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Chastains like to write books: from novels, to history, to textbooks. The results are listed here. You will also find a section of books about Chastains. If you have corrections or contributions to this list by Chastains (any spelling), submit them with the submit content form. Use the alphabet below, or click on an individual name from the index. Please report broken links.




1. About Chastains NEW BOOK!
2. Bill--Sports
3. Bob--Poetry
x. Bob--Religion NEW!
4. Brandi--Sports
5. C. B.--Biology
6. Catherine--Children's Literature
7. Charles--Philosophy
8. Chris--Western
9. Clark E.--Finance
10. Clay--Political Autobiography
11. Clement L.--Science
12. Dayne--Travel
13. E. D.--Farming
14. Emma--Writing
15. Frances--China
16. Garvin--Psychology
17. Gerald--Children's Educational
18. Gordon W.--Mining
xx. Hoyt--Religion NEW!
xx. J. Max--Native America NEW!
19. James Andrew--Philosophy
20. James G.--Spanish Commentaries
21. James Garvin--Missions; Genealogy
22. Jane--Politics
xx. Jim--Cancer NEW!
xx. Joe Chastain Publishing NEW!

23. Joel W.--Science
24. John P.--Agriculture
25. John W.--Media
26. Josephine--Word Pictures
27. Kenneth--Language
28. Kenneth L.--Biography
29. Kent--Hymnal
30. Kimberly--Child Rearing
31. Larry--Industrial Mechanics
32. Lowell B.--Genealogy
33. Madye Lee--Children's Literature
34. Nellotie--Mystery
35. Norman--Mystery-Thriller
36. Richard L.-Travel, Bicycling
37. Robert Murray--
38. Ronald L.--Mysticism
39. Sandra #1--Romance
40. Sandra #2--Personal Finance
41. Shanna Moore--Aerobics
xx. Sherrie--Health NEW!
42. Sherry--Salary Negotiation
43. Stephen D.--Metallurgy NEW BOOK!
44. Susandra (see Sandra #1)
45. Theron--Evangelism
46. Thomas--Mystery
47. Elder W. A.--Religion
48. Zachary--Tobacco

x. Chasteen--Cars NEW!
1. A. L.--Right-Wing Authoritarianism
2. Ancil--Art
3. Dennis--Biology
4. Dorman--Civil War Fiction NEW BOOK!
5. Ed--Reconciliation; Bicycling
6 Hayden Ray--Science
7. Jack D.--Theology
8. John--Gay Fiction
9. John Charles--Latin American History
10. Joseph E.--Dentistry
11. Lanny G.--Accounting
12. Lenny--Robotics
13. Naomi Ruth Jackson--Genealogy
14. Thomas--Chemistry
15. Thomas G.--Environment


1. Richard D.--History
2. S.--Probability Distribution


1. Ben H.--WW II
2. Kathy--Biography


x. Tony--Occult Adventure NEW!

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About Chastains (asterisk indicates title owned in Chastain Central library) Back to Alphabet
Wiglesworth-Chasteen's New Automobile History Scrapbook, Vol. 2, 200 pages

A. L. Chasteen
"Belief in a Just World and Right-Wing Authoritarianism as Moderators of Perceived Risk" in M. Lerner and L. Montada (eds.) Responses to Victimization and Belief in a Just World New York, NY: Plenum Press, 1998, (with others)

Ancil Chasteen
Cape Images, 1996
A Memorial Retrospective, 1995

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Ben H. Chastine,
Story of the 36th, Oklahoma City, 1920

Bill Chastain. Bill is a sports writer. See his booklist, biography, and more at Chastain Central's Bill Chastain Report.

Bob Chastain,
Mirror and Other Poems, Dorrance Publishing Company, 1978

Bob Chastain,
Works of Charles Taze Russell and Their Effect Upon Religion in America, Master's Thesis, 1974

Brandi Chastain. Brandi is a soccer star. See her biography, a review of her book, and more at Chastain Central's Brandi Chastain Fan Site.
Its Not About the Bra, Harper Collins, 2004

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C. B. Chastain,
Clinical Endocrinology of Companion Animals, Lea and Febiger, 1986.

Catherine Chastain,
The New Books Kids Like, 2001

Charles Chastain, (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. VII, Minnesota University Press, 1975

Chris Chastain,
Revenge of Coil Collins, Carlton Press, 1972

Clark E. Chastain, (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
Financing in Michigan, University of Michigan, 1966
Teaching Undergraduate Tax Accounting in the 1970's, Bureau of Business Research, Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1972
Corporate Asset Management: A Guide for Financial and Accounting Professionals, Quorum Books, 1987

Clay Chastain, (see article at Clay Chastain)

Clement L. Chastain,
Soil Surveys of Chaves County New Mexico, US Department of Agriculture, 1980

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Dayne Chastain,
Follow the Signs: A treasure Hunterís Handbook, Tiwinke Publishing, 1997

