so may the record of his hard-drinking lifestyle. More at

September NightsSeptember, 2011, September Nights (With James Shields), Cadent Publishing. September Nights is the story of how the 2010 Tampa Bay Rays handled the heat during the most critical part of the season, as seen through the eyes of All-Star pitcher James Shields. Tampa Bay entered the last month of the 2010 season knowing they had to fight off the “Beasts of the East” – the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox—if they were going to achieve their goal of winning their second American League East title in three seasons. More at

100 Things Giants Fans Should Know & Do Before They DieApril, 2011, 100 Things Giants Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, Triumph Books. The ultimate resource guide for true fans of the San Francisco Giants. Whether you re a die-hard booster from the days of Bobby Thomson or a recent supporter of Bruce Bochy, Tim Lincecum, and Buster Posey, these are the 100 things all fans need to know and do in their lifetime. More at

Peachtree Corvette ClubDecember, 2010, Peachtree Corvette Club, Stanley Publishing. The book is set in 1977 at Georgia Tech, the Atlanta engineering school with the high academic standards, and Truman Forbes serves as the book's introspective, yet somewhat confused, protagonist. At the outset of the story he has come to grips with the fact self denial isn't all it's cracked up to be-especially when you lose at love. Despite following all the rules, Lisa Southall dumped him, ending a long-distance relationship with few benefits other than affording him the feeling of being in love. So he vows to make changes at the beginning of his junior year at Tech. And change Truman does, taking off on a degenerative path led by Bone, his friend and fraternity brother. More at

100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They DieOctober, 2010, 100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, Triumph Books. "Joe Namath put the New York Jets on the map, simple as that." Thus begins the first of a hundred short chapters regarding the Jets, including topics such as Super Bowl III, The Heidi Bowl, Namath-Unitas Passing Shootout and much more. More at

August, 2010 (on hold), Jackrabbit: The Story of Clint Castleberry and the Improbable 1942 Georgia Tech Football Season, Hill Street Press. This book was announced for an August 2010 release date, but is now on hold. America was in the midst of war entering the 1942 college football season, leaving those who ran the game to wonder if a season should even be played and if so, how, given the number of players and coaches already enlisted and off to war. To help fill the rosters with able-bodied men, the freshmen eligibility rule is waived. Clint Castleberry, a local hero from Atlanta’s Boys’ High, became one of the freshmen eligible to play in the fall of 1942. More at Jackrabbit.

Purpose and PassionOctober, 2005, Purpose and Passion: Bobby Pruett and the Marshall Years, Mid-Atlantic Highlands Publishing. The authorized biography of Marshall University head football coach Bobby Pruett. More at

Steel DynastySeptember, 2005, Steel Dynasty: The Team That Changed The NFL, Triumph Books. Bill Chastain takes the reader back to the glorious days when Steelers football dominated the NFL. Combining interviews with Steelers players and their opponents with extensive research, Steel Dynasty is a compelling story about excellence and how it was achieved. More at

Payne at PinehurstJune, 2004, Payne at Pinehurst: The Greatest U.S. Open Ever, Thomas Dunne Books. One year after blowing a sizable, final-round lead to lose the U.S. Open by a single stroke, Payne Stewart made a remarkable comeback in 1999 and won the coveted tournament in memorable fashion on the No. 2 course at Pinehurst Country Club in North Carolina. More at

The Streak Steve Spurrier Story November, 2002, The Steve Spurrier Story: From Heisman to Head Ball Coach, Taylor Trade Publishing. The first comprehensive biography of one of football's most volatile personalities. Love him or hate him, opinions about the new coach of the Washington Redskins and former University of Florida gridiron commander rarely rate as ambivalent. More at

November, 2002, The Streak, PublishAmerica. The Streak isn’t just a baseball novel, but rather a study of one man’s struggle to regain a life that didn’t turn out as planned. More at

Bill Chastain and José Canseco

In February, 2005, a very controversial book about Jose Canseco, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, was released by Regan Books. This was a sports book Bill Chastain did not write. Bill did write 160 draft pages of a book with former Devil Rays designated hitter Jose Canseco before abandoning the project due to the direction Conseco wanted to go with it. The working title was The Ball Was Never Juiced, and the projected release was June 2003. After Bill Chastain left the project, Canseco continued with the book, which became a sensational tell-all, and he published it in 2005. It was widely known that Bill was working on the book, but not that he had stopped, so many people assumed that Canseco's book was written by Bill Chastain. More at

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