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George Chastain's Maltese MallardPainting, tattoos, and interior design. Television, movies, and stage. Chastains are there. The Maltese Mallard to the right is by George V. "E-gor" Chastain.

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Chastains in Art

George V. "E-gor" Chastain, Horror and Fantasy Artist
Jay Chastain, Tattooist
Lynda Bolen Chastain Art Teacher, Chastain General News 4-28-05
Madye Lee Chastain, Children's Book Illustrator
Mary Ann Chastain, Photojournalist
Susan Chastain, Watercolor, Chastain General News 11-14-05
Susan Lind Chastain, Interior Designer
Jack Chasteen, Miniaturist NEW!
Jennifer Chasteen, Drawing NEW!
Susan Heaton Chasteen, Art Teacher NEW!
Terry Chasteen, Dance Instructor NEW!
Kevin Chastine, Architecture Restorationist
John Chesteen, Interior Designer
Tony Shasteen, Illustrator
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Chastains in Theater

Don Chastain, Performer; Chastain Central Biography
Jessica Chastain, Performer
Neil Chastain, Performance Art Director
Tyler Chastain, Performer, Chastain General News 7-29-04
Leanne Chasteen, Children's Theater Organizer, Chastain General News 8-06-05
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Chastains in Film: English Titles

IMDb, "Earth's Biggest Movie Database" has a wealth of detail on television as well as movies. Information for this section is taken primarily from IMDb. You may search IMDb for information on your other film interests.



Brandi Chastain Apple Pie (2002); Air Bud: World Pup; various TV appearances (2000) Chastain Central Biography
Chuck Chastain Love in the Ruins (1995)
Dennis Chastain Forced to Kill (1993)
Don Chastain Many, many TV roles including a long tenure on "The Guiding Light" Chastain Central Biography
George 'E-Gor' Chastain American Scary (2004) Chastain Central Biography
Jessica Chastain Various TV guest roles and movies. Chastain Central Biography
J. O. Chastain The Lawton Story (1949)
Jane Chastain The Big Fix (1978); What's My Line (1964) Chastains in Politics
Kim Chastain I Surrender All (2001)
Michelle Chastain All's Fair in Love & War (1996)
Misti Chastain Nocturne (2001) Chastain Central Biography
Neal Chastain "Daniel Boone" TV (1968)
Nick Chastain Cast of "The Young and the Restless"; other movie and TV roles Chastain Central Biography
Sheffield Chastain Various TV and movie roles NEW!
Sherry Chastain Schreck Hedda Gabler (2004)
Tony Chastain "The Beachcomber" (1962)


Debi Chasteen Tennessee Stallion (1982)
Terry Chasteen Head of State (2003) Chastain Central Biography



Bill W. Chastain Jr. Producer, "Musical Chairs" (1975)
Bob Chastain Special Effects, American Virgin (2000); A Better Way to Die (2000)
Bruce Chastain Producer, Boxoffice (1982)
Cindy M. Chastain Cinematographer and Miscellaneous, numerous projects
Don Chastain Writer, The Mafu Cage (1979) Chastain Central Biography
George Chastain Producer, Close Combat (1999)
Jamie Chastain Miscellaneous Crew, Dead of Night (1974)
Joseph Chastain Producer, The 1 Second Film (2007-filming)
Ken Chastain Sound Editor, Hotel Hidajet (2001); Composer, Mixed Signals (1997)
Matthew Chastain Producer, Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (2004); "Splatter Factor" (2003) TV Series (associate producer)
Michael Chastain Stunts, Behind the Nine (2003)
Neal Chastain Editor, The Wrestler (1974); Sound, The Gatling Gun (1973)
Rupert Chastain News Film NEW!
Scott Chastain, NBC VP NEW!
Susan Chastain Hulbert Miscellaneous Crew, various projects
Thomas Chastain Writer, "The Simpsons" (1989) TV Series; Death Stalk (1975) (TV) Chastain Central Biography
Tony Chastain Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Touch of Flesh (1960)


Tessa Chasteen Art Department, Memento (2000)

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Chastains in Film: Non-English Titles

There are more Chastain-related names associated with non-English film than with English film. To find them, go to IMDb, "Earth's Biggest Movie Database," and search by last name.

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