N. Dennis Chasteen,
Vanadium in Biological Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990

Dorman Chasteen (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
The Gunsmoke Drifted West, 2007 NEW
Bart's Revenge, Electron Press, 2001

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E. D. Chastain,
Farm Business Management, 1962

Edgar R. (Ed) Chasteen, (see article at Ed Chasteen)

Emma Chastain,
Sparknotes Ultimate Style, Sparknotes Educational Publishing, 2005

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Frances Chastain,
Animals of Ancient China, Beijing, China, New World Press, 1986
China Adventures, Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, 1986

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Garvin Chastain,
Protecting Human Subjects, American Psychological Association, 1999

Gerald Chastain, Jr.,
(Solar Reading - Flight Two Series. with Karlyn Kamm (Hardback for age range: 10))
Solartrack, Learning Multi-Systems, Inc.
Paraphrase, Learning Multi-Systems, Inc.
Sequence, Learning Multi-Systems, Inc.
Central Thought, Learning Multi-Systems, Inc.
Relationships-Conclusions, Learning Multi-Systems, Inc.

Gordon W. Chastain,
Mine Rescue Apparatus and Auxiliary Equipment, (with others), 1961

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Hayden Ray Chasteen,
Paleoecology of Late Pleistocene Sediments of the Tahoka Formation from Shafter Lake, Texas, 1980

Hoyt Chastain,
The Dividing Line in the Religious World, in Bazar, Kenneth, The Missionary Baptist Pulpit, Baptist Sunday School Committee of the American Baptist Association, 1966

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J. Max Chastain, Steve Wall Leon Shenandoah
To Become a Human Being: The Message of Tadodaho Chief Leon Shenandoah, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2002, 93 pages

Jack D. Chasteen,
Jesus Christ: The Eucharistic Gift in the Theology of Augustus Hopkins Strong, Ashland Theological Seminary, M.Div. dissertation, : 1977

James Andrew Chastain, See more at Biographies.
Interpreting Metaphor, UMI Dissertation Services, 2003

James G. Chastain,
The Liberation of Sovereign Peoples, Ohio University Press, 1988
Encyclopedia of Revolutions of 1848, Taylor and Francis Inc.

James Garvin Chastain, D.D., (see entry at James Garvin Chastain)
Six Weeks and 600 Miles in the Saddle in Mexico, 1900
Evangelism in Mexico, 1900
Thirty Years in Mexico, Texas Baptist Publishing House, 1929
A Brief History of the Huguenots and Three Family Trees: Chastain, Lockridge, and Stockton, 1932
Breve Estudio Sobre El Pentateuco: Lectures on the Pentateuch, Editorial Clie
Comentario Al Evangelio de Lucas: The Gospel of Luke, Editorial Clie

Jane Chastain, (see entry at Chastains in Politics)
I'd Speak Out on the Issues If I Only Knew What to Say, Regal Books, 1987
Forthcoming: Abortion, the Bible and the Church, (see announcement and excerpt)

Jim Chastain (See more at Biography)
I Survived Cancer, but Never Won the Tour de France, Hawk Publishing Group, 2007, 192 pages

Joe Chastain Publishing
Mary Rea, Ku Chan, Joe Chastain Publishing, Odessa, Texas, 1961, 78 pages

Joel W. Chastain,
(ed) U.S. Research: Reactor Operation and Use, Reading, 1958

John Chasteen, (see entry at Chastain Gay Issues)
Lunchtime Tales With a Twist, Iviron Pubns Intl, 1988

John Charles Chasteen,
Problems in Modern Latin American History, SR Books, 1993 (co-author)
Contemporary History of Latin America, Duke University Press, 1993 (co-author)
Heroes on Horseback, University of New Mexico Press, 1995
The Lettered City, Duke University Press, 1996 (co-author)
Mystery of Samba, University of North Carolina Press, 1999
Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America, W.W. Norton, 2000
Beyond Imagined Communities, Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2003 (co-author)
National Rhythms, African Roots, University of New Mexico Press, 2004
Americanos: History of the Latin American Wars of Independence, Oxford University Press, (ND)

John P. Chastain,
Fourth International Dairy Housing Conference, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1998

John W. Chastain,
The Effects of Three Media Presentation Systems on Maintenance Task Performance, (Spiral-bound), 1998

Joseph E. Chasteen,
Four-Handed Dentistry in Clinical Practice, Mosby, 1978
Essentials of Clinical Dental Assisting, 5th, C.V. Mosby, 1996

Josephine K. Chastain,
Word Pictures, Exposition-Phoenix Press, Incorporated, 1983

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Kathy Chastine-Burrell,
Lifeís Other Side, Authorhouse, 2003

Kenneth Chastain,
The Development of Modern Language Skills, Houghton Mifflin, 1971
Toward a Philosophy of Second-Language Learning and Teaching, Heinle & Heinle, 1980
Vamos Bienvenidos Al Mundo Hispanico, 1985
Developing Second-Language Skills, 3rd, Harcourt, 1988
Spanish Grammar in Review, McGraw Hill, 1993
Vamos!, 1997
English as a Communication System, Authorhouse, 2001
Omri and the Boy, Authorhouse, 2001
Imaginate!: Managing Conversations in Spanish, 3rd, Heinle, 2003

Kenneth L Chastain, Jr.,
Winged History: The Life and Times of Aviator Kenneth L. Chastain, Turner Publishing, 2003

Kent Chastain,
Christ, Our Savior Songbook (Worship Service Series), 2000

Kimberly Chastain (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
Help My Preteen/Teenager is Driving Me Nuts!!! (e-book)
Pearls of Encouragement for Christian Working Moms (e-book)

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Lanny G. Chasteen,
Intermediate Accounting, Random House, 1984
Intermediate Accounting with Update Supplement, McGraw-Hill, 5th 1995
Working Papers for Use with Intermediate Accounting, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 6th, 1997
Ready Notes for Use With Intermediate Accounting, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 6th, 1997
Study Guide to Accompany Intermediate Accounting, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 6th, 1998
Accounting: Income Taxes, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 1998
Accounting: Pensions, McGraw-Hill Companies, 1998
Accounting: Leases, McGraw-Hill Companies, 1998

Larry Chastain,
Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance, 2nd, Prentice Hall, 2003

Lenny Chasteen,
Introduction to Robot Technology, McGraw-Hill, 1992

Lowell B. Chastain, (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
Virginia Chastains Genealogy & Family History, Lowell B. Chastain, 1983

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Madye Lee Chastain, (see article at Madye Lee Chastain)

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Naomi Ruth Jackson Chasteen,
Chasteen Genealogy and Family history, Gregath Co, 1987

Nellotie Chastain (see entry at Chastain Biographies)
Iíll Walk You Home, Universe, 2003
Persimmon Capital Murders, PublishAmerica, 2005

Norman C. Chastain
After the Game, PublishAmerica, September 19, 2005

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Richard L. Chastain,
Random Generator, Dorrance Publishing Co., 2002

Richard D. Chesteen,
Mississippi Is Gone Home!: A Study of the 1948 Mississippi Statesí Rights bolt, in Journal of Mississippi History, February 1970

Robert Murray Chastain,
Titles are forthcoming from a relative.

Ronald L. Chastain,
A Rainbow Every Day: The Dawn of Mysticism, New Dawn Pub, 1993

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Sandra Chastain. Sandra is a prominent romance writer with more than 50 published works. See her book list with reviews along with her biography at Chastain Central's Sandra Chastain Books.

Sandra Chastain,
Personal Financial Planning, South-Western Educational Publishing, 1999

S. Chesteen
Untying the Gordian Knot: A process of probability distribution selection. Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, 1992 (with others)
Hypergeometric and binomial probability distribution convergence: A heuristic substitution. Proceedings of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, 1994 (with others)

Shanna Moore Chastain,
Aerobics: A Guide for Participants, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1988

Sherrie Chastain,
You Can't Take It With You So Stay Longer or The pH Factor, e-book

Sherry Chastain,
Winning the Salary Game: Salary Negotiation for Women, John Wiley & Sons, 1980

Stephen D. Chastain,
Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces for the Small Foundry, Self-Published, 2000
Build an Oil Fired Tilting Furnace, Self-Published, 2001
Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry, Chastain Publishing, 2003
Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry, Volume 2, Chastain Publishing, 2004
Making Pistons for Experimental and Restoration Engines, Chastain Publishing, 2004
Generators and Inverters: Building Small Combined Heat and Power Systems For Remote Locations and Emergency Situations, Chastain Publishing 2006.

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Theron Chastain,
We Can Win Others: A Program of Evangelism for Present Day Churches, Judson Press, 1953

Thomas Chastain, Jr., (see article at Thomas Chastain)

Thomas Chasteen,
Chemistry: The Study of Matter, 1993
The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things, John Wiley and Sons, 1992 (with others)

Thomas G. Chasteen,
Qualitative and Instrumental Analysis of Environmentally Significant Elements, Wiley, 1993

Tony Shasteen, with David Atchison and Rosario Dawson
Occult Crimes Taskforce (O.C.T.), Image Comics, February 25, 2007, paperback: 152 pages

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Elder W. A. Chastain,
Primitive Baptist: Manuscripts of Elder Benjamin Lampton, 1900
Discussion on the Worship of God: A Defense of the Practice of the Primitive Baptists of the Northwestern States, 1916
A Brief Treatise on Baptism and Remission of Sins, 1930
Resurrection, 1939
Our Favorite Hymnal, 1950. Primitive Baptist. Words and music to 469 songs.

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Zachary Chastain,
Tobacco: Through the Smokescreen, Jan 2008
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